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Heist Lookout [Quest][Solo]

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He was working with the thief again, Neal, his previous client. The last time he’d worked for the man, it was to steal some items for a disguise he needed for some big, up and coming heist he had planned. He honestly hadn’t expected to work for the man again so soon. When he had been approached earlier, the man that had greeted him, informed him that his previous employer was very pleased with his performance, and was seeking further aid. Ending his relay saying, “Mr. Neal believes you will be crucial to the success of his upcoming heist.”

He had emphasized the word ‘heist’ unnecessarily. That led Mikajia to believe it was something to keep in mind for later. He would be right sooner than he realized. As soon as he arrived at the location described, he was met with a smiling Neal. But before he could do or say anything else, Neal said, “What’s the secret phrase, my good man?” With a little flourish of his hand and a small bow, waiting for Mikajia’s response.

Mikajia arched a single brow, then tilted his head a bit before saying, “Heist.”

“Very good.” Neal replied with another flourish, “You’ve passed the first test.” He continued, holding up a single finger, “I can’t just let any old bumbling idiot be my lookout now can I? I need you to be sharp, cunning,” He made more extravagant motions as he spoke and walked towards Mikajia, “Observant.” He said, leaning in closer towards Mikajia.

“Very well.” He replied, unflinching, face blank as he just watched Neal. He wasn’t the extravagant type himself, and typically steered clear of people like Neal as often as he could. But Neal proved to be a reliable employer so far, so he dealt with it.

“What will it be this time? You said lookout, so are you attempting the heist now?”

“No, no. Of course not. This is another test, to see if you’re up for the job of being the lookout when the heist actually happens. Follow me.” Neal replied, then motioned Mikajia to follow. Moments later, they were approaching a rather odd-looking building. Once directly outside, Neal stopped and turned to face Mikajia, “It’s time now. You are to stand guard outside of this building here while I’m inside. You are to take note of every little thing you see among the streets and buildings outside of this one. Pay careful attention, and notify me immediately when or if you spot something suspicious or strange.”

Mikajia gave a nod in response, turning to face the streets and buildings ahead of him as Neal entered the building. For the first few minutes, nothing strange happened at all. However, roughly ten minutes after Neal entered the building, Mikajia noticed that there were several individuals that had passed by this building multiple times at this point, giving Mikajia and the building odd stares. Soon after that, Mikajia also noticed a few other individuals in cloaks, attempting to hide a fair distance from the building, but he could tell they were watching Mikajia’s every move.

He figured these things would definitely qualify as strange and suspicious, and soon rapped on the door to get Neal’s attention. Quickly after that, Neal exited, then turned to Mikajia and asked him to report everything he had seen that was suspicious.

Mikajia relayed the details of the several people who had walked by multiple times, as well as the few individuals with cloaks that had been trying to hide and watching him. Neal was very pleased, telling him that he had passed. “Get ready my good man,” He said with a big smile, tossing him a bag of jewels, “For the heist of a lifetime.” Tipped his hat, then turned and walked off. Mikajia gave a quick nod as well before making his way back to his loft. Things were bound to get interesting soon.

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Heist Lookout [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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