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The Christina Descends (Open/Social)

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#26Daiko Flayme 

The Christina Descends (Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 7:11 am

Daiko Flayme
Toys… Mielle was a person, though? Maybe it was because she was a doll, but she spoke. She did things. She was there. Pretty clear to the birdhead. Now, as for the puppets belonging to Kairaiko, he commented: “I don’t think many children would be able to play with toys that big…”

Also, the fancy-looking lady had a bird companion of her own – a black, crow-magpie looking one too. Coda kept eyeing it, though, maybe out of jealousy… Coda was a weird bird. Anyway, it was weird that Navi didn’t explain his age thing immediately – it looked like he didn’t expect what came out of the Pyromage’s mouth, which… huh, maybe it was complicated. Did someone… de-age him? No, wait, he’d have been older before if so – did someone accelerate his aging?

That was when Kairaiko, out of nowhere, announced that she was his girlfriend. This was a first for Daiko – he’d hung out with her a lot lately, but she never talked about boyfriends and girlfriends to him, but she did smooch him, and usually that’s a gesture between romantic partners with the one exception being back when Sofia kissed him… but he was at his deathbed back then, and they thought he wouldn’t come back. It didn’t count.

So… he had a girlfriend now. Neat! That brought a bright smile on his face. “Thanks! I hope to do my best,” he assured everyone, treating this relationship very much like a divine duty and blessing bestowed upon him. Navi finally brought attention to his comment earlier, and that was… huh, amnesia? “Amnesia?” Daiko inquired for himself – amnesia and insomnia almost had the same number of letters, both ended with -ia, and it could be interpreted that amnesia was the opposite of insomnia; the latter being the condition of not being able to sleep, which meant… did Navi sleep so much that he started forgetting things?

Shaking Navi’s hand, a cold sweat ran down Daiko’s spine as he came to that wrong, wrong realization. “I-I’ll never exceed 8 hours of sleep every night…” he promised himself, Kairaiko and Navi.

Well, since the hot springs awaited them, Daiko was more than eager to get moving! He and Kairaiko could melt in the comfortable warmth of hot spring water, eat some mochi, and treat Coda’s wings with the bodily oils she excreted from her uropygial gland. “Well, the hot springs are waiting! I wanna jump in, already…!” he excitingly declared, moving Kairaiko’s wheelchair forward, “Is Alisa also here, Mielle? Sooooooooooomething tells me she wouldn’t let me get a girlfriend without her and Sofia’s knowing…”


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Upon receiving the congratulations after her declaration Kairaiko smiled sheepishly, the blush on her cheeks still remaining as the bartender of Blue Pegasus approached her and Daiko. She gently raised her hand to answer his handshake with her own and answered his question shortly afterwards. "I primarily focus on researching a form of robotics. Although taking its roots in Talaz Lagaar, my approach to it is a bit different since I try to integrate the concept of alchemy and magic into it. That is why my automatons look more like dolls or puppets rather than robots."

Of course the confusion of Daiko was not yet over as he seemingly tried to comprehend the meaning of amnesia and came to quite a silly conclusion. "I mean I wouldn't mind staying in bed for more than eight hours if you'd join me." Kairaiko mused softly, yet her tone making it difficult to figure out if she was making a jest or making a statement. "But he means Amnesia Daiko~ It means that something happened which made him lose his memories. Sometimes it can be like you lose only a part of them, at other times you end up forgetting everything. Although I haven't really heard of any solutions to it."

A look of sympathy was briefly given at Navi after which she heard Daiko excitedly exclaim his desire to go to the hot springs... together?! Well, there would be a time he would get to see her naked but wasn't this rushing it a little?! Not to mention were the hot springs even accessible for her wheelchair, or would she need to get help to get into the water? Her face turning scarlet once more she whispered bashfully as steam rose from her ears figuratively. "H-Hot springs with Daiko..." Seems she even briefly didn't realize Daiko was asking about Alisa and Sofia's whereabouts... Instead trying to steel her resolve for the upcoming trip. Lightly petting Coda she secretly thought it would had been great if she had the means to make the avian speak. Just imagine what Coda would have said right about now...

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#28Fei Yu 

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Fei Yu
The fairy smiled briefly at the sight of Mielle recovering from her earlier state of distress. Gently lowering herself to the height of Mielle's back she gave her a gentle pat, as if to motion for her to go and mingle with the crowd some more. Afterwards, whether the girl had chosen to do so or not Yu had taken the opportunity to move away from the crowd, hovering toward the bridge that connected the Christina to the city of Hosenka. She was certain she was going to see the rest of the guild sooner or later but for now. As she transformed back into her disguised form the girl felt a light tap on her shoulder, and turning around she faced Albion, the disguised dragon clearly had observed that something was going on for she asked a question, a question that Yu had preferred to avoid talking about in the crowd. "It's happening more frequently, isn't it?"

Yu nodded her head somberly as the two walked deeper into the streets of Hosenka. "Ever since I lost my magic to the Fractured Sky I can't help but feel like there is something changing. As if there is something or someone slumbering within me."

Albion nodded her head firmly as she walked beside the disguised fairy. "I sensed it as well, I do not know the origin of it yet, the presence is still too faint for me to give a solid grasp of who or what is influencing you, but for now I'd advise caution and I'll keep an eye on you as well."

Yu smiled weakly at these words. "Thank you Albion, I'll be careful. For now let's go and see what type of festivities Ali-sensei has in mind, shall we?"

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Risa chuckled as she felt Kyu flick her nose. She stood up all the way and listened to them talk about some hot springs stuff. Was the guild here for some event of some kind? Karisa, as the bird, gazed towards everyone and then at Dae-Seong who was talking in Joyan to Kyu. He sounded annoyed and she could tell something. "Ooou, hot springs.~ Perhaps we should all go to it. Or perhaps just me and you," Risa glanced towards Kyu with a wolfish small smile. Her eyes lit up at the thought as she then turned her head to her bird and scratched the top of their head. It sang a little in a happy tune since Karisa was happy to see where this was going to go. She did want to make sure that nothing too far went on since she felt anxious for her own reasons.

Risa watched Kyu and Dae-Seong interact and then gazed at the others, finally at the child-like woman. "Well, aren't you so adorable." Risa purred and then put her hand on both of her own hips. "Well, I am hoping to see Alisa as well since I have important business to talk to her about." Risa connected, knowing what Karisa wanted to hear. Ah yes, it was lovely that no one knew who she was.

The Christina Descends (Open/Social) - Page 2 Sigme10

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Mielle breathed an internal sigh of relief at everyone's reactions to her words, glad she could do things over. She gives Yua a small smile as she pats Mielle on the head and nods to the other small woman goodbye as she heads into the city.

She giggles at Navi's words and says, "You're the ones whose jokes need work! We're just as much a person as anybody else." Mielle huffs, but good-naturedly, based on her warm smile at the scarred man. "I'm sorry that you lost your memories. Let's try to help each other out in the future regarding our predicaments, ya?" She nods at the man, giving him a determined smile.

Internally, she pouted at her idol walking away, but after a moment of realization, Mielle figured that she would corner him for an autograph later since he was probably staying in the city for the event. He seemed busy with that stranger that arrived anyway, and she didn't want to disturb them.

Instead, she turned to Daiko and gave him a look of exasperation. "I'm not a toy! Adult. Woman. If you even try to play with me, I'll... well, I'm not that strong, but I'll, uh, tell on you to the guildmaster!" She says to the birdman, cringing at the very juvenile threat, but it is the best she can do since guildmates can't fight each other. Not that she'd win a fight anyway. "And yes, the guild master is in Hosenka, and Sofia has registered already."

With that, she turns a considering eye towards Kairaiko, the inventor. She made some very interesting observations about Mielle before when she was still out of it. And was saying interesting things now. But before she could question the other girl, Mielle looked at her face at the exact right time for Daiko to talk about hot springs, catching the look and words on her face. Seeing that the girl was very distracting, and Mielle felt like the cat who got the cream from that lovely tidbit and reaction, she left her alone for now. Like Dae Seong, she would track Kairaiko down later.

"Oh! Right! Everyone before you all leave let me tell you about the events the guild has planned, if you don't know already!" Mielle chirps, reaching down to the binder that had been forgotten at her feet this whole time. She flips to a certain page and scans over various items as she calls out. "We've booked an entire inn for the guild to stay at, so feel free to walk up to the front desk and show them your guild mark to get a room. Or don't, I can't control you," Mielle says, then says the inn's name and gives some simple directions. "As for the events, there's of course going to be parties and stuff. Supposedly that's a given. But you are also encouraged to enjoy Hosenka's awesome hot spring culture, which I super recommend. Just be careful since there have been reports of peeping toms lately. If you catch one, please hand them over to the local or nearest Rune Knight," the doll says in a voice that she highly doubts they'll do it but still encourages people to not kill the pervs. "Next, there's an event where the goal is to go into the mountains to find ingredients to cook and challenge others to a cook-off. There are also very nice mountain trails to hike on," Mielle says, still confused about this event but also kinda looking forward it it. "Now the guild master never actually said this, she probably wants us to make good choices and not dishonour the guild or whatever. But once again, I can't control you so if you go, go out loud I guess. Any questions?" Mielle finishes off, looking at the crowd before her, hoping they didn't have any difficult ones. It was the guildmaster and probably Sofia who did the bulk of the work setting up this event, Mielle really just helped a bit in regards to paperwork. So they would be able to answer questions best.

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#31Michael Winters 

The Christina Descends (Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Feb 10, 2024 4:14 am

Michael Winters
He looked at Mielle as she said that there was a hot spring event going on and that all they needed to do was show their guild marks. He nodded, but other than that, he kept to himself. He didnt know these people and he wasnt the chatty type to approach people and mingle. He considered it, but no one seemed his type. He did though look at Risa and her bird friend as she was mingling with the idol.

But yeah, he shrugged and had no one here so he merely lounged around and would follow Mielle's lead to see how things go. He would cross his arms and just wait for things to resolve and everyone scatters or goes to the inn. It made more sense to go together as a group rather than go one by one. So he quietly hummed and observed everyone doing their own thing


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This young Daiko lad was a funny one, coming out with some out of place sentences that did a hell of a number on Navi’s psyche. Was he seriously thinking Navi lost all his memories because he slept for too long? The boy seemed to be a few eggs short of a nest, he was still very likable though. The girl though, she was definitely down bad for him, Kairaiko was not hiding her thirst for the bird-brained Daiko who just didn’t seem to get it. It brought a smile to his face seeing it.

“That… went right over my head. It sounds incredibly complex and difficult, for someone so young to be doing things so complex it’s amazing.” The bartender said, his smile of joy shifting into one that radiated with pride for the young woman that was before him. Someone as scarred as himself and in the position, he was in was no fancy inventor of magics and machine, he was some warrior… and likely not a kind one in his past life. “I’ll leave you love birds to your exploring and hot spring bathing. Kairaiko, go easy on Daiko.” Navi said, knowing who will be wearing the pants in that relationship.

“Sofia did mention something about trying to bait Fairy Tail into some games…” Navi pondered as he hobbled away from where he was and down back toward Mielle. Giving her a knowing nod to accept her earlier proposition about helping each other out in the future predicaments there were undoubtedly going to find themselves in. “None from me, you’ve done a good job setting this up Mielle. I think we should each buy you a drink and get the parties started!”

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"Spicy one, arent you~" he looked at Risa with a cheeky smile. He didnt expect to be romanced or such by a member. But, the lack of Karisa being here and her ability of illusions, made him have a hunch. Actually... even the name Karisa. Clever girl. He wondered if Dae-seong got it. But still, he wondered why flirt with him and not Dae-seong

Dae-seong meanwhile let Kyu mingle with Risa as he glanced at the guild members and particularly Mielle who spoke how the guild booked an inn. Hot spring event and even a peeping tom warning. Well... he'd never do that as he has no interest in that. But he did wonder would anyone else try and do that to him. Hmmm, he probably wouldnt care.
Next, there is an event where the goal is to go into the mountains to find ingredients to cook and challenge others to a cook off. Not his cup of tea. Anywho when Mielle asked if there were any questions, Dae-seong replied "No questions" and then he looked away towards the rest of the crowd. He needed to go to Karisa perhaps.

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