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Wearing the Inside out [Alisa | Esperia]

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on Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:52 pm

Becoming strong enough to attain the peaceful life she desired? To be able to remain at the side of the one she loved for the rest of their lives? It sounded idealistic, and yet it seemed like a perfect desire for one like her to have. Yet even as she pondered about the thought, it seemed Alisa had already the perfect reaction in mind to stir a response from the little lewdling.

"Uwaah~ It wouldn't help me last longer? But then that doesn't explain how you and Asmodeus---" A hand slipped before her mouth as she felt her cheeks flush up brightly at almost having confessed her recent voyeurism.

But fortunately, Alisa soon reassured her further. "So it does help~" the girl grinned sheepishly, clearly pleased with the news she had just heard, in the end, it made the idea of training in earnest all the more appealing!

Yet feeling that hand trail upwards along her arm and pass by her bosom on the way up, the girl suppressed a slight shudder as she tried her utmost to resist

"I-It would? In what way?" Esperia inquired, clearly interested in finding out more, yet her innocent facade would surely invite Alisa closer to intensify the teasing!

#77Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:13 am


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Of course she knew, Alisa wasn't so daft as to not for once consider the possibility. Esperia did prove she was now able to speak and seize the reins where she once yielded to Asmodeus entirely. Of course, hearing such a bold confession made Alisa narrow her eyes, as if someone were simply eager to be punished. And when LUmen giggled, Alisa knew her partner had predicted exactly this kind of reaction from the sculptress:

"Now, whatever might you be referring to~?", she inquired, bringing her face a bit closer, not for one second allowing the girl's gaze away from her own. Unlike Asmodeus, Alisa was far more discreet, slowly leaning in as if she were about to whisper in her ear, "Seems that really is the only kind of endurance that interests you~"

Oh, what a little pervert~ She wasn't even trying to resist, was she?

Clearly Esperia would need a lot of training... At this rate, any pretty girl who hit on her would have her dancing on the palm of her hand, and perhaps the sculptress ought remind her more often. She had Asmodeus who depending on her whims may prove helpful; even at her most unhelpful, she'd been thus far kind enough not to interfere with Espy's mind more than she already had... But she couldn't rely on Asmodeus forever, especially now that she could assert herself through her Take Over transformation:

"Any endurance training would do wonders for you, After all, It's far too easy~...", she couldn't help but laugh inbetween that assertive statement, glistening lips widening with an almost mischievous hint as she slowly leaned. Very gently, she blew a warm puff of air on the girl's neck. The whole way, Alisa took in the girl's reactions as her voice lowered in a husky, scarcely audible whisper, "To tempt you into a puddle of lust~"

And she didn't even need to do anything special about it, merely letting her idle hand snake around to the demoness' opposite shoulder, gliding across her bare back, while the one at the front, slipped under the radar, merely tracing shapes under the woman's bosom with her fingertips. Like this, she had an almost perfect control over the little lewdling. Every so often, she'd drive that point home merely by letting that hand drift along her middle, up or down as she felt like, and admiring all the different degrees of adorable flusteredness she could get out of her~

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:47 pm

Poor Esperia, she really was digging herself deeper into a mess, wasn't she? Her cheeks flushed up as she shook her head violently. "I mean about the times you're training each other with wrestling..." The girl mumbled under her breath yet her gaze softened a little as Alisa crept closer and Lumen giggled. "Besides, I'm not one to judge, just don't expect me to remain oblivious, I can't close my eyes and cover my ears at the same time in that situation!"

"I also want to be able to protect everyone! But 'that' type of endurance certainly is also useful..." Esperia protested softly, a sheepish grin on her lips.

"hmm? Far too easy to what?" Esperia inquired, the laugh that followed was enough to make the girl squirm lightly, a shiver running across her spine.

A hand crept up to her neck as her face turned red and she exclaimed in protest. "I'm not a puddle of lust! I'm a loyal classy-in-training lewdling!" She tried her best to shift her gaze sideways and found herself snuggle sideways against Lumen, her face turning red as she mumbled softly. "This is like being stuck between a pillow and a soft place"

And then she did the next best thing she could think of, close her eyes and cover her ears. "I can't be tempted if I can't hear or see them!"

Yet Asmodeus was quick to correct her. "But you can still feel."

Oh boy... "Umm, touching is cheating..." the girl whimpered softly as she opened an eye to peek at Alisa, hoping that she had lost interest.

#79Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:05 pm


WORDS: 340 | TAG: @esperia | ALISA | LUMEN  

Yes she was, adorable Espy always had a way of digging herself into deep messes with little chance of escape... And on some level, Alisa was starting to thing the girl likely enjoyed it. She already had slight hints of a budding masochistic streak, on instinct at list. Consciously, the girl seemed to know better, but found herself unable to resist the urge:

"Wrestling huh...? What a lovely choice of words~", Alisa teased almost reflexively. She knew about her earnest motivation to keep her friends safe, she acknowledge and respected that drive, but it came as no news so the sculptress withheld comment for now

Ah, that look on her face when her cheeks went beet red... That delightful shiver from her whole body... So cute~! But nothing looked quite as adorable as what she did next though, and for once even Lumen echoed Alisa's giggle despite her obliviousness to all things sensual:

"Closing your eyes not to feel tempted by my appearance, hmm...? How flattering~", yet the amused giggle that escaped her lips betraying a wholly different sort of emotion, with Alisa scooting a bit closer when Esperia shied away, just enough to maintain that sweet distance as the girl was kind enough to leave her sense of touch more receptive, "But you should know... No such thing as cheating here~"

The moment she closed her eyes, Alisa once more blew on her skin, letting her fingertips seek out what exposed skin she could find, that irresistably soft caress from Alisa's skilled touch and smooth, alabaster skin. She couldn't imagine her favorite pervert developing any kind of resistance out of the blue, especially when Lumen was kind enough to close her eyes too, returning the almost sisterly cuddle with a tight grip around Esperia's waist. Despite her occasional insight, Lumen's innocence still made her prone to certain misinterpretations, such as reading Esperia's approach as a search for cuddles and immediately returning them.

"Ara, too much for you already~?", she'd inquire, tracing circles around Espy's navel, admiring the look on her face as the teasing intensified

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:18 pm

She really had a way to get herself teased even more intensely. Whether it was out of some weird masochistic desire to be teased, or perhaps because a certain demon lord of lust loved to see her getting all flustered, Esperia clearly had little chance to escape from the situation that was becoming even more intense by the moment. Even as Alisa scooted closer Esperia tried her utmost to resist, the gentle blow on her skin and those wandering fingertips making her squirm feebly as the teasing became even more intense when the oblivious Lumen started to snuggle up to her.

For most this would had been paradise, for her it was like being in an escalator that couldn't decide if it wanted to go to heaven or hell. "L-Lumy..." Esperia protested with a weak smile as she opened her eyes, just in time to hear the sculptress's teasing inquire, asking if it was already too much for her. "Wh-Who do you think you're talking to?" She asked, trying her best to display a strong exterior defense, doing her utmost to stop squirming as she raised a hand to tenderly caress Lumen's hair in a gesture of sisterly affection. "I-I'm Esperia, the successor of the Demon Lord of Lust, the first of her kin to become a good demon lord who will use her power to protect that peaceful existence of her, and be the bestest wife in the world."

She turned toward Alisa and declared firmly. "You're gonna have to do worse if you're hoping to t-tease me."

Yet as she finished her statement and those fingertips traces circles around her navel her face turned even redder and she feebly tried to scoot a bit backwards, leaning more into the cuddling embrace of Lumen!

"Gah, retreat route is blocked... In front there is a demon lord of teasing, in the back there is an oblivious adorable Lumen who makes perving on her feel like you're trying to defile a pure little angel... Illumin please save this stray lamb... wait, I doubt I can pray to Illumin now..."

#81Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:45 pm


WORDS: 340 | TAG: @esperia | ALISA | LUMEN  

As the flusted girl called her name, Lumen simply giggled and snuggled tighter, planting a soft, tender peck on Espy's cheek. No way even a pervert like Esperia would misinterpret the Lampent's innocence for lewdness now would she? But even if she did, the lewdling would have to cope with sweetness on one side and seductiveness on the other. Alisa admired her defiance, appreciated it even. But in this case, the poor Take Over mage had obviously no means of actually proving her bluff as anything but:

"If you think stitting in public will save you... I can leave you senseless without touch anywhere special you know~?", The sculptress tilted her head doubtfully lowering her shoulders just enough for her Kimono to slip down a few inches, just enough to bare a bit more skin on her cleavage. As Espy put on her greatest effort to stop her ceaseless squirming, the taller woman merely fiddled with the upper edge of the girl's kimono, starting around her nape and down her neckline, brushing the delectable soft skin underneath it, sometimes even slipping a finger a bit further in.

Never too far to draw attention, but more than enough to get her point across: If she were to actually start pulling the girl's clothes away, she'd never fight back or even try to resist her. Would Alisa actually do it though? Of course she wouldn't, anybody knew Alisa would never do something as indecent as stripping herself or anyone before prying eyes... But the way she looked into Espy's eyes the whole way passed but a single message: She could if she really wanted to, and in that case she wouldn't care where she was either.

"Ufufu~ To think I'd see the day Esperia became a God fearing woman~", mused the sculptress, visibly amused by the whole situation. But with Esperia still transformed into Asmodeus' body, she had all the perks that came with that transformation... Her figure, her softness, her sensitivity... When Alisa scooted just a bit closer, her bosom would squish softly against the side of the other's girl's, the pliable masses giving way until even Alisa felt a pleasant tingle travelling across her skin, "But... Even Illumin cannot help you now~"

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:26 pm

Why Lumen? Why were you boosting the difficulty grade so much?! Feeling that tender kiss on her cheek and the tighter snuggle, which no doubt pressed the kimono-clad's body of the shapeshifted girl closer against her own Esperia couldn't help but try her utmost not to have her defiance falter right there and then. But what in the world could one do when one was stuck between the embodiment of pure teasing temptation and adorable innocence?

"I know all too well, considering that l woke up on your lap in Baska's park once..." Esperia answered her with a weak smile. Although she was oblivious to what had happened between Alisa and Asmodeus that day, she did have a solid idea of what exactly those little adventures of her had been.

Still, she clearly had to turn her gaze away from the sculptress' cleavage, instead trying to focus on the face of her Blue Pegasus senior.

Time to downgrade the difficulty a little, or at least it seemed the remnants of Asmodeus' essence in her physical body faded away, reverting the girl back to her real form, yet the sculptress made no delay of playing with the kimono of the obsidian-haired lass.

"I don't fear Illumin! I mean I respect him obviously but umm, wait, this sounds like a trick question." Esperia pouted as she felt that bosom squeeze against her side. "If even Illumin can't help me, then I'll just have to become strong enough to help myself."

The girl answered confidently, both her hands slowly lifting forwards and giving a light press forwards, as if trying to lightly nudge Alisa away, but of course, the press had landed somewhere... unintentional, on the two pillowy mounds of the sculptress. Realizing this Esperia quickly withdrew her hands, her face becoming redder as she protested. "That way by accident and doesn't warrant tying up or handcuffing me! Right Lumy?"

The girl asked in a flustered tone, a hand pulling up to pet the girl's head again. "I'm a good girl who deserves snuggles instead of being tied up, right?"

Oh god, Lumen goddess of innocent snuggles, please save her!

#83Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:54 pm


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Espy's excusation got a wholly unexpected reaction from Alisa as her eyes momentarily glanced away. Nostalgia... Ah, that was a great day... To think Alisa would have the Demon lord of Lust trying to seduce her... That day, she obviously amused herself trying to turn Asmodeus' game against her; to have such a Succubus trying her damndest to tempt her and successfully resisting her:

"If only you knew what happened before~ And after~", winking at Esperia, Alisa stylish countered the girl with something to leave her stewing her in own fantasies

The way Esperia outright refused to even glimpse beneath Alisa's neckline looked about as obvious as staring intently down that great valley; in return, Alisa smirked knowingly. I know all too well where you want to look, without uttering a single word, the woman's eyes spoke accusing volumes unassisted.

"My, too cute~... How intently you're staring at me~", chuckling, she gently pet the girl's cheek, shifting her torso slightly against Espy's arm

As she fiddled with the Esperia's kimono, she made a show of adjusting the silky soft fabric. Naturally, her fingers still slid under the cloth, every so often stroking the girl's smooth skin, at one point teasingly brushing the soft upper side of her breast. A touch so casual Alisa could obviously dismiss it as unintentional, but honestly, it had been no accident, but no objective either. This cool seduction only seemed to intensify, as time went on, with the wandering left hand on the transforming mage only seeming to reach lower by the second:

"Hora~ If you speak up, people will notice~", she whispered, fanning that reddening hue on the overly excited girl's face, drawing it out more and more intently as time went on. Lower and slower her left hand reached, until, until finally, Alisa pulled it away, "Good thought~", she'd praise, winking at the little pervert. Unlike how it began, her teasing ended abruptly, with the sculptress' deft touch leaving Esperia's petite frame; no longer would she feel her warm, gentle yet firm fingertips brushing her soft skin, or her soft but toned body all but snuggling against her.

Being left drowning in her own lust, any chance of relief slowly pulled away. For a pervert like Espy, this would only leave her thirsty for more. Fia really should thank Alisa every so often~

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:37 pm

What could possibly have been going on in that pretty head of the sculptress as she thought in nostalgia about the events in Baska? Now she thought about it, so much had happened since then, to the point that to some it might have been a bit overwhelming. And for her? It kind of was, which explained why she was enjoying the peaceful nature of this festival much more than she normally would have.

That stylish counter of Alisa worked just as intended, her cheeks flushing up lightly as she averted her gaze and mumbled softly. "I think I'll skip out on the details~" Indeed, cause knowing Asmodeus and Alisa whatever had happened that day in the park was too steamy to talk about during the day.

Still, as obvious as she was about it, she did try her earnest even as Alisa's accusing smirk looked at her

"What can I say~ You got quite a pair of charming eyes." Esperia tried to smoothly brush off the chuckling tease, yet the shift of that torso against her arm made her feel almost like she was a window of glass on the brink of showing more than just a few cracks from all the teasing pressure!

"Uguu~" Esperia protested feebly yet as the deft touch left her side she silently praised herself for not giving in, although by the gods Fia better be awake once she returned to the inn, lest she'd wake up to find both her body and the bed sheets in a messy state!

"I know there is this saying 'They love to tease those they love, but at this rate that love of yours is going to make my head explode at the rate you're making me blush so intensely..." Esperia whispered with a weak smile.

#85Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:26 pm


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Esperia had no idea what happened in Baska, she knew the girl was far too fresh to Take Over magic to remain conscious when Asmodeus took over. Her discussion with the Demon Lord took place at a somewhat closer distance than she would with most people... But Esperia had the wildest imagination, in return a far better temptation than anything she might have seen.

After everything was said and done, Esperia still kept getting redder, much to both Alisa and Lumen's amusement. Both girls chuckled almost in unison, one girly another womanly, the moment the pervert declined from learning about the details:

"Ufufu~ Good save, sweetie.", praised the sculptress, nodding as the girl uttered the cutest of sounds once she peeled her hands off. It almost made her want to snuggle her tighter this time, all but trembling as she shook off the temptation and instead pet the girl's hair, "If I can do this while loving you like a little sister, imagine what a Succubus could do...", quipped the sculptress in return, both teasing her and reminding her of her need for improvement, "You're too cute and too lewd for your own good, Esperia~"

With a final kiss to Esperia's forehead, Lumen leaning it at nearly the same time and kissed the girl's cheek. Two simultaneous displays of two wholly different forms of sisterly affection. But as Alisa looked around and found the sky darkening, and most of the people leaving, she understood they'd completely lost track of time. She peeled away from the smaller girl and the pink haired girl understood her intentions. They stood up from the table, as the artist couldn't resist throwing one last quip:

"And by the way... Tell Fia I said hi~", with a melodic giggle and knowing smile, she threw the girl a wink as she dropped a few jewels upon the table. But now they had to decide what to do. Would they even leave together? Alisa for one had nothing to do here in this festival, so she couldn't help resting a hand on her hip, tilting her head as she brought up a somewhat pressing question,"So... Where will you go after this...?"

Despite the obviously cryptic understone, Alisa obviously meant at the immediate time, after leaving the tea house. Though with that faint smile on her face, on some level she couldn't help but wonder if Esperia would fall for the philosophical interpretation...

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

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on Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:39 pm

Hearing Alisa's praise at her decision to decline hearing about the details made Esperia feel kind of pleased with herself. Perhaps it was for that reason that her blush softened and she smiled sheepishly at the affectionate petting of her hair. "I don't really want to imagine what a Succubus would do to me... I'd likely lose more than my kimono then..." Esperia answered with a soft chuckle as she felt her blush intensify again at the gesture of sisterly affection from both Alisa and Lumen.

It had indeed been quite an eventful day, and dusk was starting to settle in, on top of all the teasing she had to endure so far it was expected that when Esperia hear the words from Alisa that she smiled sheepishly. "And tell her that she is welcome for the present you left her?" the little lewdling asked as they made their way out of the tea shop and walked into the direction of the inn.

"Well~ For starters, I'm going to be returning to my pillow fortress now, courtesy of a certain teasing assault on me requiring me to have quite a sleepless night today~" She answered in a playful accusing tone.

"Then tomorrow we could meet up for some training~ you're staying at the same inn anyway, so just knock on the door when you and Lumy are ready to train, or we can have breakfast in the lounge~"

Both seemed to be some solid ideas, and as they arrived at the inn Alisa would no doubt notice the flushed cheeks, the light fidgetting and the soft pants that came from Esperia. Seems that she wouldn't be the only one to have a sleepless night today!

#87Alisa Vollan 

on Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:17 pm


WORDS: 350 | TAG: @esperia | ALISA | LUMEN  

To her credit, the cute little pervert had a rather keen sense of danger. Not that anything truly bad would happen to her for hearing about a contest of charm between two seductresses, but she might struggle with keeping her composure through the trip back to the hotel... As they both know, learning to keep that cool and collected aura about her was more than half the battle in becoming, as Espy called it, a classy lewdling. A bonafide temptress like Asmodeus. They key to making her lust a strength and not a weakness:

"Indeed, she most defenitely would.", agreed the sculptress, crossing her arms and nodding, at her following statement, her lips widening into a smirk the whole way, "And she wouldn't leave a present for your fiancée either, she'd defenitely keep it all to herself~"

While Alisa found it amusing to send a thirsty Esperia back home to meet her lover, she also worried for her excessive susceptibility to even the slighest of teasing. Yet she'd also need to hone her strength as a mage on top of that. Thankfully, all three of them were staying at the same hotel, so they could hopefully get an early start tomorrow and work on the latter of these two goals

"We could and we should~", encouraged the sculptress with a motivating smile, a determined look in her eyes reminding Espy how she didn't fool around when training was involved. She even looked at Lumen, had enough that the girl couldn't help but shy away, as if sensing what the sculptress would say next, "Lumen seems to be in the need for some training as well."

As they arrived at the hotel, Alisa would accompany Esperia up the stairs, and eventually arrived at her floor. She knew Espy had been staying at this hotel, but this was the first time they actually met, and thus the sculptress knew not where the girl was actually staying:

"Well... Here's my floor.", she'd state, looking around her then turning to Espy and smiling, hand moving to her hip...

Strength is also Beauty

"With Spring comes renewal..."
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.


on Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:00 pm

A gleeful smile emerged on Esperia's lips as they finally reached the inn they stayed at. Although she was unlikely to voice it out loud, her ability to keep her lust contained was starting to crack, and so when they reached the first floor she eagerly gestured toward the third door at the floor, the one they just arrived at. "This is mine and Fia's room~ Now if you'll excuse me---"

Esperia hummed with a sheepish grin as she opened the door and slipped inside, peeking her head out of the doorway as she hummed playfully. "Sorry in advance for all the noise~ See you tomorrow~"

And with those words, she closed the door. For Alisa it might had sounded like a cryptic message but soon it started to become much clearer as Fia's voice came from inside the room, a surprised yelp from the girl coming from inside, soon followed by a certain collection of giggles from a certain little lewdling that no doubt would leave little to the imagination of what was about to follow next.

It was no exaggeration to say that it would become a very long night, but at least she would rise and shine feeling at her happiest in weeks!


#89Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:20 pm

"It's no trouble really... See you tomorrow~", Alisa and Lumen alike both waved their friend off with a cool, laid back smile, Alisa rather enjoying watching the girl stewing in her need as such, and fully knowing how she alone was responsible for it. Someone else would take that responsibility of dealing with it though, and Alisa couldn't help but giggle to herself as she walked inside and changed got rid of her clothes, sleeping in nothing but a tanktop and panties...

Perhaps Lumen had always been whimsical and that shared trait drew her to Alisa to begin with... Or perhaps such a long time spent with the moody sculptress had influenced her partner's own nature... Whichever of the two options was up for debate, but in the end this very personality meant Lumen could either sleep in her human form or her true shape, depending on her mood. Ever since unlocking her new form, she'd been sleeping as a human most of the time, though whichever the case, Alisa allowed her partner into her bed without question.

Of course, this had none of the implications related to Esperia and her own bed mate. Very soon, Alisa could hear the results of her tempting Esperia into senselessness, though it hardly prevented her from falling asleep in the end. Tomorrow was a new day...


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