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Eelzad Vs Yuurei

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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Fri Jun 14, 2024 9:27 pm

Eelzad stood at the entrance of the Arena of Champions once more, the cheers and roars of the crowd echoing around him like a thunderous symphony. The familiar scent of sand and stone filled his nostrils as he took a deep breath, steeling himself for the battle ahead. This time, he wasn't just facing any opponent; he was about to go head-to-head with one of the strongest members of his guild. The thought alone was enough to send a shiver down his spine, but Eelzad had been preparing for this moment.

In the weeks since his last fight, Eelzad had taken on numerous missions to hone his skills and improve his strength. He had cleared out the rats in Orchidia’s sewers, fought off aggressive salamanders in Hosenka's hot springs, and even faced down a tainted spirit by the river. Each mission had pushed him to his limits, forcing him to dig deep and discover new reserves of power within himself. His Ripple Magic had grown stronger, his Aqua Sphera Gauntlets more attuned to his will, but he knew he still had a long way to go.

As he walked through the tunnel leading to the arena floor, Eelzad reflected on his journey. The missions had been tough, each one presenting its own set of challenges. He had faced fear, uncertainty, and moments of doubt. But with each victory, he had grown more confident, more capable. He had learned to harness his magic more effectively, to move with greater agility and precision. Yet, despite all his progress, he knew this battle would be unlike any other.

His opponent today was a seasoned warrior, a guild member renowned for their unmatched strength and skill. Eelzad respected them immensely, and he knew that this fight would test him in ways he had never been tested before. He was realistic about his chances; victory was a long shot, but that wasn't the point. This battle was about pushing his boundaries, about learning and growing stronger.

Stepping into the bright light of the arena, Eelzad was greeted by the roaring crowd. The energy was electric, the anticipation palpable. He scanned the arena, taking in the tall stone pillars and the vast open space.

The announcer's voice boomed through the arena, signaling the start of the match. "Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a battle of epic proportions! On one side, the rising star, Eelzad Kors! And on the other, one of our most formidable warriors! Place your bets and prepare for an unforgettable fight!"

Eelzad took a deep breath, his senses sharpening as he readied himself. He knew this would be a tough fight, but he was ready to give it everything he had. His Ripple Magic surged through him, the Aqua Sphera Gauntlets glowing with radiant energy.

Eelzad still wasn't sure what he was looking for in this fight, but he was still going to allow himself to try facing off against Yuurei instead of shying away. There is always going to be someone stronger than him, Eelzad just had to get used to it.

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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Sun Jun 16, 2024 4:22 pm


The Face of the Mountain had been fighting a bit throughout the time being here. He wasn’t sure who he would be fighting next, for they never told him. Instead, he would find out when the announcement of their names today. He had been mastering his swords as of lately and it has been the weapon of choice as of lately. He felt like he was trying to find his peak in his weaponry. The young man had done his best with his gauntlets and his spears, and he was looking for his next step. In his arsenal, the only thing he would have to go with in the end is his staff.

He only had one staff, but being able to master the use of all his weapons would be for the best. At the moment Yuurei had his Lord Drakkon’s Helmet under his arm, and on his person, he had his Berserker’s Suit. The young man waited for the gates to open, and it would soon do so. He heard his opponent's name as their gates had opened.

Yuurei would hear the name Eelzad, and a smirk on his face appeared. He knew of the man, and he was part of the guild that he had been the master of. This was enjoyable and it seemed like a lot of Paradise Dawn had brought themselves into the arena as well to test them.

“And on the other, one of our most formidable warriors! Give it to Leviathan!” He shouted as the audience was yelling, excited, and placing their bets on who would win in this fight.

He wasn’t sure what to do right now, but he figured that even though he now had the ability to wield four swords at once, now that he knew who his opponent was. It wasn’t that he didn’t think his opponent could handle him using four swords, but he just didn’t want it over quickly it had happened before, and he didn’t want it to happen again.

Still, he wanted to test out his new weapon along with another weapon he was using throughout his journey. The Warden was going to be using his Excalibur as the second with, but his primary weapon was indeed Fragarch. While his Excalibur was invisible, his Fragarch hovered around Yuurei's right hand as a ball at the moment. He moved into the arena and while doing so he looked at the man with the gauntlet in his hand. This was intriguing and he didn’t know anything about Eelzad’s magic, but of course, today he would find out.

“How’s Lumikki doing as the new Guild Master?” He asked him as he had cracked his neck getting ready for their fight.

Yuurei got ready for the fight to start and he looked at him focused. He didn’t treat any fight differently, so he wouldn’t allow his guard to be down.

“Show me what you got.” He said to Eelzad as he stared into the man’s eyes.

When the two of them walked in, they were fifteen meters apart. The crowds were on the edge of their seats as they were wondering how the first move would be made. The Warden just watched him and he wanted to see how strong he was right now. They had never interacted in the sense of showing his physicality, so this would indeed be the first.


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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 6:25 am

Eelzad entered the arena with a mixture of determination and realism. His last few battles had taught him valuable lessons, and he knew that facing Leviathan would be a monumental challenge. The arena was buzzing with energy, and the crowd's excitement was palpable. As he stepped into the ring, he felt the weight of their expectations, but he also felt a sense of calm wash over him. He was here to test his limits, to push himself beyond what he thought possible.

Yuurei's presence was intimidating. The man exuded confidence and power, and Eelzad knew that this would be a fight to remember. He had heard tales of Leviathan's prowess, and now he was about to experience it firsthand. From the vibe Eelzad was getting, Yuurei was even stronger than Knuckles in terms of magical strength alone.

"For you to speak in such a way, to even say her name without honorifics...you know my guildmaster that well?" Yuurei's question broke the tension, but Eelzad knew it was also a way to gauge his mental state.

"I've heard many good things about her,"
Eelzad replied with a nod. "But I haven't had the chance to meet her in person yet. Conflicting schedules and all."

The conversation was brief, and Yuurei cracked his neck, signaling that it was time to focus on the fight. Eelzad took a deep breath and steadied himself. His Ripple Magic flowed through his veins, enhancing his senses and physical capabilities. He knew he was outmatched, but that didn't mean he would go down without a fight.

Eelzad's eyes narrowed as he assessed the distance between them. Fifteen meters. He needed to close the gap quickly and make his move. The crowd was silent, their anticipation building to a crescendo.

With a burst of speed, Eelzad dashed towards one of the stone pillars. He used it as cover, knowing that a direct approach would be futile against someone like Yuurei. As he reached the pillar, he unleashed a powerful punch, shattering it into a cloud of debris. The broken stones flew towards Yuurei, serving as both a distraction and a potential opening.
Using the chaos to his advantage, Eelzad darted from cover to cover, moving in a zigzag pattern to keep Yuurei guessing. He knew he had to stay unpredictable. As he closed the distance, he activated his Ripple Magic, his gauntlets glowing with the power of the abilities stored in the gauntlet itself.

Eelzad leaped from behind the last pillar, his fists aimed at Yuurei. With the use of the gauntlets, Eelzad stretched out his arm to have a little bit of an edge when it came to attacking Yuurei. Or at the very least, he was attempting to attack Yuurei with what he thought was an edge. He aimed for Yuurei's midsection, hoping to land a decisive blow.

The zoom punch was a fan favorite of Eelzad, but he knew that eventually, he would need more spells or better weapons if he wanted to compete with others.

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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Tue Jun 18, 2024 10:45 am


Yuurei looked at him and smiled. He did know Lumikki very well. They had interacted every now and then, but he saw the potential within her since they met. It was the reason why he appointed her as the Guild Master of Paradise Dawn. He knew it was in good hands with her, and if she ever decided that she would be a member and not a guild master she could always give it back.

“Of course, I stepped down as the Guild Master, so she could take care of it.” He said to him as it seemed like they had not met.

That sucked, but he knew that they would meet soon. When the fight started he watched as Eelzad made his push to a pillar nearby. The Warden had pivoted his right foot to follow him and keep an eye on what he was doing. He could see that the man had taken cover behind it before breaking it and creating debris in the air. The pebbles that flew by him would smack his armor bouncing off as it is. He had tried to hide himself within the debris.

It was a smart move, but Yuurei knew that the man didn’t get any closer than the fifteen meters that separated them from each other. It was then he would sense the vibration of his movements. The Seraphim let out a huge grind with the man’s action. He had done right by going this route; making sure that Yuurei couldn’t see him, but he didn’t always fight with his eyes. They had just made sure the target was actually there.

Still, he didn’t know about Eelzad’s magic. He had been on guard though, he did his best to see the man, but he knew where he was. The vibration in the air allowed him to know that he closed in on him. It wasn’t just that, but the danger he felt from the incoming attack was also there. Still, Yuurei figured he’d test the man.

He had waited for his attack; when he saw the man’s fist appear in front of him, he saw that the man had missed right? No, he was wrong, even though he could sense there was danger behind that attack, Yuurei welcomed it. The blow had struck, hitting his armor as he had dealt a bit of damage to his armor. He was actually impressed by that effect and it was delightful to see.

“That’s a first; I got to say that attack was not something I expected. I never seen someone do an attack like that before.” He said to him.

While he had been attacked, Yuurei had attacked as well. He had swung his invisible Excalibur attempting to do damage on Eelzad. It was a horizontal swipe with his left hand attempting to cut him in his upper chest area. He held back on his attack though as he was attempting to damage him, but made sure that he could still enjoy his time.

It wasn’t just that, he wanted to see what else Eelzad could do, and apparently, this was entertaining the audience here.


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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Wed Jun 19, 2024 5:45 pm

Eelzad felt the impact of his fist against Yuurei's armor, the force reverberating up his arm. He had managed to land a solid blow, but the lack of visible damage was both impressive and disheartening. Yuurei's response, however, caught him off guard. The Warden's praise was unexpected, and it fueled Eelzad's determination even more.

Before he could fully process Leviathan's words, he sensed the incoming attack. The invisible Excalibur sliced through the air, aimed at his upper chest. Eelzad's reflexes kicked in, and he twisted his body to avoid a direct hit. Despite his efforts, the blade grazed his chest, leaving a shallow cut that stung with the promise of more to come.

However, even with that one hit, a grace was powerful enough to leave so much damage that Eelzad knew that a direct hit of that was possible to even kill him if he wasn't careful. In a way, it was also the same as Knux in terms of the power that he commanded, something that was undeniable.

Gritting his teeth, Eelzad used the momentum of his dodge to roll to the side, putting some distance between himself and Yuurei. The crowd's roars filled the arena, a mix of excitement and anticipation. He could feel their energy, and it pushed him to keep going.

"You're strong, Leviathan. Stronger than anyone I've faced so far," Eelzad admitted, his voice steady despite the pain. "But I won't back down."

Eelzad staggered quite a bit. That blow was so powerful that it was taking more willpower than usual to maintain his stance.  "I didn't know that you were the original GuildMaster of Paradise Dawn. This was before my time and you must have had your reasons as to why you stepped away from the leadership position. Your strength certainly speaks for yourself.  However, the guild is still stronger. As one of its mercenaries, it's important to show some guts even in times like this. "

Eelzad knew he had to change his approach. Speed and agility were his allies, and he needed to use them to create openings. He took a deep breath, centering himself and allowing his Ripple Magic to flow more freely through his body. The power of the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive surged within him, enhancing his movements and sharpening his senses.

He dashed towards another pillar, using it as cover once again. This time, instead of breaking it, he used it as a launch pad, kicking off with both feet to propel himself high into the air. From his vantage point, he could see Leviathan clearly, and he aimed to land a swift, powerful kick from above.

"Let's see how you handle this!" Eelzad shouted as he descended, his foot glowing with Ripple energy. He aimed for Leviathan's shoulder, hoping to destabilize him and create an opening for further attacks.

"Sunlight yellow overdrive!!!!!"
If Leviathan was an "evil race" he would be surprised by the shock of ripple energy. However, relying on his magic was the only other trick that Eelzad had in his arsenal.

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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Thu Jun 20, 2024 8:55 am


Yuurei watched as with his swing, the man had done his best to dodge the attack. That was good of him, but it seemed like he had done the damage that was necessary. It seemed like holding back was the best as the man was still going. This was perfect, but could he withstand another attack of his? The Seraphim wasn’t sure what would happen and he wasn’t too sure if he should hold back even more.

For now, he would strike with the same force he had just thrown at Eelzad. If he could survive another hit like this, then he knew that he would have to swing like that when testing his opponents or guildmates.

It was soon he heard Eelzad’s words and the compliment that came with it, followed by the will to see through the fight. The Seraphim heard his words and he was glad that he didn’t quit on him. The crowd was cheering to see that the man had stood conscious after that fierce attack. The two face off now as he wonders what is going to happen next. It seemed like he didn’t know that he was the previous Guild Master. That was fine, and today he would know why he’s known as the Warden of the North, as the strongest mage within Earthland.

“That is good to hear, show me that the guild I love and pledge my life to is still strong!” He shouted.

His words resonated through Yuurei, and because of that, he would show him a glimpse of his power. The Seraphim had looked at him as he was using his speed to cover the difference in their power. His eyes looked at him as his foot pivoted to keep him in front of him. It was then he saw Eelzad pushing himself into the air and toward him. It was beautiful to see how this man fought, and Yuurei would see the kick coming from above. He figured he would show him his own light magic as well.

“Excalibur!” Yuurei shouted this as he swung the invisible blade in Eelzad’s direction. The blade had revealed itself when this happened and a beam of light would head in the man’s direction while he descended toward Yuurei.

He wouldn’t dodge the attack, but it would land all the same. His helmet would take the damage, but at the same time, the blow toward Eelzad would be enough to end the fight.

“Your potential is there! You just need to become stronger! Become stronger and be another pillar of the guild! Let those who think they can touch us regret their decision!” He shouted as he was happy to see that there were people who could be a threat in the future.


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Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Fri Jun 21, 2024 12:28 pm

Eelzad's kick connected with Yuurei's helmet, the impact resonating through the arena. For a moment, he felt a surge of hope. The crowd's cheers seemed to amplify, their excitement palpable. But that hope was short-lived. Yuurei's counterattack was swift and devastating.

As Eelzad descended, Yuurei's shout of "Excalibur!" echoed in his ears. He barely had time to register the invisible blade revealing itself before a beam of light shot toward him. The blast struck him mid-air, and the force was overwhelming. Pain exploded in his chest, and he felt his body being thrown backward, the world spinning around him.

Eelzad hit the ground hard, the air knocked out of his lungs. His vision blurred, and he struggled to stay conscious. Yuurei's words reached him through the haze of pain, a mix of encouragement and challenge. But Eelzad's body had reached its limit. The strength and power of Yuurei were far beyond anything he had faced before.

His vision darkened, and the last thing he saw was Yuurei standing tall, the crowd roaring in approval. Eelzad's body went limp, and he slipped into unconsciousness, the fight over. His mind, however, clung to Yuurei's words. Even in defeat, there was a spark of determination. He had seen the gap between them, and now he had a clear goal: to grow stronger and become a pillar of Paradise Dawn.

The announcer's voice boomed over the arena. "And the winner is... Yuurei!" The crowd erupted into cheers, the energy of the arena electrifying.



Eelzad Vs Yuurei Empty Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:09 pm


Yuurei had used his spell to land a hit on Eelzad, and with that the fight was over. He looked at the man as he had dropped to the ground. It seemed like the fight was over with that. He looked at him as he was proud to have him in his guild and that he couldn’t wait to see how strong this man would become.

While the fight had been over, it didn’t mean that Yuurei’s journey was don’t. He needed to become stronger, he needed to master his powers, and become one if not the best wielder of different weapons. He felt himself getting closer though, and he just needed a bit more.

When the announcer yelled his name, the crowd would scream and cheer with the victory. Yuurei heard it and he would raise his arm. His weaponry and his armor disappearing. He walked over to Eelzad and he would pick the man up from the ground and he would walk out of the place with the man in his hands. Leviathan and Shuten would not be happy about this and they would make him regret his choice of picking him up and showing him sympathy.



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