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New to North (Yuurei)

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Yuurei would hear him and he would smile as it would seem like he wasn’t used to this type of atmosphere. That was fine and hopefully, he would get used to it. He would walk through the bridge with the two behind him and he figured he would mention the others to him.

“There are a few unique members within the guild.” He paused for a second as he kept walking.

He was trying to figure out who to start with.

“Brone is our enjoyable, quirky dwarf. He’s an enjoyable guy, always making you laugh. He is usually walking around with a gnome and hovering shield and sword. Then there is Emil; he was a cool guy, and still is, but he acts all god-like. I think it has something to do with his magic. Elise looks like she is all to herself, but she is good to have a conversation with. She’s only up in the evening though.” He paused again to gather himself.

“Toge is a new guy, he is really weird, an evil guy, trying his best not to step over the line now that he’s in our guild. The last guy is Azure, he’s what we call the information guy, but he has been checked out as of lately.” He said to him as he made it to the end of the bridge and walked toward the quarters now.

Renji would shake his head as he looked at Yuurei.

“He didn’t ask you anything about the others.” He said to Yuurei as he sighed.


#27Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
As they walked, Yuurei spoke of other guild members. In a way helping him intergrate better with the guild and give him a perception what other guild mates are like. Most notably the notable members that stand out above the rest.

The first one was a person called Brone, a dwarf. Tamas never met a dwarf, he was curious about their kind. To learn what is a projected stereotype of them and what is fiction. He wanted to know what dwarves were like as real people.

Emil is a person who is seemingly, whats the word, snobby? Someone who thinks they're better than anyone else because of their magic abilities. Thats at least the vibe he's getting from what Yuurei is saying. Someone who used to be cool, but is now unbearable.

He cant tell much about Elise. Someone who keeps to themselves. Sounds like him. But being up late is interesting. He wondered what was that about

Toge is another new member, a recent addition before him. Which was interesting. Seems the guild was very lively and frequently getting new members. Thats what he got from this. But this person was refered to as evil, which was interesting to hear. He wondered in what manner was he evil.

And Azure, the information guy. Who's checked out lately. Interesting, indeed

He then glanced at Renji who spoke to Yuurei, but Tamas spoke "Perhaps, but it was interesting to hear. It gives me an idea who or what to expect. Thank you"


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While they walked Renji and Yuurei would hear Tamas comment and Renji would shrug his shoulder. He figured it was a good thing to do on Yuurei’s part. He just wasn’t sure if Tamas wanted to hear it. Still, it seemed like he didn’t mind it, so he let it go.

“That’s good to hear. Don’t be afraid to approach these people or seek them out. They are all unique and strong in their own way. They will definitely be a part of your growth, I’m sure of it.” He said to him as they approached the living quarters.

The Seraphim was pretty sure that this place had apartments still empty, and he would go in and he would see the receptionist in the front. He would wave at her with a smile on his face.

“Can I get the keys to an open apartment.” He said as she would be quick to hand him one and he would look over to Tamas.

He would toss it to him and he would go to the staircase and make his way to the floor Tamas was in.

“Also, never be afraid to ask for any help. The guild is always happy to assist.” He said to Tamas as he walked up the stairs.


#29Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 8:42 am

Tamás Horvath
"I shall keep that in mind" he said in terms of not being afraid of seeking out and mingling these people. And he will remember that these people would be part of his growth. He was sure of that. To grow and gain experience he needed to interact with people.

Once they arrived to a receptionist. Yuurei would get a key from her, which he would soon toss over to him. He'd catch the key. Soon they would walk to to the stairs to where his living quarters were. Yuurei said to never be afraid of asking for help. Tamas nodded
"Well, speaking of questions. I was wondering over a rather minor issue." which he soon would address in the next sentence "Where can I find the nearest tailor?"

It was a small issue, but while he usually did have armour, he did have one piece of clothing he liked to show. Which was his cape. The current one was a torn mess. And while he didnt expect to get it fixed, he imagined getting someone to make him a new one. And while he was not really intending of saying it. He considered one that had the guilds logo, considering his tattoo on the hand would be hidden by the gauntlet. He wanted to show it one way or another. Even if the cape would also get dirtied and torn from battle and usage


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Yuurei would make it to Tamas’ apartment and he would look at him. He wondered if the man had any questions to ask him. It was then he would be asked a simple question. The Seraphim would look at him and his current outfit wasn’t that bad. Still, he might want more options and clothes to wear. Yuurei would think about it for a bit as he was trying to figure it out.  

“Well, in the guild hall you could find someone who could make clothes for you as a commission. Then there are the markets in Rush Valley. It’s closer than Orchidia and they will be happy to help you there, especially since you are a part of Paradise Dawn.” He said to Tamas.

Renji would look at Tamas and wonder if he wanted them to come with him.

“Do you want us to take you anywhere?” He asked him.

It was his decision on where he wanted to conduct business, but Renji figured he would offer him assistance.


#31Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 10:20 am

Tamás Horvath
"I see. Guild Hall or Rush Valley. Noted" he answered. As since he got to his place, he placed down his belongings. He was packed very lightly since he mostly traveled, but he imagined since he was part of a guild and had a place to stay, he can afford to get more stuff, perhaps.

He pondered a bit when Renji asked him the question. And he glanced at him. "I mean, if you have time to spare. I would not mind seeing a blacksmith perhaps" he could use a bit of tuning with his weapon. Or maybe have it reforged. Or get better gear.
"But are you sure? It seemed as if you were busy even before me. Would not want to distract you too much"
Besides, he needed to focus on getting more money. Sure he had some now, but he needed to take jobs and get more


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Yuurei would hear him speak and it would seem like he wanted to see a blacksmith. Renji heard those words and he would shake his head. He had done it now, and it was something the Seraphim had been waiting to hear from someone within the guild.

The Requip mage would puff out his chest and his head would be held up high. It was then he would take his time to say what he wanted to say to Tamas.

“Oh what you really need is a Blacksmith you say? Well, it is your lucky day!” He shouted at the end of it as he spun around.

He would look at Tamas and stop the antics for a second.

“You’re looking at a Blacksmith, how can I assist you? What are you looking to make Tamas?” He disregarded the fact that he wanted to be reassured that he wasn’t taking up his time.


#33Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 11:11 am

Tamás Horvath
Well, this was a turn of events. Literally and metaphorically. As Yuurei literally turn around and exclaimed that HE is indeed a blacksmith, the GUILDS blacksmith and he seemed so proud and yet happy. It is almost as if no one asked him for his services.

It was quite the turn of events as Tamas didnt expect to enlist the services of his guild master. He wondered would he have to pay him or was it free since it was guild ish?
"Well, I was thinking of fixing up my armour. Although, if you wish perhaps you can make something better?"
His original armour was self made. Tamas was also trained in smithing, but he was no expert and his work was more rudimentary and basic with some imperfections and in the style of what one would call a 'blood knight', which in a way was something Tamas was. A blood knight.
His armour set now was more worn and damaged and well it had plenty of use and had not much time to be taken care of. He was always in the battlefield and always working and on the move. He had not had the time to take care of it himself. And he did not have the tools since he was traveling



New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 11:27 am


Yuurei wasn’t the only blacksmith, as Brone was also well-versed in it. The dwarf was the one that taught him. He was quite able to, which made him happy he could forge items. When he heard him, he would walk over to Tamas. He would rub his chin as he would walk around the man in front of him. He would get close to his armor to see the details, the damage, and the craftsmanship that came from it.

While he was doing that, he would rub on the young man’s armor as he was getting an actual feel for it.

“I want to say I can reinforce this armor and make it better, but it would be better if you get something better out of it. The armor you have right now has gone through a lot. We have a forge in the back of the kitchen and we’re working on another forge to make better items.” He said to Tamas.

Renji didn’t think he would see Yuurei this weirdly in his life. He could only blame Brone and his father for this.


#35Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 11:38 am

Tamás Horvath
He would watch the guildmaster examine his armour and listen to what he had to say after he checked it out
"Do what you think is best" he merely said in response. He didnt mind having it fixed, reinforced or having something new. He didnt mind even having more sets of armour and getting to choose between old or new. For a moment having a train of thought should he try requip magic or not. Nevertheless that was a question for later.

Now he merely asked "So what do you wish to do?" he wanted to hear Yuurei's thoughts. He wouldnt even mind going to the forge. He'd like to see it. Maybe with time he'd get to use it too when he gets better at smithing. He'd like to improve that skill of his as well. But there was a time and place for everything. Now that he was here, he had plenty of time to get better



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Yuurei would hear him and he would continue to look at his armor.

“Hmm. Hmm. Hmm… Hmm.” He would continue to look at it as if that was the only sound he was making.

He would stand tall eventually and place his hands together as he looked at Tamas.

“I will reinforce and fix your old armor. And then after I will create a new armor for you. It would be best for a member of Paradise Dawn to go from one armor to the other when the other isn’t looking so good that day.” He said to him as he would look over to Renji.

“At least you know where you live, so we can go to the kitchen on the other side of the bridge again. It is where the forge is apparently.” He said to Tamas as he would start walking down the stairs again.

He would leave the building soon after as he would head to the bridge. Renji would follow behind as he knew this would happen.


#37Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 12:14 pm

Tamás Horvath
Yuurei came to a conclusion that he would his fix his own armour, but also craft a new set for him. He was curious what would be the result of that. When it comes to warriors or smiths like him. Getting new armour is like getting a new toy. Same for the weapon.

And as he now knew where he lived, they could go to the kitchen where forge was. Apparently it was over there. Tamas would nod and go along with him. And thus follow him to the kitchen and forge.
He was not sure if he still had to pay since this was all done in the guild and was not from an outside source. Logic says he doesnt have to. But he was ready even for the alternative. For now tho, he merely followed the guildmaster and his assistant across the bridge so they could arrive to their destination



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Yuurei would lead the way and he figured soon enough Tamas would learn where everything was. He would take them to the guild hall again, and he would wave to the members that were hanging in the lounge. He would push forward though as he headed to the kitchen. He would see the chefs there and he would nod to them as he was walking toward the back of the kitchen. There was a door that was always open and it was because of the heat of the forge had melted it in place. He would walk through the path that was in front of them as it would take a few seconds, but they would make it to an open space where a lot of tools were hung on the wall, and various other things.

“Here is the regular forge. This is where we will fix your stuff and make you a new one.” He said to him as he was ready to take care of Tamas.


#39Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
They arrived to the forge, he noticed the door which melted in place because of the heat in the forge. This is when now the guildmaster told him that this was where they would fix his stuff as well as make new one. Tamas took off his helmet, albeit finally for some. As finally the two could see concretely to whom they spoke. So they could finally see the face, the longer black hair, the greyish eyes and the old scar on his face. His expression always being calm or neutral as one could surmise from his formal voice and wording.
"I see. Very well. You can start when ever you wish, I guess"he spoke and was ready to hand him the helmet for a starter.
He curiously now waited to see what would the guild master do now. And for a split second see if Renji was still there along for the ride



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Yuurei would wait for him to give him a piece of his armor, and it would seem like he would get the helmet first. It was the quickest thing he could get from Tamas. He would look at it and he would see where it would need repairing. He would move it to the station and he would get his tools. Once he had them he would get the materials he needed to fix the cracks that were on his helmet. He would start heating the materials and once it was done he would pull the heated material and he would hammer it until it was the shape of what the crack looked like.

He would place it in the helmet. While it was sizzled in there, Yuurei would also make sure that the dents on the helmet was removed. Once he had done that he would take the helmet and he would put it in cold water to cool it off.

Renji didn’t enter the forge, it was too hot in there. He stood in the guild hall with the others.


#41Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He would be there and curiously observe his guild master at work. Hoping to pick things up as he watched. When he glanced around for Renji since he noticed him being awfully quiet, thats when he'd notice he was not even in the room. He was so focused on reparing his armour that he did not notice him staying behind.

He didnt speak much to Yuurei, not wanting to interrupt him during his work, but he also wasnt really the chatty type. If its not work related, he had no reason to speak. Plus the whole speak only when spoken to attitude. He was sure that he'd soften up later down the line with the guild. But for now, he mostly kept to himself. Kind of like how he previously described Elise maybe.
For now though he watched as he placed the helmet in cold water to cool it off



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Yuurei was giving it time as he would look over to Tamas. He saw the scar on his face and figured he would ask him how he got it.

“How did you get that scar on your face?” He asked him curious to hear what he would say.

While he was waiting fro an answer, he would take the helmet out and he would check to make sure everything was fine with it. He would see it needed a bit more to mend the cracks on his helmet.

He would repeat the beginning process as he would melt more materials. After waiting for a few seconds, he would take it out and with his tools and he would move it back to Tamas’ helmet. He would add it into the cracks and whatever he had left, he would toss it into the cool water.

Yuurei would take his helmet and would put it in the water to cool off that certain area of the helmet.


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Tamás Horvath
He was asked a question he didnt think would come up. Those who have seen him never really cared how he got it. And its been such a long time ago. Or no, hmm... he had to remember
"Ah this. It's been a long time. I dont think anyone really asked me of this. It was during one job. Taking care of a few criminals that have been causing trouble. I managed to deal with them and so I went back to the town to collect my reward and go on my way elsewhere to do more quests. As I traveled I took off my helmet to see the damage it had collected. And while I was unprepared beause I was examining the helmet, one bandit struck from the shadows and attacked me. His weapon was a broken sword that was snapped in half and he used it as a makeshift dagger to attack me, hoping to steal my reward. We had a short battle and after I overpowered him, I settled the issue and gave him a chance to be free if he turned over a new leaf. I saw him battle. He had potential. It would be a waste if he was in jail or dead. So I let him go. And well, because of his attack, I have this scar. If he had a better weapon, his surprise attack would have surely gotten me" he said his story

And as he did, he watched Yuurei work on his helmet. It was funny because the story was sort of connected to it. He took it off to examine the damage it sustained in a battle, and he paid the price for being unprotected even for a moment. Perhaps that is why he is always in armour. If his reflexes fail him or if he gets attacked by surprise, at least he has some form of protection



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Yuurei would continue to mend his helmet, and while he was doing that, he would hear Tamas’ story. He would remove the helmet from the water, and he would examine it once again. This time it was properly fixed. He nodded as he couldn’t believe that had happened to him. He would have died if the bandit was better prepared.

“I see. At least you’re alive. You took an interested turn with that person. I hope they are living a better life than they were before they met you.” He said to Tamas as he would walk over to him with the helmet and he would hand it to him.

“Your helmet is fixed, and should be good for now. Do you want me to mend your armor as well?” He asked wondering what he would say.

Yuurei would wipe the sweat off his forehead. The heat was strong here, and it was why Renji didn’t come in with them.


#45Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 08, 2023 1:58 pm

Tamás Horvath
"I hope so too" he spoke.
While they did agree to work together, they eventually went their own way to work for a common goal. Tamas ended up here and he wondered where his companion went off to. But that was not his concern at the moment. Tamas had long term plans which he hoped would pan out in the end.

But letting go of the future and focusing on the here and now, he would look at the helmet that was fixed and Yuurei asking for the next piece.
"If you wish to do so right away. Sure. Any particular piece?" he asked
The shoulderpads? The gauntlets? The vambrace? Chestplace? Faulds? Cuisses? Grieves? The poleyn? The sabaton? He had full body armour hence many components to him. So it was a question if Yuurei wanted to continue and if so, where would he start from. He was ready for any answer and ready to hand him any piece he wanted.



New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 09, 2023 9:52 am


Yuurei would hear him and he stood still to think about it. He would looka t where he should start, but then thought about doing this in his own time. He would nod a bit as he had come to that conclusion.

“I mean, if you want, you can leave your equipment here if you want and I can get back to it later. It is hot in here, and I feel bad because Renji hates coming in here.” He laughed a bit.

He would look at him and wonder if there was anything that he wanted to do.

“Is there anything you would like to do Tamas? You’re new here, so I figured whatever ideas or questions you have, I can hear them.” He said to him as he wondered what would happen next.

Renji was napping at this point as he wondered how long those two would stay in there.


#47Tamás Horvath 

New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 09, 2023 10:59 am

Tamás Horvath
Indeed, it seemed fair to leave this for later. It seemed that Renji disliked the heat and thus did not come here. It might be unfair to leave him out of this considering he has been with them thus far.
"Very well" he said and left the equipment that was needed to get fixed

The guild master then asked him if there was anything he'd like to do or ask any questions. He pondered about that for a moment
"Well, considering we are getting to know eachother and such. What is it like leading a guild? And what do you do in your free time?" he asked. As he was interested. And curious as well. What is it like leading a guild? But also aside from his duties and title, on a personal level, what does he do in free time. What kind of a guy was he. He also wondered is he always this involved with new members, but he has forgone asking that



New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jun 09, 2023 11:21 am


Yuurei was ready to leave the forging area, and Tamas would leave his stuff behind. That was good, and he thought he would be more difficulty with leaving his equipment behind. Still, Yuurei knew where to find him, so that wasn’t hard.

It would seem like he had a few questions and Yuurei would look back at him.

“It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The only thing I got to say is that there is a lot of paperwork involved. Some from damages, to signing agreements with other countries. The people within the guild make it a bit easier on me, I think.” He said to Tamas as he walked out of the place and through the kitchen.

“I do love me a good fight, so I’m usually sparring with Brone or another friend of mine. It isn’t just that since I came out of the forest, drinking has been an enjoyable thing to do. I also cook, but I do that almost every day. I used to do a lot of jobs for certain clients in the North, but I have been pushing them to someone else lately.” He explained to Tamas as these were things he could think of off the top of his head.

"What do you do in your free time?" He returned that question back at him.


#49Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
It was interesting to hear what the duties of a guild master were. He had assumed there was more to it then just being powerful, leading and questing. There was paperwork involved. He considered learning it or assisting him in the future to learn the more behind the scenes stuff when it comes to leading a guild. Might be boring to an average person, but it was interesting to him. It might be a chore even for him as well, but if he ever wanted to make his own guild in the future, he'd have to learn it and he'd have to learn to like even boring paperwork stuff.
"I see"

Then he'd say his hobbies or interests. So both liked a good fight and drinking. Well, they got something in common which was nice. He also cooks. Tamas does a bit, but he wouldnt consider that a hobby and would personally like to not need to cook.
The guild master then asked him what does he do in his free time
"In a way we have some things in common. I do enjoy a good battle. And I do also drink. And well as a hobby I also make wood carvings. Nothing too special" he answered



New to North (Yuurei) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 12, 2023 9:14 am


Yuurei figured chatting and getting to know each other would be for the best. He would wait for Tamas to speak, and he would hear him. He had a chuckle as it would seem like they weren’t so different after all. That was good and it was nice to be relatable to the people in his guild. The wood carvings hobby caught his attention as he remembered someone within the forest who used to do that.

“That is interesting. I would say we should spar, but I don’t know how you would feel about that?” He asked him curious to see if he would bite.

“As for wood carving. Someone in the forest used to do that too, but they never gave me one. I would like to see some of you work someday if you are fine with that.” He said to Tamas.

It was then they would be out at the common area again. Renji would hear them and he would get up as he looked at the two of them.

“Are you done with the forge for now?” He asked and Yuurei would nod indicating they were.


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