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Soft Spot [Short]

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Soft Spot [Short] Empty Sat Sep 18, 2021 9:32 pm

Name: Soft Spot

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Jikan

Story: A story that occurs shorty after Jikan's service within the territory Bosco during the Next Heir conflict. Mercenary work had her travel far and wide within Bosco, and at such when it was over she was ready to return to Fiore. However upon return to the North, Jiksn she found herself situated in a complex situation involving two children that she simply could not turn her back on. And through troublesome circumstances, takes both of the children in as her own.

Objective: Explore and get better accostomed to storyline system. Give Jikan 2 npc children that will give her a reason for joining a dark guild.


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Name: What goes bump in the Night

Rank: A

Type: Bad

Participants: Jikan

Summary: On what appears to be a normal night in Northen Fiore. Jikan is out, stuck traveling to find a place to stay while returning to Sleeping Calamity's home base after completing a task that took her away. Late in night she walks into a destroyed village. Blood is spilled at various places and human bodies are laid about at some locations.

Others: (Amira) Elf Vampire slave- stable

Enemies: Elf Vampire slave - Bloodlust

NPC: The vampire is young, with a child appearance, malnourished. A slave collar hangs around her neck and she appears to be acting primal. However, it seems like she's trying to resist but is failing.

Rewards: A rank quest rewards

- Travel in the night and come upon a small village
- Notice signs of something going amiss, specifically the smell of blood
- against better judgement, slowly make way into village and see more signs
- Start discovering bodies, with small puncture wounds on their bodies
- Hear a shriek and run towards the sound
- Come upon the site of a female elf biting the neck of a man of the village carrying a torture instrument in his hand
- Interact with the blood lusted Vampire and protect yourself
- try to disarm/aid the vampire child and suffer an injury (Jikan)

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Name: Howler

Rank: A

Type: Bad

Participants: Jikan

Summary: After her long  experience with the vampire child, Jikan has now handled(?) the situation. However, now possessing an item from the vampire child. With a few nights rest and travel, she finds another town, a place that sickness Jikan and during the night she encounters an unexpected guess. One with a bone to pick with her.

Others: Boy slave

NPC: Klein

Enemies: Werewolf Slave

NPC: Werewolf slave Klein

Rewards: A rank quest rewards

Objectives: Shortly mention what needs to be accomplished in this part of the storyline.
-recover from battle and wounds in day time
- interact with the bloodlust vampire at night
- search through forest for nearby food sources
-find a town nearby and go to it hopefully to find food to acquire along side Jikan
- walk into town, and stumble into open auction of slavery, target species demi human. Noticbley lot of Children
- see the current being being sold is a boy with ears, seller whips him and makes him walk on his hands and knees
-note Jikan steadily increase facial rage and blood lust
- try to contain and restrain Jikan before she explodes in front of auction
- the were boy seeing Jikan flips from his timid docile personality to a more livid and aggregated state
-escort Jikan out and listen to her request to go back at night and free the people trapped and burn the town
- Go back to the town but only come back to see the town in the middle of being destroyed by a single werewolf with a collar on his neck
- either protect yourself and subdue the werewolf to find out answers or let the sunrise and find out it was the boy from the auction

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Name: -

Rank: S

Type: Bad

Participants: Put down the names of the participants in the storyline.

Summary: A description of what is going on in this part of the storyline. It should be at least a few sentences long.

Others: Does the quest involve other non-player characters? If so, mention them here.

Enemies: Does the quest involve non-player enemies? If so, mention them here.

Example NPC: Include any relevant information of the NPC such as appearance, morals, philosphy, etc.

Rewards: Mention the rarity of the custom that you wish to have for your character. Should the user not choose to get an item, fill in as N/A. This is only applicable on your last quest of the storyline.

Objectives: Shortly mention what needs to be accomplished in this part of the storyline.

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