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Fell's Journal

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Fell's Journal


Kashi Pacuaró is a young wood elven boy who goes mostly by the name “Fell” now days. He was born in the lovely country of Minstrel, from a wood elven mother and dark elven father, both migrated from Desierto and though elven race, are of gypsie world. He is a third Minstrese, Fiorian and Desiertian, as well as being half dark and half wood elven, but does not acknowledge the dark elven side to himself and only accepts his wood elven half, due to the bad omens that usually follow a dark elf that his father once told him about.

Growing up he has constantly been called a gypsy, told that they were bad people who just stole from others, and being a different race just excelled the hate towards himself and his parents, but with the help of his parents, their words affected him less the more the years went on.

To escape the bullying Fell would escape to the woods and forests with his mother, where she would teach him in handling elven weaponry as well as knowing the terrain which one would walk amongst. During these times, Fell slowly began to grow more and more close to the woodland areas they would visit on their travels, but it wasn’t always just woods and forests that his mother would train him around, it was other areas like rocky and uneven terrain like mountain sides, wet terrain like muddy riverbanks and fields after the rain and soft terrain like sandy beaches.

The older Fell got, the more rebellious he became, hanging out with the wrong crowds, always getting into trouble though denying it to his parents all the time, before producing quick snarky replies at enforcers that would bring him home after a night of playing with fire too much. Though hanging out with the wrong crowds wasn’t all he did, being a kid had its perks and those perks were the small structure and the ability to get into places that adults could not without being seen, which in turn made him a liable subject to gathering intel on people for a small sum of cash.

With his ever developing agility and flexibility as he continued his training with his mother until he would finally leave his parents to find his own future. Until then Fell didn't see anything to lose, and decided he would continue to gather intel behind the scenes as a mercenary for years to come, and though he got into sticky situations, ー like the animal requests where he had almost ended lives to free a whole warehouse of abandoned animals mainly consisting of street pets mainly,ー Fell would just end up using the intel he gathered he would worm his way out of them, and in doing so Fell the adventurer usually landed himself with enemies, but sometimes allies as well.

From when he had finally left his parents at the gypsie village they had all settled down at in one of the Minstrese areas, he had promised his mother that he would try and visit at least a few times every year, before taking up his father’s advice on where to start his adventure, and that was the place he was born in, Fiore.

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