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Fell's Files

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Kashi "Fell" Pacuaró


Age: 19 | March x775
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian/Desiertian
Ethnicity, Mother: Minstrese/Desiertian

Class: Adventurer
Race: Wood Elf
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Paradise Dawn
Tattoo: Left Hip | Crimson Red


Kashi has a mesomorph inverted triangle body type, has ivory skin with a warm beige undertone to it, he stands at five foot eleven, and weighting at seventy-nine kilos. Due to all the acrobatics and the training he has been doing since he was a child, he has developed quite a bit of muscle over the years giving him the athletic body type he now has. Kashi also has black hair with a dark blue tint that reaches a little past his ears and a slight undercut, his eyes are bright cerulean blue. Over the years, Fell has gained a few scars from training and battles.

Kashi tends to wear many different outfits, as long as he can still move freely in them when he fights, though he does love to wear jeans, hoodies and jackets a bit too much at times.


Fell used to be rebellious and would snipe back with a snarky comment if someone had offended him even if it was unintentionally or if Fell alone had just misinterpreted ー but never admitted he had done so ー he would still end up back chatting. Now as an adult he has simmered down and mellowed out, though the snarkiness is still there, he has learned when and when not to snipe back and how to read body language, so he knows how to interpret what is being said to him.

Fell has a natural affinity with woodland areas being a wood elf, he loves to mess around on forests and woods, as well as train there, you can sometimes catch him swinging around the trees just casually taking a nap ー though again he will deny if caught. He is also decent at gathering Intel, likes to do it more behind the scenes and sometimes he doesn't even notice when his brain has stored information that has helped him in situations, got him out of difficulties and boosted his bonds with people around him to a certain degree.

He is flexible and agile due to his elven descent as well as constantly training his body from a young age with his mother to withstand uneven terrain and balance on tree branches and minimal surfaces. Sometimes he tends to show this off, but not alot.

Fell is also animal friendly and hates to see any animal hurt, especially canines.



  • Acrobatics and Gymnastics : With the flexibility and the agility that he has obtained throughout his life, Fell once saw a show on his travels and immediately fell in love with the act of acrobatics and gymnastics. Asking for tips and tricks from the acts he saw, Fell soon began to learn the skills, and they have proved to be a good skill to learn, for this alone, acrobatics and gymnastics is a piece of Fell that will stay forever.

  • Woodland Areas : Growing up surrounded by tree filled areas, training day in and day out with his mother, as well as of wood elven birth, Fell has an affinity with the nature that is trees, flowers and fauna. He feels calm when surrounded by such nature, calm enough that the elf child can easily fall asleep without a care in the world.


  • Discrimination: Being bullied as a child, has lead to Fell not particularly liking any type of discrimination, mostly what is aimed towards gypsies or wood elves due to being of both said race and type of community. Though he doesn’t like this, he knows that it is going to be a natural part of his life wherever and he goes, so Fell tries his hardest to ignore the discrimination as much as possible.

  • Animal Cruelty : As a elf who grew up training in forests and woodland areas, Fell has a natural connection with animals, and therefore despises anything that is along the lines of animal cruelty and will gadly do anything to prevent said things.


  • Fun : Enjoying life, taking it in stride day by day, learning new things, exploring new places, keeping yourself healthy and rejuvenated, but most of all, having FUN. That is what motivates Fell, just having fun in no matter what it is he is doing, whether it means taking out some idiots who think they are big and tough, or quietly gaining intel for others, as long as he is enjoying it, Fell doesn't care too much, life is too short not to take risks, ー even if he is a wood elf and lives longer than an average human. He would rather take risks with the friends he makes who may be human, than to watch them all disappear whilst he continues on and refuses to enjoy life.


  • Omens of Dark Elves : As a child growing up, Fell was told countless stories by his father about his elven race; Dark Elves. How they acted, treated others and all the so-called bad omens that usually followed the dark elves for most of their lives. Eventually his father elaborated that these bad omens usually came from the deity that said dark elf worshiped, the more they worshiped and gave to the deity, the more these omens followed them about like a shadow. Fell as a child would call them the elven version of “the monsters under your bed” but stopped the older he got. Due to these stories, Fell started to fear what Vahallah was and what would happen if he ever considered worshiping one of the deities, and he still does to this day.

  • Death Anxiety : Not quite Thanatophobia (Fear of Death or Dying), but also not close to being casual “Death is scary” normality. Fell has anxiety for death, but not towards himself, towards what is around him. Friends, Family and most of all animals - namely house pets or street animals (e.g foxes, raccoons, strays, ect.) Fell goes into a sort of protective panic mode, when confronted with something or someone he cares about possibly dying, and being a man who loves animals, it usually happens when a scene of such is in process.

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Every child has dreamed about leaving their home; a wish to see far away places, adventuring on epic quests for noblemen and kings, and wandering the vast world in search of knowledge, treasure, fame, glory, or a multitude of additional wants and desires. The majority of individuals choose to set aside these dreams and start to learn the trades of their families or whoever they are apprenticed under, the safe and familiar path through life. For a few individuals, however, the calling for far away adventures and heroic feats remains strong; this gives the adventurer conviction to grasp their dreams and journey into a dangerous world.

Men and women seize the chance to leave a great legacy in immortality through songs and tales that retell heroic deeds. Though the adventurer dreams of larger-than-life adventures they tend to cautiously approach their undertakings, since the hasty adventurer is often a dead one. The adventurer is best described as a man on the move; they rarely enjoy remaining in one place for long and are always looking around for their next big undertaking. Through their adventures and experiences, they will gather large amounts of knowledge and seems eternally lucky, able to avoid things better than most other individuals.

Spells and Feats

Types of Spells

  • Superior: None
  • Normal: None


  • Weapon Mastery: Adventurers receive a 20% discount on training Weapon Mastery and only require one fight to level up.
  • Adventurer Synergy: Adventurers receive a 1 post cooldown reduction on item spells. In addition, Adventurers receive a 10% mana cost reduction on spells attached to items.
  • Equipment Discount: Adventurers receive a 20% discount on Weapons, Helmets, Armors, Shields, and Quivers.
  • Off-Hand Slot: Adventures can use their Off-Hand slot to equip a Weapon or Shield.
  • Specialization Path: Adventurers unlock new perks via their path tree as they rank up or roleplay.
  • Starter Equipment: Adventurers may select one Unlimited Rare item for their Weapon, Head, and Armor slot. In addition, they may select another Unlimited Rare Weapon or Shield for their Off-Hand slot.

Specialization Path


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