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The Christina Descends (Open/Social)

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The Christina Descends (Open/Social) Empty Sun Jan 28, 2024 4:51 pm

The air rushed past in hurried flourishes as the trees shook, and sakura petals scattered in the air. In the sky above, a great battleship descended, casting a shadow from the noon sun on those looking below.

Among those people was Mielle Auclair, an adult woman in a doll's body, staring up at the ship in awe. A crowd had gathered around her, comprised of town officials, administrators, and those sent to help with the landing. Others were simply onlookers, possibly other guild members Mielle had not met yet, here to welcome their guild ship.

The Marionette mage had been working for days for this moment, ever since she had received the request to help facilitate the moving of Christina, after the higher-ups in the guild somehow knew she was in town. Mielle had never actually had a chance to meet many others in her guild before. She had been in a rush registering herself in Hargeon after hearing of a possible sighting of her errant fiancée Severa and had only greeted the guild's paper pushers before heading east. She regretted it, considering how much she had admired the guild and its members over the years before she became a mage. Mostly since Severa's lead ended up being false. So when she was asked to help, Mielle jumped at the chance to make a good first impression. Sure, it had been a bit of a pain, but as the ship finally landed, she knew it was all worth it.

The doll almost held her breath, though she didn't have one, as the local workers made way for the ship's doors to open, revealing those waiting to exit the ship.

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#2Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He needed a change of scenery, so at the advice at some guild mates he took the Cristina which led him to Hosenka. He hasnt been to Hosenka for about a year, so it has been a while. He yawned as he waited for the landing. So when it finally did, he stretched and made his way outside of the ship.

Solid ground, his good friend. He was never a fan of high places. He would then notice a doll on the ground. Michael didnt know it was a new guild mate as he wasnt in Hargeon when she registered, he was at Luluhawa Island with Sofia who shown him mermaids. Quite the adventure, so now the werewolf thinks that this is just a doll, not a person. He curiously walked over to Mielle, unsure what to do. He didnt even say anything as he didnt believe there was no one to talk to, instead he just observed what magic is that. He crouched down to be closer to the dolls eye level as he observed it. Should he touch it? He looked left and right to see if anyone was close by, but no there wasnt. He sighed and decided to get up to his feet as he figured there was no use thinking about it


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Being a new member of the guild Navi didn’t quite think he would be allowed to even set foot on the Christina, let alone be invited to fly on it to head to Hoesenka ahead of the upcoming event with another guild. They were apparently one of the greats, Fair Tail. Now that sounded amazing… the issue was he just had not a damned clue who they were. Not because he was misinformed, but because he, despite being awake for four months, had absolutely no memories of his life from before waking up in a hospital.

The flight over was quite pleasant, he had made himself at home behind the bar and whipped up drinks for anyone who asked, falling into his bartender role quite quickly. It was nice to just have something to do, to keep his hands busy and let his mind wander as he selected ingredients on instinct.

He did this right until the ship touched down, pouring himself a nice Joyan whiskey on the rocks. As the doors opened, he finished the drink and with the aid of his wooden cane hobbled down the ramp to see Michael looking down at some form of doll, having just stood up. That was an odd greeting to receive, wasn’t there meant to be a somewhat new member here?

“I’m sure the master would love this doll.” Navi spoke as he himself kneeled down somewhat awkwardly, extending his free hand to pick the doll up. “Maybe this Mielle lass left it here with a message to tell us where to find her.” He added, posing a theory as to why a doll was just sat here.

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He heard about the Cristina coming to Hosenka, its been ages since seeing other Blue Pegasus members aside from Karisa. He and his kitsune companion would go to where the ship landed as to see who had arrived. He wondered was it the guild master herself or someone else

This was also the chance for his companion to meet his guildmates. Upon arrival he would see Michael of all people, mentally rolling his eyes seeing that unflattering mess of a man and a doll. Arriving with Michael was a new person he has not seen before

"It seems the guild has gained new members last since I saw it. Greetings newcomer and welcome to Hosenka" Dae-seong greeted Navi and unknowingly Mielle as well.

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#5Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
Now she thought about it, maybe it had not been a good idea to travel to Hosenka. Not because she didn't want to meet any of the other guild members, far from it. In fact she had been excited to meet the people that Alisa considered a part of their family. What made it all seem like a bad idea was her choice of transport. You see, traveling from Caelum to Fiore still took some time, unless you had a suitable mount at your disposal. Mounts were nice, handy even all things considered... But who in their right mind claimed a legendary dragon as their mount?! Yep, this little Fairy. Even now she still could see the shocked looks upon the dockworker's faces as the large dragon zoomed straight toward the deck of the ship, and almost like an airplane made a turn and landed while gazing around curiously. "Are you sure this is our destination Yu? Your sense of direction isn't exactly the most reliable." The dragon mused, standing at eight meters tall it clearly towered above the people gathered at the deck, while on its back a smaller figure was seated. "I'm not seeing any other airships Albion, beside it matches both the description and location Alisa-sensei told me~"

Hopping off the dragon the small child-like being could had easily been mistaken for a young elven child, but a mere glance at her eyes and the peculiar presence she had told more than plenty. Taking a step onto the deck she tilted her head lightly to the side to watch two men seemingly playing with a doll? Then again, the aura her eyes observed told otherwise, and so the fairy couldn't help but chime teasingly in return. "Umm~ I'm not one to judge, since Ali-sensei did mention her family had all sorts of people in it... but this is the first time I'm seeing adults play with a doll~"

The dragon sighed audibly at these words. "That is enough teasing Yu~ Surely as a Fairy you can sense the fact there is an aura radiating from the doll, making it unmistakable a 'living' being." Yu couldn't help but pout at the remark as the dragon shrunk into its smaller human figure. "Way to spoil a Fairy's fun Albion~"

The disguised dragon shrugged her shoulders lightly as she simply kept a peaceful watch at the fairy's side. "I'm Yu! And this is Albion" While Albion looked similar to Yu, the disguised dragon seemingly was wearing some suit of armor, while Yu was dressed in a stylish tuxedo and a small tophat that sat on top of her head.


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As the doors opened and people walked out, Mielle was looking at them in excitement. Several people walked out, but the ones that caught Mielle's eyes was a rather intimidating scarred and tattooed man, a scruffy man with his shirt open and... holy crap, a little girl on a dragon?! Mielle's head whipped around, seeing if anybody else was reacting to this sight. Sure enough, the crowd was having mixed reactions. Mielle was going to do... something when her eyes landed on one figure who was acting calm and collected in the sea of confused and paniced people. And Mielle's jaw. Dropped. Was that DAE SEONG?! The man only had one album, but when she was still human Mielle attended one of his concerts and had been hooked ever since. And he was here in the crowd.

Suddenly filled with nerves for many different reasons, the doll woman's head slowly turned forward, her whole body stiff and face blank. Mielle didn't know how long it took for her to regain her composure and not freak out in front of her guildmates and idol, but by the time she came too, there were people in front of her. The intimidating guy and the scruffy man were right in her face, one about to poke her, the other picking her up.

Mielle blinks in surprise, then at Navi's words, her face screws up in fury. Reacting on gut instinct she yells out "Not a-" insert explicive not for children's eyes here "-doll!!" Before headbutting the guy about to pick her up from under his chin, and landing a kick... somewhere, on the other poor guy who was just about to leave.

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#7Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Soon after him another guy came and inquired about the doll. And after that a familiar face showed up, but just because it was familiar didnt mean it was welcome. He was here. How annoying. Oh and a person with a dragon was here too. Like what the hell, did Alisa go on a recruiting spree?

Anyway the doll headbutted the new guy which made Michael snicker, but then she kicked him in the knee, which made him smile a lot. At least he didnt laugh. But he just found the whole notion of a dolly trying to kick him entertaining "Ok ok, not a doll. Not a doll" he said stifling any notion of laughter.

"But yeah, thats cool and all, but who are you all?" he looked at Mielle, Navi and Yu specifically as he knew Dae-seong from before. Meanwhile the idol was rather quiet as he observed the unusual scene before him


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A third figure arrived and offered some friendly greetings to the guild’s newest member, something Navi smiled at and nodded to the new comer. “Thanks-” he started but was cut off when the beating of large wings cut through the air, powerful and majestic as a dragon came into land right by the Christina. It caused him to look up with a stunned look in his eyes, one that was wiped away as said dragon transformed into an armoured version of the small girl that had just climbed off of its back.

An introduction was made, and the bartender was about to give his own reply when the doll he had gently gripped on the should shot forward and hit him in the chin with a wooden *Thunk*. While it wasn’t strong enough to do any damage it was enough to cause the improperly balanced man who was in a slav squad to fall backward and land on his backside. He was only now registering that the doll had screamed that it was not a doll and was indeed a person.

The floral shirted man sat up and leaned his elbow on his good leg as he bellowed a laugh. “Ha! Damn, this guild is full of fun people. Dragon riding fairies, mysterious men and to top it all off a doll person!” His laugh died down, as he listened to the first man ask who everyone was. That was a good point, he hadn’t introduced himself and he only knew the names of Alisa and Sophia (and their two little trouble makers).

“Call me Navi.” The blonde started as he grabbed his cane and shifted to stand up. It was awkward and slow, as his bad leg was not cooperating. “Ali took me on as the guilds new bartender and part time babysitter.”

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Dae-seong remained largely unimpressed with the showing of people and the dragon. His eyes fixated on the doll which headbutted the new member and kicked Michael in the knee
"I like this one already" he'd think to himself
But soon Michael would bring up a good point, these people were new members but who were they

The headbutted man would introduce himself first. Calling himself Navi, the guilds new bartender and babysitter, his eyes would notice that Michael was rather rattled by the latter reveal. He knew the guy was territorial about Sofia, Alisa and their little ones, but Dae-seong told him before he shouldnt really count those two as his. Something which did offend Michael, but it was true. Though he couldnt help but give Michael a distinct and discreet 'i told you so' smirk. He was replacable to Alisa and he should be aware of that.

But onto the more straightforward things and not these behind the scenes background interactions, it was time to be open
"Pleased to meet you. My name is Dae-Seong Hyun. I am a member of Blue Pegasus. This man over there is also a rather 'long time' member as well, Michael Winters, a caelish man" he was more eloquent with words, his vocabulary and voice; and lest not forget he had another introduction to do
"Oh and how can I forget, the kitsune behind me is Kyukon"
Kyu just smiling with his sharp foxy teeth and waving at them
"The fox is new" Michael muttered to himself, but Dae-seong still overheard him.

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#10Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
Although she was about to hop over to the duo and the enigmatic doll, the moment Dae-Seong introduced himself and his companion the fairy stopped in her tracks. "A kitsune?" The girl chimed softly as she stepped closer to Kyu, her gaze fixated on the Kitsune, Albion for a moment seemingly felt a little distressed, because the previous playful demeanor of the fairy had sharpened to the point she sidestepped beside Dae-Seong and whispered apologetically. "I... hope we aren't talking about the same type of Kitsune of Joyan folklore? If we are, then please forgive me in advance."

After a moment of tension the fairy finally greet the fox with a question. "How many..." A pause followed as Albion feared the worst: Fairies were tricksters in nature, playful and unfettered by human morals, and as such Albion was worried that she would be dealing with a territorial Fairy, but instead the fairy's eyes sparkled with childish excitement. "how many people you pranked before? If you're a Kitsune you must know at least a few good tricks!"

Albion sighed audibly, taking a step forward and grasping Yu by the name of her neck, gently pulling her along, for some reason she feared Kyu and Yu could make for a dangerous combination. Like placing a succubus inside Blue Pegasus might had been. Nonetheless it seemed her actions had calmed down the fairy for the time being. "Unfortunately Yu's work has left her quite... sheltered within Caelum, and the other Magi at the Clock Tower are quite used to interaction with the Fae so, I get that her enthusiasm might be a bit overwhelming."

Yet as Yu watched the exchange between Mielle, Navi, and Michael the girl chimed softly: "If it talks like a doll, looks like a doll, and whaps like a doll? It is-" But before she could finish the joke Albion mused dryly: "A homunculus, her design looks too traditional to be a robot from Talaz Lagaar."

The Fairy tilted her head slightly to the side in bewilderment. "Bartender and a babysitter? So you're like the guild's handyman?" seems Navi had a lot of important duties to deal with, but it only made her realize after a moment. "Wait. There is no bar to tend here so..."

like a thunder strike in the distance Yu's smile wavered. "Please tell me sensei didn't send you to babysit me... I don't think this was what she meant when she said I needed an adult."

#11Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Coda wasn’t exactly a troublemaker… but she was trouble, alright. And trouble often attracted even more trouble, so things looked grim for the crowd in Hosenka.

Daiko had been practicing fisticuffs with his new, white eye, so even though he hadn’t stayed too far away from the guild, he was rarely around contrary to before. Still, they were planning to pick up a new member in Hosenka, and Christina was promptly sent to that destination, so once Daiko returned to the guild hall and realized he missed out…

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So anyway, Coda flew all the way to Hosenka ahead of Daiko, and once she arrived at the scene, Christina wasn’t the only large flying mount present. Uh, she hadn’t gotten the memo, but there was… a gigantic dragon there, too. A relatively really huge one, at that. It terrified her, its wings easily dwarfed her by the dozen-folds! Coda remained perched on the back edge of Christina, watching the gang muse over the living doll and the… small girl that apparently commanded that dragon- wait, where’d the dragon go? Why was there suddenly two, small, identical girls now?

Well, the dragon was gone, at least… she thought. Coda recovered her courage and decided to fly down to the girl most reminiscent of nature – Coda likely mistook her for another race, but that was Coda for you – and gently rested her talons around Yu’s left shoulder while glaring at everyone. It seemed that the doll was angry at the taller man who’d grabbed her, but served him right for inappropriately manhandling her like that! Coda would peck the skin off his legs if she got the chance, someday…

Unlike previous encounters with this majestic mascot, Coda now carried a necklace – just a reminder that whoever met her had met a member of Blue Pegasus, since the emblem itself was just that. The guild’s insignia, to a T.


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In hindsight, it had not been a bad idea to accompany Daiko to the trip that his guild had been making. Although she had no real ulterior motive for wanting to come, if anything her desire was a very humble and innocent one: She wanted to spend more time with Daiko.

Although recent events had led to the wheelchair-bound girl to spend most of her time deciphering the contents of an ancient grimoire, for this particular day she had chosen to leave her research as a secondary objective and instead ended up being driven to the Christina by the take-over mage. Aneicroi had been willing to help, but for now decided to instead rely on Daiko to ensure the young maiden remained safe.

Still, even if she felt a bit embarrassed at how fragile and helpless she looked when the boy gently pushed her wheelchair up to the deck, the moment they arrived she chimed softly. "It seems Coda got ahead of us Daiko~ She really is amazing, such a fast avian." Concealed in the inside of her wheelchair was the small pouch containing the magical contraption that hid Aneicroi, for now she didn't want to startle anyone with the wyvern's emergence.

Finally at the gathering Kairaiko smiled at the crowd, recognizing a familiar face among them. "Ah~ Ser Michael, a pleasure to see you again." She greet the man with a gentle smile, her hands folded on top of the grimoire she carried with her while her gaze shifted toward the others present. "Ara~ Ara~ Although I can understand one's instinctual desire to partake in the beautiful craftsmanship of such a doll, please do show some consideration for her dignity."

A playful tease was given toward Navi while she paused for a moment and turned her attention toward the Fairy duo around. "Hmm, and some unfamiliar faces as well, I don't think I seen any Fae in Hargeon before~" And then... Her gaze settling onto Dae-Seong she tilted her head to the side in bewilderment. "How in the world did the guild hire a talented artist as yourself Dae-seong? If I had known I would have asked Daiko to get us tickets rather than join the festivities uninvited~"

Her gaze shifted, leaning slightly back in her chair as she smiled at Daiko. "Dai~ko~ These must be the friends you mentioned before?"

Her gaze settled onto Coda, a gentle wave with her hand being made as she left a soft whistle to call the bird for some petting.

The Christina Descends (Open/Social) Mdpxo2xf

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Softly, the woman yawns as her lilac hair sways with had tint of pink, and her eyes are like lilac mirrors with no pupils. Her lips formed into a mischievous smile as she was obviously up to something. She saw the Blue Pegasus ship land as she felt her pet bird on her shoulder, resting there with their majestic black long feather tails, their eyes shining like moons of dark topaz. The bird was tired as the woman chuckled lightly, her hips swayed as her body was toned and perfected hourglassed in the right areas. She wore her gothic black dress that revealed the muffintop of her large bosoms with her collar of a skull in the middle part. Her black thigh-high stockings, heel boots that looked sharp and her nails painted blood red with black tips. She wore a crown-like tiara on top of her head.

"Shall we go see what our dear sweet ones are up to?" The woman asked her bird as the bird tiredly opened their beady eyes and then closed them. 'I'm not part of your antics, but I am only here so I'm not alone,' it replied to the woman in their feminine tone. 'Risa... I know you're using my magic to change your appearance, but don't cause too many issues.' Karisa told her clone as she was the bird in disguise. She had her reasons for coming and unfortunately, she was too tired to do much. Finally, with Karisa's bird eyes, she saw a handful of people, Risa smirked as she saw specific people, "Looks like we found the sweet ones, Kari," Risa replied as she then went closer to join the ground as she smiled cheerfully as she gazed at the big thing. Due to this disguise, thankfully, no one knew it was her nor who her bird was. "Whoa, so many people," Risa spoke and side smirked.

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The Christina Descends (Open/Social) Sigme10

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Mielle had found ever since she was a doll, a few things about her had changed. There was the obvious; her physical and biological state of being. But there were other changes that her family found a tad startling. When Mielle was human she was a seasoned seamstress in her 30s, girly, mature and overall even-tempered. But upon being turned into a 4' tall doll, Mielle had found her temper... shortened. It was like all the lost height was being made up with pure unadulterated rage. Her cousin August, a Rune Knight with a terrible personality, once commented that she was like a cat or bird; puffing up with perceived anger to make a smaller being look like more of a threat. Mielle had made him pay for the comment by taking out the third stitch in every seam of his uniform. Anyways, Mielle's lost a bit of anger management abilities. Her parents also say she's grown more childish, but the mage always pretends to not hear that.

But despite that, Mielle was an adult person with emotional intelligence. So when she realized that she had just headbutted, kicked, and swore at her new guildmates as an introduction, in front of her favourite pop star no less, Mielle wanted to die. She wanted to melt into a puddle of despair. Dig a hole and bury herself alive. Curl into a ball and cry. Throttle these two guys for being the reason she felt this way, even if it was her fault. Maybe she could pretend to be a magical doll object, sneak away until they weren't looking, fake her death, and live a new life? Seeing as how the guy she headbutted was acting so nice, and the fact he had a damn cane, she should at least have shame. Her eyes to toward Navi, then Micheal, Dae Seong, Kairaiko, Dae Seong, Yu Ming, the dragon, the fox, Dae Seong, Daiko, the birds, Risa, Navi, then Dae Seong again, until her eyes had swirlies in them. She abruptly slumps forward a bit, holds the pose, and then rises again to look at the group.

Then Mielle just smiled an empty smile at those in front of her, eyes filled with despair and a single tear running down her face. "Mielle Auclair of Blue Pegasus, at your service. Welcome to Hosenka everyone, we have several amenities available for the upcoming event. The Fairy Tail members should be arriving shortly. Welcome. Welcome." She says in full robot mode, voice and body stiff as she stares off into the distance, making vague motions of greeting as if she was, in fact, a doll. This situation has broken her. Mielle is broken.

#15Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
Wait wha? Babysitter? He thought HE was the babysitter? Like he knew those girls were like open relationship people but he thought he at least had the damn kids to help take care of. This guy trying to steal his thunder?? Or were Sofia and Alisa just playing him like a fiddle. As he was contemplating was he just played to join Blue Pegasus, he noticed Dae-seong give him the smugest 'I told you so look' as Michael remembere months ago the pop star telling him that he wasnt special and that he was replacable. He swore if there wasnt a crowd of people he would've attacked the guy and wiped the smugness off his face. But he had to play nice.

Dae-seong introduced him before he got to do it himself which irked him once more and so he merely muttered that the fox was new. He then noticed Kairako or something like that. He vividly remembered them not being Blue Pegasus "Since when did you join the guild?" he'd ask the girl back as it seemed she remembered him

And then another lady arrived and he raised his brow wondering was this another new member. Blue Pegasus was on a recruiting spree. But yeah they were all here
"Right so.... since we're all gathered here, what do we do?"


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So much happened at once and more people appeared as if from nowhere, be it descending from the sky or walking off of the Chistina. That was no matter to the amnesiac blond as he looked over his shoulder to watch the sharp eared girl bound past him to go and chat with Dae-Seong’s Kitsune, get chastised by her armoured dragon clone and then finally clock what Navi had said moments ago.

The bartenders smile only grew as a bird landed on Yu’s shoulder. “You think you need babysitting?” He asked teasingly, his deep gravel emphasising the words for the fairy. He had barely time to hold back his own laughter as a wheelchair bound young woman made herself known from the Christina.

“I’m a magicless man who doesn’t remember anything before four months ago miss, dignity is the last thing on my list of concerns at the moment.” Navi spoke, ignoring a scent of anger coming from nearby… it was coming from Michael, and it had a bitter jealousy tinge to the scent. The hidden werebear crinkled his nose and ignored it as that anger seemed to be pointed to Dae-Seong.

What really stole Navi’s attention was the little lass Mielle, who his eyes had not truly left for more than a few glances. Her eyes had a mix of emotions in them that he could read like a book, she was likely overlooked and felt mocked by him and his earlier comment… ‘ahh crap.’  He thought as she made a full introduction as if she were what he and the others thought she was. He was here to solve people’s emotional problems, not cause them!

In a sudden move he offered the doll girl his open free hand, ready for the pair to shake. “It’s nice to meet you Mielle, I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t know any better and now I do. There’s a lot about the world I’m still ignorant too, I’d love for you and the others to teach me, and I’ll serve drinks and take care of the kids.” He spoke, wanting to make up for causing the porcelain girl any distress. Navi left his hand there for the girl to shake at her will, a soft smile on his face showing his open and bleeding heart.

Doing this ignored Michael’s comment, which was likely for the best. It would let the man simmer down and maybe warm up to the bartender babysitter.

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Kyu overheard the conversation about him, he smiled and replied "Indeed he is" he mischeviously spoke in the 3rd person, pretending as if they were still talking about him as if he wasnt there.
When he was asked how many have he pranked or tricked before. He softly laughs "Too much to count" it was always fun playing tricks on people. Dae-seong shook his head just thinking about those shennanigans

Soon more have arrived, like a bird and another Blue Pegasus member, Daiko. A person he heard about but hasnt interacted with. But he heard he is well liked by Sofia and Alisa.

And then another person showed up, one that Michael knew and apparently doubted was a Blue Pegasus member. Dae-seong didnt know what to say to that. Though she did speak to him "I was not hired by the guild, I am a member of the guild" he politely answered her

And then the final person arrived, again, there was too many people to devote time to, so he merely smiled and then looked back at Mielle. Her eyes to toward Navi, then Micheal, him, Kairaiko, and once again him; this was when he locked his attention on Mielle. Anywho she looked at Yu Ming, the dragon, the kitsune, him again who would just smile to her, Daiko, the birds, Risa, Navi, then him again where he'd give her a small wave. And then it looked like she felt dizzy as she abruptly slumps forward a bit, holds the pose, and then rises again to look at the group. He considered approaching her since she seemed overwhelmed, but she stood up and just kinda robotically greeted people. He told in joyan Kyu to take care of the others and distract them, something Karisa would understand; as he himself would approach Mielle and try to look at her more eye to eye as much as he could given their own respective height difference and he'd ask "Are you alright?"

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#18Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
Yu tilted her head slightly to the side in bewilderment as Mielle's greeting was accompanied by a literal breakdown of her psyche. Albion gazed curiously at the sight, deciding not to intervene for the time being. After all this matter did not concern her. Neither her charge or the Clocktower were in danger, there wasn't a battle about to unfold that could endanger the future of Earthland and as such she had no obligation to investigate. However, there was no need for her to do so in the first place. Two of the Blue Pegasus mages already were doing an effort in checking in on her health, but it was the reaction of his charge that worried her.

While previously in her disguise moment the moment Yu stepped toward the gathered crowd around Mielle her body expelled a soft glow as the illusion cast upon her being regressed. Instead the small fairy's insectile wings fluttered, their rainbow-like colors reflecting the rays of light cast upon it as she hovered a few meters into the air. One of the issues Yu had when in her disguise form was the fact she was tiny when it came to her height, and while her fairy form only made that worse, it did come with the perk of being capable of flight and as such Yu started to fly, a small trail of fairy dust following in her wake as she cycled around Dae-seong and Michael and gently hovered behind Mielle's head.

"Hush~ Hush~ It is alright Mielle. It is fine to be restless and nervous during your first introduction to the guild. There is nothing to be sad or ashamed about because in the end your actions earlier showed your emotions in their purest and most honest form. That honesty is a work of beauty, and is important when it comes to dealing with a guild that will become your second family in life."

As the fairy spoke she gently brushed a hand along Mielle's hair, ignoring the fact she was a doll and almost carrying the same gentleness of a mother soothing a child. But Albion's gaze remained fixated on the sight: For behind Yu's actions she could see something else. Certainly, the kindness and warmth of her words were genuine, but were they only Yu's? No, for a moment the dragon was reminded of someone else, as if Yu's appearance was replaced by that of a person clad in the humble robes of the clergy.

The saint? No, that would be Impossible yet it was in the same moment the optic illusion faded from the dragon's senses, yet their curiosity remained stirred. Meanwhile, Yu continued to try to comfort Mielle with a gentleness and maturity that was not a stark contrast to her earlier self.

"Now, with so many people expressing their worries over your wellbeing, why don't you try again? Give us your most wonderful smile and an energetic greeting that would make even Fairy Tail be able to learn from it~ And if you're wondering about: why a smile? Because a smile better suits a fair lady~ At least these were words once spoken by my hero..."

#19Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
”I told her not to leave my siiiiiiiight, thooooooooough…” Daiko sang a comical elegy over the chaotic synergy between him and his avian companion. Coda was her own breed at times, he swore…

A lot had happened – Kairaiko wanted to mount Christina, so Daiko let her. She had a blast on the airship – even while wheelchair-bound, Kairaiko didn’t let that taint her spirits, and good vibes were contagious en masse among the Pegasi. Speaking of… a few were present! Alisa must’ve been busy recruiting people, lately…

But Daiko hadn’t met any of them before the airship cruise, so he felt pretty awkward – moreso when even Kairaiko recognized a few, including sir Michael, put some respect on his name, and a Dae-seong, put some more respect on his name. “We’re all friends here! As long as you’re pretty on the inside,” he proudly claimed with a big, fat thumb-up, “That’s our motto- I think…”

Coda quickly returned to Kairaiko’s lap for pets, head scratches, crackers and comfort, thus leaving the Fairy alone. The doll girl introduced herself… awkwardly stiffy as Mielle Auclair- she sounded like she needed to go to the toilet, to be completely honest. Did dolls even need to go do the deed? Ew… but good question. “Hi Mielle! Dunno what’s up, but if you need something to drink- or, uh… uhm… something to ea-… uhhhhhm… uhhhhhhhhh…” Oh no, what did a doll need help with, again? She was still alive, so like… certainly, there was something quote on quote ‘lively’ wrong with her, right? That he could help with, maybe? Maybe not?!

“… Uh… y-you don’t look four months old, though,” Daiko pondered over Navi’s comment, deep in thought and even holding his chin for extra brain power. He’d never really dealt with amnesia before- lies, he had, but he’d never heard of the term, so he wouldn’t be able to connect the dots anyway- so Navi was quite a strange guy based on those few words alone. Suuuuuuuuuuspiciooooooooouuuuuuuuus…

Fate decided to screw with him again, and Daiko would likely never know this, but a certain Karisa had joined their gathering – not recognizing this woman himself, he simply saluted as the jolly Pyromage he was, wanting to make sure that nobody felt intimidated by the group of Blue Pegasus members suddenly arriving. “Everything’s all good, ma’am! We’re just on a trip, is all… hopefully, we're not bothering anyone.” If only he knew…

Wait, Yu wasn’t an elf? Daiko had jumped to conclusions too quickly – blame his birdbrain – but she could fly like a bird, hover like a bird, and with a voice like that, she could definitely sing like a bird too… was she a bird? No, her wings looked like those of a dragonfly – those big, mighty insects that landed on his nose during summer. She did remind him of some sort of other race… huh. He’d have to ask Judith about that later.

“Oh, so you’re the newest member, Mielle? Nice to meet you! You don’t have to be shy – we’re all pals here, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a doll-golem-homun-something! From now on, you’re a horse, too, so let’s hear your intro again!” he cheered her on, having missed some context such as the source of her previous annoyance or her interactions with the others prior to the robot state she reverted to.

“Kairaiko has lots of doll friends, too. We won’t judge.”


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It seemed Michael recognized her, something that made Kairaiko smile for a brief moment as she answered his question. "A few weeks ago, while the paperwork and all is mostly done I haven't had the chance to introduce myself to the guild yet. Unfortunately, work and research have kept me a bit occupied." Indeed, after all one of the things Kairaiko had vowed was that she would never use her disabled state as a means of exploiting others their kindness. Even when trapped to a wheelchair the girl felt there were ways to use her clever mind and aptitude for business, not to mention her innovative approach to her inventions. It was these she hoped to use to help support Blue Pegasus, for she wouldn't allow herself to be a helpless burden.

Dae-seong's explanation did earn some curiosity from her. "Fascinating, then again it is a connection I can see working~ I hope to have the joy of attending one of your concerts one day."

Daiko's words made the girl smile sheepishly at him. "Although similar in design, they pale in comparison to the complexity of Mielle-chan. My puppets can work independently because I programmed them in advance, if I didn't perform updates and maintenance frequently they would be easily mistaken for toys."

Well aside from Martin maybe, the giant was a bit too much to function as a toy for anyone. "If you ever need help with your maintenance, feel free to drop by my workshop any time you want~"

Although she did realize something: She had not even properly introduced herself yet! "But where are my manners~ I am Kairaiko, a merchant and inventor who recently joined Blue Pegasus."

Her gaze briefly shifted to Karisa, or rather the human that had a bird on her shoulder and for a moment Kairaiko's mind froze. Holy mog bonaza! Looks like that were illegal! Nonononono, she needed to make a stand! She needed to take a page from Michael's book and be territorial! Even if the one she cared about likely would be clueless even if his face was smothered in that grand canyon, she still needed to be brave!

"I-" She felt her cheeks heating up, an intense blush spreading across them as she fidgeted in her chair, bashfully rubbing the tips of her fingers together and then with her courage attribute over nine thousand she exclaimed: "I'm also Daiko's girlfriend!" badum... badum... her face still as red as a tomato she peeked from the corner of her gaze at Daiko.

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Risa's Appearance.
The bird on Risa's Shoulder

There were so many people that it was overwhelming Kari as she then with her bird-like eyes gazed towards Dae-Seong and Kyu and then everyone else. She only truly knew three people here. Risa flipped her lilac long hair as her mirror lilac eyes gazed towards Kyu,  hearing Dae-Seong tell Kyu to distract everyone while he went to the short stuff. 'You think they'll be a target?' Risa wondered to Kari in their thoughts. Kari, who was in her bird form glanced towards Dae-Seong and the small woman. 'We won't see it as such till further notice...' Kari told Risa. Risa smirked as she was going to have her fun though. Her dear Kyu, who she knew didn't know it was her, Risa being Asi obviously, but only to herself.

Risa licked her lips, suckled the bottom of her plump lip and slid towards the side of Kyu. "Awe, who's a cute Kitsune.~" she spoke in Fiore to make it more realistic that she was just some Fiore blue pegasus member. She winked at Kyu and then suddenly felt his tail. "Oh, so fluffy too," She commented and then looked around confidently and smiles. Another voice spoke, it was a manly tone that appeared to come from no one. "Why do you hesitate? Have we not done this time and time again? Oil me up, man!" people would randomly hear, but one could not tell where it came from. The Bird on risa's shoulder tilted their head and gazed at everyone with their beady eyes. Risa looked around and pretended to be clueless. It was very believable. Risa paid back all her attention to the fox boy. "Mmm, you know, speaking of oiling up..." She slowly then stood up, her hand on her hip. "Anyone seen the Guild Master?" she wondered, that was totally not what she was going to say.

Mockery Illusion voice/Random male voice
Risa's Voice

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Meille must have blanked out for a second from sheer emotion as she was introducing herself, that or a person in distress activated some before unknown Super Mom sense in the Blue Pegasus members around her as they gathered to comfort her.

The man with his shirt open that she headbutted introduced himself as Navi, and even apologized, asking her to teach him. The guy she kicked didn’t join the circle, looking confused and glaring at Dae Seong. The idol himself was kneeling in front of Mielle and asking if she was okay. A fairy she's never seen before, (Yu, she thinks she heard) floats around her head, before stopping to pat it, offering comforting words, suggesting she try introducing herself again. The energetic man awkwardly tries to comfort her before introducing himself as Daiko, telling her that they were al friends here (also calling her a horse?). Then a wheelchair-bound woman says something about her being advanced, offers her repair services and introduces herself as Kairaiko.

Overall, a very mixed reaction from the people before her, but no matter the reaction, Mielle was touched. She spent most of the time her fellow guildmates spent comforting her with his head down, hands clutching her skirt. This was to hide how red her face was, and how her eyes were filled with unshed tears. At first, all she could feel was humiliation and shame. Here she was, an adult woman losing her temper and needing to be comforted like a child. In their defence, she realized, she did look like a child, size, dress and all. And they weren't talking as if they were looking down on her, just with empathy. As their voices washed over her, she realized she shouldn't assume the worst and act like the child people tended to see her as. She couldn't repay their kindnesses that way. And they were even giving her a second chance. Should she let injured pride and shattered dignity colour their perception of her even more? No, one step back, two steps forward. She will prove to her new family that she is a capable person in time. But right now, a second chance.

Mielle puts an arm across her eyes and breathes in and out heavily for a few seconds, properly calming herself down and gathering her nerves. Finally, she looks at the ground with a determined frown and pumps her fists. She backed up a few steps, gave a few people some determined nods to visibly show them she was okay, then took another deep breath.

She first gently grabs the sides of her dress and gives an elegant, low crusty like her Minstreli grandmother taught her to do. When she rises, she gives them all a calm but sweet smile. "Allow me to try that again since you are all being so kind. I am Meille Auclair, former semstress and new member of Blue Pegasus." She says getting up from her curtsy. "As I mentioned before, I am greeting you all to give you a warm welcome to Hosenka, where our guild master has had me arrange accommodations here at a wonderful hot springs, and help in organizing some guild events along with preparing for The Christina's arrival. I do hope you enjoy yourself. If you have any questions or concerns about the events to come, please let me or the guild master know." She managed to finish off the greeting she had prepared before her nerves had ruined it. But with that done, her shoulders fall and she sighs in relief. "Ok, done, whew. Thank you so much for the chance for a redo, I really needed it. Free designs and alterations for all of you." She jokes a bit weakly. "Navi, apology not accepted since you don't need to give one. I'm sorry about hurting you. Same with kicking you... Micheal was it? And thank you all so much for being so nice. I'm excited to be a member of Blue Pegasus!" She says, giving everyone a wide smile, only for it to morph into a sort of pout. "But just to make things clear! I'm a grown 30-year-old woman! I was just rather recently put into the body of a doll." She finishes off, looking a tad proud now.

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Michael Winters
Even though he asked everyone what should they do since they're all here, people kinda ignoring him and focused on the small doll girl overwhelming her once again. Dae-seong being an asshole at that, because Michael knew what the guy was doing. Pretending to be all nice to her just so she can give him attention, he will be friendly, but not too friendly. Just enough for her to want more. Asshole move if you ask him, but he cant stop that without looking like the bad guy. He merely crossed his arms and looked at people interact

Kairaiko meanwhile answered his question and it seemed she joined Blue Pegasus too. It made him do a double take and he wondered just why. But apparently they were guild mates now "I see" was all he said. His gaze then went to Risa who had a bird on her shoulder and interacted with Dae-seongs fox that talked and then a voice was heard a male one. He looked around, though the only thing he saw, was his exceed who was on his shoulder now, which jumpscared him
"Dont do that"
"I heard there was a meeting of your guild. I wouldnt miss it for the world"
"Where were you?"
"You were grieving and I knew there was not much I could do to make you feel better, so I gave you space"
".... thanks"


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So many other members of the guild came closer to comfort the struggling Mielle that it put Navi at ease that the other members each had an open enough heart to put others well being before their own. Though the comment from the young lad who was pushing around wheelchair bound mage made Navi pause to prevent a chuckle, that was going to get addressed later.

Mielle introduced herself again, a more heartfelt and purer introduction that shone with a brightness that would put many real people to shame. The display put a warm smile on Navi’s face as his hand dropped to the side and he gave her a nod. While she did say he did not owe an apology the fact she returned one for the headbutt was appreciated. He put a hand on her shoulder on the news that she had recently been forced to vacate her real body and possess this one.

“You lost a body, and I lost my memories, together we are almost a functioning person!” He joked, aiming to brighten the mood more before standing tall and leaning his weight on the care that was at his side. He then looked at the couple closer to the Chistina after Kairaiko announced her and the lad who he presumed was Daiko behind her were a couple.

“Congratulations you two.” He announced as he backed away a pace or two to let Dae-Seong and the fairy fuss over the now recovered Mielle. “Daiko, I think your jokes need work.” Navi spoke as he made to hobble over to the happy couple. “I have amnesia, something happened to me and now I cant remember anything before waking up in hospital.”

The bartender stood by the couple and extended his good hand to each of them for a formal introduction, it was good to have that handshake. “What kind of things do you invent Kairaiko?” He asked, showing a curiosity for the unknown.

Navi: ffcc00


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He was annoyed others butted in and stole his thunder, so when Mielle recovered and unnceessarily repeated the whole thing, he went to his own companion

Meanwhile as that was going on Risa was with Kyu and spoke to him. Flirted with him? He tilted his head to the side curiously. He didnt really think of it too much though, he just needed peoples attention, right? Suddenly a random male voice was heard. It didnt sound like any guild mates. It only then clicked on him what this little vixen tried "Oh oh thats cute." he said and flicked her nose carefully "Trying to flirt with the trickster here. Trying to play tricks. This dog has tricks up his sleeve, aint that right, birdie~"

This is when Dae-seong came back
"I thought I told you to distract the others" he spoke mildly annoyed and shaking his head. But the kitsune just smiled and apologized as there was too many people to keep track of
"Well apparently Blue Pegasus came here because of the local hotsprings"
"Oh goody, thats when I can start playing some tricks"
Dae-seong gave him a look, but the kitsune gives him a pinky promise not to start trouble. The two conversed in joyan so others wouldnt understand, even though one other person did

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