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Yuurei Vs Knuckles

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Sat May 25, 2024 6:36 pm

Knuckles Shi

At long last he finally was getting what he had wanted from over a year ago. Knuckles was going to be able to fight the man who had shattered his Hammer and had taken him out in a single blow. Knuckles was eons ahead of where he was that day. Through hard work and ironically those within the walls of Paradise Dawn Knuckles now stood on the edge of acsending into something beyond a Daemon.  This battle today would help him see just had far he had to go to reach the next level and step onto the banner of what it meant to surpass mortal limits and rival the power of Demons and Gods.

The setting was something Knuckles was not sure would work in his favor or against him as he had never partaken in one of these Arean of Champions matches, though he did say the culture of warriors battling it out in a pit no bigger than 50 meters did excite him and set him into a good mood. He made plans to come here more often, perhaps he and Ittindi could perform a battle here.   There would be many more chances to fight here he knew, and so he readied himself to put his all into this fight.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, today we have a match for you! Two members from the same guild have found themselves pitted against one another. They are Leviathan and Knuckles Shi! Make your way to the betting polls for your last-minute wagers! This one is going to be an exciting one to witness.  Let's put our hands together as we welcome both parties into the AREANAAA OOOOFF CHAAAAAMPIOOOOONS!"

The crowd let out a roar as the gate in front of Knuckles opened, the hair on his arms lifted from goosebumps. He was already amped up and ready to test himself. He WAS looking for victory here today. The Daemon did not have in his mind that he would be walking away anything but the winner.  As he walked through the Gate dawning his Clown Helm, and armor and a Raven by the name of Murder on his should Knuckles lifted his left hand to the air as Shatter Mjlnor gleamed with magical power as Knuckles sent mana into the hilt of the hammer Cast Tempest Rage, a suiting name for a spell in this instance.

Lighting swelled over his body as he walked out, lightning dancing around his body his face hidden behind his mask.  Once he brushed past the opening of the gate Murder flew into the air staying 25 meters away from Knuckles hoping to avoid the battle's aftermath of furry.  As Murder did so Knuckles fixed his eyes on Yuurei, it was going to be a grueling match this much he knew and it would likely be the hardest match he would face.  

With the power of Thor now his to command, however, Knuckles thought things might not play out so much as they had last time. He had set Yuurei as his goal marker for strength and he was certain that he had caught up to that goal line.  He could not help but smirk under his mask, thinking of what his past Patron would be saying in his head in a time like this when he stood opposed by one graced by angels. No, that was not correct Yuurei like Lumikki had evolved he now was that Angel no?  Even better he thought, he would get to test his effectiveness versus the ultimate challenge and his polar opposite.

"Do you smell that Yuurei? Smells like rain is coming this way."

With that Knuckle fed more mana into his Shattered Mjlnor as he cast a magic from the void this time.  Immediately the shining rays of the sun would find themselves hidden by dark thunderous clouds as it began to thunderstorm within the walls of the Arena.  Knuckles now lowered his left arm pointing it at Yuurei.  Lightning struck down in the center of the ring as if the Void version of Odin was declaring the start of their match.

As is struck Knuckles wasted no time as he took in a deep breath and bolted at a forty-five-degree angle heading towards his left, mirrored to Yuurei which would be the right.   Obscura poured out of him as he entered his Full Daemon Mode Transformation. Dark energy consumed his body as wings of Obsucra grew on his back and washed over him pairing with his lighting. Knuckles stalked the man watching his actions as he lunged after two steps, instantly covering 20 meters in a second and then doing so again this time cutting 45 degrees to his right centering himself up with Yuurei, if he had remained in place that is.  The second lunge would Bring Knuckles within striking distance with a few steps. With only 50 meters around them, Knuckles could lunge almost the entire arena with just two lunges, though he knew Yuurei could likely do the same.  

Once Upon Yuurei, Knuckles would pivot his right foot as he would slide and push off with his left spinning him around clockwise aiming to send his main hand Hammer into the right arm of Yuurei. If the blow landed it would let out a deafening blow as it made contact, no matter what it would hit, and cause a rippling pain to meet Yuurei's ears.

WC: 874

Battle info:

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Sat May 25, 2024 11:51 pm


Yuurei had enjoyed the first battle within the arena; it was interesting, and it was against Lumikki. He couldn’t believe that she would be the first to fight him here, but this was a thing. They were always fighting against each other, but each time she had come back stronger. Each time they fought she would allow him to become stronger as well. The Seraphim was already a powerful creature, but the battles only forged him to become the monster people feared he would become one day.

He was ready for another battle today, and when he heard the announcer, he could only smile and even laugh a bit. The man he had fought so long ago, the man that had shown up at his doorstep was now someone he would fight against. Knuckles, a man who joined Paradise Dawn to use them as a way to get them stronger. The Warden of the North was fine with that, he knew everyone had their reasons.

Still, the Oni and the Demon would see otherwise as they were messing with his head. He moved through to the entrance of the arena with their thoughts lingering and pestering in his mind.

You going to show this man he has more to improve right? He asked Yuurei wondering what he would say. [i]Of course, he has to show his guild they have a lot of growing to do.[i] Leviathan replied. Yuurei would shake his head as he tried to ignore them, but their thoughts were too powerful.

“Shut up you two. I’m not doing it because you say it, but because he’s been asking for it.” He said as his armor would start appearing.

The Berserker Suit would appear, and soon after Monarch’s Golden Guise would appear to cover his face. Yuurei’s Zabimaru would show in his right hand, while Excalibur would appear invisible in his left. He moved through and when he got to the gates, it would start opening up. Renji would be in the audience shaking his head as he felt that Yuurei was just punishing himself. It was a shame to see this happening to his master, but he knew that soon this would all be over.

He would walk out to the opening and he would look at Knuckles. The man was geared up, better than the last time they fought, and it would seem like he was more prepared. He could see that this man had two hammers this time. One was shattered and the other one looked normal. Still, he looked prepared for battle, which was a good thing and he expected nothing less.

When the lightning came down the Seraphim’s stance changed as it lowered. Zabimaru noticed it was battle time and it would roar without a second hesitation. The Joyan blade caused everyone to feel fear of it and caused them to be weakened by it. He could see that Knuckles was quick on his feet as he moved to his right. He did feel something with this storm and it was the sapping of his mana. It was an interesting technique, but it was not something that bothered him. Still, Knuckles chose to attack Yuurei from the right side and when he got close things would get dicey.

The Seraphim would sense the danger behind the young man’s attack, Migi’s right arm would start twitching and the two-bladed appendages would come out. The Seraphim would become filled with anger because Migi had allowed himself to be taken over again. This was not a battle where he wanted to use Migi right at the beginning. He would away from his spot, avoiding Knuckles attack, but also pushing himself away from him up to fifteen meters.

“If you do not turn back I will detach you and fight with one arm!” He shouted with anger.

The two would hear him and they would return Yuurei’s arm to its original form. The Seraphim would look at Knuckles with a pleasant smile as cracked his neck.

“Seems like you’ve gotten stronger Knuckles. I apologize about my arm it got a bit out of hand.” He said this as he would enjoy this after all.

“Awakened Zabimaru!” He shouted at the blade he held in his right hand would start to change its form.

It would become longer as it would reach up to twenty-five meters and Yuurei chose to swing it in any direction it pleased. The Seraphim would keep it simple for now, he would swing Zabimaru, causing the monstrous blade to rush toward Knuckles at spell speed, attempting to take a bite at him.

Battle Log:

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Migi's Arm:

Shinigami's Red Eye:

#3Knuckles Shi 

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Mon May 27, 2024 2:44 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles came in hot with his swing, Yuurei's arm seemed to react to the incoming attack but instead of clashing the blow he dodged backward out of the way and started yelling, before Knuckles could even question what the hell Yuurei was on about he paused the fight to apologize for his arm.  The man also took notice of the strength gained by Knuckles. Though now he could feel something affecting his power, perhaps it was the fact that a blessed one stood before a cursed one.  Whatever it was Knuckles nodded in recognition.  Hearing the words Knuckles recalled that Erebus funny enough had used a sword that seemed to either be this one or a clone of it, perhaps Yuurei had the clone who knew for sure after all he did have two Mjolnirs though their appearances were different.

Knuckles readied himself to move as soon as he heard the words and waited for the stretched-out blade to take a new form before coming towards him, Knuckels himself dodged backward learning from his past encounter with the blade that it could snake around him if he had been bullheaded and charged in.  Thus the Daemon spread his wings and lunged backward using his wings to safely control the angle at which he moved and would use them to make a quick counter to his retreat if needed.  With Yuurei going back 15 meters and Knuckles lunging back 20, Knuckles was safely out of range of the incoming attack this round.

The crowd roared the yelles echoing throughout the arena. The announcer was saying something but Knuckles drowned that all out as he kept his focus on Yuurei.  It was time to destroy that reach that Yuurei had.  Knuckles fed mana into both Hammers, and a faint blue glow of lightning began to charge on each hammer towards the sky as the storm reacted to his call. Two strikes of lightning boomed from the sky as Knuckles cast Tempest Revenge from both Hammers, each bolt aimed at the weapon in Yuurei's hand.  Thanks to the power of his Void Storm they would both be enhanced dealing another S rank of Damage each for a total of 4xS damage to the weapon.  These spells would strike true to where Knuckles wished for them to hit.

Knuckles was already doing better than he had the first time the two had met all those years ago inside the Paradise Dawn's training center.  Knuckles however had dealt the chilling brush of death when Yuurei's arm hand took a new shape. He would have to be careful if he wanted to go back in to deal blows with the hammers. This was not Brone whom Knuckles could trade melee blows with this was Yuurei, a God among mortals. However, Knuckles was not weak himself and while he could not handle many of his own attacks or even the ones from Yuurei Knuckles did have a solid understanding of how he could potentially walk away a winner here today.

My strength comes from chasing a goal with two objectives, to defeat the great Yuurei and the other to prove to Odin I am worthy every day I hold these hammers. I am a  Daemon beloved by Gods, my power only grows with the difficulty of those I fight! SHOW ME THE HOLY POWER AND PUSH MY LIMITS!" Knuckles roared as the storm boomed with thunder and lightning scattered like that night of his return to Paradise Dawn. Somehow the storm always reacted with his will and emotions. Besides, Knuckles had an ace up his sleeve to even the odds!

Perhaps this would be the time to test it? It meant replacing his helmet but was the trade-off of losing strength worth it?  It would not be that much but he would consume more mana. Perhaps it would be best to hold off on that for now.

WC 650
TWC 1524
Battle info:

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Mon May 27, 2024 8:09 pm


Yuurei would see that he had gotten away from him as well. That was only for the best. He would have already calmed his arm, and he would look over to Knuckles. It would seem like the distance he had taken from Yuurei was well off for the time being. It was then something else would happen, he looked over to the sky and it was then two bolts of lightning would come crushing straight down from the sky. He would sense the danger, but it would seem like it wasn’t aimed at him.

Instead, it would seem like he was aiming for his weapon. Zabimaru was ready to fight, and then he wasn’t. The sword would roar from the pain, as it would revert to its original form and then shatter. He would smile when he saw this as this was beautifully done. He would aim for his weapons and not him. It would leave him without the use of a sword in his right hand. Well, that would be true, but Yuurei was a man with many weapons.

Another sword would appear where Zabimaru was before. This one was not as strong, but it would do what needed to be done. The Seraphim would have a smirk on his face, he couldn’t hear Knuckles words as the blow to his sword had left him deafening for the time being. It was an interesting thing, and even though he couldn’t hear him, he decided to say something himself.

“Alright then I will give you what you want!” He shouted louder than he had ever done before.

It was then he would show his true form. It was the look he had met him in and not how he looked on a daily basis. His wings would appear out from his back as he looked at Knuckles. His left eye was bluer than it was before and his powers were even more powerful than they already were. Yuurei’s new sword would also unwrap as it would sap into the Seraphim’s power but was more vicious than it was currently.

Yuurei would begin; Knuckles destroyed his sword, and he would return the favor. The Seraphim rushed straight towards his guildmate, using his wings to move him forward and closing the gap between them within a few seconds. While this happens, Knuckles will feel weaker once again and his helmet will also change to Drakkon's Helmet. He would appear right in front of Knuckles with one simple trick up his sleeve. The Warden of the North had swung his Samehada attempting to clash with the left side of Knuckle's abdomen.

His Samehada’s hilt was wrapped around Yuurei’s appendages ready to extend in Knuckles's direction at spell speed for up to ten meters. While doing this, he also swiped at Knuckles's helmet with his left hand. There Excalibur was there invisible and ready to strike him as the distance between the blade and Knuckles couldn’t be seen.


Battle Log:

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Migi's Arm:

Shinigami's Red Eye:

#5Knuckles Shi 

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Tue May 28, 2024 11:32 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles always forgot that his weapons deafened people, he always just talked after he hit them as if they could hear him, but it seemed like Yuurei had gathered what he had wanted, thus when he watched Yuurei take his form Knuckles smiled eagerly under his masked Helm.  He watched as the weapon of Yuurei was discarded from his hand and was replaced with another stranger weapon he had not seen before. He was a bit underwhelmed to see it wrapped up as if it was being protected from the weather. Which arguably was pretty intense    Here the Angel came flying towards Knuckles, Knuckles readied himself to face the attack of Yuurei aimed for his chest, Knuckles would however swing his right hand to match the blow! The sound would echo through the arena as the deafening blow would take effect, but his hammer was worse off for it. His hammer would be destroyed taking 5xS damage to it while dealing 4xS itself. Knuckles moved to the counter when he noticed the other hand he thought was free of Yuurei move towards him, was it a spell?  It was not until he felt steal brush his face that he understood what it was.  There was a weapon in that hand, concealed by magic of some sort.  His helm sliced in half would look to some as if he had been taken out, perhaps a killing blow, yet the Daemon's shoulders began to raise and fall as the storm roared on. The helmet feel to the floor and Knuckles moved his now free hand to his face to wipe the blood from his head looking down on it.

Knuckles would fly backward after only 2 meters to put some space between the two of them. "Thank you" He would feel the weak effects taking root as the form on Yuurei zapped his strength and such from his body. However, Knuckles pushed his bangs out of his face, the wet locks heavy with rain. He hoped Yuurei could read lips at least, but soon his face would be covered once more. Knuckles hovered his hand in front of his face as he summoned a white mask that covered it now. It seemed simple and like any plan mask, though his voice was now echoed and raspy if he would speak but he knew doing so would fall on deaf ears.  It also seemed besides his physical powers being zapped from him Yuurei had taken some mana from that blow, so it was now or never if he wanted to keep pushing the fight to new heights.

Knuckles fed 10% of his mana into the mask . The White Vizard mask grew from his face to the back of their head, while horns also grow. The markings on the mask turn black and run down to the neck and chest as the skin turns white. Additionally, his crimson hair and nails grow long. While transformed, this new form buffed his Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Endurance. Knuckles looked across to Yuurei feeling the effects of the Angel's presence still in effect but feeling his body feel somewhat normal again from the impact of his mask.

The new white limbs blended with the Obscura energy covering his body looking as if they were meant to match. This was the power of demons from another realm the energies matching into one. Knuckles flew towards  Yuurei.   Knuckles would make three rapid lunges, one to the right moving as he flew, putting him on Yuurei's front left to cover the 2 meters, once more to his side and then a final on to end up behind Yuurei if possible where he would strike out with his Shattered Mjlnoir dealing magical damage to the back of Yuurei and also slashing out at the back of Yuurei with his new claws.

He would not go down so easily as last time even if he lost both hammers he would fight on with a bare fist if he had to! This was the pride of the Warrior Knuckles Shi, and he would find out how far he could push his former guild master.  Defeat was not a thought in his mind yet, nor would it be for he could only see victory coming his way.  The crowd cheered as they saw the fight was not yet over, yells of how exciting this was with the two summoning new gear to their call made it seem like this fight could last forever, though Knuckles could feel it now. He would not have long left of his mana. While it had grown with meditation and constant use he did not have the fountain of power that Yuurei held as mana reserves. Soon his forms would fade away and he would be powerless to compete at this level again.

TWC 2328



  • Base:253  Off Hand: 120 Body: 225  Tempest Revenge: 100  White Vizard Mask buff: 75% (190) Daemon Transformation 50% (127)

    Total:Main Hand Damage:895(physical 3xS)  Offhand damage:1015 (Magical 4xS)

  • Speed:Base121 Relic: 260 Tempest Revenge: 100 Daemon Transformation 50% (60) White Vizard Mask 75% (91) Vice:

    V2:Total: 632
    501-750 Lunge Speed:  20 m/s Run Speed:40 m/s

  • Constitution:Base:145 Tempest Revenge: 100 Daemon Transformation 50% (65) White Vizard Mask 75% (98)

    Hit Points: 5xS-Rank,
    Run Duration: 8 Posts, Lunge Frequency: Four times Per Post

  • Endurance:Base:128 Tempest Revenge: 100 Daemon Transformation 50% (63) White Vizard Mask 75% (96)

    Total: 387
    Pain Tolerance:3xS-Rank , Weapon Mastery:50% WC Reduction

  • Intelligence:1[Base]

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Wed May 29, 2024 1:44 pm


Yuurei had attempted to destroy Knuckles's armor, but something else happened; his eyes paying attention to the man’s movements, but his eyes glimpsing at him. He would see that he had countered his attack with Samehada with his hammer. The Seraphim would have a smirk on his face when this happened. The man had attacked when he attacked, and while this happened, things started to unfold.

The Sword he brought out would destroy the hammer due to the power behind his attack, but Yuurei’s weapon would also be taken out as well. The Adventurer in front of him was taking out his weapons but at the cost of his own. The Seraphim didn’t mind this as turning it into a hand-to-hand combat, the Warden of the North’s mastery rivaled those of the best. Still, now that Samehada had been destroyed, Yuurei’s strength returned to normal and he also regained mana back from Knuckles.

He no longer had any other swords in his arsenal; the Seraphim only figured he required three swords at any time, but had lost two of them in this fight. It was nothing surprising when fighting someone who was strong. Today was not the day to use any of his other weapons, so this was beautifully done. His right hand was now free, though it would crack the knuckles while Yuurei created a fist to relax his hand.

As for his Excalibur, this would hit true, breaking the helmet that Knuckles was wearing and dealing the damage that had been dealt to Knuckles as well. While this had happened, it seemed like Knuckles wasn’t done yet, something Yuurei was glad to see. The Oni and Demon were excited because they could see blood on the man’s head. He would see him free-falling before gathering himself and pushing a bit away from Yuurei.

The Seraphim didn’t hold back against those he fought, in terms of using his power when attacking. He only held back when it came to a killing blow, or just not using everything that he could use within a fight. He felt it was an insult to those he fought if he held his punches and made a fight linger more than it should.

Still, it was soon after he had gathered his composure that a helmet, no, a Mask would appear on his face. The Seraphim seeing this figured he’d enjoy the spectacle in front of him. The man was transforming, and while he had taken a demonic form previously, it seemed like it was something of a mixture, but looked more demonic. The Seraphim smirked with this and it made his blood rush with excitement. He moved his arm around to change his helmet to a different one. This time it was a golden helmet and he would prepare for Knuckles's next attack, whatever it was.

The Seraphim figured that things would be interesting now. It was then, Knuckles would fly towards him quickly.

“Exciting, I hope you stay with Paradise Dawn! They would require someone to deal with the hard choice!” He shouted louder than he could before.

He could see that he was moving around maneuvering through various means until he was now behind him. Yuurei already sensed the danger of the attack due to his necklace. This allowed him to sense the vibration of where Knuckles moved when he got within range of him, and when it happened he would allow the blow to stay true. Knuckles would clash his hammer straight onto Yuurei’s Lord Drakkon’s Helmet, but this time on Yuurei’s forehead.

Yuurei would have pivoted his left foot to turn around and take the damage to his helmet, but not enough to destroy the helmet. There was more behind it, he also felt the damage to his forehead as he could feel the shocking pain resonating through his head. That was brilliant, Knuckles had the ability to pierced through his armor, and damage his armor at the same time. However, it was not enough. The arm that had come for Yuurei, would be dealt with.

Yuurei was already swinging his blade, when he was pivoting, the invisible blade moving straight toward Knuckle's arm. The Seraphim would move the blade in a way that it would deal bludgeoning damage rather than slashing attempting to end this fight with this attack.

Still, things didn’t end there, when he was attacked by Knuckles the very first time, his Berserker’s Suit would also release arcane energy toward Knuckles, but that would occur when he had attacked him with the hammer and not anytime before.

The man had truly become stronger, one thing Yuurei admired. Their last fight was different than this fight, and it seemed like this man would continue to grow even after this fight was over. Still, he wasn’t sure if Knuckles would be standing after these onslaughts of attacks that came to fruition.


Battle Log:

Spell and Passives Used:



Migi's Arm:

Shinigami's Red Eye:

#7Knuckles Shi 

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Thu May 30, 2024 8:43 pm

Knuckles Shi

A strange wave passed over him some type of magic he was unsure of, but he ended up feeling like he had taken some damage.  He had never seen an armor do something retroactively in such a manner.  Then Knuckles felt the pain as his claws were removed from his hands and he suffered overbearing pain in his hand.  It was enough to make him scream out, but now there was nothing left to do but use this time to grip the blade that he could not see so he could keep it from being used on him again. However, his hand was not working.  His head slowly started to turn looking at his hand as if he could see the issue and fix it to get it working again.  The white shell over his limb cracked away as the black Obscura over his arm was also fading leaving only bloody fingers dripping on the ground below.  The mask on his face started to crack as his hair shortened back to its normal length and his Obscura energy shattered and dissolved.   "Oh, I see. That wave did more damage than I thought. " Knuckles looked back towards Yuurei with a smirk. "I guess this means I lost again heh." His head cocked to the left as his body started to slump in place. "I will not rest till I avenge..." His voice was fleeting as his head fell forward, his body soon falling as he collapsed at the feet of the Angel.  He had thought he had done it, he had thought he achieved the power to restore the honor of his friend and companions of his old guild, but instead, the warrior had been shown that while yes he had truly achieved strength, he was still ranked away from facing Yuurei as an equal.

WC 304
TWC 2632

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

Yuurei Vs Knuckles Empty Thu May 30, 2024 9:56 pm


Yuurei looked at Knuckles while everything had happened. The man had fought well and given him that; he wouldn’t call him weak, but he never did to be fair. Still, one thing for certain the man he was facing today should have been the Guild Master of Sleeping Calamity then. Too bad things didn’t turn out that way. When he saw that the multiple attacks that he had carried out had done the job, his body was no longer as tense as it was when it had continued. The damage to his head had fully gone away due to the spell hitting Knuckles.

His weapons would disburse when he saw that Knuckles had started reverting back to his original state. The Seraphim would leave his wings visible to those around him, but the form he had, would weaken it. His armor and helmet would also make their way off him. He heard his words and he nodded. The Warden knew Knuckles joined Paradise Dawn to use them to get stronger and eventually put Yuurei in his place. He welcomed that, for it would mean he would strengthen their guild in the process.

“You fought well, Knuckles. I will commend you on that. I see that eventually you will be a problem that others would not want to deal with. You just keep getting stronger.” He said this to him as he could see that he started falling to the ground.

While he was falling Yuurei would move to catch him, but something happened. Shuten and Levithan would intervene. Let him fall, how dare you even try to help him out. He attacked you, so you let him fall. He said in Yuurei’s mind. Leviathan knows what he’s saying they are both demons after all. Prepare for the next match instead of worrying about him. He said as Yuurei grabbed his head as they were trying to take control of his body.

The referee wasn’t sure what was happening with Leviathan, but he saw that Knuckles was on the ground and that he wasn’t moving. It only meant that one thing had happened and that he was declared the winner.

“With that fall of Knuckles we have ourselves a winner, folks! Give it up to Leviathan!” He shouted and with that everyone started cheering from the excitement of the battle that was presented today.

Yuurei would hear the cheering, but he wouldn’t be happy about the win. Instead, he would walk over to the gates as they were opening. People would come to help Knuckles and seek treatment for him so he could make a full recovery. The Seraphim didn’t understand why he fought two people from his guild in this arena, but here they were.



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