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V. Pilot Cap ????

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V. Pilot Cap ???? Empty Sat Oct 10, 2020 5:23 pm


Name: Pilot Cap

Slot: Head

Type: Cap

Class: Legendary

Weight: Light

Quantity: Limited

Quantity: Wind

Durability: 1x S-Rank

Description: A brown pilot cap lined with white fur.

Requirements: None


  • Windcaller: The user receives a 1 post cooldown reduction on Wind-type spells.
  • Top Gun: The user can fly twice as high with Flying-type spells.
  • Aerial Pursuit: The user's acceleration period to reach their maximum speed is reduced by 1 second while flying compared to their movement speed on land.


V. Pilot Cap ???? Empty Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:06 pm

Lord of the FLIES haha also buying I guess

#3Venus Rosé 

V. Pilot Cap ???? Empty Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:16 pm

Venus Rosé

Zane has purchased Pilot Cap for 2,500,000 Jewels.


V. Pilot Cap ???? Empty Thu Dec 17, 2020 4:55 am


Purchasing this for 1,750,000 Jewels with the 30% discount from level 5 (pending approval from Guild Review).

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V. Pilot Cap ???? Empty Thu Dec 17, 2020 3:11 pm


Konyo has purchased Pilot Cap for 1,875,000 Jewels.

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