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Deep Deep [Escape]

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Okay, well lets see

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trying again lets see


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going to go again


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Darkness surrounded her. A hood hanged on her head. Silence, a stillness. And with the soles of her bare feet touching the ground. A cold emptiness as well. It was what the room gave her, a coldness, an abyss. Her hands attached to her back, chained and pressed. Her feet locked together. These chains....how she hated them. The feel of their fresh steel, the feeling of her magic being locked away, her mana being drained. The tightness digging into her flesh, her bones...her spirit.

The memories.

...time had passed since she was brought in, awakened from her subconscious during the exchange of her body from the Paradise Dawn Guild to the Rune Knight guards. Already stripped of her gear and chained to be held away to her cell. Days....how long exactly she could only guys. 3? 4? During the time she wiggled one had at most as she could, hoping to do something.


#8Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
A sweet tune whistled from the paladin's lips. Water brushed against the sides of the boat with each stroke of the oars. The fortress of criminals loamed over them in the distance. Nothing but a small rocky cove gave access to the stealthy parts of the island. And even then an escapee would need to get down to it.

He passed a bottle of ale, over to his friend and guildmate Erebus. "A jail break. The perfect way to make new friends. Good thing we picked up that clue from the island," Jin stretched his back having already had a few too many shots of the drink.

"I'm thinking we treat this one pretty simple. Get in, take out some guards and clear the way for Jikan. Something a little more suited to your skill set. he gave a side wink and a laugh. But hoped it would be nice for Erebus to get away from being a bodyguard and be able to let loose a little more. "We haven't talked about it. But I know our guild and why we are here. And I'm not the leader. Odin still is. That being said. I'm not going to kill anyone. But I'm not gonna say anything about how you handle your business." he wanted Ere to know that he wasn't trying to push his beliefs on anyone or make any changes.

After Ere spoke, the boat would touch against the rocks. Jin tied a rope to a few thin rocks for support. The guards were already on patrol and it was time for action. "Shall we," Jin said, loosening his whip from his side.


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One of her arms continued to do its work. Fighting, pulling, wiggling and such. Eventually Jikan would hear a pop. A metal clank as she felt her left arm moved from her back to her side. She took a deep breath, the feeling of stiffness of her left arm fading. A flexibility and sense of normality coming back to her. With a arm free now and the silent hours transpiring. She had to move fast. She could not remain lie this, if she did then sooner or later one of the Rune Knight guards would come to feed her or check up on her.

And so she chose not to wait. Snapping her hand up she gripped the hood on her head. With a sharp simple tug the brown fabric tore. Coming off of Jikan's face as varies sized pieces. Her red hair falling to cover her face as she gazed at the floor.

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"ahhhh", she softly cooed as she blinked her eyes. But, nothing changed. Jikan moved her head, tried to open her eyes wild and still, she failed to see anything. She realized that it was no use. They were open, and the world was still empty and dark to her. It was like the room was a dark shy, but, most night skies were the darkest of greys, but this one was pure black. It was like someone shut off the stars and moon. Erased any residue of life within it.

The darkness felt heavy, oppressive, almost supernatural. It was darker than vantablack, then a demon's heart. Jikan's head turned to her left arm, wondering if that's even possible. She wiggled her demonic arm then shifted her gaze to her still trapped right arm. She was swallowed up in room that tried to instill a sense of nothingness, not able to see her own hand in front of her own face.

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It tried to at least.

Jikan left arm flew across her body, gripping the metal that locked her right arm in place. With a crunch the metal began to fall to pieces in her hand. She may have lost the use of her magic for now, and the gear she had accumulated with time, but one of the things she always had on her. Was her own brute physical strength. The metal fell as if it was a rock being pressed on by an iron force. Feeling the metal fall away, Jikan wiggled her right arm free, stretching out her fingers as she felt another level of mana slowly begin to be restored.

Her next few actions followed swiftly, with her now free right arm she snatched the metals bars holding her torso down, and then she bended forward at her torso. Grabbing the last pieces of metal holding her legs down and together before ripping them away from her limbs.

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Her bare feet kicked free now, touching down onto cold, wet(?), floor. Jikan wondered where exactly was she. This did not feel the same like last time, this place felt wet partially on the floors. Heavier. Harder to breath. No window. No light. No life. Well, it was time to get a move on.

Her feet moved, calmly stepping forward until she was met with the door before her. It was solid, metal. Moving her demon arm back, Jikan closed her middle and ring finger together, keeping her pinky and index finger separated. Her thumb dumb. All three sections pointed, creating a dragon like claw imagery. With one swift movement, Jikan attacked the door with a swipe, ripping it off of it hinges before dropping it on the floor of her room and walking out. Scanning her eyes at the new light given to her, she began to run. A red blur in the gaps of darkness within Hellsea Bastille.

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She had no idea where she was or the level she was located in. But she supposed she was going to find out eventually. She had not see anyone in her several days here but she heard them. Every single one of them. The breathing patterns of the guards, when they liked to come, how long, and their voices. And thankfully, due to the long boring talks they liked to do. Where they were taking her stuff on the first day she arrived here. The question of if it was still there was obvious but, it was something to go on. She would just have to take a chance on her information being old or, being wrong in case the guards were manipulating her with false information.

Continuing her run she reached the room. Sounds going on in the door before it opened. It saved her the effort at least.

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#14Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin blocked attacks from guards and shoved them against walls. Spit flew over his back as they gasped for air. He slipped to the side and boated one to the ground. Another leaped onto his back, but With a subtle shift, Jin flung him off, whipping him on the way down. The paladin turned to the doorway that was being blocked off. He cast a healing spell upon the guards. The radiant light harmed the guards and sent them toppling to the floor, unconscious.

The pathway was open now, and Jin eased open the doorway. The stench of prison wafted through. Jin scanned the area quickly to see anymore. One guard turned to face him. Jin whipped the guard's leg and grappled it, dragging the man to the doorway. A swift punch knocked him out. Jin pulled the man all the way out and left the door slightly ajar, before stepping in further to get a feel for where everything was?

#15Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus followed behind Jin into the water so Erebus penetrated the fortress at a different entry, casually deciding to leave his scuba gear on, hos weapons were on him however and he was jumping off one guard to the next like a slasher film; making his way through the halls and behind access gates, doors, and cell blocks. Spewing blood against walls, and following through at every subsection in his way through the building. Erebus was already soaked from the swim down here, and leaking water around left a mess, now it seemed that he was also going to be either get lost and end up behind bars, or luck alone was what would help him find the target now.

The job was simple however, get Jikan out of prison, so that the plan could continue. Jin would speak the peace, and Erebus would more or less fall in line for the ride. There wasn’t much else to the game however he kept his wits about him, when he was sure his targets were incapacitated he ran up to the door, there appears to be a swipe key function, preventing them from penetrating the deeper rooms.

Ere turns around and snatched an Identification Card and runs over to unlock the room. When he does so, he sees Jin on the opposite end of the hallway, it seemed they had arrived at the same time after taking separate entrances and splitting up. It also appeared that Jikan came around the very last minute from another gated hallway in the far edge of the room. There was already an alarm sounding but Erebus took this opportunity to say something.

“Jin— that’s her.” Erebus nodded at the girl, “I just feel that explanations are better left for after we swim our way around the sea monsters outside. Just— you understand, the timing is a bit dire.”


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Bad news though, on the other side of the door. A room full of guards were waiting for Jikan. Inside...was her gear. Surprised gasp and then angry faces was what she heard and saw. Bodies standing withe their weapons being draw from their holsters or being unstrapped from body parts. Jikan bursted forward in a run, not letting any time being used for anyone she saw being ready to pull out a weapon or cast a magic spell.

Eyeing the room she had moved, her punch coming before a magic circle could fully form, smashing the circle and the caster's face as she grabbed it with her palm. Throwing the body into a warrior who turned towards her and give the slightest hint from their body language that they were about to move. Their bodies collided and hit the wall. Causing a dent but no holes. An unknown fact that was good that Jikan did not realize.

The alarmed started to blare, someone must of tripped a signal. Two doors opened and as Jikan continued to fight she expected herself to be swarmed but instead. A sight for wide eyes. Erebus was here. And another fellow who she did not see before. Was he a member of her guild that came to help bust them out after the failed raid? No...why would they be here with Erebus. Chance? Working together? No...why would Eternal Nightmare come to break her out...someone, of their guild must be in her too. Well, perfect timing for her at least.

The movements of the two min were powerful, swift, and precise. Both acting in their own ways to get the job down. As the two continued to fight Jikan moved to the middle of the room. Grabbing her items and putting them on as she went. As if she was speed dressing in a game.

"Jin was it? And Erebus. An unexpected gift to see you but, talks for later I suppose. Need to get the others out.".

A sudden realization dawned on her as she continued to move, ready to continue running and begin the next stage of escape, getting outside and staying outside. "Wait...did you just say sea monsters? ....I'm underwater....aren't I?".

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48 time for escape starts now

#17Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin spun around as he heard Erebus call out and point towards a lady. The crimson-haired woman appeared in the room, having already freed herself. Something that made this whole thing a lot easier. "Right," he yelled back to Erebus as he slammed another guard against the wall. "We'll cover you. We have a boat waiting outside," he said as Jikan hastily donned her gear.

"There are more of you here?" Jin cocked a surprised brow until he remember the stories about the raid. "Sorry. Yeah I'm Jin. We're here for whoever needs to get freed," he stepped closer as the last guard crumpled to the ground.

"Only some slight danger. We are in the Hellsea. A new cozy place on an island for people." He said, opening the door so they could regroup outside and contemplate how to get the rest out.

If Jikan had fought her way all the way down her, then the stories of her power had to be true. A terrifying amount of strength. And potentially a strong ally. Perhaps even some payback against the ones that put them there.

#18Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus merely threw his cowl over his head draping his appearance. He hurriedly followed the gang to a more quiet hallway, then turned around and checked it they’d been followed. It looked good, he turned and kept a light jog with them as they moved on, it became obvious very fast that a lot of people were being kept down here and Erebus found that to be a foul statement about the government. I mean seriously, this place inhuman compared to the old cellar jails he’d grown up seeing.

They used literal hells to hold the strongest down these days, a sign of the times. Erebus was excited to see Jikan however and got quick to speaking his piece. “Right— we’ll get everyone out with you. There’s no reason not to do it now, I’d hate to keep trying our luck, they’ll likely up the security after this break in anyways.” Erebus looked around finding letters above doors. It looked like they were in some section labeled D— if Ere knew anything, it was that known gang members were always separated, so if they continued to each subsection they could probably find everyone without having to double back. “Jikan, do you happen to know what Cellblock you came out of? That might help us figure out where your allies are being detained.”


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Jikan stopped moving for just a second. Her black and red cloak wrapping around her over the ugly orange that was on her body. The random number on her back hidden underneath her. She could not wait to get this off. She flexed her right hand, feeling her fingers wiggle hug the Mero gauntlet she wore; happy to be reunited with her trusted weapon. she made sure it was nice and fit on her arm and she began to walk again, moving towards the door that Jin had just opened.

"Wait...I'm in Hellsea? That thing on a tower that is supposed to be under water, surrounded by sea monsters??", her voice held emotions in it. A rare sight. Annoyance. This complicated her hopes of an escape, even with Jin's and Erebus' unexpected aid. She continued moving. "I got a short look when I broke out of my room. X."

(48 hours has passed, Jikan has broken out of jail)


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Toma wore his beakface and beakcoat, wearing only black pants and boots. He sat on the deck of the ship with his legs crossed and in utter silence as he watched the magic at hand. Some type of barrier spell allowed for underwater travel. He was stuck in the storage section of the transport ship. He had liberated a barrel and was mixed in with the supplies coming in. Having stolen some information, he was able to cross reference a pickup date and supply company delivering items to the prison. It was a very secretive company which makes sense due to the nature of the transport. Peeking out the barrel hole, he was watched as they descended and made their way into the tower.

Shifting around in place to block the hole Toma relaxed his body and stopped himself from moving. All he could hear is voices and chatter as he moved about. He was put onto a cart of some sort and then heard rolling and silence. He was completely disoriented and was in the dark, but at least he was inside. Now the hard part would be finding Jikan and breaking the two of them out of here. Not much of an exit strategy, especially since he didn't even see the sea monster's outside. Worst case scenario, they can hijack one, but that in itself would be outrageous. The sound of running footsteps and panic he couldn't make sense of the words but movement stopped. He waited a minute before popping open the top of the barrel to peak around the empty hallway.

#21Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin gave a nervous laugh about the dire situation they seemed to be in. "Uh yeah. But I have a boat waiting for us...if we make it." Jin stood next to Erebus as the last of the guards was dispatched. he put an arm around his guildmate, "But don't worry. You have us. And I'm pretty good at keeping people alive." He nodded and put his whip back on his hip.

Erebus and Jikan chatted a second about the escape plan. Jin's eyes flashed wide, "X!!" He slapped his forehead and held his hand there as if nursing a headache. How could they traverse all those and deal with the guards? He snapped his fingers.

"Well since you made it all the way to D block. I'm sure you know the way to get back and where your allies are. We just need to get there. So lead the way." he said more so hoping that she did know where to go.

#22Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus felt Jin tug at him, and he managed a short if weak grin, fully realizing how maze-like the situation was for them. “How many of your allies are we even looking for?” He finished and found himself shuffling around his pockets, seeing if he could find anything to chart their movements.

Alas, he couldn’t. They’d just have to pay close attention to the cellblocks, and the hallways they were passing through, Erebus nodded as Jin took to following Jikan as the best plan. Even though, that wasn’t much of an escape plan in itself, the whirling red lights over their head signified that guards would keep coming soon— but what happened next was enough to make some understand the danger of what this truly was, and if they were truly in over their head.

“ATTENTION! HELLSEA HAS BEEN INVADED AND WE HAVE A BREAKOUT, ALL GUARDS REPORT ANY CITINGS IMM—“ suddenly a thunderous boom was heard and beyond an earth rattling shake of the building, with enough G-force that it rocked the entirety of the prison, the lights and alarms were all knocked completely out. Beyond the small windows lining the walls, the force of the water seemed to move with a swiftness, and a shadow completely overtook the dark blue waters. Should the invaders remain here much longer, the beasts which had been trained to destroy powerful dark mages would become reckless.

It only made sense, they weren’t just unintelligent animals, they were under some kind of spell, as guardians of this domain. Erebus would normally have the acrobatics to keep his footing, but even he was sent against the wall, where his arms held him to his feet. The lights flickered softly as if on cue with someone swapping on the breakers, returning to their lit position, but the alarm ringing had been cut. They could possibly use this as a stealth advantage, however, there was no genuine way to know if the guards weren’t coming right as of the moment.


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Jikan paid no mind for the last guard to be dispatched from the area. Her body just faced the two Eternal Nightmare members as she spoke. "There are three more of us. Knuckles, Ittindi, and Hassan. I know that Hassan is in cell block G but I am not sure about the other two. I can lead the way to get to Hassan but". She stopped speaking, hearing boom and the shake of the prison. Whatever it was, the lights, the alarms, they were all knocked completely out. The force shaking them sent her flying, her feet flipped to the ground as she pushed her left hand against the wall trying to steady herself.

Her head went up and she understood. Out of windows lining the walls that all were somehow in tact. A shaking of the world swirled as something moved swiftly and powerfully in it. The sea monsters, guardians of the prision. It was big, so big it felt like it was blocking out the sun even, removing the light that somehow reached the depths of this cursed sea jail. She sighed as the lights flickered softly, more vision returning to them, but also shadows for them to move in.

"Well we don't have much time no-", she shifted, spotting a knocked down guard that had awakened and was trying to crawl away. Stepping above the man, she reached down and gripped him by the back of his head, pulling up and lifting his heavy body into the air. "You. A few came here with me most likely. Knuckles and Ittindi. Where are their rooms".

"Go...go to hell. I am not going to tell you anything".

"Come on. You are really not in the position to be like this", she gripped the man's head and turned his body to face her.

The man did not say a word. Just eyed her for a few seconds before spitting in her face. She did not say a word, nor showed in signs that she was upset. But internally she was enraged by the disrespect. With her right hand she gripped the man's left arm with her right hand. Squeezing slowly.

"Grr..grr...you...won't...break my spirit...you...bitch".

"...then you will die", she said before snapping the man's arm at the elbow. A shriek came from the man. One attempt at least. For Jikan swung her right hand and clamped it over the man's mouth. Slamming him to the ground as the frail scared voice muffled screams came through her hand. Only audible to the ones in the room. She move her hand to his neck and lifted him up again. Squeezing hard enough t stop him from squeezing but not enough from speaking to her. "I will ask this again only once. Where. Are. My. Men?".

With terrified gasp the man shivered. Would he answer??


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A loud announcement rang throughout the building. A few thuds as well, shaking the building but not enough to strongly radiate on the level he was at anyway. Hopping out of the barrel, Toma scanned the hallway before running right after the footsteps. His maks allowed him to hear up to 50m soo he could easily hear anything within the vicinity and chase after it. Continues lefts and right turns before finally making way to the central staircase. He started to go upwards and follow the sounds he could pick up. Just because he could hear everything clearly didn't mean he didn't have to focus to pick out certain things. Otherwise he might overwhelmed but nonethe less he picked up the squad  of guards to flights above him.

Toma picked out the footsteps and the breathing of everyone in 50m  cycling through the confused voices and panic. Particulary the group above him was only 5 guards all of them armed. The distinct jingling of metal in sheathes and other weapons. But that was no matter. Jumping onto the railing, Toma made use of his Beakcoat, flying through the gap in the handrails. 5m at a time after 2 jumps he latched on to a handrail and flung himself up and balanced on it. Catching the guards off guard he pounced and slammed his foot at the guard who was leading the pack crushing his head. Using his face as a foothold, he attacked the second man leaving the other two. Both had spears evening out the advantage he had with the higher ground. He backed up the stairs sidestepping the few jabs toward his legs and body. "If you tell me where Jikan of Sleeping Calamity is, I might spare one of you but the other dies." A moment of hesitation as Toma lunged 1m to get in between the two. With his increased strength he grabbed the collar of the two guards and put them off balance and threw them down the stairs as they lost their weapons. Toma began to walk towards them, cracking his knuckles slowly. He wondered who give up first, dumb or dumber.

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