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It's a Luau! [Kaito]

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It's a Luau! [Kaito] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 9:53 am

For the first time in a while Lucretia had the option to kick back and relax, her presence at the island had initially started with panic from the townsfolk but they had quickly realized that she wasn’t here to cause trouble. What with the rune knight badge, the huge friendly smile and the nature of the werewolf kept firmly under lock and key. She didn’t hide what she was and they seemed to cautiously appreciate that.

She had been to festivals and been a part of many kinds of celebrations but she had to admit that this feast that focused on what was available to the islanders was one that she could get behind. There was quite an array of food available and the entertainment? Well it was a mix between lively music with some amazing performances done by the locals.

This was a good way of pullin in people to spend time, money and energy here. She was willing to do all three and then some. While she wasn’t a dancer by any means it was obvious she was enjoying herself and the music was something that stirred fire in her heart. Just like the performance she was seeing that had a mix of dancing and fire; there were other aspects she enjoyed but she could honestly say that the ‘square off’ that was incorporated into the performance had her cmore intrigued.

She’d have to learn a little bit more about this island; but for now the werewolf would kick back and watch as things progressed. Most cultures used dances and performances like this to tell a story and she was earnestly curious. Even though that her curiosity was from the safety of the local ‘bar’ that had been set up near the back of the crowd. Not that she had any problem seeing over it given that she stood a good meter taller than anyone here.

Fishing out a coin she’d toss it to the bartender; he probably wasn’t used to her garb either. Being overly simple in the fashion of a white T shirt without sleeves and a black set of cargo pants. The lack of boots meant that he could even see that yes she indeed was a werewolf top to bottom. Handing her her drink Lucretia’s brow raised a bit; the one that she ordered came in a little coconut and had a little umbrella sticking out of it.

Heh. Don’t think I ever thought to drink out of one of these before…

Turning her gaze back onto the performance the werewolf decided that she’d have to enjoy herself a little more tonight than she normally would…


It's a Luau! [Kaito] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 10:25 am


Revy had finally bugged Kaito enough to take her to a strangely named party that they do on the island some times, he did end up dragging his feet a little so Revy was scolding him, thing is he wasn't much of a party or crowds guy so he was going to probably just stick to the rear of the party because one wrong move and it will go from party to panic in a heart beat, his arms are wrapped nicely from his gloved hands to his shoulders in the short sleeved red and black t-shirt he was wearing, he also was in shorts and his legs are wrapped in bandages as well as Revy told him he needed to dress the part so she didn't even let him wear his cloak either.

Revy was leading the way toward the luau and she kept peering back to make sure Kaito hadn't run off on her or portaled away to some where else she was going to attempt to make him be slightly social even if it killed her to get his to stop being a stubborn mule and just to enjoy himself a little, but she figured the chances of him doing that were slim to none at this luau but she could still have her hopes about it even if it was just a faint hope.

Kaito gets to this strange party and he begins looking around and moving out of peoples ways so that they don't bump into him cause even if he has protected them from himself there is still a chance a wrap gets loose and some one ends up making skin to skin contact with him and sees something they will not like to see or feel, mental scarring is the hardest injury to fix in the end.

"Stop looking so sullen this is a party it won't kill you to have a bit of fun will it?" She smiled teasingly at him as she knew that he was not one for crowds and the like if he didn't have to deal with them.

"You don't know that one wrong move someone bumps into me and then I am on the islands most wanted list for traumatizing someone." He was fully serious about this cause he knows how nasty his curse is to other people and how sometimes he has traumatized them he only knows of two people that weren't fully traumatized and that is a female dwarf he met and the other was Quilla for some reason it hadn't seemed to bother her.


It's a Luau! [Kaito] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 8:04 am

Lucretia leaned back against the bar and sipped at her drink; she liked the ambience of the party and honestly she felt like the longer she stayed here the less likely she was going to be spending any time in a bed. Chuckling to herself the werewolf adjusted a little bit and stared out above the heads of the crowd.

Her eyebrows slowly raised as she could see a few individuals of note here or there; but they were all locals. The ‘chief’ of the area; some of the more notable shopkeeps. But someone that didn’t look to be from here made their way to the party. She’d slowly furrow her brow and stare at that one particular individual. There was a nagging sensation in the back of her head that told her that she knew this guy from somewhere.

Bump into him at some other get together? See his mug in the paper? No… She’d rub at her chin and after an eternity of deliberation she’d decide to see if she could get his attention by waving him over with a friendly wave and big ol grin.

Hopefully that was inviting enough to get him to come over but she wouldn’t blame the guy if he decided to not interact with her. Some people couldn’t get past the fact she was a werewolf; others couldn’t get past the whole rune knight thing now and well…

All that could potentially be pushed to the wayside given that they were at a party. She had her fair share of curious glances today as it were and her friendly nature seemed to put people at ease…


It's a Luau! [Kaito] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 4:40 pm


Kaito looks at Revy who is looking at someone that is waving at them. "Isn't that the raising star Lucretia from that magazine the werewolf lady?" The exceed asked Kaito to see if he knew the werewolf from somewhere.

He rubbed his chin as this person seemed to be calling them closer, he guessed maybe he should head closer to them to see what they wanted or if maybe he was just assuming that this person was calling him over and he was going to look like a total weirdo for walking all the way over there to someone that clearly he had misread a signal from.

He very carefully put Revy on his back and he phased through the people of the crowd as if he was some kind of ghost just walking through walls and he gets to the bar area and he looks to the werewolf as he carefully put Revy on a bar stool. "Were you summoning me to come to you or was I mistaken sorry if I have misread to who you seemed to be calling over." He watched out for the people around him as he didn't want to cause anyone to maybe go mad.

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