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Competitive Edge - Medium

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Competitive Edge - Medium Empty Yesterday at 4:38 am

Name: Competitive Edge

Difficulty: Moderate

Participants: Anika Adler

Story: Transferring to Fiore through scandal and a feeling of disgrace, Anika has been keen to prove herself and make the most of her 'fresh start', though thus far has spent more time in offices and on desk duty than anything. This causing some frustration perhaps, she heads to the gym to work it off on a punching bag, where she meets a dashing officer who offers to train with her.

The two embarking on a campaign of competition between them, the man seems as keen on getting Anika to bring out her best and prove herself as he is getting the better of her, and through their activity not only does he do that but also lowers her guard a bit. Through this competition the woman remembering the fierce drive she had to prove herself, she is also pushed into corners by her rival enough to help her come up with more creative ways to use her body and magic, emerging from their clash with a fiercer sense of resolve and sense of positivity toward her future opportunities. Not to mention her first friend in Fiore as well…

Non Player Characters's:

Jack Riley: A captain in the Rune Knights who lives for pretty girls and the thrill of competition, while a humble character he seems to feel most alive when chasing a challenge, and has recently been assigned to central Fiore after a long period guarding the boonies. Fun and friendly, he takes an interest in Anika, perhaps sensing the frustration she feels and opts to help her put it to better use.

Jack Riley

Rewards: Unique Custom, A Rank Rewards

  • Defeat your first opponent, the punch bag!
  • Meet Jack, and hopefully not be too rude to this pushy stranger!
  • Begin the contest between you, and fight to impress him!
  • Take what victories you can, and walk away a stronger person for the encounter!

Required Progress: At least 10,000 words each or 5x A-rank quests together.

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