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Heist Lookout [Quest]

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Heist Lookout [Quest] Empty Sun May 30, 2021 11:41 pm

That damn Neal wanted her attention again. It was meeting at some dark alley again. He needs a new damn stop to meet the people that want to help him. Fucking creep. She stared the way that he was waiting as her eyes were filled with irritation and how this was probably another waste of her time. Once she went up to him he wanted to know the serect phrase. He was kidding, right? He wanted to know something like that when he literally saw her not too long ago. This man was obviously mental?

Quite Ironic for Fala to think that.

She told him about the Heist and he started to tell her that she has passed the first part of some test. Afterwards, he instructed her to follow him in which she just did without questioning. Her eyes gazed up to study her surroundings as a strange building was coming up. It was all made out of brick and the windows were glassed over by special glass. It was that glass where you couldn't see what was going on inside, but they can surely see you. It was an interesting concept and this place gave her curiousity. Her head turned to look at what seemed like nothing, but she started to speak to it as soon as Neal went inside.

"What? You think so?" She replied to what may seem like to no one besides the wall. Fala paid no mind to the person as the voices were speaking to her. The voice sounded male and was unsure who it came from. It wasn't from her Pink Llama sama overlord. The time, what felt like a half hour seemed pretty quiet and boring . Was this a fucking trap? She swore on her Lord that she will woop someone if it was. Soon enough as she thought of that she realized that there were several people that walked by a lot.

Was it a concidence? Her eyes boredly watched left and right as the same people roamed passed. Soon enough though she saw that those same very people starte dto stare towards her direction like in a horror film. Was she the victim for once? She laughed inside as she would like to see them try. Sadly, she remembered what Neal said and turned to start knocking on that door. The metal clanged loudly afs she could even hear the echo of it inside. Soon enough she saw the door open and then looked back to see that the people that were there were there no longer.

She explained to neal who appeared that there were people just there in cloaks, acting suspicious as some were even pacing back and forth within the streets while gazing over here. He gave a thumbs up and told her she passed. She itched the top of her head confused till he made it obvious that it was part of the test. Finally, he informed her that there will be a heist and she needs to prepare for it.



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