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Floats like a Raven

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Lumi plays a page between her fingers as she waits. It was another of Leon and it was becoming a norm.

“ I do appreciate how reliable you are. It’s really been a pleasure working with you.” Leon utters upon entry as he took a seat at Lumi’s table. She was seated outside a cafe enjoying a warm cup of black milk tea. She nodded her greetings and the small man would go on.

“ It’s just like I said in the letter. I’m requesting that you beat the champion and demand he trains Yuka. It should be easy for someone of your strength and you’ll be doing my family a big favor.”

” Aye, it would be a simple task. The tournament is tonight in the Twisted Pillar?” Leon nodded his answer while waving a waitress down to take his order. He didn’t want to miss a chance for a nice cup of coffee.

Later that night, in a black hood, Lumi would enter the venue. Her name was already added to the participants but she would be known as Raven. Figuring her real name would cause too much trouble and she needed to be sure she won.

Each time Lumi stepped in the ring, she kept her hood up. Though she lacked the strength, she still had magic to form an armor and talons to take the matches on. So when she confronted her opponents, she rush them down with giant talon fists.

It did not take long to garner the attention of the champ, and he would make his fascination and excitement known. By the time of the last match, between Lumi and him, Tenchi would be fired up.

“ What a surprise twist folks!” Shouted one of three announcers of the night. The crowd were very excited to see someone previously unknown, climbed the ranks in one night. “ It seems the match with be between our champion Tenchi…,” he paused to let the crowd roar and cheer, “ and the neeeew comer…Raaaven. The stands roared with equal measure as the delighted in the surprise. Most of the crowd were still sure Tenchi would win, but not all of them would be sure.

“ I’m really excited for this Raven,” Tenchi called out from his side of the ring. He was stretching in preparation of his fight. “ What ever you do, don’t hold back!” He said so with such earnest that Lumikki was considering taking him up on that offer.

” Oy, might take ye on that mate.” She uttered her first words of that night, and it only made Tenchi more fired up.

When the referee threw down his hand, the two started instantly. Lumikki was able to make her talons, but that would be all she managed as Tenchi was quick at rushing her down. It only took three blows between the two to break them to shards, a feat that no one else of the night even came close to. And Lumi knew if she didn’t start using real spells, she’d be broken down.

” Hard hitter aren’t ye.” Lumikk heaved as she lunged back, her hood was finally flipping and her face was beginning to show. It wasn’t a lot to identify her, but it got Tenchi’s attention all that same.

That was when the ring began to frost over with ice. Tenchi was becoming aware of the monster he faced and was going to put everything in this strike and he had to do it fast as he felt his strength draining from his body rapidly.

Tenchi lunged forward, putting all his remaining power in his fist, while Lumi sent forth her ice.

That clash was met with black powder snow dusting the ring, obscuring everyone’s sight to the outcome. And the crowd would sit in silence until it settled down. The shadows wouldn’t be made clear until a minute later, but one could make out a form standing above the other.


“ Dang, that was a fight,” Tenchi would utter on the walk to a restaurant. It was the only one still open and the food had already been prepared. “ but I didn’t think I’d lose let alone meet Lumikki from Paradise Dawn in a match.” Though he lost, he didn’t grumble. Actually he would sound more excited than before. ” Aye, was just taking a gig from a friend but I didn’t think I would have to get so serious. I figured me talons would last me the night.”

“ For someone who isn’t a fight, your fighting wasn’t that bad. I can see your strength being an issue but your technique isn’t so rough for a mage.” Tenchi complimented. ” Thanks, I grew up with Dwarves so they showed me the way of the fist. Among other skills.”

“ Really now‽ that’s so cool. So about your gig, you sure you only want me to train some kid?”

” Yea, but Leon will tell ye more about it himself.” They entered the restaurant only to be met with a baby looking man and a steaming hot meal.

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