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The Growth Between the Two (Knuckles)

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Yuurei had been hanging out in Seven for quite some time. Actually, the man had been in the Arena of Champion for some time. The crowd had gotten to know him quite well; he was one of the champions that were fit to be in the arena. His constant appearance within the Arena brought them to know his name as Leviathan, but soon enough people started realizing that he was Yuurei, the strongest wizard from Fiore. They did not know why he was here, but his fights were extraordinary and enjoyable to watch. His performance is what they cared about, and that much was certain.

Today though, it seemed like he was going to be fighting someone he had fought against prior. It was Knuckles. That man had gotten stronger and from recent events, he had found out he left Paradise Dawn and rebuilt Sleeping Calamity. He was shocked to hear that, but knowing the reputation he planned for the new guild, he hoped they wouldn’t be enemies any longer. Of course, it was even more interesting to know that Sleeping Calamity was located in Seven.

This was nice, so fighting the people in that guild here wouldn’t be uncommon after all. Are you going to show your new powers to him today Yuurei? Shuten said. I think he should with us giving you a bit of our power and you seeing that Mysterious man, you should be able to pull it off. Leviathan said.

He had gotten something new to show anybody he fought again, and in return, it seemed like his old eye was given back to him. He waited in front of the gates as he knew he would be fighting. On him, he would have Kaldbak on his body, along with his Lord Drakkon’s Helmet. In his regular hands he had Zabimaru on his left this time, and his Excalibur on his right.

The two new arms he pulled out from under his arms were holding Samehada on his right, and his Fragarch was hovering around at his left hand.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an Exciting fight for you here today! First, we have a man who is known by many names, but here he is known as Leviathan! The person fighting against him is a man who has recently created a guild that is located in this country! He is the guild master of Sleeping Calamity, Knuckles Shi!” He announced them both to come out.

The gates had opened for him and when he saw he was in the clear, the Warden had walked forward to reveal himself inside of the arena. When they saw him in his armor, they would start shouting and excited for him to make his presence known here. He looked over at where Knuckles would appear and waited for things to get started.


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#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

On the other side of the arena behind the gate, waited Knuckles Shi, someone who had partaken in a lot of the Arena of Champion fights. Much Like Yuurei, his opponent for today, Knuckles had become a crowd favorite. The Arena usually had some different setting for his matches that had made the fights between him and his opponent enjoyable.

Knuckles was in a knelt-down position holding his clown helm in his right hand as he pressed it against the ground. His eyes were closed as he was praying to his gods.

"Hail Odin, Allfather, God of wisdom and war. As we stand on the brink of battle, We call upon your strength and guidance. Grant us the sharpness of your spear, The swiftness of your raven's flight,
The courage of your heart, And the wisdom of your vast knowledge. May our blades strike true,
Our shields hold firm, And our spirits remain unbroken. Guide our hands, our hearts, and our fates.
We fight with honor, for our kin and our land. Let us be worthy of Valhalla, Where the brave shall live forever. In your name, Odin, we seek victory. Hail the Æsir, hail the Vanir, Hail the noble dead. With you by our side, We shall not falter. Skál!"

With his prayer done Knuckles stood to his feet and slipped on his clown helm. To pair with it he was wearing his clown clout armor. It was a scary set of armor that was designed to really bring out the daemon side of him and channel that darkness as he fought. Knuckles lowered his arms down to his hips as his fingers wrapped around the hilts of his hammers. Mjolnir on his right and Shattered Mjolnir on his left.  He felt the power of Thor running through him as he cocked his head side to side cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders.

He could hear the announcer introducing him as the Guild Master of Sleeping Calamity. That's right he was not representing Paradise Dawn any longer but now facing one of theirs.  Knuckles beat on his chest once with each hand that held the tools of destruction.   As the gate opened and Knuckles stepped out he saw the Angel, and surprisingly yet not Yuurei had four arms as Brone had when he had fought Brone. Knuckles could not help but laugh a bit under his mask as he felt as if he was going to be facing most of the Paradise Dawn members in this match even if it was in spirit. He would not be shocked if they were in the stands above.

Knuckles had to make a new game plan on the spot now, but there was something Yuurei did not know about Knuckles since they last crossed paths. Not only was he stronger by a vast amount already, but he was also now equipped with an Eye of a Shinigami that would show him the weakness to strike both with his hammers and his magic.  

Knuckles also had a new strategy to try on Yuurei since he was the strongest from his homeland there was no one better to test this out on.  Knuckles instantly started feeding the mana stored in his necklace and his earrings into his hammers.  He would hold them up as he would summon forth two different styles of storms from each hammer. He now knew that unlike the other he fought the mana-burning effect his Shattered Mjolnir provided would not help him against Yuurei. However, it would help Knuckles with the spells attached to his hammers.   Knuckles would call the storms to answer his call! The skies would belong to him this day.

The skies above would darken as clouds swirled together as if magically summoned, which of course they had been. A Lightning storm boomed to life as Lightning danced striking down all around Yuurei, Knuckles, and the arena. The magical barrier that protected the onlookers would glow as the lightning struck it. Paired with this storm was a Void Storm, a sickly storm from another realm that would terraform the area around Knuckles.  

These pair of storms would allow Knuckles' magic to be twice as effective when cast from his hammers. He would also summon the power of Thor from both realms from his Hammers, lightning would strike both hammers from their respective storms as the dual-coated lighting aura around him would swirl to lift. His eyes glowed with power.  His physical powers were now bolstered twice over.

The mana in his necklace and earrings were low now, using each other them to fuel one hammer each. That was okay though, he still had his mana. This just meant he would be fighting with less of his forms and more of his spells. And this time he would have to pick his target of where he was hitting on Yuurei.

Knuckles looked at the weapons in Yuurei's hands and noticed two of the swords from last time, and also caught one of Yuurei's hands gripped as if he was holding a sword in that arm. From their last fight, he now knew Yuurei had an invisible blade and he guessed it was either in that hand or Yuurei held his hand like that to make Knuckles think there was one in that hand. No matter he would treat it as if there was on there the entire time. There was some new gear there as well, and a new blade. Knuckles would have to adjust to the new fighting style of Yuurei as well it seemed. This was good!

It seemed the pair were of the same cloth, a constant state of evolving into a better version of themselves and finding new and better ways to fight and grow in power.  Knuckles took a few steps closer to Yuurei.

The announcer's voice would come back over trying to boom over the raging storms.   "STAAAART!!!!"

Knuckles was used to fighting in these conditions, he was used to fighting with his gear wet and his footing always soaked, he didn't count on this being an advantage but it was something he was sure he had over Yuurei.  Knuckles kept his hammers lifted waiting for the Angel to move, once he did Knuckles would start his plan.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Yuurei had watched Knuckles use his spells to become stronger than he was. It wasn’t just that, but he had also felt the drainage of his mana from the storm. Those weapons were a problem when it came to draining his magic, but at the same time, he knew all he had to do was fight. He didn’t know that Knuckles had the eye that he had given up, which would be interesting to see. Still, one thing he would do just for the fun of was cast a spell.

“Once again we shall fight!” His battle cry is what brought the armor to resonate with him.

It would coat his entire body with a sheet of ice as he was prepared for what could happen. It seemed though that he was going to be the first one to start this fight. It wasn’t something that bothered him, and he planned on doing what he wanted.

I guess we will see what he has planned today. He thought to himself as he looked at the area surrounding them.

He revealed the four arms only because it seemed like Knuckles had noticed them even though he was trying to surprise him. The Seraphim figured he would start things exactly how he needed it to start. If the man was going to destroy his weapons, then he would just bring it forth as quickly as he could. It was better to see this man do things now rather than later. He would activate his blades’ awakening, bringing Zabimaru to change its form. He had also blessed his weapons with the power of light onto them and their spells.

Knuckles had seen it before, and he would see it again. The weapon became bigger than it was prior to what it was. The twenty-five-meter weapon had been ready to fight. The Seraphim had expected him to destroy his weapon, and that was fine with him.

When this weapon transformation happened, though, the Seraphim had started the fight like Knuckles wanted him to. His hidden veil going away revealed Yuurei’s Grace as he pushed forward to the man in front of him. His wings flapped as he was now hovering in the air with his speed accelerating quickly.

The Warden had closed the gap between them quickly as he swung his Zabimaru aiming for his armor. He figured he might as well try to get some use of the weapon right now. It wasn’t just that, but with his second right hand, he had also swung his Samehada onto the young man’s armor as well. The sword had been unwrapped as well, so it had revealed the spiked blade with the mouth coming out from the tip of the blade.

He didn’t use the other swords to attack at the moment as he wanted to see what Knuckles had planned for this fight. Still, he was sure that this was going to be an easy hit. He was fine with that and he couldn’t wait to see what he would do.


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#4Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Perfect, as Yuurei brought the true form of his sword to life and unleashed his grace, Knuckles felt the effects of both of them take hold.  When he moved towards Knuckles, that's when he attacked before Yuurei could meet the distance needed to strike with that long snake-like weapon. It had the most reach, sure but Knuckles had seen the error of his plan last time. It was not the swords he needed to worry and focus his attacks on, but the man himself.  When Yuurei made his first flap of his wings and leaned forward to fly, Knuckles grunted as he threw both hammers feeding mana into both of them, more so into Shattered Mjolnir. He had done the throws at the same time and pointed them up towards the sky when he threw them, but as they pointed straight up Knuckles cast every single spell from the hammers that he could.

The Hammers left his hands and a second after they had Yuurei would help them find their target—Yuurei's arms. Though there were four now, it would only prove to be an issue for one hammer, Mjolnir had commands to go for the arm holding the invisible sword.  Meanwhile, Shattered Mjolnir has been given a secondary objective with his throw, to break into 6 parts.  Each Part would do a fraction of the damage dealt as a whole, but thanks to his combined storm from above, and his Shinigami eye he knew just where to send them.  2 For the arm that held the swords Yuurei was attacking with, and 2 for the Arm that was holding the other sword he had not yet seen Yuurei use.

It would all happen at the same time, yes the two sword attacks from Yuurei would indeed come to make contact with Knuckles. As they did the attacks would also reach Yuurei, though there was that spell he had cast earlier to protect from his hammers.  A couple of seconds had passed by now and each storm from above sent down their own lightning bolts, each aimed at Yuurei's head.

The Blades of Yuurei would meet Knuckles' armor, the armor tried its best to prevent the damage from going through but at last, it could only do what it could before it ripped apart upon impact. The first swing would meet the armor and nearly destroy it, the second would finish the armor that was left, and deal damage directly to Knuckles while also drinking away his mana.  After his armor shattered a Glow from his torn armor as it broke away from him was soon replaced with a golden armor that gave his weapons extra damage.  

Holding his hands out Knuckles recalled the hammers to his hands since Yuurei had closed the gap they were more in reaching distance than not. If Yuurei had used the snake sword to for its proper strengths Knuckles would have had to wait longer to gather his hammers, but in kindred with the warrior spirit, Yuurei had gotten in range to use his other sword too.  Taking a step forward  Knuckles swung his hammers in a whirlwind-like attack, as he stepped Knuckles drew out his Obscura in full force to match the grace from Yuurei, and if Yuurei wished to lighten his weapons, well Knuckles could Darken his. However, this would only apply to Shattered Mjolnir for the time being. The First hammer which was Molnir came from an overhead arc, as Shatter Mjolnir followed right after to deal damage to Yuurei's head too.  

Knuckles had become adept at damaging gear as an Adventure and paired with his new eye he could deal devastating damage to all equipment.  Now it was to see if everything had worked as he had hoped.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Yuurei had known about Knuckles' hammer and knew that it could fly. It was like his Gae Bolg in a sense, but he was sure that it couldn’t follow him. He had made his move to close the gap between the two, and it would seem like Knuckles had attacked at the same time. That was fine, and with that adjustments would come. He knew that Knuckles would attack him with the lightning spell that could not be dodged, so he knew there was nothing he could do about it. He would take that, and Fierce Winter would take the damage, but it would still be standing.

Then came the second one; this was great, but he knew it was coming and he would take it as it destroyed Fierce Winter’s defense and the remaining would deal damage to his helmet. The Seraphim saw that Knuckles was going all out, so then he would do the same with him. When those lightning attacks hit him, Yuurei shot a photon laser from his helmet and straight at Knuckles's Chest.

The Seraphim had seen Knuckles full Hammer going straight for the arm that was holding Excalibur. That was fine with him as the sword that was hovering in his hand would activate his spell. It would cancel out the damage that Mjolnir had tried to accomplish on his arm and it would throw it right back to Knuckles dealing what damage he was trying to accomplish back to him and onto the man’s arm that held the shattered Mjolnir. If Knuckles was still standing somehow, then Yuurei would continue with his attacks.

The Warden wasn’t done though; He was impressed that Knuckles had gone all out from the beginning. It was beautiful honestly, but at the same time throwing it all out there wouldn’t work as perfectly planned as he thought.

Yuurei’s ring resonated as it would heal his helmet's durability to what it was. When the six shards came at him Yuurei had swung his Excalibur destroying two of the shards that were going for the arm holding his Fragarch. As for his Fragarch, he had swung it and destroyed two of the shards that were going for the arm holding Samehada.

The two shards that would land would hit the arm that was holding Yuurei’s Zabimaru doing damage to Yuurei’s armor, and a bit of it on his arm. The Seraphim had been deafened from the impact of the two shards as he couldn’t hear anything, but he could sense the vibration of the two remaining shards going back to their owner. He brought his arms except for Zabimaru back while this happened, and soon another attack came his way.

The Seraphim was impressed and excited to see what else he would do as he was going in for an attack on Yuurei with both hammers and at the same time transforming to Deamon Form. The Warden had flicked his wrist as his Zabimaru bent and the head of the weapon would aim for the back Knuckle. When he senses the danger of the attacks coming from above. Three things would happen, The first two would be Yuurei had raised his two right arms straight into the air and around his head to block the two attacks.

The third thing that would happen was that Migi had decided if Knuckles was going all in on the beginning, then he would just take him out if he was still standing. Two sharpened appendages would come out from his right main arm and would extend and attempt to cut his chest as well.

Excalibur clashed with Mjolnir would be destroyed, but also dealt damage enough to break the hammer. Fragarch clashed with Shattered Mjolnir, would also be destroyed, but also dealt damage enough to break whatever was remaining of Shattered Mjolnir. Samehada had been swung once again on Knuckles his side again attempting to deal damage to his armor.

Yuurei had been through a lot of fights before, but he had never seen someone use everything that was them in one full onslaught. Knuckles would indeed be the first, but in a way this also allowed him to learn how to defend himself against many attacks at once. The addition of the four arms made this easier to defend and handle the situation unlike before.


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#6Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The quick battle fought out between Knuckles Shi and Yuurei upon the sands of the Arena of Champions quickly turned into one of the great titan clashes, as each brought to bear their considerable and prodigious powers and strategies to bear. Knuckles, who was able to bear the armor and wield the enchanted hammers that he was fitted for, did battle against Yuurei, the formidable Leviathan, whose masteries of magic and weaponry had garnered such a title.

Powerful storms, conjuring lightning and void energies, had been invoked from the onset by Knuckles, and all this was only going to add to his lethality with each and every stroke. The intention was obvious defeat Yuurei with a relentless assault using the Shinigami eye he just earned for pinpointing any weaknesses. But it would not be so easy, to face a skilled and adaptable opponent like Yuurei.

As he lay on the floor of the arena, battered and bleeding, defeat mixed with a sense of enlightenment washed over Knuckles Shi. It had been in a fight he had engaged with Yuurei, and his loss had served as an eye-opener to understand how he was Ranked below him. This only fueled the resolve to catch newer evolvements. He now positioned his gaze toward the sky with promises he made to himself that not only would he become stronger, but he would become fundamentally reborn.

For starters, Knuckles realized that he needed to work on his tactical acumen. The battle proved to him that it was never about brute strength and powerful spells when pitched against a versatile and tactical opponent like Yuurei. He decided to research diverse strategies in combat and master them through experienced tacticians. This would involve watching other battles and sparring with various people to be exposed to different fighting styles and situations.

Knuckles realized that physical strength was nothing without agility and speed. He was going to be able to dodge or block attacks if he had the presence of mind to see them coming. He wanted his body trained hard in terms of reflex and agility training. This included heavy drills, agility courses, and endurance training to keep up with the fast pace of battling at high levels.

Also, Knuckles decided he should go deeper into mastery of magic. While the spells he currently possessed and the magical weapons he had compounded were maddeningly overwhelming, he realized how well it would be to have a diverse magical repertoire. He sought more of the technique that housed new spells, which would come to give an effect with defensive and supportive functions. He also strove to maximize the improvement of existing spells in force so that they would become effective.

Lastly, Knuckles mused philosophically about his journey. He had to accept that in seeking evolution, he had to start thinking and acting in a manner that begets change. That is, to learn from every experience and always give his best.

The experience and adaptability of Yuurei, however, made a difference at that point. Swift counterattacks and defensive moves would generally deflect and mitigate a good portion of the damage from Knuckles' assaults. That went along with the strategic use of the enchanted blades, which granted the Seraphim the possibility of parrying and redirecting Knuckles' elemental attacks using brief openings in his unrelenting assault.

As the battle came to a head, things started to turn very inappropriate for Knuckles. Despite his best efforts and his new ability, Yuurei's cool answers and quick responses together with bigger maneuverability, started to take its toll. Overwhelming was the adaptiveness and quick thinking of the Seraphim, turning the Daemon's very attacks against him, seizing every such opportunity opening of any given defense flaw.

And the critical moment came, in which, amid the hellish chaos, Yuurei found an opening and unleashed upon his opponent a devastating combination of spells and blade techniques. Those precise strikes ended up breaking through Knuckles' defenses and put him down to the cold, hard ground with a series of knockout blows. The place fell ominously silent as Knuckles, battered and bloody but firmly defiant, lay at the feet of his opponent.

Through pure willpower and strategy, Yuurei came out the victor, and he displayed why many called him one of the most powerful wizards in Fiore. As Knuckles sat and reflected on his defeat, he realized that to compete with someone like Yuurei, he needed not only to become stronger physically but to also advance his strategic approach and mastery of his abilities.

In the battle between Knuckles Shi and Yuurei, much like a war of power and mastery in the world of champions and warriors, there was not a show of strength and magic, but a testimony to the dogged battle of acquisition for power and mastery. Parting ways, both went forth to cup with them lessons learned and the resolve to continue their journey of growth and transformation to become legends in their own right.

WC 829
TWC 2519


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

The Growth Between the Two (Knuckles) Empty Wed Jun 26, 2024 8:23 am


Yuurei had to commend Knuckles; the man had grown at a considerable rate. His use of his armory was great, and he could only wonder how much stronger the man he fought today would get. Of course, in Yuurei’s eyes, he also felt like he was able to be better than this, and that much he was hoping for in the future. The Seraphim had taken him out with his counter sword, one that put an ill taste in his mouth, but still, it worked how it needed to. The Warden looked at the Guild Master of Sleeping Calamity, he was beaten, but he was conscious. It wasn’t just that, but he used all his swords to make sure that he could master them all. He needed to grow if he didn’t then others would only catch up and become a problem to him and those dearest to him.

Yuurei was sure that the man’s body couldn’t move from the attacks, which was understandable. He enjoyed their fight and he could tell that the crowd did as well. This man was strong, and to think that not long ago they were enemies. They were on the opposite side, and now things had changed, which was great for the future Yuurei was going to oppose this country.

He had agreed to do it, so that Leviathan and Shuten-Doji may leave him alone to make his own decision. Deep down inside of him, he had also wanted the urge to rule, not knowing that they had influenced him more than he thought. Still, what Yuurei saw today was a man learning how to close the gap in a fight. His eyes looked at Knuckles as he was excited for their future battles.

The roars from the crowd were so overwhelming and deafening that he couldn't even though Yuurei wanted to say something at the moment. He needed them to quiet down, so he could speak to Knuckles. The Seraphim would motion his hand and his armory would disperse from the dimension he was in. They would enter the storage facility that he had for all of his gear. When the announcer saw this and he saw the annoyance in Yuurei’s face, he would make his way to the middle of the arena.

It was then he would clear his throat before speaking up to the crowd.

“And we have ourselves a victor. After that tough and scary exchange of blows between these two extraordinary men, only one stood standing. Give it up for Leviathan!” He shouted into the microphone as everyone paused for a second.

They expected Knuckles to get up from that attack, but that wasn’t the case. Their pause would give Yuurei a few seconds to say something to Knuckles before they overwhelmed him with their cheering.

“You will make a fine Guild Master Knuckles. I applaud you on that, and connecting yourself with Lumikki is a wise choice to make the future of her guild an ally. Since I am tied to that guild, then that makes me an ally and whenever you need help or anything don’t be ashamed to ask for it.” He said this to him and before he could continue on, the crowd would start cheering.

Yuurei had turned around as he wouldn’t pick up his opponent. He felt as if he would disrespect Knuckles by doing so. Instead, he would walk to the exit of the arena. The people in this arena adore Leviathan. The constant battles that he had and the wins that he had stacked up were something they had been proud of. They wished that he was their champion, instead of Fiores’. He was angelic and it was as if the messengers of the Gods had given him powers like theirs.

While walking he looked at his hand and wondered if he was meant to be in this world. His powers had grown too strong for others to want to be near him. People feared him because of his strength, while others loved him for the things that he had done for the world. Still, he knew that he would push forward, there were people he loved and people who loved him still in this world. Until they stood, in the mortal plane, then he would too.

“I guess life within Fiore is coming to an end.” He said to himself as he made his way out of the arena.

Yuurei had plans for the future, and even though people thought his story would end it would continue on to the next chapter. Renji saw the expression on Yuurei’s face and figured that he would go check up on him. The Exceed knew that expression on his face and he knew that Yuurei was up to something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he would find out.



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