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North Fiore

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Located at the norther borders of Fiore, Nanuq Town is built into the icy landscape. Looming over the city are giant ice cliffs from which it was originally built. Nanuq rests on the shores of the Northern Sea, and behind it is an enormous frozen tundra and mountains making it impossible to reach it from behind.

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    Worth Woodsea is a large forest complex in the northern parts of Fiore. There are many interesting places in Worth Woodsea but getting there is often the problem as magical beasts make it difficult to simply venture through the forests carelessly. The ruins of an ancient civilization can be found throughout the forest.

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      Orchidia Town is a large town close to a mountain range. It is best described as a roguish town. With plenty of inns to go by, the town is known for its welcoming population. Most of the buildings are very old fashioned, while it seems impoverished most of it is actually quite functional. There are a lot of buildings covered in plants due to the noble family not taking care of it in the past. The citizens have now grown used to it, and somewhat fond.

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