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Adelaide Sokolov née Eventide

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov


Name: Adelaide Sokolov née Eventide

Age: 23 (16 August x764)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Warrior

Race: Nephlim

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Holy Knights

Tattoo: Left upperarm - Black

Face: Riza Hawkeye - Full Metal Alchemist


Height: 1.70/5'7"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: Blonde with streaks of red.

Eyes: Golden/green

Overall:  Alice has the average height of 1.70 meters. Her skin colour is rather pale, which makes her look pale in general with her blonde hair. She has no flaws on her skin apart from some birth marks and a scar on the left side of her abdomen, it is a little red cross. It is easy to hide as it's just below waistline from jeans/skirts and so on. If Alice stays long enough into the sun in the summer, she will get tiny freckles on the bridge of her nose and her cheekbones, but only in summer. Albeit throughout the years she got a bloody mark on her back which happened in an accident when she got captured.

Officially Alice is a redhead but she has been dying her years blonde for a few years now and also cut it shorter to past her shoulders. She still mostly wears it in a braid or ponytail.  Her face is framed by long bangs that she keeps shifting to the left side of her face most of the time. On the left side of her face, she has a shorter lock of hair that will always frame her face.

Her face thus contains the summer freckles and big hazel eyes. Her eyes are almond shaped and the colour is difficult to describe as at one point they are green, gold and brown or more brown than green and it looks like it switches all the time. Apart from her mesmerizing eyes, she has a button nose and a strong jawline. Her face is heart-shaped which gives her a bit of a pointy chin but not very much.

Extra: She has a strange ritual scar on her back that she hides with her clothing.


Personality: Alice is an open minded person which gives her the ability to judge things in a way that she can understand, wether it be within the justice of the country of Fiore or without.

Alice is someone that keeps developing herself to evolve in the situations that she is in at that particular moment. It started with being a survivor after she lost her memory at the age of eighteen and made her wary, cautious, daring, wrong and a coward. Because she had to live on the streets and make money for herself in those dark days, she started to steal and think of plans to get more money, because she was eighteen, she had no longer the opportunity to stay in the orphanage where she was dropped as an eight year old child. The streets made her hard and she had to grow up faster in the process to understand what she had to do to avoid getting caught in the act of pickpocketing. This also made her more of a coward because she was constantly afraid of getting caught, especially in the beginning. She rather made the decision to flee than to fight for it. Since joining the Rune Knight she still has the idea to flee for the impossible jobs as she had sometimes proven but she no longer enjoys that idea as she is trying to train herself in getting stronger and less of a coward. Which means that she tries to fight for it instead of to flee. However in the idea that she used to think before she did, she now does before she thinks, even with giving her opinion. Which makes her honest but blunt.

She actually now tries too hard to become a better version of herself, which makes her often tired and harsh (mostly to herself). She thinks she failed but would not show that and become more hidden behind a brick wall than show emotions.


  • Money: Alice has been able to let go of her love for money but she still likes it. The original reason was that she didn't have it and could steal it to get everything she wants. Now it changed a bit to that she likes doing job and get paid for it, so she could afford her life style of buying whatever she wants, if it is armour, weapons, books or nice places to stay: money is important to support her in her way of living.
  • Weapons:Her love of weapons is a bit obvious for a former Requip mage. But she could as well go shopping in a smithy and look around as if she goes to a mall. She takes good care of her own weapons and is always looking for new versions. She wants to get better with every sort of weapon but only so much she could hold on to and train with.


  • Crying:As someone who strives to be perfect, she can't be seen crying in general. As she does not believe that she has the right to cry, she will not cry for herself at perhaps any point. No matter her past and what her sister did to her, the times that she cried was for her companion and her loved ones.
  • Insects: Although Alice tries to avoid most of the time to be "A girl about it" she can't help but dislike insects very much. It doesn't matter which form or size, the only she can stand from far away are butterflies and than again: from far away. She definitely doesn't mind if insects go around their daily business, hoping to flowers, sitting on windows but as soon as she gets to close, she would either step on them or try to get away because Alice and insects is not a combination at all.


  • Getting HER husband back: After her own damn mistake and not being able to be there, she has to find a way to get Kon back. She still loves him, tries to forgive him (even if she doesn't know what he did) believing he doesn't know better. She will find the bastards that took him away from her and she will not be nice.


  • Heights: Alice isn't good with Heights. The fear must come from somewhere but she can't remember and she doesn't care. She just avoids the places where she doesn't need to go.
  • Death: her family is her everything and she would protect them till the bitter end in case it is necessary. The idea that something can happen to the children or her husband brings fear to Alice, she only tries to not think about it at all times. Also her own, before she finished her own task, it would be bad to leave it like this.


Magic Name: N/a

Magic Element: N/a

Magic Description: N/a


History: Alice was born together with her twin sister Lacie. She never was the perfect one. She was the rebellious one of the two. She was born into a strict religious family where her rebellious actions and her dirty cheeks, nose and clothing weren't appreciated. Her family always talked about a curse of twins and that's why her mother was left in a tower with just her and Lacie.

Alice her mother was a strict church go-er and couldn't bear that one of her children was cursed (which was a family whisper and had nothing to do with the religion of the Illuminin).
The curse was about one of the twins is a host for the devil himself. To avoid that there was a whole ritual in the tower and Alice was thrown into the abyss. The rite was done by her own mother, her two aunts (of three) and her own sister Lacie. Or so they thought, they planned to throw the girl out of the tower window and into an open rift that would become the abyss. However, Alice was secretly saved by her third aunt. Being left into an orphanage and still being a secret for the rest of the family, Alice was raised. Her mother and sister (and aunts) thinking that she died never went to look for her. After the rite with to get rid of her daughter, Alice her mother stopped going to church and joined a cult that had a big effect on the life of the rest of the Eventide/Maelstorm family.

During the fall and the ritual of the abyss which was performed on an early stage in her life, she had a damaged brain that would take more and more damage until she would completely forget what happened in the past when she turned sixteen or was it eighteen. She can't remember.

However, her life since her sixteenth is perfect since she could do whatever she wanted and she learned from the stranger who raised her how to pickpocket and when she was dumped again, she simply knew how to continue her life by stealing money and the like to get her clothing and food.

When for the first time arriving in Era, and for the first time meeting Kon, she would fall in love with him. This was when she was twenty. Her world would turn upside down as she after dates and many more meetings, realized that she was pregnant. This was a bumpy ride where she left the Rune Knights who did not seem to agree with a pregnant Lieutenant. She still is unsure if this is true or a set up from something else.

Later she joined the Rune Knights, got twins and even married. Something her sixteen-year-old self would never believe to be happening anytime soon or at all.

In the last two years a lot has happened to Alice, first of all she went on to get a bit better at what she was suppose to do. Because Alice mainly took care of the kids and depended on her companions to fight for her. She did no longer want this as she did not want to drag her faithful friends into the problems. In the end Jupiter and Hecate decided to go on a journey to bring Hecate back home, to their own part of the world that is unknown to her. The thing is that she misses them a lot but it o nly pulled her back into motherhood. Which was not a problem and the long extended vacation to Bosco was a warm welcome to focus on something else.

With the help of the Holy Knight Midas, she found her father and as he was possessed by a strange spirit, she had no choice but to fight him and bring him down, he is not dead but you can not say he is sane either, she is trying to figure it out and make him better. Realizing that she barely knew a thing about her past and also her father, apart from some flashbacks, she went to find a cure for her amnesia. The history of her life is not pretty but the future at that point was better and she was able to endure it thanks to her husband, children and friends.

As she become an inquisitor within the Holy Knights, it did mean she could focus on more tasks at hand than before. This resulted in a cleanse of a cultist activity. Unfortunately, as it seemed to be a trap, she was taken capture and separated from her husband. While they tortured her, and used her body for some sort of strange ritual, leaving a mark on her back that from time to time still hurts, she tried to escape. All that she knows is that they were both there and after a second rescue attempt, she was found, saved and told the fact that Kon did not know her anymore. Not the ways from before, which set her on her new path to her new goal.

For his best recovery, she was taken aside many times and did not show her face. Out of fear for many things she weighted upon the idea of dying her hair. What stopped her was that he already did not recognize her and she was afraid it would only get worse. In the end she did, for fear of her children, who are both blondes anyway. Even if her hair colour changed, she looks the same in every other aspect. It would be fine, but now she works mostly behind the scenes to get what she wants. She doesn't dare to trust anyone.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Refund (1,500,000 Jewels)
  • Weapon: Refund (1,000,000 Jewels)
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: Refund (1,000,000 Jewels)
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Reclaim (Nephlim)
  • Companion: Refund: Jolteon (1000 Points) Glaceon (1000 Points), Espeon (500,000 Jewels)
    Leaves (if possible) 2x 500.000 Jewels and 2x 1,000,000 Jewels.

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 454 (394 from before and new because Human race)

  • Strength: 250
  • Speed: 32
  • Endurance: 50
  • Constitution: 121
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

  • Faction Title: Superior Holy Knight
  • Faction Level: Level 3

See post count sheet from starting from Eye to Eye and the Hargeon D-rank quests. (364 posts)

Adelaide Sokolov née Eventide RVxL5Jg
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This character application has been approved.

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