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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.)

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Wed Mar 29, 2023 1:41 pm

It was good these things went off with out a problem it was a good relief to have nothing go wrong this far in, Now they just needed to go through what papers they had taken. Hopefully it was just as simply was it could be. since there was various things to be done and could be taken into account for going into this part of the plan, So maybe once they settle into this part of planning with Akuko and Ragnar having read the papers they took they would fix a plan quickly.

Weather that plan was logical and helpful was a good question, But they needed to start planning since it was just how these things needed to work. Thus where they where now. It was maybe a good thing. They had a moment to take a break form the tension as well. At least in Akuko's mind.


Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:19 pm


Ragnar was pretty happy that nothing went horribly wrong with their mission. No one had even asked him a question as he stood there at that door. Akuko made very quick work of it and easily got in and out before too long. Ragnar then happily walked right out and then abandoned the armor in a safe location, just in case they needed it again. Ragnar had hoped that wouldn't be needed, but who is to say. Either way, Akuko and Ragnar got back to the safe house and as Ragnar opened the documents up he nodded and made noises like "hmmmmm" and " I see...." before saying out loud " I have no idea what any of these symbols mean." Ragnar wasn't even sure sometimes why he was even brought to a place where he one, sticks out alot, two doesn't speak the language and three is clearly a liability on a stealth mission.

Ragnar had a feeling that their guild leader literally just brought him along so that if something does go down she can just throw him at the problem like a rabid dog and then keep her hands clean. To be fair that is a fair assessment of Ragnar most of the time, he was very much like that outside of the times where he was with Akuko and a few others. Ragnar had wondered sometimes if Akuko knew all about his history, but given his bounty he assumed she had to know that he wasn't exactly the bestest guy in the world. He was just the bestest guy in the world to her. Everyone else... well...

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Sat Apr 01, 2023 6:11 am

It was now time to do more planning, it was entirely a fun part of this as much as eating a ball of nails. Figuratively at least but Akuko knew if anything she would have to do a few things because well. Ragnar did not know how to read Joyan, But at least to his benefit there was woman who was Joyan that happen to love him. Akuko even if her changes effecting her in some manner start dulling her normal sense of humour simply went."I am aware, You were not raised to read Joyan."It was said in the manner of dry humour and a bit monotone. It was hard to pick up it was intended as a joke which might be annoying at first to some but Akuko most likely did not what all she going to deal with at this time as well.

Over all Akuko just started reading the things in front of them, As she was starting to plan and think over the many things that it could mean."If you give me a few minutes I will figure out, It is information on people we will need to deal with."Akuko at least told him what these pages are.

While Akuko was waiting. But she would pick up the things she could read, while she did she simply just sat on Ragnar's lap. Almost as if it was a a bit of a sign everything would be okay while she was focused on reading.



Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Sun Apr 02, 2023 11:07 am


Ragnar had kinda hoped this joke would go over better then it did, but hey this is what happens sometimes in a relationship. Sometimes your significant other becomes a demi-god and becomes a different person, even down to their sense of humor. It is a real whiplash for Ragnar at times to deal with the dry monotone humor rathen then the quick witted biting humor. Either way, Ragnar knew this person in front of him was still the same Akuko, if only slightly different. Ragnar simply tried to be supportive at this time, because she was still worth being supportive.

Akuko then sat on his lap as she read through the plans, and Ragnar knew that things were most likely fine. Ragnar just let her read through the plans that she needed and figure something out. Ragnar had both his new armor, a set of very obvious and brutal looking powered plated and the Samurai armor, so whatever the plan was Ragnar had something for it he hoped.

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Sun Apr 02, 2023 12:58 pm

After settling in for the moment, Akuko reached over beside them for a moment and then seemingly pulled Miko on to her lap letting out a small squeak as they where caught the floating being was still around Akuko had not lost them yet. Akuko did feel like it was her duty to keep Miko alive at this time. Until Akuko really knew more as well she seemed to just make sure Miko was okay not really doing much else aside from feeding Miko whenever they bellow out about needing something sweet to munch on. She was curious if there was more than that about Miko but she had not much else to do that time.

Then Akuko simply said."This all is information about the Daimyo's and which one would be considered important to strike first."Akuko almost wanted to point at these documents almost Ragnar would follow along and completely get it but that almost felt like mocking them. But that was just the summary of it."We have to choose one of the higher ranking ones if we want the most impact to their ranks, lowest if we want to impact their numbers. All are capable fighters on their own."Yet again keeping it simple currently.



Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

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Ragnar nodded as he listened to his lover and he leaned back into the chair as the thought about what the best for this situation. This was a stealth mission after all, and Ragnar needed to think outside of his normal path at this point. Ragnar couldn't help but think that simply going in there and slaughtering them to the man most likely wasn't the best plan and Ragnar just started talking outloud " We could do what my uncle did to a rival tribe leader and set the barracks on fire, and chain the doors shut so they all die that way. I don't know how stealthy that would be but I assume fires happen all the time. But even if it did burn the building down, the chain would still be there and they would know something was weird. So that isn't going to work. Poison could work but neither of us know anything about poisons unless your new look came with new abilities like that. "

Ragnar looked at the ceiling as he tried to figure out what he could do here that wouldn't give away what they were doing, as he started to say again "But if he was the Daimyo and his guys were killed, Ragnar would be next. So this had to look like an accident, but depending on how paranoid this guy was if they killed too many then that would trigger the same response as if they just killed all of them. "

Ragnar had zero fear about fighting these guys by himself, he was sure he could beat all of them but it might be tricky, though with Akuko with him removing the rest of them would be even easier. " Do you have any ideas love? I am scratching the bottom of the barrel of ideas here that don't simply involve kicking the door in and slaughtering them to the man. "

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Wed Apr 05, 2023 5:42 pm

She was listening, While she seemed to scan the various papers again. With how she was scanning things Akuko almost seemed to be trying to come up with something rather quickly and considering the various things suggested."Maybe just maybe something here can work."The only thing Akuko was not saying what and she was just flipping quickly through the papers and trying to have it piece together in her mind quicker, almost like she was trying to force it. In which depending on the person it helped or in Akuko case seemed to leave a lot of quiet time between not explaining or mentioning anything and looking a things.

Then she just looked at Ragnar for a moment, took his head and placed it upon his cheek upon one of hers much like cat rubbing upon a persons legs as a sign of trust, Maybe this idea could work. Just Akuko was going to be worried about how the results would be."It will be a trial to pass but I have an idea."Hiding the fact the risk was something she felt uncomfortable with. But she would explain it anyway."Maybe a lure is what we need."Akuko mentioned to start with just not what entirely what he thought."But to lure whom else would be lingering here to lure as many as we away from them."Yes Akuko was thinking of just luring as many people away to take out the target alone. It was to be expected to the sneaky way of how she did normally work.

But to end off her idea."Then after being sure where they are, how many people remain there, How many doors. We can find a simple way to our targets to take them out."it was a starting parts of it.



Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Thu Apr 13, 2023 9:47 am


Ragnar let his lover hold him and rub her face against his. This made him feel slightly better but he was still concerned about the best way to go about handling this problem. Ragnar listened to what she had to say but she wasn't explicit about what her plan was, they were going to do something that would cause them to lure people out. Assuming that worked the rest of the plan did make sense as it was simple tactical recon, though Ragnar couldn't figure out what her plan was so he just had to ask " So what exactly is the plan here Akuko? What are we going to do to lure these people out? Burn down one of their barracks near the HQ or what is your plan here? "

Ragnar honestly figured that wasn't the worst idea he could come up with, more then likely people would leave to go help put out the fire and save their comrades if they could or if it was an attack then they would send even more to simply kill the attackers. It honestly became a better and better idea as time went on because Ragnar would walk into this trap, thinking nothing of it, but Ragnar was always the person to think less of his safety then most.

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Sat Apr 15, 2023 4:01 am

The plan in the end was going to be summed up in simple terms to at least make sure Ragnar and I where on the same page of ideas. After all she was just coming up with a plan quickly. There was a feeling he might not get it but over all the details where also getting hammered out in her head.

So far at least it seemed that Ragnar had the idea entirely correct."So far yes, Just should ponder if we either want to keep them in one area."Akuko mentioned because it was the first one he thought of it seemed easy to do.

But the planner Akuko was also had another manner they could do this. it mattered how much time they need wanted to give themselves."Or we can light a few other ones and see how spread out we can make them while going for the main target."She was suggesting if he was up for it lighting more than one area on fire.

It was a really simple place only because they needed this to be a simple thing to leave the complex stuff for when they went for the target alone together.



Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Mon Apr 17, 2023 4:33 pm


Ragnar listened for a moment before asking the simple question " So how do we do this in such a way that they don't think it is just a straight up attack? Because if a bunch of their stuff catches on fire they might jump straight to defend mode. I wonder if I can take that samurai's armor, go into a barrack and then lit it on fire and then leave through the wall or something. Once I do that, that disguise is gone, if it isn't already. They might have found that big guy's body already, I don't know."

Ragnar wasn't a great planner, but he could at least understand how to react if he was attacked. If a bunch of stuff was caught on fire, Ragnar might view it as an ambush to kill their men while they are out, or to kill him while he is less defended. Ragnar simply didn't know how paranoid these people were in this area or anything like that. "Now lets say that part of the plan works and we get in. Do we kill the guy or what do we do here? "  Ragnar wasn't even remotely what they needed to do once they got in there.

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Wed Apr 19, 2023 4:23 pm

It seemed, Ragnar made her think that maybe she was going a bit too risky and she did not mind it at all. Some one was being a bit a expansive. She also was worried about a few so many things. To think that she needed to more than just a simple distraction was entirely the downfall of it and not going to work only causing them more problems for them in the end. So thus it seemed it was better to keep it on the simple path.

So they would go that way."On second thought, You are entirely correct. Just one fire."Akuko said with that being on her mind and setting into place. Then she would continue on answering his questions mostly just making a few things a bit more clear."Ideally we are killing them."Also one better to mention. In which most likely made the plan easy, one fire sneak around and kill one person.



Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Sun Apr 30, 2023 2:31 pm


Ragnar nodded as it did appear that they had come to some level of understanding on what they needed to do to handle this. Good news was that hopefully killing all of these people should be the easiest thing in the world for Ragnar, and this was a chance to use his full set up. He wouldn't need to be subtle if everyone in the building was dead. No witnesses if everyone is dead. As far as Ragnar was aware there wasn't a way to summon a spirit of a dead person back to ask them questions and honestly, even if they could. The information they would get out of it wouldn't exactly be helpful. A man in demonic looking armor and using a weapon no one has even seen before cut everyone down with a single swing. It seems quite insane when it is put in that context.

" Well it seems like we got a plan. Lets go handle the plan. "

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Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Empty Mon May 01, 2023 4:52 pm

It was magical that the arrangement had seemed to come to them pretty quickly, Then again Akuko could admit she was not use to being a planner if anything she was use to just thinking things in the spot because she needed too, Not long term future planning. Everything at this point seemed to work and she considered it a good thing, Since there was only so many ways.

It was a well set and logical plan and Akuko seemed more than happy with it being the case of it because over all it, everyone being on the same idea. With Ragnar stating they where going with it. Akuko had to realize it was a good thing she was leading and she some how had this skill. Since well Mishiko was always the one leading. Since the would be departing for such a task. Now she just needed to be brave enough to achieve it all.




Planning Stages(UD-SL/Akuko and Ragnar.) Shenhe10

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