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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ]

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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 3:21 pm

It was a wonderful day on the beach. Or at least that was what Da'ncha'see'I would say if the season of the weather was not winter!! Any. Albany season would be better than this. Summer being the best of course but really, fall....spring. That was a time where you might get weather if you were lucky. Especially on Luluawa Island where it was rumored to be bright and warm almost year round. But winter? Nah. Even this place could not escape the touch of jack frost's touch.

Da’ncha’see'i was not truly sure why he chose to come here. The tourist attraction was mostly died down right now. Oh yes. He had heard about a dark mage or two being around the island. Be it a call from the rune knight, former rune knight, teachings running through his veins. But he felt like he should check things out.


Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:16 pm


Yuurei didn’t know why, but he had found himself at Luluawan beach houses. He decided that he would do some training here. He had gained different weapons to use but mastering them was a different thing. His gauntlets were something he was used to, but the spears in his arsenal were different. Yes, the first thing Yuurei wanted to master was his spear and then his sword possibly. He walked around without his armor and weapons though as he could summon them whenever he wanted to. Renji wasn’t hanging out with him right now as the Exceed had decided to stay back for the first time.

He moved through the beach though, there weren’t many people around, so he figured this would be the best place to train. The wind didn’t bother him and he was already used to this when he trained to venture into the cold in the past. When he saw a perfect spot for him to train, the Nephilim summoned his spears. One looked like a giant fork, but it would hurt and poke anything that he would land it against. The second spear was red and this one looked like a traditional spear, but it was far much more dangerous.

“Alright you two, we train until I can’t move.” He said as he doubted that would happen.

Yuurei wouldn’t know that he would be sparring with someone today, but how would that happen?



Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2023 7:19 pm

Out stood Da’ncha’see'i stood in the sand beach. His dark gray eyes lazily starring at the shifting particles of sand. His spiky silver white hair flowing the left against the soft bristles of the wind. A green vest strapped over his body over a long sleeve thick black under shirt. A white scarf covering his neck and a black mask covering the bottom have of his face, coming up to cover his nose. A dark blue forehead protector band was slanted, covering his left eye. A semi cloudy sky hovered above. Specks of light breaking through the cracks to touch his light red-brown skin.

The weather was enjoyable, a nice place for a walk he thought. And so he continued. Transversing the land before coming upon a white haired young man. Huh....that hair color was not a common thing to see.

The Werewolf kept his distance but sniff. Getting familiar with the scent of the man and the pleasant aroma in the air. The sky was happy and calm today. An easy day to do nothing and lay back, gazing up at the clouds

He tilted his head as he moves closer. This man said something about training until he couldn't move. Not a thing to find weird by itself but really it was because he said 'we' who was we? He saw no other beings here.

Wait a minute....WAS THAT YUUERI STARLIGHT?!?!

Da'ncha'see'Is jaw dropped underneath his mask and unbeknownst to him. A note book out and pen in hand with a loud click. Pen to paper as he moved to get closer and ask questions. A hero was here!!


Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Fri Jan 20, 2023 7:06 am


Yuurei and Renji were looking at the spears as those were the two that he was talking to. He didn’t know someone was looking in his direction. He did know there were people around him and that they were moving around. Some of them got closer to him, but were they going to try and get his attention? He wasn’t sure and he would just start swinging his spears around. They were an extension of him and they would give him a further reach than when he used his gauntlets. It would make it safer in battle so that it would be harder for people to get into melee with him.

The Seraphim would start moving around as he would swing his spears around the beach. His new magic had gained him access to a bunch of different weapons that he didn’t have before. It had been three years since he had come out of the forest and his magic had developed into something different. It was not what he expected, but he was happy with it. He planned on making the most use of it in the future.


Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Fri Jan 20, 2023 6:34 pm

Da’ncha’see'i wanted to speak. Or rather to say he wished to speak, that he could. But alas he was as wordless as those two spears that Yuurei held in his hand. Stuck watching the Guild Master of Paradise Dawn's movements alongside his trusted best friend Renji. But for now, he could study at least. Watch the famed warrior move as he seemed to be feeling out the quality of some new weapons he had on hand. It was interesting. The word on the street of Mr. Yuurei Starlight, was that he was a master of fist type weapons. Gauntlets. Tales and stories that in fact held him in the view of a legendary master. He nested in, blinding in, mostly. With the sudden gathering of people. Some walking past going on by their day, some curious kids happy and excited to see a famous light mage. Some fans, starring much like Da’ncha’see'i was, but not in the eyes of wanting to learn. But rather the glow of seeing an object, a celebrity only attached to his name and not really knowing, him. Either way, when they got closer so did he, and he would not let any of them block his view and front row view of such wonderful study material.

He began to take notes, his eyes watching the oneness Yuurei was trying to grasp. The beginning steps of a path of weapon mastery. The spears swung around, very novice like in truth but still. It held a speed and power that was clearly other worldly. His body moving. Sliding, stepping. twisting. Jot jot jot sounded his pen as he scribbled. And although he did not notice it, Da’ncha’see'i's body began to follow along Yuueri's movements.

"Wow its really him. It's really him... Oh I wish I could train with him...".


Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Sat Jan 21, 2023 10:13 am


Yuurei would feel other people coming close to him, and it was only normal. He knew better than that his training on the beach would be isolated. Still, he kept going as long as they didn’t interfere with his training it didn’t matter. While he was doing that, there was one person in the crowd that was moving around. They were following his movements and he was surprised that someone was that invested in his training.

He would look over to the vibration of the movements and soon enough he would see a different person. He was an odd, and unique being. He had a mask on his face, a headband that covered another eye, and his green vest look like he was ready to go on a mercenary mission at any time. He was intrigued by this individual because when he kept looking at him, he could see that they looked similar.

It was then he would hear his words and he smiled as he was fine with that. He was sure that their powers were worlds apart, but he never minded helping others train. It would also mean he would be able to erase some of his mistakes with his spear.

“If you want to train, let’s have a sparring match. What’s your name?” He said to the mysterious person waiting for an answer as he continued moving around the sand.



Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Sun Jan 22, 2023 8:25 pm

Da’ncha’see'i enjoyed it. The subtle light show of skill of the hero before him. The motion of pen in hand at play. A Very slow scribble stroke as Da’ncha’see'i wrote slow. Pausing at times finding the muse in his scientific hypnosis, detail marks, and analyzing break down had its moments of muse lowered in its low tide. His hand may have stopped but his eyes were still sharp and flickering back and forth. Yuurei's left hand, right calf, torso. The way he held his breath in before he exhaled, completing his swing.

These eyes came to a screeching halt thought as Yuurei's words came out. A series of sharp blinks, quick and relentless as doubt and a world of excitement came over him. "Was. Was that towards me?", he asked with a quiet excitement mixed in with, apprehensive doubt of such a thing.

This could not be happy today...could it?


Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Mon Jan 23, 2023 6:34 am


Yuurei would blink a few times as he heard the person ask if it was him. Yes, Yuurei was talking to him. There were multiple people here, but they weren’t all doing what he was doing. It would seem like he was taking notes on what he was doing, so he figured that he would make himself clear. H

He would smile at him as he looked at everyone else. Once he did that his eyes would return back to him.

“Yes, that was toward you. I figured since you were so absorbed in my training, then you might as well help me out with it. Don’t worry I won’t be too harsh and it could possibly help you in the long run.” He said as he would see what the young man had to say.

He wasn’t sure what he would do, but he would wait for him to say something or take an action that would show he accepted the offer to spar.



Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Mon Jan 23, 2023 7:53 am

Da’ncha’see'i, by all intentions and matters, was flabbergasted by the reality before him. His posed question done in mostly disbelf, as well as a layer of uncertainty that it was towards him. Surely this was a coincidence, Yuurei's response as he let out his feelings amongst the crowd. An image amonggat many really.

He was just an ex Rune Knight after all, not a fully fledge member either. A page. One that had decided to hang up his attempt finding it all...empty. Empty for the. Out part of what it meant to be a hero and serve. At least when he was with his fellow pages and apprentices. Which was all the time unfortunately. It gave him some delusion to the reason to specifically be a Rune Knight.

A soft yet sharp gasp left his lips. Yuurei was! He smiled  at him while gazing around at the crowd.  His gaze returning to  Da’ncha’see'i before speaking. "I oh um. Sure! I I well, DontKnowIfICanHelpButSure!!", Da’ncha’see'i said in a quick string of words as he took a step forward to move out of the crowd. Pen and book in hand and no weapon in sight. He had not realized yet that he had left his weapon elsewhere. Giving a short bow to show respect while he spoke his name. "A um um. Da’ncha’see'i, sir.  Nice to be of service".

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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Tue Jan 24, 2023 10:11 am


Yuurei waited for something from this man. He stared at him as if it would seem like things were getting interesting. He could see the excitement that had come from this man’s face and he wondered what was going to happen. It was then that the man with similarities to him would speak, and he would chuckle as he would rub the back of his head. It was then he would have heard his words and it would seem like he was excited about this.

He would watch his movements and it would seem like he didn’t have any weapons with him. Well, this wasn’t something he expected, but he was fine with that.

“It’s nice to meet you Da’ncha’see, I’m sure you already know this, but I feel weird when I don’t introduce myself. The name is Yuurei Starlight, nice to meet you.” He said to him as he would look at him.

“You didn’t bring a weapon with you, but please come at me with everything you have. No need to hold back.” He said to him as he got into a fighting stance and waited for him to make a move.



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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Tue Jan 24, 2023 11:51 am

Da’ncha’see'i straightened his posture, standing in preparation. He nodded his head, indeed. It seemed that Yuueri was as formal of a man as his reputation had told. Respectable. Now Da’ncha’see'i knew Mr. Yuueri Starlight was an incredible warrior, but how much in the realm of his tale spoken in books and whispers would be the question. Although, with his naivety, Da’ncha’see'i knew that such a thing would not be seen by his eyes today. The valley gap between him and Yuueri seemed to feel world's away just from the relaxed sensation of mana trickling from him. He would be lucky if he lasted long enough to even see a 10th of this man's power and experience as a hero.

"A pleasure Sir Starlight. I ah, don't have anything on me but I will try my best!", Da’ncha’see'i said with gusto 8 meters away. A bit of hesitation in his step, he began to run towards traveling 2.5 meters per second.

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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:38 am


Yuurei would nod as he understood. He wasn’t going to be using his armor or helmet as he figured that it would be a bit overkill.

“Alright let’s do this then.” He said as he would watch the hesitation, but then the acceleration began.

He would see the young man running to him. That was the spirit as he looked at him preparing to go on the defense. He would see that as he closed the distance between them, the faster he got. It was only correct for something like that to happen, and he would prepare for it. He knew that if landed one of his hits on the young man it would be over. It was why he decided to test him for now.

The crowd of people was watching as they weren’t and didn’t want to miss this. He would take his Gae Bolg and he would thrust it into the ground. This would bring the sand to pick up into the air and cover both, Da’ncha’see’I and his vision. Still, from there he would be on his guard as he was waiting for the man to push through it.

He found it entertaining to have someone who might have so much potential in front of him right now.




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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Fri Jan 27, 2023 5:17 pm

Da’ncha’see'i eyes were trained forward. Focused on the start of the unlikely sparring session that would mosytcertainly be a learned experience for the hero in training. No supreme gear, only his regulat clothing that was by aoo means no real addition to his protection to a large degree. No weapon.

Yuurei had no armor on his body and  no helmet.

Not even a weapon as Yuurei put Gae Bolg into the sand next time him as the youngling fighter began his run. The sand kicking and spreading into the air as Da’ncha’see'i 's body speed up. Moving 5 meters per second to shorten the distance between the two fighters to a mere 7.5 meters. Well within the striking range of both warriors.  His body moving fast and within the space of the sand eyes clouded and unable to truly see anything. But at least he could still smell. And so using a bit of the location that Yuurei was at last time and his sense of smell to feel out the scent of the man, Da’ncha’see'i ducked low, lowering his body slightly as he swung out his left leg at a kick towards Yuurei.

Nothing ventured nothing gained after all!

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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Sat Jan 28, 2023 7:24 am


Yuurei wasn’t sure what Da’ncha’see’I was capable of, but he would find out. He had brought sand into the air so as to obscure themselves. Still, it would seem like that didn’t work. That was interesting, and it would seem like this man had the ability to sense someone. How did Yuurei know this? Well, he had something to sense people as well. He felt the man closing the distance between the two of them, and the danger he sensed was something that he didn’t expect.

The attack that had come after Yuurei was brilliant. He had a smile on his face as he could have jumped into the air and swung his fork at the man, but he wasn’t to try and end the fight just yet. No, he was learning about this guy right now. He was still holding his Giant Fork spear, and he lunged to the left to avoid being taken out by Da’ncha’see’i. He would lunge about twenty-two meters away from him upon taking a pause and then he started running.

His movements were leading him in the direction of his Gae Bolg. He figured that he would pick it up as using his spear was the purpose of all this. Within two seconds he would be at his max speed of fifty and reach out into Gae Bolg's direction as the debris had cleared out and it would reveal his weapon and Da’ncha’see’i. He would have a smile on his face as he would pick up his weapon as looked at the young man.

“Nice, who would have guessed you could see through having your vision obscured? Alright, show me what else you got because soon something is going to be flying after you.” He said to him as he was preparing to toss Gae Bolg at him.


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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2023 6:48 am

There were much to the unknown to be honest. At least on Da'ncha'see'I's side of things. A pebble in a land of boulders. Unheard-of, untested, unrefined. His history balnk in the essence of it all, no tale told. Yuurei, on the other hand. Was a type of man that stood an elite of the elites. Every item he used, every magic he practiced and study.  It was gossiped about among the town folks and jotted down in notes in the underworld. Yuurei was a Legend, a beacon of hope. A fruit of his magic, physical power, and techniques. It was know. It was respected and even studied by some.

Da'ncha'see'I on the other hand had nothing and was nothing. At least right now. Capabilities wise, he was an unknown question mark. His nose sensing Yuurei's location and estimation from the man's previous line of sight, it was all he could really do to make a base for his actions. How close they were, it would be hard for Da’ncha’see’i to not be able to pinpoint what he needed, even with his massive lack of experience.

His low leg kick came, a simple attempt really from the fledgling hero coming from Yuurei's right side. The man lunged! Speeding away 25 meters to the left, Giant Fork in hand. A GIANT SPEAR FORK!!  So much time passed, several seconds. In the time that Yuurei first lunged and paused, Da'ncha'see'I ran again to follow him, breaking a fraction of the distance between them really. A whopping shift of speed and footwork. Far outside of reach for  anything he could.

But that was only the start! After Yuurei finished halting from the momentum from his lunge. He began to speed away again, as fast as he lunged! Yuurei was truly something else. Da'ncha'see'I could only turn in his run as Yuurei breezed passed him, the Paradise Dawn Commander easily getting back to his spear in two seconds while Da'ncha'see'I turned and ran to meet him once again. The sandy debris smoke screen gone with Yuurei's Gae Bolg in hand. Smile on his face.

As Yuurei spoke Da'ncha'see'I paused. Immediately popping out that book and pen before somewhat beating his face in while he scribbled scribbled scribbled notes and thoughts. Interesting interesting.

Da’ncha’see'i was a polite man though and so he would still listen out to Yuurei's words to respond as he wrote wrote wrote. "Ah thank you sir. I couldn't really see though, only could sense where you were", Da'ncha'see'I said partially true and honest. He....was a Werewolf. Born. A thing he felt shame and fear about and a complex...attachment to. He did not  want anyone to know what he was and would probably have a heart attack if anyone did!

He gulped though and nodded his head, closing the book from distance away from Yuurei to come again. Running towards the man before jumping into the air if he was close enough to to throw a straight forward punch from the sky.

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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2023 2:53 pm


Yuurei would look at him as he was waiting to see what Da’ncha’see’i would do next. When he saw that he had taken out that book from before, he would stop himself from tossing the spear right away. He would look at him as he would get an answer. That was interesting and he would nod as he didn’t think he would be able to do something like that. Still, it was cool to know that someone had an ability like that to fight with.

It would seem like the battle would begin again and he would see that Da’ncha’see’i would start running to Yuurei. This would be interesting, and he figured this was going to happen. The hunter would get ready to see what else he could do. It would seem like he was getting ready to attack him once again. The Seraphim was getting ready to attack him back but figured he would do something else. He would pivot his right foot to spin around and dodge the attack. He would take another step with his left leg to end up behind him. He would smiled a bit as it would seem like attacking him would be the next best thing for him to do.

He would look at his spear and he would nod as he would launch the blade straight at Da’ncha’see’i. Yuurei would activate his soaring spear that strikes with death. It would be sent flying straight to its opponent and it would continue to chase after him until it hit its target. Yuurei was aiming for his arm over anything as he didn’t want to hinder him in any way if it rendered him unconscious. He was willing to see what this man would be able to do against that, or if this would be the end of this fight.


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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Mon Jan 30, 2023 7:15 pm

Da’ncha’see’i's body waved in the air. Wind flapping against his green vest and white-silver hair as he descended. Crunching his core before stretching out his body, turning it to face Yuueri as he let his left hand fly forward into a punch! As Da’ncha’see’i's strike was on its way to land, Yuueri pivoted his right foot, spinning around in a swift light motion dodging Da’ncha’see’i's attack. Repositioning himself to move behind Da’ncha’see’i. A follow up step coming as Yuueri moved his left leg with a smile on his face.

Da’ncha’see’i would spin, attempting to be ready for- OH SHIT. Was what he wanted to yell out but a "aaaah!!", came as Yuueri's next action came. The spear in hand launching straight forwarded as it soared. It shifted and moved, like it was homing in on him. Oh...it was homing in on him...


The sounded echoed slightly as it shook Da’ncha’see’i's body. The spear smacking and bouncing off of his hand due to the metal backhand gloves he wore. The hand coming up in a defensive last minute reaction. It prevented him from suffering a traumatic injury by all means, but not the impact not one bit. He knelt immediately after, feeling light headed. "Yea...yep yep. That is it for me....".

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Paradise on the beach? [Green | Yuueri ] Empty Tue Jan 31, 2023 10:27 am


Yuurei would look at Da’ncha’see’i as he was quick to react and move. Still, the spear moved and it would seem like he wasn’t expecting that. He would shake his head as he expected that to happen. Still, one thing Yuurei hoped was that he could do something to block it or make sure that the damage behind his spear didn’t do some long-lasting damage to him. When he saw where it hit, he would smile as he was glad it didn’t pierce through his arm.

That was good, but it would seem like the blow behind the attack was still too much. He could see that Da’ncha’see’i was hurt from the attack as he knelt. Yuurei would rub the back of his head as he heard his words.

He chuckled a bit as his Gae Bolg would appear in his hand when stretched his hand out. He would approach the man in front of him and he would have his weapons disappear into his pocket dimension.

“You fought well. I was happy to learn a few things about you during our battle. Hopefully, we can battle again, and this time you will have some equipment or magic with you.” He said as he figured that Da’ncha’see’i arm was hindered and couldn’t move for the time being.

“Let’s get you to a chair to rest up.” He said as he would help him out and placed him on a beach chair before going his way.

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