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Just Hanging [Private|Yuurei]

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Just Hanging [Private|Yuurei] Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 12:55 am

Deep in the forest, silently as the forest spirits floated around, the young adult hung upside down from the tree branch as he read through a book he picked up on his journey. Quiet hums leave him, cerulean eyes taking in the words, processing, dividing each paragraph up and compartmentalising in the correct areas where the information would be stored, saving for another day when it would come in handy. The flutters of the spirits around him, giggles heard, ones that he could probably only hear, his affinity with the woodland spirits would do that, it comes with his ancestry and upbringing with being an Elf.

“Now now. I will tell you my secrets after I've finished reading them myself.” A small chuckle left him as he continued to slightly sway, hanging upside down. “I won't fall. I do this all the time.”

Flicking the page he continued to read the book, it was a good job he knew how to read this language, thanks to his father otherwise he would never understand a word in this book and would miss a lot of possible good intel, and that would be bad in the long run for him. Keeping up to speed on what is happening in a country he hasn’t been in for long is a must do thing for the young elf. The first place that he had actually read about was this forest in general, he found it interesting and decided to check it out, and though at first he got lost a few times after a while he slowly figured it out, and eventually made his own route to get in and out of the forest.

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Yuurei and Renji were hanging around the forest once again. The berserker came around here when he wanted to get away from the large crowd that this region was. The Worth Woodsea was an escape for him, and it was a beautiful place. The forest here had already known him as they have had his presence here many times. It would mean that they wouldn’t attempt to make him get lost. Renji was walking by his side as they kept moving.

The day was beautiful, hot, and bright, but the trees would protect them from the immediate sunlight. Renji would look at Yuurei for a second and then ahead of him, so he didn’t trip while walking.

“Why did we come here today? Are you planning on heading to the settlement?” He asked wondering what he would say.

“Yeah I plan on going there, but right now I want to enjoy my time around here is all. It’s peaceful and quiet.” He said to Renji as they would move through the forest.

They wouldn’t know, but there was someone on a tree above them, and who the hell would look for that?


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Fell flipped the page once more, before letting out a confused hum, the spirits that were flying around him, making loops in the air, paused and just hovered beside his head as they tilted their little heads to make out what had stopped the young elf in his gathering. Tilting the book up and down, as his cerulean eyes examined the spine, Fell soon swung himself around the branch so he could sit up straight.

“That’s strange… pages missing from this book?” The silent whispers around him, answered his questions. “No, look…” running his glove-covered finger along the crease in the centre of the book, “Right here little friends.” It was barely noticeable, but if a person looked hard enough and close enough they would notice the little tabs of paper that were jammed from where pages once sat. “See, pages are missing. At least two or three… I wonder why?”

An exasperated sigh left Fell, as he closed the book, how he was meant to find things out if people tore pages from the books that would give him the information he needed. This book was about Fiore’s history, and although his father was born here, there wasn’t much that his father could tell him, due to not staying in the country long enough to understand the history. Guess he should take this back to the bookshop he borrowed it from, hopefully he wouldn’t get accused of abusing said book. Slipping the item back into his bag, Fell soon stood up on the tree branch, and stretched.

“Farewell lil chicks, information doesn’t just appear on its own, time to hu-” Pausing, the young elf glanced to the path below him, as he watched the sudden arrival of two new figures appear. Huh… When did these people show up… I thought the spirits played tricks on anyone who came here? Crouching where he resided, the adventure quietly watched the two, curious to see if they would notice him, or if he would have to make himself noticed.

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Yuurei kept moving through the area around him, but while he did, leaves would fall from above him. It seemed normal at first, but there was something he had heard before. It was the flipping of pages. He thought he was just imagining it at first, but the leaves falling on him made him look above him. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining things, but he had to check to be sure. When he looked up to the tree above him, he would see someone on one of the branches.

At first, he wondered if this guy was following him, but then he would have noticed him, right? Then he thought that this man was a local, so he decided to believe the latter.

“Hey there hope I‘m not bothering you. I’m just walking by.” He said to the wood elf in elvish

Yuurei knew the full and pure version of his race as he lived amongst them his whole life. If the man didn’t respond to him Yuurei would just keep it moving so, he didn’t start causing trouble.


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Blinking at the duo, Fell hummed quietly to himself before sitting back down on the branch, legs slowly swaying. For a split second his cerulean eyes narrowed at the others words, just for him to sigh and shrug. He wasn't sure what to think of this new stranger, the spirits obviously were cool with him, which had Fell thinking that he should also be okay with the stranger but, then any elf can speak elvish, so what if this person isn't a wood or high elf, but a dark elf like his father? What would he do, or what should he do if that ended up being the case?

“No, not really. I was about to head off actually.” A small grin laces his lips, before he leaned backwards slipping off the branch gracefully, before dropping to the floor. The spirits around him panicked at the actions, before Fell let out a laugh at the small creatures. “I’m fine guys, I do it all the time!” Stepping over to the other, Fell set a hand against his chin, as he examined the man, walking around him to get the full look

This wasn't anything bad, it was more to do with wondering how he knew Elvish and the type he was. “You… aren't quite elf, but you also aren't human right?” Tilting his head, Fell paused in front of him and smiled. “I’m Fell, and you are from heaven, right?” He laughed a little at his own stupid joke, before setting his hands on his hips. “I’m sorry, habit. So, you are?”

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Yuurei would wait for a response, and it would seem like the man was going to leave. The duo was ready to continue walking, but before they could do that, the man would basically fall off the branch, but gracefully land without a problem.

They would look at him and it would seem like he was looking at him before speaking up. Once Yuurei heard everything he had to say, he would smile at the wood elf.

“I see you have a good eye. Yes, I’m a half-elf. Mother a wood elf, and father a human. And then I’m a little bit more. As I might not be exactly from heaven, I’m a Nephilim.” He said this to the man in elvish.

“Still, it’s nice to meet you Fell. You fell quite gracefully from the tree above something wood elves can do with ease. My name is Yuurei Starlight and this guy right here is Renji.” He said to him with a smile on his face.

Renji would look at him and then at Yuurei and it would seem like his partner was happy to talk to a wood elf.

“So, Fell, did your mom drop you when she named you Fell?” He asked him.

Yuurei would smack Renji on the back of his head when he heard that, and it would cause the Exceed to stumble forward a bit. He would rub the back of his head as he looked over at Yuurei.

“I had to man.” He said to Yuurei.


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Fell looked at the other with wide eyes, a glint of excitement flashed through them, at the mention of a half elf being in his presence. His mother told him about them, they were rare when she was a child, but apparently a lot more have been showing up over the years. "Oh! Half elf, that's cool I've never met a half elf. Only one dark elf, a few wood elves and one high elf... mostly humans as well." A small hum left Fell at the mention of the other race, Nephilims he hadn't heard of those before, "What's a Nephilim...?" Tilting his head when he asked his question, hands slipping into his jacket pockets.

A quick glance a the small cat like creature when the little one spoke up, made Fell smile, as he held back the urge to snap a witty comment out at the small creature. "If I didn't have a thing against animal cruelty, I would hurt you. Alas, I don't believe in that so you live another day small creature." Shrugging, as he turned his attention back to the half elf. Well, so much for holding back. "My name is actually Kashi PacuarĂ³... Fell is a nickname my mother gave to me when I was younger and training."

Clearing his throat, Fell blinked at the stranger once again before asking his question once again. "Back to what I was asking, what is a Nephilim...? The more info I have, the easier life is for me, you know what I mean."

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Yuurei would hear Fell’s words and he would smile at him. This guy was kind and not like the wood elves that he had been raised around. Still, it was obvious that he was new to the world outside. He would have a lot to learn, and the Nephilim wouldn’t mind helping them with that. He was the same way three years ago.

The next thing he said, Yuurei and Renji wouldn’t understand. They’ve heard Khalfani speak the language, and they were sure it was Desiertian. The duo would nod as he would hear his actual name and Yuurei would smile at him.

“It's nice to meet you Kashi.” He paused for a bit thinking about what to say.

“A Nephilim? I never really thought about it. Still, I want to say we are lesser angel-like beings. Seraphims, which I want to call angels, give us their blessing, which allows us to tap into the power that is related to them.” He paused for a second before continuing.

“Have you explored the Northern Region Kashi? Also, would you like to see my Nephilim form? It might make you feel weird and weak, but I will only show you and then return to normal.” He said with a smile on his face.


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Fell stood there as his fellow elf explained what a Nephilim was, nodding, hands still tucked into his jacket pockets, mind processing the information and storing it correctly like always. "I see... So, you're like half angel? That sounds awesome... but what about your elf genes?" Tilting his head, Fell understood that Yuurei was only half elf, but would that mean he had lost his elven nature or did it just go dormant?

"The north, hmm I haven't been here for long I guess honestly. I came from Minstrel, my family are gypsies so we travelled a lot." Scratching his head, Fell sighed, he really hadn't explored much because he didn't really leave his parents until about a year ago, and getting from Minstrel to Fiore was more difficult on your own and being a gypsum elf than what most people would think. "My father is from here, and when I mentioned wanted to still travel more, he pointed me in this direction... When I first got here, I heard about this forest and a settlement around here who interact with nature, so I headed straight for it." Shrugging, before glancing around the forest again.

"I don't know much of this country in general... Only what I have read and my father had told me." Crouching in front of the cat-like creature, Fell hummed before poking his ear, seeing what kind of reaction he would get. "I've never seen a creature like you... Curious." Setting his hands on his knees, Fell looked back up at Yuurei. Turning back to the creature. "Oh you can just call me Fell, I am not very used to Kashi anymore. It's been a while since I was called that." Waving his hand in front of his face, as if to brush away the name with a soft chuckle.

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Yuurei would hear the question that was asked by Kashi. It seemed like he was really intrigued by this information, which was a good thing.

“Nah, I’m still half-elf. I couldn’t really do much as a half-elf before. I was never as nimble as a wood elf or as silent as you guys could be when running.” He moved his hair to show his ears to Fell.

They were slightly pointy, but not like the man in front of them. It would show that he was half-human as well. Yuurei would hear how he had gotten here, and he didn’t know what a gypsy was. That was a new term, and he figured he would ask Fell when he was done speaking. He did smile at the portion of the settlement that was around Woodworth Sea. It seemed like his dad was from here after all.

Renji would hear the man speak again, and at the same time, he would poke at him. The Exceed would slap his hand away with his paw as he looked over at him.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, man!” He said to Fell as he show his fangs are Fell.

Yuurei would chuckle when he saw how defensive Renji got because it was the first time in a long time, that he saw this from him.

“No problem, I understand. So, what is a gypsy Fell? And I can see if your father knew about the settlement here, then he is truly from around here. Interesting to hear that, but let me show you, my transformation. In return tell me what a gypsy is.” He said to Fell.

Yuurei would take a step back when he said this, and his eyes would go from blue to gold in an instant. After that, wings would come out of his back as he took off his upper attire. He only had gone half-transformation, so only a pair of wings came out. He would smile at the wood elf and give it a few seconds.

“This is what happens when I use my powers of a Nephilim.” He said this as he would give him a few seconds before turning back to his normal form.


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"Such small ears... Ah! My bad, that was rude." Rubbing his head, Fell glanced away a little nervously. It's not like he hadn't see human ears, but Yuurei's weren't quite human, but also not completely elven, it was... strange. Cool, but strange. Flinching when his hand was slapped away, Fell pouted, but then laughed raising his hands in surrender. "It's cool that you can still keep your elven genes, I could teach you... The stealth." He quickly stood up and set his hands on his hips, a excited grin lacing his lips, you wouldn't think this wood elf was almost an adult in human standards, but really he was still what would be a child in elven years. "Man and having someone to talk to in Elvish that ain't the spirits here or my parents. I love it!"

Glancing back at the cat creature. "So what even are you...? Obviously ya ain't a cat 'cause you can talk... but also you cant be human, since you look like a cat?" Humming, Fell blinked with a small pause. "Then again, it wouldn't be the strangest of things I've passed whilst being here or just travelling in general." Turning back to Yuurei when his name was uttered, Fell just kind of stared at him wide-eyed, because no one had asked him to explain what a gypsy was before, this was a first. "Oh... Well. Uhm... Hmm... What is a gypsy... Good question." Folding his arms, Fell set a finger curled against his mouth, as he began to quietly think, muttering to himself in his home tongue, not Elvish, how he was meant to explain this. "Oh! Uh sure, that seems like a sound deal... You said I'd feel weak? I'm gonna sit down then..." As he stepped back, Fell took a seat on the floor.

As soon as the bright light came into existence, Fell squinted as he covered his eyes slightly, before just staring at the other man, his mouth slightly opened in awe at the sight. "Oh... Damn! Your wings are amazing, and like holy crap!" What was words? Fell was actually speechless, but also completely drawn in by the form. He had never seen a Nephilim, and if this was how pretty a Nephilim was, god forbid Fell to ever meet a Seraphim. "Well... Guess I should keep my end of the deal."

Leaning back on the floor, Fell lifted his gaze to the tree tops humming quietly as he tried to make sense of the jumbled up descriptions in his brain about what a Gypsy was. "So... I doubt you have ever heard of the term, Romani? A Romani is a person who migrated from another country to the more open areas like say Fiore, Caelum, Stella, etc. I believe my mother said that ancestors on her father's side were elves from Desierto, and my dad's were the same... So I figure Romani are from Desierto." Turning back to the two infront of him, Fell leaned forward, his hands resting on the shins of his crossed legs. "Gypsy is just another name for someone who is Romani, or another term would be Traveller." He would make quotation marks as he said the two terms. "We don't usually stay in one place and that is how my childhood was spent. We would move from forest to forest, settlement to settlement. Romani don't tend to settle though some have done, and Wood Elf Romani are no different." Ruffling his hair, Fell sighed. "Does that make any sense, you are the first person to ask me what a Gypsy is, I'm kinda outta my depths here."

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Yuurei would laugh when he heard Fell’s comment about his ears. He didn’t feel bad about his words even if he had somewhat apologized. He would hear his words and he would smile at him. It would seem like Fell was enjoying their time together. He hadn’t used the elvish tongue in a while. He would speak to Kaito and Kailani in that language though.

Renji would hear his words and it would seem like he wanted to know what he was. The man was a curious person, but he was lucky to be asking these two things to fill his curiosity. After he had turned into a Nephilim, he would change back, and he would walk over to Fell. He did want to know what a gypsy was.

Still, Fell would explain to him what it was, and it was interesting to hear it all. It was pretty cool to hear that, and he was glad to learn about them.

“Interesting. So, Gypsies are basically travelers. A nomad since you guys don’t stay in one area for too long. I think that’s cool, I hope you decide to stay around here longer.” He said to Fell with a smile on his face.

Yuurei would think about asking a question and he figured he would explain things as well.

“So, Fell talking to you for a bit, I don’t think you’re a bad guy. I was wondering if you would like to join my guild. A guild is basically a group of people who are together because of a cause or an idea. My guild is called Paradise Dawn. We are about freedom, and we help each other out. We also make sure to help out the North in any way we can. We are a monster hunting guild and at the same time, we do mercenary work. We also have a great library.” He said to Fell wondering what he was saying.


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Fell chuckled at the possible rehtorical question about him staying around for longer than most gypsies did. "I dont plan on going anywhere anytime soon." Lifting himself off the ground, Fell shrugged sliding his hands into his jacket pockets once more. "I'm the kinda guy who likes to gather intel, and my father told me there was a lot to learn about this country..."

He was silent as Yuurei explained what a guild was, and then added the request of him joining the Nephilim's guild. It sounded nice, and he wouldn't mind joining, but there was just a problem. "What kinda monsters are we talking about, 'cause I don't do animal cruelty. As a wood elf, who grew up in woodland areas, I have a somewhat affinity with creatures of nature..." Scratching his cheek a little, with a nervous laugh. Honestly he didn't care much about anything else, if he got to have his freedom, and was able to learn things easier this way, he was all for it. Although, Fell realised he would have to do his own kind of background checks on the members, secretly of course. "It's sounds like a nice down to earth group you got there Yuurei, and I mean, as long as I'm free to do what I want, I wouldn't mind joining." Holding out his hand to seal the deal, Fell grinned at the other.

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Yuurei would hear his words as he was understanding him a bit more. He was thorough and tried to get a better of understanding things. It was like Azure even though the guy was a bit weird, he did like his company. He would ask him one question and it was because he didn’t do animal cruelty. The Nephilim could feel for him, and it was not something he had to do at all.

“So I have taken out two sandworms in the sands of Desierto. Still, when I refer to monsters, I refer to creatures that seek harm and destruction from the environment and people around them. Still, this is an option and just because you’re a part of Paradise Dawn, it doesn’t mean you are forced to do jobs like that.” He paused and smile at Fell as he heard what he said about his guild.

“I think you’ll like it there. If you’re a guy that likes to gather intel, then I think you’ll enjoy the library at the guild. There is also a man who goes by the name Azure, he seems to enjoy doing the same thing.” He said to Fell as he was actually excited right now.

Renji could see the excitement on his friend’s face, and he would just shake his head.

“Would you like me to take you to the guild so you could see your new home?” He asked Fell wondering what he would say.


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Tilting his head at the fellow elf’s reply, setting his hands behind his head, Fell hummed at the offer again, thinking it over a couple more times. He had his own freedom, he could take on whatever jobs were offered, and none had to be about hurting animals which was his main concern. Glancing at the other he tilted his head. “Desertian sandworms… I don't know about those… I’ll have to read up on those one day… I didn’t stay in Desierto for long before moving to Minstrel.” He also probably had a place to stay, although the wood elf figured he’d rather stay at the settlement in the woods than anywhere else.

It may sound mean, but Fell thought it was more like, he would rather be in a ball pit that had all the same coloured plastic balls, than be stuck in one that was mixed with different colours. It wasn’t in a mean way, thinking like this, he had nothing against the other races, ethnicity or anything else that the guild offered, it was just more… Fell was new to the country, and until he got used to the country, he would stay where he felt safe, and that safe place was Worth Woodsea’s settlement filled with wood elves.

“Hmm, a library, I do like books. I keep a notebook on me, and add to it every time I find a new place or something that is completely different from Minstrese sightings.” Stretching, the gypsy nodded. “I mean I already figured it was a sound deal, I didn’t have to hurt animals, and I got my own freedom to a certain degree.” Fell grinned at Yuurei. “I think I would like to meet that guy you named as well, we could probably exchange intel with one another.”

Glancing at the cat creature again, a smirk replaced his grin when he stared at the small fiend. “We’ll be seeing each other more often, it seems, little guy.” Crossing his arms over his chest, then turned his gaze back to Yuurei. “Sure, let’s go check this place out, though I’ll probably stay in the Woodsea settlement for the first few days or first week, just till I feel more at peace with the area.”

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Yuurei would hear Fell speak to him and he would nod. It seemed like he had a traveled to a lot of places, but never stood there for too long. The conversation kept going and it would seem like they were good with Yuurei’s proposal. That was good, which made him smile at Fell. He was excited to have a new person on board. When he finished speaking, Yuurei figured they would start making their way toward Paradise Dawn.

“He’s a unique character, so I’m sure he will exchange intel after getting to know you. Still, if you follow me we will be heading off to Paradise Dawn.” He paused as he was leading the way.

“Also, if you plan on coming back after I show you where Paradise Dawn is, then try to remember your path here, so you don’t get lost.” He said as he looked back at Fell for a second with a smile.

Renji turned to look in the direction of Fell and he was happy Yuurei was growing the guild he was chosen to lead.

“Yeah that’s a good thing, and anything you need from Yuurei just asks him.” He said as they were walking.


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The romani child proceeded to follow Yuurei to his possible new home to stay once he got settled. Setting his hands behind his head as they walked, Fell hummed as the Nephilim spoke about another member of the guild, “A unique character… I feel that. I was always the strange one when we travelled with other gypsies, because of my tendency to just pause and note down what I saw around us…” This guy seemed like he enjoyed gathering intel, which meant through him, Fell should find out a lot more about Fiore than what he knew already.

Glancing down at the creature Fell let out a soft chuckle from the reply he got. “You don't like me very much do you?” A small fake pout appeared on Fell’s lips, before a sigh left the elf with a shrug. “No matter…” Turning back to Yuurei, Fell tilted his head, “So what are the other members like? Do I need to be concerned?” He was curious, if he was going to be staying in a new place with new people he wanted to make sure he understood and had a little knowledge on who he would be housing with so to say.

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Yuurei would hear Fell’s words and he would chuckle a bit because it seemed like he was doing his best to gather information. It was cool and he was fine with hearing everything Fell had to say. Renji kept moving as well and soon enough Fell would speak up to him. When he heard what the young elf said to him, and he would rub the back of his head. He was confused about how he got that impression.

“I never said that I didn’t like you. I just didn’t like that you kept talking to me in a different language is all. So that was annoying me. I don’t think you’re a bad person. It seems like even Yuurei thinks you’re not bad.” He said to Fell as they kept moving.

Yuurei would hear his words and he would smile at Fell when he asked about the other members.

“Well we have a lot of people, but the people stand out more than the rest. I will say their names, but about them, you get to know them on your own time. You got Brone, Emil, Azure, Cailyn, Yori, Ren, Ianthe, Amir, and Haru.” He said to Fell as they continue walking through the area.

It wouldn’t take long, but the group would find themselves in front of the Thousand Years Stairway. He would stop walking right in front of him and he would look over to Fell with a smile on his face.

“All members of Paradise Dawn had walked up these steps. I figured you could do the same. Of course, I will join you on the walk.” He said waiting to see what Fell would do.

They would continue their walk, and Yuurei would show Fell the guild and welcome him to his new home.


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