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Baska - Dropping Dimes

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Baska - Dropping Dimes Empty Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:15 am



Quest: Dropping Dimes  

Rank: B

Type: Bad


  • Heist Lookout completed
  • Heist Disguise completed
  • Heist Surveillance completed
  • Heist Preparations completed

Neal: Neal is a no good thief who has resided in Baska most of his life, and has a reputation for stealing from the local merchants, though the Baska Rune Knights have never been able to catch him in the act. He is a very strange man who will go to any measurement to get what he wants, as he seems to always be plotting his next big heist.

Summary: Neal is almost ready for his next big heist, but sadly it seems he has gotten some bad news form an informant that someone has got wind of this and plans to inform the Rune Knights of it. Since Neal cannot let that happen, he has asked for you to find and stop them from informing the Rune Knights.

Sable: Sable is a retired thief and an old business partner of Neal’s who ended up getting cut out his share of jewels for a heist back in the day. He has never really gotten over it, vowing to get back at Neal in any way he can.

Objective: Stop the snitch from reaching the Rune Knights base and bring him back to Neal alive.

Extra Rewards:

  • Speed +3


  • Create a topic in the Baska's Town Square.
  • You will meet up with Neal in the back alley as he requested of you after your last job.
  • Upon meeting Neal, he will inform you that the heist has hit a snag following the information that he received from his informant.
  • Neal will then tell you that he is going to need you to go and meet up with his informant to get the final details of the suspected snitch so that you can stop him from making it to the Rune Knights base in Baska.
  • You will meet up with Neal's informant in a shop in the town and he will give you the details of the snitch, informing you of Sable, the man who has planned to tell on Neal. He will then give your Sable's house address.
  • Head to Sable's house and you will find that no one is home. Ask around and you'll come to know that he has just recently departed and is on his way to snitch on Neal to the Rune Knights.
  • Chasing down Sable, you will be forced to knock him unconscious and bring him back to Neal, while avoiding any interaction that might raise an alarm.
  • Upon bringing Sable to Neal, he will reward you and inform you that the snitch will be dealt with at a later date and as for now, you need to focus on the task at hand, the heist.

#2Jin Takayama 

Baska - Dropping Dimes Empty Fri Oct 08, 2021 11:45 am

Jin Takayama
I'll be taking this quest.

#3Jin Takayama 

Baska - Dropping Dimes Empty Fri Oct 08, 2021 12:02 pm

Jin Takayama
Sign-up: Link
Mission: Link

  • 9,000 EXP (New member bonus)
  • 105,000J (+5% due to reputation)
  • +5 SP to Strength
  • 300 Infamy
  • +3 to Speed (Quest bonus)

#4Poropo Poproporp 

Baska - Dropping Dimes Empty Tue Oct 12, 2021 7:53 am

Poropo Poproporp
@Jin Takayama wrote:Sign-up: Link
Mission: Link

  • 9,000 EXP (New member bonus)
  • 105,000J (+5% due to reputation)
  • +5 SP to Strength
  • 300 Infamy
  • +3 to Speed (Quest bonus)

You need to complete Heist Preparations before you can be rewarded for this quest.


To avoid this in the future, make sure to link all the required quests you completed as well.

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