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Bandits and the search? (Open)

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Bandits and the search? (Open) Empty Tue Aug 15, 2023 7:41 am

"Where is the old fool." The Sinsese man grumbled to himself he figured if he had come to the hot bed of the bandits in the north he might find him some where forcing people to give him tributes. The man scanned the area for where they could be hiding, he needed to find and question some bandits and "extract" some info from them if they had seen any trouble in his area or rumors of their being a snake demon in the north. He knows he needed to get stronger and show to that man that he was worthy of his rebirth as a demon and shed this human weak side of himself.

He had also heard that there was a trouble some guild up here in the north that stuck their noses into things that do not concern them. He knows they are on the other side of the north and the bandits mostly sort themselves out and don't need their help to sort disputes, so he figured that he was safe from them just randomly showing up. He looks behind every tree and in the more beat up looking buildings as he touched the ground to check for vibrations under the ground but he doesn't sense anything there but he knows that he needs to keep looking and find some kind of clue.

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Tamás Horvath
Ok, so the funny thing. The Sinese man thought that he wont run into someone from that annoying guild or something. But coincidentally one of those annoying guild members actually made their way to Worth Woodsea.

Tamas happened to be here because he never was here, so he traveled to see what the place was like and see if he can train his abilities somewhere. Basically seek new experiences and such. He heard thru the grapevine that there be bandits here. He didnt mind clearing some areas out to make it safe for the common people.
"Since when did I become so benevolent" Tamas thinks to himself after he realized he had a benevolent thought in his mind. Usually he never did shit for free. Maybe Yuurei and Lumikki got to him and made him soft. Or perhaps he needed to be softer in order to gain peoples trust. In any case, food for thought


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The ravens perched in the trees watch a man frantically search around. Though he was not a face they could recognize. He was odd in face and in dress, though the could care less for him running around.

They would croak their input and findings amongst the others. Chiming in their thoughts on what it could be he's searching for.

"Has to be food, what else is there worth looking for?"

"Something that gleams, food is everywhere but treasures are not!"

Many of the ravens nod and croak in agreement as they watch him helplessly wounder about.

"If he is new, maybe Lumi would want to tease him? One of us should tell her. We could have some fun." A raven to the far end took off, this one had come to be known as the one that enjoyed reporting to the Daemon the most. Gave them a sense of pride and purpose among the others. They say they were the first raven to follow the girl, and the other ravens simply accepted it.

Lumikki wasn't far away herself as she was visiting the village Larkspur, known for making quality paints and dyes. After her quest to assist in a trade deal, she promised that the village would be protected by Paradise Dawn to cut down on the number of bandits that harassed them. She would often place ravens nearby to report to her if trouble happen to arise.

She was sitting for lunch with the Chief, Butch Anova. He was telling her how things have been and showing her some new dyes and fabrics so she could take her pick of what she would like to send home. Lumi was in a bite of her cake when the raven, Trygve made his appearance. Perching right on a seat nearby.

"Say Lumi, there is a stranger in the woods nearby. Very curious, yes. The ravens and I would figure you'd like to know so we could have our fun."

A smile grew on the Daemons face as she nodded in response. "I'll have to be back later Butch, there are strangers nearby.~" She began to walk away. "See ya miss. I'll have the ones to choose sent over to your mother per usual." He continued to eat his meal as she took off as a raven herself toward the stranger.

Trygve showing her exactly where he saw him last and sure enough the man wasn't far away. She circled him before perching in a tree behind him, somewhat obscured by the leaves. "Long way from home aren't we mate?" she spoke to him though she didn't let herself easily be seen.

Ah Tamas is here. hope he doesn't blow my fun or cover she thought.

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He spins around upon hearing the voice and he reaches for a weapon that he doesn't even have and he acts a little bigger than he is and he keeps a stronger toned voice. "Show yourself coward." His voice didn't have fear but a tinge of anger that someone was interrupting his search for the bastard father that had left him and his mother to be murdered in their village. He kept looking around his eyes scanning the area and he thinks he saw a man of armor but the voice was a female voice wasn't it?

The man started to question if the man was the one that made that woman voice to try and trick him into letting his guard down thinking he would be facing a woman when the she was a giant he. "I saw you, you eye sore of a knight!" He wondered if provoking the knight was smart or not but if it wasn't he would just start booking it as he can't die here but he also has to protect his honor so he guess if it came to it he would just fight the knight rather he was going to lose or not.

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Tamás Horvath
Tamas noticed a young man in the distance. He wondered who he was and has even considered leaving him alone. The guy didnt seem suspicious. But then he heard Lumikki's voice and then he looked at the guy who was looking for the source of that voice.

The unfortunate thing was that the guy set his sights on Tamas and the other unfortunate thing was that the guy had the gall to think he'd play womanly trickery on him and use a lady voice. Tamas didnt say a word to the man, but he had an extremely annoyed expression under his helm. He decided to speak through body language. And thats by raising his sword.
And completely charging at him. He had no idea what Lumikki had in mind. But whatever miracle she is hiding in her erm... dress, she better use it now or else this guy will be sent flying


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One of many ravens, she flew toward Tamas. Amused that with their confusion and temper, they were quick to battle. If the man were weak, then he would easily be resolved. Though she figured if he was indeed that weak, he could hardly be a threat. If that were the case then she'd step in and end things herself. It is fun to bully and tease, but there were no joy to attain in abusing the weak. Makes for a boring fight she thought, among other things.

She blended in with the other ravens behind Tamas, adjusting her voice."You really are a fool if you think you could fight me. Tell me why you are here before I cut you down! Are you the one the villagers keep mentioning? The man of the woods?"

All her ravens chimed in laughing, but to them it was only the sounds of croaking overlapping. Only egging on the scene further and building the knight to be more than he first appeared.

They eager watched to see what would come next, but Lumi was also prepared to stop things if need be. For now she would see what they would do.

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"You talk a big game for a man covered in metal." His hand glows in his magic, he is not happy at all with what the man just said. "I am a daemon looking for my dead beat father! Who are you?" he is walking closer to the man in his armor as the voice had seemed to sound a bit strange to him and the ravens laughing seemed off and not right were they mocking him or the knight. He has his bane magic ready to be used on this man as he figured that it might come to this as he needs to make sure that he can make it count. He wished he had prepped some spells to use but maybe he can fake it till he makes it but he is still cool and cold looking on the out side. Yijun seemed unmoved or scared by the knight having his sword up and he thinks that he might be able to dodge the attack maybe but there was no telling what else this knight has up his sleeve. Yijun will stay ready as this might get ugly as he knows this knight might very well be a bandit.

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Tamás Horvath
After hearing Lumikki's shennanigans and the mans words, he stopped dead in his tracks. Pretty much he came up right to the guy and decided not to punt him.
He looked around him and decided to speak to Lumikki "Ok, fun is over. Show yourself. The man is looking for his father. Might as well help him" he finally spoke, so the man would finally hear his voice

Tamas then spoke to him as he turned back to face him "Do you need assistance. For that little trickster is also a daemon and might be able to help you with her crows" he spoke and again looked around hoping to see where Lumikki was hiding.
He was pretty sure that he ruined whatever prank she had in store. But she should've known better than to rope him in her shennanigans to amuse her. He can tolerate only so much


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"Hmpt!" Lumikki came forward as a raven, gliding from the tree and perching on his armor. She angrily pecked at this helmet hoping to cause any ringing in his ears. "Don't speak of me race so easily, and they are RAVENS!" She turned to look at the man who she finally decided to gleam over. Her eyes telling her for sure he was no threat, and he was true to what he said he was. "Least I can see ye aren't a liar. Though I never thought me friend was so trusting."

She flew off Tamas, her wings not making the slightest sound. When she was close to Yijun, she shifted to her Daemon form though a raven mask would cover her face. Walking around the man curiously and playfully. "Never seen clothes like yers, but they are pretty. The fabric I could expect from Joya but the way they are stitched is something else." She finally stopped before him and slowly slid off her mask revealing a smile. "Another Daemon looking for their father it looks like, do ye want to kill yers too? Do ye at least know what the Demon's form is? If ye give me something ta work with and I can assure ye I'll give it a search. This is the kinda work I don't mind joining."

She hung her mask to the side of her waist and touched her chest. Pulling out a notebook from what seemed like no where. A raven from the bunch flew toward her, making sure to scratch at the metal golems helmet as he passed through and landed on her shoulder. She looked up toward the needlessly tall man, still annoyed with how tall he happened to be. Though it was getting easier finding that trait to be normal when most of her guild nearly breaks her neck to look at.

I am Lumikki Omena of Paradise Dawn. Tell me now, what cha looking for." All the ravens looked toward the stranger eager to hear what he would say, knowing Lumikki would send them of to spread the word and search.

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"I did not ask for your help human!" He looked very displeased to see this man up close and realize that he is a human. He had turned to walk away when the ravens had come fourth toward him and he her coming and turning to her masked daemon form the mans interest was peaked now a daemon female here of all places. "These cloths are from sin not Joya. But I will forgive you for the mistake. No I am not looking to kill him I am looking for him to find the key to becoming a full demon."

The man took notice of the woman's beauty as she took off her mask and put it on her hip and he wondered if her and the human knight were a item. He doubted it as that knight seemed as stale as a cracker that had rolled under a floor board and became a stone one might skip on a lake. The man watched the woman touch her chest and a note book appear he was starting to wonder what else that she had hidden in her chest. "My father is a snake daemon, from what I hear he is a very sneaky and slippery man." Yijun looked at her with a smile and he gently put his hand out taking her hand and then kissing the back of her hand before releasing it. "My name is Yijun and your name is Lumikki?" His voice was the right amount of charming to not be creepy as he asked for her name.

Yijun looked back toward the knight for a reaction to him doing this in front of him, if the man reacts negatively he knows that the man and this daemon must be together. If the man doesn't react at all it means the man is indifferent and the daemon woman might be free and single. He was not one for romance but if another daemon was willing to join him in his hunt he wouldn't say no to them growing closer.

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Tamás Horvath
He was mildly amused when he ruined her fun. He didnt mind her being a trickster, but not when involved him. In this scenario it did. And he was not going to gladiator duel someone for her amusement. Or at least not without politely asking him.

Though he had a far stronger reaction when she said RAVENS. Like a wide smile as that did make him quite happy for some reason. Such a shame no one knew that he was smiling under his helm. Perhaps the world wasnt ready for that.

His smile though quickly turned into a frown when he heard the other daemon speak, saying he didnt need a humans help. Ok that part made him roll his eyes from annoyance.

He also felt the need to add that he is sinese and not joyan, but to Tamas that was the same thing. Or at least thats how he does behave. Like if the man sees him as a lesser because he is human, then why should he respect someones home land?
Perhaps they should fight?

Then theres 'my father evil demon, must kill' shtick that the benevolent like daemons seem to have. Well Lumikki is benevolent. He is not sure about this guy. Speaking of this guy, he kissed the back of Lumikkis hand. He did notice the guy eye at him. Probably expecting a reaction. But he didnt give him any. Such a kiss is merely a gesture of politeness. It is not like he entered her personal bubble and kissed her on the lips. Who would do such a thing?
Still he was careful of the guys advances. Like if he wants to romance Lumikki, who's to stop him. She is an adult woman and a single one at that. But if the guy is like forceful in his advances, thats where the line is drawn


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He kissed her hand in a polite gesture, not something she herself saw coming. She tilted her head in amusement. "Quite the first impression. I think he likes you." Lumikki chuckled to his words.

"Play nice Yijun, he canceled my trick to aid ye. But if that's why ye seek yer father I could tell ya, ye won't need him to turn demon yerself. Me Guild Master told me so and I'm inclined to believe him. Was a Nephilim himself before somehow making a Seraphim of himself. I'd say the process is close enough to compare. If ye get strong enough mate, ye'd get what ya want, but if ye still want ta hunt yer father, I'd understand."

Lumikki thought what he said about a snake demon over in her mind. She couldn't saw she's ever heard of him."The only snake I'm aware of is Nagatha, the White Blood Moon Serpent. Beyond that, a serpent Demon is news to me. Tell me where ye heard he was last and I'll see if any ravens spotted him. Do ye know of his human form?"

Lumikki flicked her wrist and her dark frost formed a chair. Her raven Trygve shifted to perch on the chair's back as she sat down and crossed her legs. Her arm propping up her head as she rested it on the arm of her seat. "If ye may, I could even sketch him for ye. I just need to know what we are looking for."

Her blue and yellows eyes glimmered in her anticipation.

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The armored man seemed but to bat an eye which was bother concerning but also not at the same time. He looked back at the woman as she spoke about the man cancelling her trick and he looks at her with a raised eye brow as he was not sure what trick was reversed but that she had been the speaking before but now she had come out. He had also realized that she had not really reacted to him greeting her like that so maybe she was just use to guys giving her a proper greeting. "Well that is a good thing that I needn't have to find him but seraphim least from what I have heard are not the most truthful of sorts either."

He has no idea of this guild master she has and he wasn't just going to foolishly join and trust some random person that says they have all the answers like it was just that easy to know it all. He was raised to doubt those that have power as they often abuse it against those that lack power and he was not going to be the sucker that just gets set up to fail. "I am not sure that you get this but I have never seen or met him he pretty much planted his seed in my mother and took off, without a word." His voice seemed to be irritated sounding now when he spoke about his father, as to Yijun the man was a dead beat father that had his play and fun and just took off to find something else to use and then just dump off once he bored of it as well. Yijun had no trust in the man at all nor will he give the knight the benefit of the doubt on this one as he feels nearly like the man is leering at him.

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Tamás Horvath
Lumikki was the light in his darkness. He was glad she spoke to him well. Truthfully, Tamas didnt mind using force on the daemon to earn respect. But Lumikki was kind enough to tell the snake to sod off and be respectful.

As for the snake, while Lumikki did tell him about Yuurei, it seems the snake didnt easily trust seraphims, which was reasonable. As for what he said next made Tamas look at Lumikki and ask her
"Is that a thing demons do? Just plant the seed and move on?" he had no idea how demons exactly worked. But at least 2 that he met had issues with their fathers and wanting to kill them and ascent to demonhood. Or at least thats the story he is understanding.
It would be interesting to see him and Lumikki work together for a common goal, but he didnt know if the guy was trustworthy himself


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"Yer quite wise." Lumikki smirked showing her fangs. Leaning further back in her chair and sending her book back into the void. "Fresh in the Woodsea but ye already know not to trust the Heartless Angel. I like ye."

She listened to her fellow Daemon though his tone annoyed her. She pulled back her anger because she figured it probably had nothing to do with her. She always spat out herself when she mention her fathers, disgusted for ever having anything to do with them herself.

"No wonder ye found yerself here, then ye are wasting yer time the way yer searching. Ye have nothing to use ta ask around and even if he walked right pass ye, ye'd be non the wiser. If ye ever give find anything of note, tell a raven and I'll look around." She rested her head on her arm looking completely amused. Her entertainment and humor all washed away. Though her curiosity to be with one her kind kept her from losing interest all together. And so she stayed.

Tamas spoke his inquiry and Lumikki leaned back and tilted her head toward him as she spoke. "Demons tend to do things in their favor and gain, caring not what they destroy as they do. In my case, it seems my father made me ta use me. In his, he simply took fancy to his mother and moved on. Time works different to those that live far longer. Their flights of fancy are tiresome."

She looked back toward Yijun. "Me birth father made me while he had a pact, the Demon took the chance to slip some of himself in me creation. Calls me his daughter, but I won't trust him. I don't know what he plans of me, but I ain't anyone's pet. I'm sure ye could relate, no?"

Trygve would look at the Daemon before Lumikki and croak his agreement. He enjoyed adding emphasis to his Lumi's words.

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The daemon looked at the raven woman and her chair and he had to wonder what her plan was and why she wanted to help him. "If I might ask you pretty raven daemon, why do you want to help me at all. I figured daemons would more want to fight more or attempt to murder me." He was raised to be very weary of people and he is not sure if this is some long con from them or if she really wanted to help him as she has not done much besides show off. He was wondering if this was her trying to show off, maybe she was interested in him and was doing what birds do in nature and show off to attract mates. He highly doubts that she would want that of him as he was a snake daemon with no real clue in this country and she had a point he had no info to go on and that was a huge issue.

"I know of the pain of having a pact yes, but the voice no longer looms or bothers me as this was something I hadn't needed to worry about for a bit. I need to eat any of you have extra rations on you?" He wonders if there was even a point to ask as he guesses they live somewhere around here and who would logically carry rations on them.

Bandits had taken notice of them and they started to walk in closer with their arms at the ready. "You three lost? You know these are our woods and passing through carries a toll." They keep coming and they had their sites on the daemon man first as he looked the weakest of the group for them to try and take on. The daemon man readies himself as he was going to have to protect himself as he was not sure if these two were with the bandits that were coming closer.

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Tamás Horvath
Watching the two daemons interact was interesting. They all had an opinion or Yuurei or just seraphs. Tamas didnt have a strong opinion on the angelic race. He was indifferent to them. He then asked Lumikki about demons and daemons, so he listened to Lumikki's answer and nodded. "I see"

The two then turned their attention to the sinese snake daemon. He asked Lumikki why does she want to help him. Daemons tend to usually want to fight and gain power. That was a valid point for the sinese man. Tamas shockingly enough knew a few daemons by now and the two he met prior were more akin to what the sinese man said. More bloodthirsty and violent
"I should maybe go and find them. Maybe leaving them to their own devices was a poor choice on my part" he thought to himself

He listened as they spoke of a pact and a voice and he kind of wished to learn more about this in greater detail. But he would rather ask that of Lumikki when they were alone. The sinese man was hungry and wondered if they had rations. Tamas was about to answer the man and say that he has, but his voice was interrupted by bandits.
He stepped ahead of the sinese snake, with his weapon at ready
"I have seen no signs that say these are your woods. By your logic, you are on my property and must pay a toll for us. Unfortunaly for you. I prefer people pay me with their blood" he spoke calmly with his weapon ready to attack them. He gave them a fair warning and a bit of an intimidation check for him. He hoped to scare away these poultry bandits. But he had no qualm with killing them


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“Honestly, I don’t blame ye for not trusting me help.” She stood back up, pulling her slit dress up and to the side to expose her thigh and reveal her Paradise Dawn tattoo. “I don’t know how much ye know, but it confirms I’m in the guild I claim to be in. As for why I’d help ye, it’s cause it’s a bit of a dream of mine to kill all the Demons I figured were annoying. So I suppose ye aren’t wrong in that I want a fight, ye just assume it was with ye.”

He asked for food but before Lumi could offer to head back to the village nearby so they could eat and talk more properly bandits approached. Some how even the ravens didn’t notice them…

In the side of her sight she saw Tamas preparing to take them on. Figuring he would ne more than enough for them she simply snapped her fingers causing the air around to chill. It was focused on where the bandits stood, black frost creeping along their skin cutting into their strength and speed. They could hard move making the task simply for Tamas for he needn’t worry they could run. She didn’t care to steal the show, but she enjoyed making things simpler.

“There’s a village nearby that I frequent. We could go there and finish speaking while ye eat. Did ye eat Tamas? My meal was also interrupted so I wouldn’t mind a second chance. Though of course if ye still don’t trust us Yijun. I could gift ye a map and let ya be. Which ever ye prefer.”

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The daemon was taken off guard by the woman flashing him her guild mark like that as it was pretty much out of no where. He Had slightly looked away cause he was not sure at first what she had been showing him and he wasn't looking to be flashed no matter how pretty she was. He saw the guild mark and he sighed as that was the marking of the Paradise Dawn guild so they were from that goodie goodie neutral guild in the north, great he mumbled to himself. He saw the knight take his sword back out again and point it toward the bandits and the daemon woman use a strange frost magic and then she talks like it is nothing.

"Miss shouldn't we help him farther?" He sure didn't trust the human man to take on the bandits alone but he was just going to go with her as really he had no choice as he was broke, and at the moment aimless as the daemon woman had pointed out that he needs more info to keep up his search for his father so for now he was going to have to stop it and maybe find a place that will keep him safe from danger and the outside till he can at least get a weapon and take on the world like the bandits.

The bandits laugh when they see the man draw his sword like he was going to fight them. Then they feel the biting cold from Lumikki on them that slowed them. "You stupid [Redacted] remove this spell and let us fight him fairly!!!!" The main bandit moved his arm and archers fired at Tamas as they don't need to move closer to hit him and if their strength was weakened their shots wouldn't be weakened.

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Tamás Horvath
He charged the bandits, but noticed the air chill around them all. He knew this was Lumikki's doing as no one else wanted to harm these bandits with ice powers. He didnt need the help, but he appreciated the sentiment. He made short work of those bandits in a breeze as they did not seem particularly powerful. If anything, they seemed around the sinese mans level of power.

Tamas walked over to the two daemons, right as Lumikki asked him if he ate
"Yes I have" he then looked at the two and asked "Did I miss anything?" he figured while he was dealing with the bandits that the two decided on their next plan of action. He listened to Lumikki as she addressed the daemon. Tamas then spoke to Yijun "If you are hungry, I do have some rations on me. I always carry a spare when I go away from the guild hall" he was the always prepared type of person


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"I suppose that settles it mate. Ye, yer own man. Would ye rather the food of me guild mate or would ye rather that we pass along to me village and chat there?"

The little Daemon gave the man the space to make his choice, walking off to the bandits to look them over. She pulled her notebook from her void once more, noting how many and where it seemed they came. A raven from the distance came and perched on her shoulder.

"I didn't think that bunch would happen to cross you. I was watching them for the moment out of curiosity. Thinking it was something to tell if you came my way." She gave him a little kiss and he rustled his feathers. Meanwhile Trygve rustled his annoyed.

"Ye know where they come from?"

"Yea I've been eating their food for days now, they hardly hide anything. Bold if you ask me, so I took my fill. They nest a bit of the way off from here though, it's why im surprised they came here." Lumikki wrote it all as she prepared her note."Send this to the village over for me, and lead who needs to find 'em there. Sooner we get that sorted the best, can't have them stealing anymore dyes." The raven nodded and took the paper, flying toward the village Lumikki had planed to lead Yijun if he so wanted.

"The village will know about that bandits soon enough. They have measure for it too since this happens so often. It's part why I'm here."

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"I does real food would be better than rations would be." He watched the woman treating the bird weirdly, he was unsure if she was acting like this because she had a thing for bird people like herself or if there was a deeper meaning to how she does these things or maybe she was just crazy and thinks the birds are talking to her. The way she spoke seemed like she really could talk to the birds and they understood her and now he wonders if she is a witch of death or something be he would speak of it nevermore.

"I wonder if the villages will really want to be taking on bandits in the forts that are up here..." He was not very sure that the villagers would really have the siege gear to try and take on a fortress full of bandits as that just seemed to be a death wish for normal people. He follows the raven woman and he wonders what kind of thing she might be leading him into and he really wished that he had done something to earn money to get a weapon for himself in case something like this had happened but in the end he sighed as this ride seemed to be at it's start but does he survive the tale?

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Tamás Horvath
Tamas shrugged, if no one wanted rations, it just meant more food for him. They were missing out in his opinion. He knew how to set camp in wilderness and prepare fire and food without magic but hard work. Though it wouldnt be easy of course.

Speaking of things easy and uneasy. Lumikki told them theres a village and with her ravens she had set everything up. Tamas followed Lumikki's lead, curious to explore this more unfamiliar part of Fiore. Which was why he was here. While Lumikki had tasks of her own. He was more exploring and training.

"Have you been here before?" he asked Lumikki because he knew the two wouldnt always adventure together, sometimes they'd go on their seperate quests. So he was curious if she was here before. She certainly seemed more familiar with the terrain than he was. In a way, meeting her here was a pleasant surprise


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She looked over to Yijun. “For a foreigner, did ye pass some? The fortes are usually further into the north and the edges. They made use of the mountains for the sound defenses.” She pointed to the south.”Me raven came from the south and mentioned nothing of a forte. Something one of my birds would usually report back ta me. I also took claim to watch over the woods of Worth Woodsea. Not many of me guild cares for the work. The village nearby in particular were known to get robbed often until I came, the make the best paints and dyes which tend to fetch a higher price in the markets. I made a deal with ‘em to watch ‘em over. Been doing so for months now. To which I know personally there aren’t many bandits near by. As ta they could they fight. They could. They had to for a while. They just couldn’t respond without the proper information so it hurt them responding late. So either I cull the bandits meself or I pass them work I am sure they can do.”

It annoyed the Daemon that he doubted her. She knew her territory well enough. Her ravens competent. Observant. They could spot bandits and alert her fine. It was only with him the it seemed the ones to come were unnoticed. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t like it. Yet he was lost and of her kind. He wouldn’t get the much help from others within the area. The villages were mostly friendly but it didn’t make them particularly welcoming or helpful.

She began to walk them for the village of Larkspur. It wasn’t that very far. As they approached the gate, the guards nodded at her arrival. She walked the pair to a restaurant nearby, it was a simple and small one. They took their seat and awaited assistance. ”Eat what ye want. I’ll cover it. When we’re done here I’ll return back to the guild and make the report.” Looking over to Tamas, ”Here for exploring? There’s a fair amount of nice places here. Been seeing ‘em for meself, but I’ll admit some annoy me. Either way, don’t worry bout the paper work or heading back. Ye can continue here while I cover the matters. I could use with some rest anyways.”

The waitress comes. The restaurant offers items likes stews, soups, and meat pies. Being where they are and the work the prioritize makes hunting and fishing the bulk of their food supply. Opting to use the revenue from their wares to buy other ingredients they find they need.

”I’d like a beef stew dove, and me favorite tea if ya have it.”

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Pokedex Entry

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Hearing the woman's rant he wondered was this not the Erling peak a place known for the bandits and the old fortresses that hide in the mountains. Had he gotten more lost than he had first thought and didn't even go to the right place. If she had been hunting out the area then if his father had been working in this area her interference would have probably caused him to move on. Yijun sighs as this feels like he wasted a lot of time maybe he should have just headed to Joya like he had first planned instead of Fiore but he guessed that if the woman was treating that he would make the most of it.

He has a feeling she doesn't really like him but it was odd from how she was just speaking if they get ravens for info, how did the bandits get so close to them and in mass that they didn't get seen first maybe someone had given them something that stopped them from being tracked or seen by birds. If she was really the monster that she was speaking of being to them maybe they had started to play smarter to stop her from ruining their operations, if so he had to tip his hat to them. He made sure to say close to the other daemon that was there as he doesn't want to cause any issues. When they arrived he took a seat and he looked it over. "I will have the same thing she ordered but with extra meat in my stew..."

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