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Deep Deep [Escape]

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#26Erebus Gresham 

Deep Deep [Escape] - Page 2 Empty Tue Aug 09, 2022 9:34 pm

Erebus Gresham

The sound of a monstrous roar from the waters was heard. Now, time was of the essence, Erebus shook his head trying to get the dizziness out of his psyche. Perhaps he’d hit head or something, because when his sight readjusted he watched a guard spit in Jikan’s face. “Hey bastard!” Erebus shouted, ready to slit the man apart himself. When he came too though— he watched Jin lunge around the back and whip out a new weapon... Was that a... whip? What the fuck. Jin proceeded to lash the man, who’s eyes depicted hearts and his lips bit down upon each other. “Oh man.” Erebus said concerned, as he glanced back to Jin. The man quickly twisted and contorted his legs, as if the feelings were pleasurable. “Didn’t know you swung that way Jin— I’d tell him he should slap you, but you might like it a little too much.” Erebus flashed his friend a teasing grin, and then turned off to jog out of the room, as the occasional rock of the building caused dust of stone to fall atop their heads.

Erebus first came across more guards but cut them apart without moving. There was no more time to waste with their lot. Erebus was concerned the Hellsea’s fortress would be attacked by its enchanted beasts, killing them all inside. After all, just how safe was this thing so deep underwater? “Here— this way.”

Erebus came across the cell where Jikan’s friend Ittindi was captive. With one megaton spartan kick, Erebus dented the metal, he planted a second, then a third. With the bars jutted inwards, Erebus removed his lightsaber finally, and burned a a ring into the holding cell. Leaving the rest to Jikan behind himself. He stepped out of the way, and the lightsaber aimed towards the floor, so to not touch or harm anyone.

“Alright, that’s one down. Knuckles and Hassan next. Let’s move.”


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Jikan held the man's body up in the air by the neck. Her eyes open and flat as she gazed at him. Waiting. She had already made her decisions, it only matter on his next answer to decided the smaller details of his fate. She heard Jin speak again but was confused for a second. Why in the world was something going to be awkard for him too?? Just what was about to do?


She heard the flick of the whip and the man's body shake. One, two. It hurt the man sure, but if he endured all of this and the possibility of death. Then Jikan doubted that-. Wait...was that man's eyes turning into...heart  drawings??

"Yes. Of course. Anything for you,"

She shivered. That weapon was a scary cursed weapon and she wanted none of it. Not to hit her. touch her. be near her. But...she had to admit it got the information they needed out of him easy. The man practically could not stop going gaga for Jin as they mouthed off information. "Hassan is in block G my love!, Ittindi is in D. The Last fellow. The red head. He is in cell block O!!", the man finished speaking but began to wiggle about. An...uncomfortable thing as he was being held up by Jikans hand. His arms and legs wiggled

"....", i...hate...that whip. She thought to herself. But she also thought she had no futher use for this man. Tsking her other arm she ripped his right arm off. Letting him fall to the ground out of her arm as she felt his blood gush out. With a blank stare she turned away. Walking after Erebus. The warrior she had faced in the past was very fast and powerful indeed. And his multiple limbs came in handy time and time again in her mind.

He moved quicker to Ittindi's location in cell block D. Kickingg the bars loose before burning an entrance. The Sleeping Calamity's body laid in chains, unconscious still. Stellibg in after Erebus moved out of the way, she wasted no time in approaching her comrade before ripping his restraints off with her hands. Heaving his body over her shoulder, she carried him as she walked out of the cell.

"Okay. Next is Hassan".


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Toma was silent walking down the stairs the one on his right tried to get away. He leaped kicking him down the stairs down to the next flight. All the while, he had grabbed the other one in his hand, dragging him down as a cushion. The second guard was groaning as Toma stomped on his kneecap, forcing a loud scream.Toma kicked him up against the wall with a hard smack.Throwing the second one not too close Toma lead into him with a hard right and started beating him to a pulp. He wasn't trying to incipacitate him but hurt him while keeping them conscious. Teeth and blood splattered on the floor as the second guard watched in whimpering terror. Toma gave it a rest." You're both pretty quiet maybe I'm not trying hard enough?" Toma squatted down between the two giving long glances to the both of them.

He paused for a second to pay attention to his surroundings. Another patrol of guards was going to come up in about 4 minutes. The mangled was coughing up blood at this point. "Schee.. Sche esquawed...." Toma stared deeply into the eyes of the man forcing him to hurry up. It seemed he messed up his ability to speak clearly. "Esacwped schwee gawt out..." So Jikan escaped already of course she did. That must be what the commotion was about. Toma proceed to snap the neck of both men before rapidly leaping up the stairs. Flying through the staircase allowed him to traverse the floors the fastest. It seemed he needed to go higher before he could find the boss.

#29Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin looked away in an uncomfortable squint as the man squirmed. He hadn't expected it to be this...awkward. But the fact that Jikan was the one holding him, gave him some relief and humor in how unnerving it may be for her as well. Nonetheless, he waited for the man to spill all the details, and stepped back to make sure he was out of arms reach. This was his first real use of the whip and while he respected it...he was not a fan either.

Jin slunk his shoulders as Erebus spoke, "I don't SWING that way. It's just a means to an end," he placed a hand over his face, in dismay. How did things turn into...this. Now people would see him as the weird dungeon keeper of Eternal Nightmare.

Without a word, Jikan tore the man's arm off and turned around. "Eek," Jin replied and stepped over the bleeding man's body. He reached with his remaining hand towards the Paladin, but Jin hoped away and left him.

With Jikan now carrying Ittindi out of the cell, Jin rose his hand and let a beam of healing light restore whatever injuries were sustained. "That should keep them going." He added and then began to run toward's Hassan's cell.

In front of the cell, they could see Hassan shackled through the bars and two guards just about to change shifts. Jin cast a healing spell that would both wash over Hassan and drain the life from the guards. One Guard collapsed and the other fell to a knee, trying to cling to life.

#30Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus could hear Jin behind him still denying that he just seduced a guard. “Uh huh. I hear you. Hey— I’m not judging Jin. You do you, I mean who’s it gonna hurt,” Erebus continued to press the joke as he couldn’t help but find the humor in something even during this extremely risky situation.

It was no time at all and they had made it to Hassan after Intindi, to which Jin took care of this one with a haste to his work. They meant they only needed Knuckles now. Erebus dashed down hallways, and opened a stairwell door. He began to throw himself down it with a light foot, due to his acrobatics, and rapidly descend upon his placement that is until he could hear— and then see even— another fellow.

“What the—” Erebus said landing to his feet. He then yelled up the stairwell for Jikan as well as Jin. “There’s someone out here,” he suddenly got serious with the stranger and raised his daggers level to his chest defensively. Erebus stood face to face with Toma. “State your business. We’re doing a break out, you aren’t gonna stand against us right?”


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Jikan continued to moved forward. Hearing the funny banter and teasing between the Eternal Nightmare guild members but not showing any response. She was dead focus after all. She got herself out, and now she had one of her members with her. And before he thanks to Jin's quick actions, Hassan was before her as well. She did give a nod of acknowledgement though when Jin waved his hand and washed a healing glow on energy on Ittindi's unconscious body. A show of thanks in the middle of fast movements. Standing in front of his cell with the guards either being dead and unconscious, Jikan raised her left foot up and give one kick. Knocking the bars loose and walking in. In a quick motion she collected Hassan, carrying him under her arm as she kept Ittindi over her shoulder and back,

"...gonna need one of you to carry Knuckles if he is unconscious like the others", she said as she walked out of Hassan's cell. Seeing Erebus already on the move. She moved quickly, the weight of the Sleeping Calamity members she was carrying not slowing her down. Soon she saw Erebus move into a hallway and then open a door. Moving in with urgency. She thought she heard something, voices, one louder than the others?

She moved, entering into the space as she watched him descend down, ready to get into a fight. Well, until her eyes locked onto the familiar face and frame. "Toma? Wait, Erebus stop, that's one of my men", she walked down the stairs hopping down next to the both of them. "Came to cause some Calamity?", she said in a inquisitive voice that was slightly....filled with banter to someone who knew her personality well enough.


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Toma swung and lept over the railing meeting with a man entering the staircase. Removing his mask heard familiar breathing as he stared down the man in front of him. "Watch your mouth I'm here for my guild master." Toma made a claw with his right hand lightning sparking. The blood-splattered clothes of his were fresh and should have been apparent to the man." You'll end up another stain if you're here to stop me..." Before anything could happen a familiar redhead burst into the staircase behind the man as she carried 2 people with her. She hopped down as his familiar smirk grew without his consent.

"Calamity, death and chaos alike. I made a mess on my way up. I was going to make another one but you saved him Jikan." Toma exclaimed sarcastically as his face went back to neutral throwing a disgusted gaze at the other man. He put back on his mask fixing the birdbeak on appropriately."Pleasantries aside who else must we save? And better yet what is our escape plan....?" Toma trailed off as he turned around and started walking downstairs. "Reinforcements..." He trailed off walking off to meet them. It was group of at least 10 or more. Well he was lucky enough to discover his objective. Jikan had escaped and was free of any bindings meaning they could use her magic. That would be key to escaping. If anything they would have to find a way to steal a ship of some sorts. If push came to shove call in a fake request for reinforcements and steal that ship. So much to do he thought.

#33Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin palmed his face. This was exactly what he wanted to avoid. "Me that's who," he replied about who it would hurt. How could he ever hope to have any serious conflict now?

"No problem," he answered Jikan, but wasn't sure just how big the person was and if he would be able to carry them. Erebus moved ahead and leaped down the stairs as reckless as ever. Jikan followed after, and Jin arrived last to see Erebus with daggers drawn. Luckily Jikan intervened before any blows started. Jin tilted his head, seeing the sparks of electricity. Erebus was a powerhouse and a master of daggers, he hoped that the two didn't collide. Many didn't know what they were getting into when they danced against the four-armed menace.

Despite their both reckless sass, Jin sighed as things didn't fall to violence. At least for now. "Does everyone have to be so abrasive all the time." he shook his head and leaned against a wall, taking a breather.

"We have a boat up top. Just have to get by the sea of monsters first," Jin shrugged, feeling more confident in their plan now that the ranks were growing more and more.

#34Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus nodded to Jikan as she arrived. However as Toma began to talk, Erebus smirked. His eyes became slitted within their crimson red pupils. He couldn’t help himself, not with the Pact of War, it augmented his need to address action.

When Toma turned around and would be busy talking further, the mana blade had slyly dropped into another of his hands, it fell into his bronze glove beneath his hand that held the Lightsaber on the right side, and the glove flew forward at 20m/s at the target five feet away; moving through the air silently to pierce the male instantly, and Erebus dashed to the stair railing in one lunging bound landing on it acrobatically and out of radius of Jikan’s position. He moved his hand to control the piercing of the young mage in the back, so as to not hit a vital but show they were indeed on different levels— albeit if something changed the glove’s trajectory. Or reacted to the mana blade, there would be simply no stopping the real threat. The rogue himself— as he lunged with superhuman speeds in a quick blur, was ready to pounce and slice with his daggers summoned into his left hands.

Toma hadn’t caught the memo it seemed. Rather than appreciate his colleague Jin, in coming to rescue Jikan as well— he insulted the Eternal Nightmare mages. This just simply would not do for Erebus, who was far from playing lip service with a subservient underling. Unless stopped somehow, Erebus would be upon Toma jabbing him with a monstrous amount of strength.

If he weren’t stopped, he would allow Toma to remain conscious enough to follow them, though. With a severe wound, it was a case of whether he could even swim away from the sea monsters. Of course, Erebus did this with the fore knowledge that Jin would probably heal the fellow. The fact that Jin could heal the fellow, was his saving grace. After that moment. Perhaps, the young Calamity Mage would officially learn how to appreciate help. Near and far.


Name: Glove Control
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Lerzar's Glove
Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Element: Arcane
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: -
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Lerzar's Glove can be flung from the user's hand, and will follow the motions of the user's hand at a distance. A grasping motion, for example, will cause the glove to pick up an object. It can also be used to punch people from a distance, trip their legs, slap their face, pinch their cheeks, wield a weapon, and much more. Though, as mentioned before, the user must move their hands to guide the direction of Lerzar's Glove and make the necessary motion with their Off-Hand. Lerzar's Glove can be controlled by the user as long as it remains within a range of 25 meters. The flat damage it does when assaulting others is considered A-rank (Physical Damage), however, when wielding a weapon the damage is considered A-rank (Physical Damage) plus the Weapon Damage. Lerzar's Glove can't wield a Two-Handed weapon. In addition, the user can't use spells nor effects attached to the Weapon that require mana when it is wielded by Lerzar's Glove, however, passive effects that don't require mana still apply to the weapon though.

2975 Remaining


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Internally Jikan groaned and cursed as soon as she saw the smirk on Erebus' face. Warriors were warriors and 'criminals' would be 'criminals'. That look just oozed that he was going to do something about the words Toma had said to him. Great,  just fucking, great..., she thought in pure annoyance.

At the moment of which that Erebus weapon shifted in his hand, Jikan would respond, either cutting off the words she had spoke or simply continue the dialogue with Toma while casting her magic. She would tap her foot, a purple 16 meter Diameter purple circle appearing under her. Fitting Toma, herself, and likely the others in as well its confinement. However, she wouldn't try to cover herself, Erebus, or Jin in this magical barrier. Only Toma. The dark magic moved  20 meters per second, and given her closer proximity to Toma than Erebus, would likely appear far before his glove began to move towards the Sleeping Calamity member. A 16 x 16 purple box appeared covering Toma, stopping and absorbing the 2xS damage from the spell before it would break. W

Jikan did not bother to stop Erebus as he dashed to the stair railing in a lunge. It was....a smart thing to move out of her immediate melee range. But...this was not the time for trival things or another fight with the God of War's patron. Jikan would respond though, dashing with a lunge of her own to stand as a wall, furthering her already present spot in between the two trouble makers.

If Erebus had continued on to try to get through her to Toma, she would have attempt to grab the fist of the jab with her gauntlet. An exchange of physical strength as she simple would have stopped the punch and not attack to attack. In her mind, such a thing would only be idea once they were out. She was a battle lover yes, but a person who had grown well enough to use her head about when and where to do such things. Fighting under water, surrounded by numerous sea beasts, in a Rune Knight prison under sea. Was absolutely NOT on her fight here list.

Jikan voice came out. Soft and a bit soothing. But cold as well, eerie as she gave a smile with her eyes momentarily narrowed to slits, to Erebus, Toma, and Jin. A soft flow of her mana coming out of her. "Now now boys~. WHAT, are we doing here??~".

Deep Deep [Escape] - Page 2 9k=

She opened her eyes, continuing her smile, "Are you fighting here...of all places. Really?", dis-content oozing from her with a bit of...disappointment. "He's one of my men Erebus. So this won't do. Stab each other, curse, or punch. I really don't care. Just have it out with each other once we get Knuckles and get far away from this shit hole".

Spell used:

6000 / 6250 mana


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Toma heard the sound of movement as his head turned but then a purple barrier was erected around him.  Seeing as he was somehow saved from the strange-looking fellow. Toma simply stared him down but then his eyes met with Jikan as she began to speak. His body shuttered a bit at the release of her killer aura. Toma was weaker so even he couldn't hide his discomfort as he was overwhelmed by the release. It even made his hairs stand up more than him almost being stabbed.

Toma looked to the man after hearing her small speech staring with the glowing red eyes of his mask. "I thought you were an enemy so don't take it to heart. But I'll humor you with a duel after we escape as my leader has said. Forgive my rudeness." Toma stood his ground despite his stomach had dropped. Careless and he had almost paid the price if Jikan hadn't stepped in. The least he could do was own up and fight him like a man. But only after the job at hand was handled.

#37Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin watched the tensions flicker between the group. Erebus's sly look said a lot, and they were all too close to do much if the assassin had tried anything. Toma turned his back and with a quick drop of his weapon, Erebus was ready to strike. The assassin was only a few feet away from his target. As soon as the weapon had dropped to Erebus's magical glove, Jin pretended to trip over his boots.

In the middle of his false fall, he caught the glimpse of Jikan casting a spell. A large magic circle appeared. Jin didn't know what the spell was but hoped it wouldn't also hurt. The spell itself was a 16-meter diameter box, it would need to travel at least 7 meters past Toma, in order to create a barrier between Toma and the rest of them. Considering they were all less than 2 meters apart from each other. This would lead to the dagger piercing toward Toma before the AoE barrier reached its destination.

Jin's stumble, which was in actuality a small dash, put him in the line of fire. The dagger struck Jin in the side as the barrier of purple fog arose. Jin on the inside from his dash with toma and the other two on the outside. "Ouch,"
he rubbed his side that had been stabbed and pretended to fall the rest of the way on the ground from his 'stumble.'

He shook his head. "Where did that come from," he stood back up with the dagger, only to hear Jikan speak.

"Hey don't lump me in here. I'm just a healer. Those two are the rowdy ones."

#38Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus was way too fast, he saw every movement occurring at once, though his eyes watched as Jin seemed to roll in the way, perhaps from Jikan and Toma’s side, it all appeared to be accidental, but Erebus was sharp enough to know Jin’s behaviour. The same way he dealt with most situations, but rather than this being the usually clever sort of thing Jin did. This only confused Erebus. “Aye— Jin. You cockblocked me!” Erebus pulled his wrist back as if to yank a rope, and the glove-wielding dagger rapidly returned to his person like it had never left. “You.. you okay?” Erebus asked, a little unsure of whether he’d accidentally punctured a vital or something against his friend. “You can heal that right?”

Erebus sighed— a tad frustrated he hadn’t gotten what he wanted, his hands fell to his hips. He then returned his gaze to the situation at hand. Admiring the purple barrier itself. The color was nice, it reminded Erebus of the Spiral. “Jikan— Of course HERE. Why would I turn down a fight, anywhere? Besides, I wasn’t attacking you— precious Jikan. I’ve already tried you out. Just that little guy there, hiding behind you. Hmm, he lit a fire in my belly and I have to extinguish it. Disrespecting our brand, flag, even our color— to me is simply intolerable. Opposing Eternal Nightmare without an ounce of respect for our mission to help Sleeping Calamity is foolish. Sure, this is no storybook tale where we ride off into the sunset as buddies. Never said it would be, but I mean we are breaking your lot out of the pen. Nonetheless, dear Jikan, your dreams can shortly become nightmares if left unchecked. You already have Paradise Dawn opposing you, would you sully your chances and politics with Eternal Nightmare? If so— please don’t stand in our way when I’ve discerned that much.” Erebus said gesturing towards his— albeit bleeding— guildmaster. “My loyalty is with him. His idea was to help you. Don’t take a good man’s honor and spit on it. We are criminals. In a criminal prison, breaking out other criminals, you.” Erebus smirked. “Tell me again. Reinforcements? That’s what you think we are. Well — see my perspective, I am the most wanted man in the continent. In the very place they want to stuff me into. Helping you out. If I was your enemy, you’d already be dead.”

“Huh?” Erebus said almost a visual confusion on his face, as the smirk was showing through as he listened to Toma scratch. Toma had apparently offered to defend himself, delivering a much more toned down experience as opposed to a momentary death match— Erebus was impressed with the macho vigor. It didn’t really change much to Ere, as his opinions were absolute to himself. The Nightmare Assassin fought others because the will to dominate, to win all wars. was coursing his bloodstream. Instantly the sarcastic rhetoric of the rogue began to show it’s self to the challenger, “Oh? Rookie mistake but I like it.” Erebus desummons his dagger, his red eyes showing a clear urgency, almost obsession. “What’s your name again anyways?” Erebus finally let the tension subside. “I was a lot like you once. Be careful with how you address others, friend or foe.” He concludes with an audible chortle which echoed off the walls. “You never know who’s gonna stab you in the back.“

Erebus had bent down to Jin as he spoke earlier, his eyes finally drifted away from Jikan and Toma and back to Jin. He held a hand to the Paladin, seeking to help him to his feet. “Taking a nap down there Jin? We have places to be, time to get out of here. Luluhawa awaits.”


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When Jikan saw Erebus and Jin arrive as she was about to break out, she thought it would be an interesting situation. When Toma was spotted when they were on the way to collect Knux, she thought his presence could be an additional boon. But, when Erebus and Toma got into an argument, she felt like it was going to be just a pain in the ass. A challenging fight with Erebus could indeed be fun, and Toma facing the challenge of the god of war would be a good test for the lad. But, hostility was something to be careful with, especially when trying to break out of this prision AND having their unconscious members being carried by one of the Eternal Nightmare members. She acted, her body already in between Tom and Erebus from her moving down the steps. Having placed her body in between the two steamy men.

Her efforts seemed to be pointless and a bit of a problem causer. Her magic traveled not fast enough, the gap in space more than she originally had thought. But Jin moved forward as well, stumblig over ina  movement that caused his body to get strike by the dagger. His momentum carrying him as  the barrier of purple fog arose. Two folded. It indeed stopped the blow, but now Jin was inside with Toma. If Erebus continued on with this and wanted a fight....Toma wold be stuck in that 16 meter space dealing with Jin. Who Jikan assumed was at least comparable in strength to Erebus just being here.

The movement were so goofy and messy....she couldn't believe it. She saw it, had no evidence that it wasn't what it was. But. It was just all too good in that moment of a slip up. It seemed that at least from his words. Jin did not want any fights. Which was good. Because they still had those 10 approaching guards coming towards them. Confusion on their faces gone from the sight of in fighting. "Glad to hear. But how about you help your friend cool down? We got pests to deal with". Then she blinked. Did he just say cockblocked? Was he getting off on fighting? Oh god....perverts. Perverts the both of them! The thoughts as Erebus spoke at first even made it more apparent that this man was a derange man that got something from fighting. Beyond the simple thrill that Jikan did.

"Storybook? Dream? Nightmare? Dear Erebus. I don't dream. I live in reality. Buddies are not I dont care. And I never thought it was friendship you two were after when you came here, after all. Everything is a business in our line of work. A open sky or a dark void, I'm very comfortable. How it is with a business would be up to you. If you don't stand in mine I won't stand in yours. And attacking one of my men when I'm trying to get out of here, is in my way", she said keeping the purple magic up as she responded to Erebus. Her eyes did look to Jin though for a split of second, following Erebus' gesture. A bit of recognition that some business gratitude would be do to the man later. He was becoming more, interesting by the interaction. She chose not to comment on the words of if he was her enemy she would be already dead. If she did how she wanted to, they would be fighting here and just get caught.  She did just look on with a plain expression on her face though, albeit with a bit of light in her eyes.

Erebus went forward to help his guild master up. An act that wouldn't be possibel as the barrier was still up. For now, but, at this moment the 10 rune knight guards that Toma had saw earlier was upon them. Magic circles flying forward to crash into her shield. 10 spells in various strength, the combined might being able to break Jikan's barrier down.

"Get them! Now while they're fighting!".

"Well, I suppose we should go handle that shouldn't we?", she said using it as an excuse to change topics. After the barrier got broke, if Erebus desired so he could continue to reach out to Jin and help him up.


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Toma sighed, not paying the situation any mind. He could hold off on being obliterated for the moment by Jikan or this mystery man. He replied to the man's question simply and promptly as Jikan released her shield. "Toma the Maelstrom." He replied turning and jumping against the wall with his palm and body curved, he ran down the side of the wall swiftly down the staircase. Another magic set of magic circles was created, but he instinctively dodged at the last moment. Pushing off against the wall, he landed on the staircase in a deep crouch. The smokescreen of the destroyed wall and flying debris masked him for a moment.

Bursting forward, he lead with a  double front kick crashing into whoever had the misfortune of being in his way. Crashing the guard's head into the floor behind them. Toma cartwheeled to his left, dodging a jab from a spear before springing to his left to gain distance. This next floor was an open hallway a break in the staircase. One was down and three broke off to chase after him, with the rest holding the line at the staircase.

#41Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"Haha, yep...I'm good. No worries here," Jin replied from still within the dark fog. He rubbed his side as the knife slid out of it. He'd take care of that later. Jikan responded by asking Jin to cool his friend down. But in reality, once Erebus got going there was little to really ease his momentum.

"Nothings ever easy is it," he mumbled. Jikan and Erebus threw some words back and forth, and Jin could feel the tension. Erebus' need for violence. Jikan's sharp tongue. Bad guys were....difficult. "Yes yes, we get it. You are both talented and independent and strong. We're all criminals, and don't back down from a challenge. Now can I get outta this fog please?" Even the good guys did the same though. Always a level of bravado to be had and measured against another. But for now, Jin just wanted to be free. Jin pressed a hand on the barrier and another hand the back of his hand on his forehead, "You have to understand...Erebus is a man possessed. A demon of war lives within him. A madness that has gripped his mind. He battles against it day in and day out until one day he can tame his rash urges." It was a fabricated tale, but one that may shift the mood.

He then caught Jikan's glance and perked up in surprise to nod back. With the barrier broken, Jin would take Erebus' hand and get back to his feet. "Thanks." he said and turned to face the men. He clapped his hands and yellow light appeared around them. It sapped their life but left them still standing. Jin's wounds healed as he stood within his own light and absorbed their health as well.[/color]

#42Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

“Another time then.”

Erebus helped Jin up, looking forward and staying mute there after for the brief moment. He still had to carry the guy on his shoulder which meant he needed to be moving instead of dealing with guards.

Another wicked rocking from the walls occurred, causing the prison to shake roughly. Erebus thrusted his wrist again, and the dagger which pierced Jin flew around the guards, what Toma or Jikan weren’t fighting would have their necks slit in one move. Erebus then turned around, he had no more buisness continuing his game if no one else was interested w/ it. There was too many things going on, and important things on the way.

Erebus would dash off down the hall, if they needed to find any more people of course he’d help but in general, Erebus was making his way to the exit point, or rather, EN’s entry point. It was locked behind a few air tight chambers, where ultimately a sub would have to be taken out.

Assuming they moved correctly in the sub, they might avoid a seabeast but the predicament grew ever more challenging when one considered the prison itself was under attack right now.

Name: Glove Control
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Lerzar's Glove
Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Element: Arcane
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: -
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Lerzar's Glove can be flung from the user's hand, and will follow the motions of the user's hand at a distance. A grasping motion, for example, will cause the glove to pick up an object. It can also be used to punch people from a distance, trip their legs, slap their face, pinch their cheeks, wield a weapon, and much more. Though, as mentioned before, the user must move their hands to guide the direction of Lerzar's Glove and make the necessary motion with their Off-Hand. Lerzar's Glove can be controlled by the user as long as it remains within a range of 25 meters. The flat damage it does when assaulting others is considered A-rank (Physical Damage), however, when wielding a weapon the damage is considered A-rank (Physical Damage) plus the Weapon Damage. Lerzar's Glove can't wield a Two-Handed weapon. In addition, the user can't use spells nor effects attached to the Weapon that require mana when it is wielded by Lerzar's Glove, however, passive effects that don't require mana still apply to the weapon though.

2575 Remaining


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At Jikan watched Toma sigh and give his name, she figured that at least her was getting the vibe of her intention to stop this nonsense and move on. Arguing with one another while getting blasted with stabs or stabbed was most certainty not a pass time activity she wanted to be a part of. And as Toma made quick movement alongside the wall, destruction from the guards attacks hitting the wall, making a smokescreen. She was sure the others had better things in mind as well.

Internally she noted Jin's comment about Erebus. A man possessed by a demon a war. Perhaps such a thing was true and it did impact him. But, why was it inside of him in the first place? By his own choice she assumed? Not like there were people running around shoving things into other people. Especially powerful things that could become their enemy if said person was unhappy about sharing their body with something. Either way, that was something for later, regardless how unsure she thought this was all was. For now, she would accept Jin's claim.

Jikan hopped down, carrying Ittini on her left shoulder as she let the others move. Toma was taking care of a few before Erebus moved his glove and quickly finished the others. Hassan was on Erebus shoulder and now it was just Knux. With not much time she reached the ground past the dead bodies. Opening into the space Knux was in, she broke the door down before grabbing him. With Ittini and Knux being carried by her now, she moved with haste. Reaching where Erebus went along side Jin and Toma for them to escape off of this degrading underwater prison.


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