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The Setup - Phase 1

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It was time, chaos would be the key, all of Fiore had become distracted with the idea of giant mythical beasts, Dragons. This was when they would finally pull off the heist to end all heists. He alongside numerous of his guild members, those who had not fled from him or left to favor the destruction of man rather than its corruption, had begun their travels to Crocus. Such a large party would surely have gained attention, as a result, he had scheduled them all to leave and arrive at various points in Crocus. The guild master himself, Konstantin Sokolov, would lead the pack, doing so under the guise of a Sir. Alfred Gerlock, paying a not-insignificant amount to organize a horse-drawn carriage to take him from Sieghart then to Orchidia before ultimately Crocus. His appearance left much to be desired growing round in form clothes struggling from the weight while his hair thinned significantly turning a muddy brown, only to be added to his face moments later in a glorious beard. Typically he couldn’t grow something so voluminous but with the aid of his mask, anything was possible. Little was brought along the way save for some stolen building plans and outdated patrol schedules which would be instrumental if their plan were to succeed.

Stepping off the carriage, a plume of frozen mist clung to the illusion, the man’s figure could be concealed but his potent magic couldn’t. There it was before him, the staging grounds for things to come, a rather ordinary three-story building practically identical to those either side of him. It was perfect, unsuspecting, and most importantly close to the bank itself, on its left side. He had purchased this property with his own jewels under the deed of Sir. Alfred as well, a continuing trend for things to come. In fact, he had created names for everyone to use for anything related to the heist, even those he had not met yet. Some were quite plain others a bit more outlandish.

He had done this for a multitude of reasons, the hope for some anonymity and for his own amusement. Undoubtedly there would be some who’d resent the name he had chosen for them, but they would have to swallow their pride just as he had when he took on his appearance which he’d maintain for the duration of the heist itself. Even now he sweated over the prospect of looking at this body with few clothes. Dignity aside the ice mage began to prepare the documents for the rest of the guild to scroll over just as he had during the bumping and tedious trip here.

Kon - Sir. Alfred Gerlock
Azure - Mr. Victor Williams
Ragnar - Mr. Lucas Violet
Darka - Mr. Arthur Bendington
Luxin - Mr. Peter Jenkins
Juni - Lady Emilia Cullings.
Connor - Mr. Franklin Hardson




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#2Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

He thought back to the first job that he had taken back in Myras in which he more or less talked his way through it and ended up with a carriage of his very own complete with a driver and all. The more he looked back on the past the less time he had to go over the instructions given to him and even less time to get ready. Azure looked at the case across from him and opened it, the contents of it being the get up for the mission which was in good taste. Even though he had a long ride ahead review was one thing that always pays off in the end.

Azure sat in his seat looking over the information that was needed for the mission even though he was still in shock that Konstantin had picked him for such a job He's finally taken notice of my work he thought giving himself the biggest pat on the back he could. So my name for this one is Williams, Victor he thought to himself as the slicked back his hair back to put on an orange wig and top hat. As the scholar put on the finishing touches for his new persona all he needed to do was get into the role which was the only problem as he had to make sure his base personality would not show through it at all. As he thought about this Azure decided to make the personality reflect that of his first mother, she was Sassy, Clever, and bold in most cases at least when he was growing up that's how she acted with him. The ride was quite though he would have preferred to have someone with him as making a persona was not simple nor was dressing up but regardless it was done.

Now that all his smaller details had been ironed out he just needed to wait for everyone else to make their way over to so the real fun could start "Ello good to meet you I'm Mr. Williams" he muttered before his Carriage stopped. As he stepped out Azure couldn't help but be slightly put off that his first mission for the guild had to such a large group. Now was the time for Victor Williams to take over and fulfill his role for the duration of the mission, who knew maybe this could be his main persona for undercover work in regards to high-class matters. The scholar adjusted his ascot and tipped his hat ever so slightly to the right though mission might not call for all his theatrics someone needed to put on a spectacular show. Before sending his ride off Azure wondered just what everyone else involved would do as they arrived at their locations through more importantly what the Boss would be doing right now given what he knew about the man this had to go off without a hitch or there would hell to pay in more ways than one.



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Ragnar was required and told not to ride his mount towards the city where this apparent heist was going to happen. Ragnar was told by his Guildmaster, Kon, to show up to a specific location with a guard outpost there he will be given his disguise along with his fake name that will be required for this heist. Ragnar never agreed to this but he knew the pay was going to be good so he had to do it.

As Ragnar walked down the path his long brown hair went past his shoulders, and his clothing was a set of leather pants known as a Fustanella, that covered his legs to his knees and a blue silk cloth that was held between those parts. The belt that held all of this together was covered in fur and metal studs. The man also did not wear any shoes and his feet showed it based on the amount of wear and tear on the bottom of his soles. On his back was a club that was over a meter long which seemed to fit on his back well, even though it was taller than some fully grown men. As Ragnar approached the outpost, the guard that was there appeared to be expecting him and opened a door for him to walk into. Once, Ragnar did he found some clothing there along with a letter from his guild master. Opening the leader he found his fake name was Mr. Lucas Violet, which Ragnar could not help but laugh at. Of course, Kon would give him such a crazy name like that. As Ragnar looked through the bag his humor did quickly go away as he saw what he had to put on.

Once Ragnar left the outpost he looked completely different. His long brown hair was tied back into a ponytail, very different from the shaggy mess he normally left it as. On his face was a very good looking fake beard, but it was still fake non the less. On his chest, he wore a light blue button-up shirt, which was tucked into his brown pants with a brown belt. Ragnar was not even sure how Kon managed to find shoes that fit his massive feet but apparently he did. As Ragnar sighed heavily, but he was not completely naked as apparently Kon gave him a large case that looked to hold some stringed instrument, what it was Ragnar was not really sure of but it was large enough for him to hide his club in a secret compartment in it.

Almost on cue, a carriage came up and the door opened for him, this carriage appeared to be modified to fit someone as large as him and as Ragnar sighed again he got into the carriage, the new weight causing the shocks on the carriage to compress slightly. Ragnar then felt the cart go and they started to head towards the city known as Crocus. And Ragnar knew that this mission was going to be something if the boss decided that Ragnar had to be apart of it.

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