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Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek]

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#1Miyu Kento 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:06 pm

Miyu Kento
It was a sonny day and good weather to be outside. The temperature did rise which made it even more inviting to go out in the streets. She thought back to seeing one of her Family member which brought a sad look on her face. "I wonder to see him again.." she remembered he had to leave of something urgent as the doctors told her also about more of her relatives. It eased her not being alone eventhough she met new friends which gave her more the courage to open up and give her that strength and support she needed.

She came to her destination which was a cafe not so far from the docks. It was rumored that they had very delicious pastieries and cakes, which Miyu wouldn't let that oppertunity slip.  As she stepped into the cafe and the sweet aroma filled her nose the elegant dolllike lady had a drastic change of her persona. She appeared more like a happy child with a wide smile and sparkling eyes of joy. Her voice was even higher as she answered to the Store owners question of what she would like.
"Hm .. I would like green tea and ... 3 slice of chocolate cake.... a slice of apple pie ... hm lets see ... the vanilla pudding crossiants and 4 cupcakes for the start ... please!" The Store owner was surpised for such a big order but acceppted and she took than a seat at a table closest to the window.

#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:09 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
Roaming around the streets of Orchidia, Alek's stomach suddenly growled, he hadn't eaten today and wanted to eat something, at least something. He was near the docks, he was sporting a tracksuit with running shoes and a Princeton haircut, hair groomed perfectly. His hair had grown too long in the past few months and he didn't get them cut, so yesterday he got them cut and felt as if a burden had been lifted from his head. Entering a cafe he saw around the docks, he took a seat on a table beside a girl (Miyu, you there.) and sighed as he sat down, a waiter came to take his order and Alek said "I'd like Yorkshire Pudding." and sighed as the waiter went to get some other orders from people.


Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:04 am


Dusty drapes pulled open by shade covered hands, light flooded the room, a loud groan could be heard through it as the owner of them was blinded by it, the puncturing glow of the sunlight radiated on him whilst blinding him at the same time, a hand quick dropped a portion of the drape to shield the man's sensitive pure blue eyes. The Sunlight revealed far more inside the room including clothes neatly packed in his opened suitcase topped with an half-eaten sandwich that he was still working on, other things included a smashed vase as well as a comically designed staff which seemed to reflect the glow in orange tones. Having removed the aftermentioned clothes having consumed the sandwich at a steady pace the man took hold of the staff with a firm grip using his right hand before leaving the room and building, politely giving his temporary farewell to the well-endowed daughter of his host who seemed pleased by his appearance, even to the point in which she flashed a bit more than was respectable causing him to blush heavily.

Once on the road, however, with his rose coloured cheeks returning to their normal colour, he looked downward to see his companion, a blitzle, an uncommon animal found in the Crocus regular attributed to lightning, patting him gently he called it forth and with it following him without hesitation. The Blitzle was a loyal beast to him through and through perhaps even saving his life at one point.

Recognising that the sandwich he had consumed would not be sufficient for getting him through the day he decided to find a cafe, the nearest one preferably. Unfortunately for him, those closest were far too full for his liking so instead he continued looking eventually finding a nice looking place. This place incidentally perhaps by circumstance or even fate as he drew closer seemed to contain both his brother Alek whom he hadn't seen for months without any reason for his absence along with his cousin whom he and apparently Alek had forgotten about, only for him to have become relearn of her existence along with his many other cousins; Arisa and LeeAnn.

Deciding to put on a display of confidence to the two of them and being unconcerned with the outcome from others in the cafe, he drew up to the two before calling out to a nearby waiter whom wasn't busy at the time. "Coffee, black, Toast, buttered, I'll be over there." pointing towards the two of them before announcing himself to his two family members. "Brother!, Cousin!, what are you two doing here?, have you met up with each-other already or am I making a fool of myself?, Bah let's get a table together and we can talk all about what's going on with everyone." The waiter with concern drew closer with his coffee and his toast looking for a place to put it down. "Ah yes, just put it on this table if you will."

#4Miyu Kento 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:10 am

Miyu Kento
The young lady straightend her purple kimono which was finely stiched and imbedded with a floral design suiting for her appearance. Her slender fingers stroked the wood of the freshly polished wooden while she patiently waited for her desserts. She only looked shortly up to the waiter which brought her order on a silver palette. Her violett eyes looked only shortly to the blonde haired boy which made her thoughts bring to motion. It was only for a brief minute til her full attention was now on the various pasteries she ordered. A smile broke the emotionless doll like expression of the beautiful violette haired maiden.

With her frail hands she picked up her gold colored fork deciding what dish to start. After hard thought she decided to begin with the chocolate cake. Preparing to savor the delicous sweet taste on her small toungue she cut the tip of the cake while scooping it onto the fork and pushing it passed her pollowly lips. Pressing onto the cold metal with her lips she pushed the fork out of her mouth leaving the chocolate cake on her tounge and graduly chewing it. After the taste she silently squieked for joy. It was a good desicion after all coming to the cafe.

It wasnät for long that the silent ambience was disturbed by a known and loud voice. First startled from the abrupt and loud greeting she dropped her fork which clashed against the porcelian edge of the plate. like a face of a child she gretting her eldest cousin with a pouty facial expression and round cheeks as she inhaled annoyed. "You almost scared me to death with such a loud introduction!" she said in a higher pitched voice and wrapping her arms around each other. She than perked up as he called another stranger to the table. Brother? She looked to the red eyed blondie while she tried to connect his face to any of her memories. She nodded only to give a proper introduction like a proper lady. "Well ... good day I am Miyu Kento I am glad to make my aquatiance again with my beloved cousins..." . Hey attention was back to her sweet while taking another bite. Happy like a cute little child she swong her legs slightly back and forth while swaying her torso side by side.

#5Aleksandr Sokolov 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:16 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
After the waiter was gone, Alek thought a little, he thought that maybe he shouldn't get Yorkshire Pudding and so he decided on two desserts he had eaten once when he was in Crocus, he recalled the waiter to his seat by a signal with his hand when the waiter was about to go in the kitchen and said as the waiter reached his table "I'd like to cancel my order, I'd take Sachertorte andTiramisu instead." The Waiter sighed and cut his former order and wrote the new one and then went inside the kitchen.

As the order arrived, Alek smiled and looked at the two desserts, he continually hovered his spoons over them, trying to decide what to eat first, he decided to start with the Sachertorte and as he was about to take a small slice of it with his spoon, he was surprised and almost stunned by a known voice that reached his ears, it made him drop his spoon into the dessert, straight and erect now, the spoon fell in the center of the dessert and now stood inside the dessert like a pole against the ground, only in this case the plate was the ground and the pole was spoon, slightly annoyed with the middle of his dessert getting a hole in between and him getting some of the dessert on his face, he looked at Konstantin and said "Gosh, brother. Your introduction almost ruined my dessert!" and then after he had said it, he giggled a bit, stood up and embraced his brother after the lady had, recalling what Konstantin said after 'Brother' he looked at the girl in a bit of confusion trying to recall if he had ever met her, Lee and now her? Woah, he has a large family.

The girl introduced herself as Miyu Kento, Aleksandr decided to introduce himself as well and with a warm smile on his face, he spoke "I'm Aleksandr Sokolov, younger brother of Konstantin Sokolov, pleased to make your acquaintance." as he took his seat again and with a fork, he cut a small piece out of his dessert (Sachertorte) and savored it, it was bittersweet and tasted nice.


Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:54 pm


With his waiter placing down his very simple meal on the table, he took his chair in a position that would allow the three of them to see eye to one another with ease. Bemused by their reactions towards his boisterous introduction he smiled and nodded whilst apologising to the two of them. "Yes my mistake, Alek, Miyu, I promise I won't startle either of you next time." Taking a tall sip of his coffee with the black hot liquid surging down him as he watched his brother and cousin introduce themselves to each other, he was able to take a quick bite of his toast before it got too cold until the social cue for him to start talking became too evidently uncomfortable.

Wanting to take the opportunity to gather more information regarding the two of them since the last time he saw either of them with Miyu meeting her for the first time here a few weeks ago and Alek whom he hadn't seen for several months, he opened up the conversation revealing tidbits of information about himself in the most current less personal events. "So Alek, Miyu what have the two of you been doing with yourselves since I last saw you, I myself was recently in a tournament where I fought another rune knight member, Selena, you remember Selena, Alek?, Anyway suffice it to say I was destroyed in it, couldn't say I was surprised to be honest, she's a far better fighter than I, though in due time that might change."

#7Miyu Kento 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:49 am

Miyu Kento
Looking to the younger cousin of hers she smiled. She leaned over with tilting slightly her head keeping the gentle smile on your face. "Aleksander you also have grown but you looked so much and into a attractive young man from the last time I saw you-" she explained while giving her full attention on the variety of desserts she had ordered. Finishing the Chocolate cake she moved to the next dish which was apple pie. The pieces were alot bigger then before making her cheeks slightly expand like that of a hamster and acidenntly getting cream on the side of her mouth which she did not seem to notice. Swallowing down the chewed apple pie  piece she gave Kon her full attention.

Miyu gave him another smile and said softly. "A dear friend from my Guild returned to Orchidia and we started doing jobs ...." she stopped mid sentence remembering the topic the old lady brought up. Her face lit up like a tomato as her skin felt hot. It could gradually be mistaken as a fever which wasn't The throughts reanimated in her head and her heart use to beat. She quickly turned away while trying to calm herself down. "Why the ... why am I thinking of this again!" As she calmed down she sighed while she tried to finish her sentence. "together..." She coughed slightly to clear her through acting more to her oldself. "I am focusing  to get stronger so my faint attacks would not reaccur that frequently..." Kon talked about a tournement which she listened to him. It sounded really interesting. Her eyes laid then on Aleks while she would listen to what his last activities were.

#8Aleksandr Sokolov 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:11 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
"Yeah, I remember her." Aleksandr answered when Konstantin asked him if he remembered Selena, well team mate, it reminded him that he had to do some missions to at least earn a tad bit of money and just do some work not be a lazy shit all the time. Taking another slice from the first dessert, he chewed and swallowed it, finishing the dessert and moving on to the second, he finished the second dessert fairly quickly too and took what Miyu said as a compliment, though he didn't really remember seeing her as a child, but well.

Aleksandr heard what Miyu had to say, paying attention to it, he didn't really care that much, though. Then came his turn to tell what he had did and all he did was sigh, he hadn't really done anything special or interesting, he had just lazed away the past few months, he spoke, being honest "I just lazed away the past few months, I didn't do anything special or interesting at all." He was pretty sure that his brother would take of him as a lazy shit and well from his past activities, he couldn't deny it.


Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:29 pm


Swiftly his eyes watered as his nose began to itch, Kon was about to sneeze, quickly however he managed to grab a nearby napkin and cover his nose as he completed the unpleasant task. As he was removing the napkin from his face, void of any snot from a dry sneeze, he listened to both Miyu and Alek each in turn. With their answers similar to what he expected of the two even from only having meant Miyu once before. His brother was someone he could judge far easily as well as be a little bit disappointed in having not done much with his time since they last met.

With a sigh, he returned the napkin back to the table and took a sip from his coffee. In truth, Kon never had much respect for his younger brother and even less so as a seated knight considering he entered the Rune Knights as a Page and knowing the long haul to reach that status was going to take him far longer and the shortcut to his position seems to given him no sense of humility. His concern for his brother was also for another reason as he felt he was stronger than him even with the ranking difference.

The conversations between the three had swiftly grown dry with little sign of either of them opening up anything to follow up with ease so instead, Kon attempted to branch outwards to question Alek directly initially. "So slothful brother of mine what brings you to Orchidia?, work or pleasure?, I suspect the latter of course." Returning his focus to his cousin as he took a bite of his toast, he spoke to her as well. "Ah yes, your fainting I see that hasn't stopped yet, though I assume it's gotten better, though?, I'm not a doctor so I can't offer anything bar suggestions."

#10Miyu Kento 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:16 pm

Miyu Kento
She laid her cake and taking back her more ladylike persona. "Well ... I can tell you the reason of my fainting and explain the reason your mother took me in .." She said with a soft voice. The Facial expression change with her eyebrows henching upward and her smile evolving to a frown. "I have a rare condition ... the doctors suspected something immense. They found that I equipped more mana than I should. Of course, I can only use a fraction now than as a child which only I need to suffer from just Minor fainting but as a child, it was worse. It slowed my heartbeat to the point of heart failure. The treatment itself was something my Parents couldn't afford but your mother, My Aunt, was close to my mother and she took me in understanding also an unconditional love of a mother to her child. The only thing a can do is to get stronger. I am doing as many jobs I can and I train with my dearest friend ... his name is Atlas. I hope you also make acquittance with each other" she finished her story as she rushed to eat the last dishes she still had on her plate. She herself didn't want to do all the talking so insisted of asking a question. "How are the others? I hope to see them two one day. Though the maid insisted not to see one of your brothers. He could be scary and even scared me at times." she said slightly oblivious to the current family situation.

#11Aleksandr Sokolov 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:33 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr wasn't even slightly surprised by Konstantin's rather blunt reaction, most of the time he could guess that his brother never liked him that much. He called the waiter to where they were sitting and asked him, in a polite way "Can I get a cup of coffee please?" as the waiter went after taking his order and was back after two-three minutes, the waiter placed the cup of coffee on the table, Alek picked it up with both of his hands and took a sip from it as Konstantin asked him what brought him to Orchidia, he kept the cup back on the table, he had some coffee above his lips on his facial hair, he picked up a tissue and wiped it away and then answered Konstantin "None of those, I came here for the sole purpose of coming here, I have the same question for you, what brings you here?"

Aleksandr looked down and sighed, he had finished his coffee and was now staring at the empty cup until he heard Miyu ask about his and Konstantin's other brothers, Victor, the late Dmitry and Robert, sighing he looked up at Miyu and then at Konstantin, he sighed and said "I'd leave the explaining of our family situation to you, brother." as he started to think about his brothers, Victor was probably at their home in Era where they had left him at, he was gonna visit Era sooner or later, he had left Victor in care of a neighbor, who was a really good friend of Alek and the neighbor's son was like brothers with Victor, sighing again he looked down and picked up the spoon in the empty cup and moved it around in the cup like he was stirring it.


Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:32 am


Kon listened carefully to Miyu's explanation of both her fainting and the reason behind her living close to them, which was completely valid, the Sokolov family had both the money and the access to things most could only dream of. Her final comment also left him with a scowl, his brother Robert, someone he'd have to take out one day, he just knew it. Overlooking the comments she made, he's attention was drawn to Alek as he replied to his questions providing little information for him to work off of, recognising there was no need to lie, he responded and shrugged. "I was requested to be stationed in Orchidia Town after all the people do need looking after." Once again taking a jab at least unintentionally at his brother.

Seemingly Alek didn't want to be the one to break the bad news to Miyu and instead left it to kon something he didn't mind overall, but the events behind the destruction of their family weren't the greatest. Grabbing a few quick bites and a sip of coffee he informed her of what had transpired since now and when he had any last knowledge of her. "Well Miyu as you may or may not know Boris, our father died as such there was a power vacuum with Robert taking over as the head of the family, unfortunately during that period Dmitry was killed by him when the rest of us tried to leave the family, of course as you can see we have now, fortunately the rest of us weren't harmed including our younger brother." The way he spoke was blunt, to the point and somehow had left him feeling more relieved than anything else, it had been awhile since he could talk about this.

#13Miyu Kento 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:44 pm

Miyu Kento
Listening to the story her facial expression changed to a more painful and sad expression "I am sorry for such tragic events to happen in the family. It was still a part of the home of which I grew up in even though it wasn't the pleasant of times. " She finished her cakes and her pastries looking to the young men. Clearing her throat she looked to her cousins with a serious look. "If I may be excused I do have important business to attend. My Partner and eye still have a lot of Tasks that need to be fulfilled for me to become stronger..." She smiled while gently and quite timidly touching each of Konstantin's and Aleksander's hand "I am glad to have met both of you again after the years of my assistance is needed please inform me for it would be my biggest pleasure to help you two as I can as a Token of my gratitude for your hospitality when I needed the care. And I hold my Mothers side of the family very dearly to me.." she said as a farewell and letting go their hands. She paid the Waiter for her food and walked out of the door.



Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sat Feb 25, 2017 5:17 pm


Evident that this brief encounter of both his cousin and his brother was drawing to a close with Miyu making her departure, Konstantin decided to follow suit so that once she had said what had to say to the two of them, he would drink and eat his remaining food before talking to his brother. "I too must depart as I have urgent matters to attend in regards to Rune Knight business, excuse me, I hope we meet again some time, Alek." With those said flat and bluntly Kon rose from his chair, paid the waiter for his own meal and left the cafe with his companion in toe.


#15Aleksandr Sokolov 

Meeting more of the family[Kon][Alek] Empty Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:59 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
Soon the meeting came to an with both his brother and his cousin going their own ways and exiting the place, he sat at the table alone, he ordered one more cup of coffee and sighed as it arrived, he gulped it down as fast as he possibly could have and paid for what he had eaten and drank. He was kind of glad that the conversations with his brother and cousin had ended soon as they had gone dry and everybody had something to attend to, even Aleksandr himself had some matters to attend to. With that said, he exited the place and went back to his inn room.


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