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Baska - Heist Lookout

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Quest: Heist Lookout

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Neal: Neal is a no good thief who has resided in Baska most of his life, and has a reputation for stealing from the local merchants, though the Baska Rune Knights have never been able to catch him in the act. He is a very strange man who will go to any lengths to get what he wants, as he seems to always be plotting his next big heist.

Summary: Neal’s next big heist is something he can’t afford to fail and so he has put it upon himself to try and find the perfect lookout for his upcoming heist by putting out a request to mages. Neal will meet in a dark ally in the town square, and upon giving him the secret phrase, he will take you to a remote location where he will ask you to be the lookout and notify him the moment you see anything you deem suspicions or strange.

Enemies: None

Objective: Prove to Neal that you can be the perfect lookout for him on his next big heist.


  • Create a topic in Baska's Town Square.
  • Meet up with Neal in a dark alley in the town square.
  • Upon meeting with Neal he will proceed to ask you for the secret phrase "heist".
  • You will give him the phrase, and he will inform you that you have passed the first part of the test and ask you to follow him.
  • Neal will proceed to lead you into a strange building.
  • Reaching the building, Neal will ask you to wait outside while he goes inside, telling you to take a mental note of everything you see as it could be part of the test. But, if you see anything too strange, report to him.  
  • You will be standing outside the building for a moment and it seems as though nothing at all is going on.
  • Soon several people will start to walk by some numerous times, tending to stare towards your general direction. And soon you see that a few people in cloaks are hidden not to far from the building watching your every move.
  • You will then proceed to knock on the door and alert Neal.
  • Neal will then exit the building and ask you to state any and everything that seems out the ordinary, and upon you stating the people watching and the numerous individuals that seem to keep walking by, he will inform you that you have passed his test and reward you, telling you to prepare for the heist of a lifetime.


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I'll take this one.

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