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Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei]

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#1Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Tue Jun 04, 2024 10:47 pm

Lily Knight
Laughter and what could only be described as degenerate activity echoed through a spacious building tucked away in the secluded alleys of one of Seven's cities. In this part of the city, during these hours, nothing was off-limits for those with the coin. Pleasures of all sorts, sexual, alcoholic, narcotic, gambling, and other such things were readily available. However, one had to be really careful, because it was easy to become washed away in these vices and find oneself in a situation much worse than when they started.

Lily, full of enthusiasm and curiosity, explored the brightly illuminated interior of the gambling hall she found herself wandering into. Different tables hosted various games, while scantily clad attendants walked around with trays of drinks. It was a whirlwind of activity that left Lily feeling a bit dizzy. With some coins jingling in her pocket, Lily approached a table occupied by three other individuals, and an empty chair that looked made for her.

Taking the seat, she listened as the man across the table explained the rules of the game and of course the costs. The dealer then gave each person two cards face up and the game was called blackjack. It looked simple enough she just had to hit twenty-one, but with a game of luck that was harder said than done.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Tue Jun 04, 2024 10:57 pm


Yuurei had been in Seven for quite some time, he had avoided being around his guild maters for the time being. He knew when they were in trouble, so he didn’t have to worry about being around them like that. He was also no longer the Guild Master, so he was able to roam free, with the mindset of his guild being able to handle things without him.

He also had problems within himself right now. The Oni and the Demon residing within him continued to corrupt his mind. They just wouldn’t shut up and continued to mess with him. The things he did to his enemies weren’t things he’d normally do, but those two dwelling in his consciousness brought darkness out of him.

The Warden had found himself in an interesting place. He had been in the Arena of Champions for some time, so he had to go check the other locations. He saw a bunch of people doing different things and doing different activities. He had a drink in his hand, not realizing when he got that as he wondered what would catch his eye.

#3Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 8:52 am

Lily Knight
Lily looked at the cards placed in front of her, a three of hearts and a seven of spades. She was still a bit away from the twenty-one she needed to win. It wouldn't do her any good if she didn't "hit," as the man had said earlier, which would get her another card. This card, though, would be given face down. Lily honestly didn't really understand much of the rules other than "get twenty-one and win." Taking a deep breath, she lifted the card just a bit so that only she could see what was underneath. It was a five of hearts. Now, she was at fifteen, which was still too low.

She heard two of the other three people curse as the word "bust" was yelled in the air, indicating that the cards they had been given put them over twenty-one. Lily paused for a moment before deciding that three people in a row couldn't possibly lose and called for another "hit." Taking a sneak peek at the card, she felt her heart race. It was a seven of clubs, putting her at a loss herself. She felt her eyes well up as she showed her cards to the dealer, who reassured her that everyone loses sometimes and suggested she try another game. The dealer, with his white beard, pointed to another set of games called coin slot machines, where she would only need to put in some coins, pull the lever, and let luck do its thing.

Lily was discouraged, but not enough to stop. Taking her bag of coins, she wandered off towards the machines with all their lights flashing. She almost made it until she bumped into someone, which sent her towards a man with white hair and a drink in his hand. Caught off guard, she couldn't stop herself, and all she could do was wait for the crash that was sure to happen.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 9:36 am


Yuurei was roaming around trying to figure out what he was going to do right now. The Demon and Oni were silent within his head. It was peaceful and not something he had been useful quite these days. Hell, even Migi was quiet today and Renji was enjoying himself in the casino. The Exceed had been given some jewels to spend, so he figured he would make it or break it.

While he moved around, danger tingled on the back of his neck. It was a small ordeal, but it allowed him to be alert. It was then, he saw a woman falling back into him. The Warden saw this, and he would pivot his foot to move his body to the side, but with his free hand, moved under and toward where she would fall. He caught her without a problem as he had a smirk on his face as he drank a bit.

“A lovely lady like yourself, shouldn’t be falling into the hands of someone like me. I might just break your heart.” He said to her as he could see her body was careful dearly.

The person she bumped into wanted to say sorry, but noticed what was going on, and he didn’t want to interrupt, so he walked away instead while he had the chance.

#5Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 8:27 pm

Lily Knight
Lily hoped she hadn't harmed the person she was about to crash into, but as luck would have it, the individual, a very handsome man, caught her. In this moment, her impossibly long bangs, which would typically obscure her violet gaze from the world, slid from her face, revealing her bright eyes filled with admiration.

"T-thank you!" she nearly yelled, quickly standing up to her full height and taking a step back. Her bangs returned to their original position, covering half of her face, but not enough to hide the bright red blush spreading across her cheeks. "Oh, I'm sorry. I d-didn't mean to! Please, take some of these."

Her slight stutter showed just how nervous she was about the situation. Lily reached into her pouch, pulling out some golden coins as compensation for her clumsiness. Bowing her head, she extended her hand toward him. It was a gamble, he might not accept it, but then again, he might. Either way, she wanted to reach those slot machines sooner rather than later.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 10:26 pm


Yuurei looked at her with a smile on his face as he watched her get back on her feet. It seemed like what he had said surprised her. He rubbed the back of his head as she was offering him jewels. He didn’t care for that, and he would drink a bit more. She seemed sincere and honestly, it was a mistake.

“There is no need for you to give me anything. I was just around and that’s all. If you want to you can go ahead and do what you were going to do.” He said to her as he thought about what he said.

“Or do you want me to accompany you and keep you company?” He said to her as he wondered what she would say.

Renji, on the other hand, was spending the jewels that Yuurei had given him. He was getting lucky with these games as the people here were surprised to see him winning.

#7Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 11:03 pm

Lily Knight
A part of Lily felt very relieved that the man hadn't taken her jewels. She really didn't want to part with them, so this outcome felt like a victory in the small gamble she found herself in. With a deep sigh of relief, she withdrew her hands and fastened the jewel pouch at her hip. His unexpected offer to accompany her was a pleasant surprise, and a smile lit up on her face. With a nod, she extended her hand for a handshake as part of her introduction.

"Oh, that would be wonderful. I'm new around here and sort of stumbled in. My name is Lily, what's yours?" Her energy swiftly shifted from nervous to bubbly within that short span of time, her confidence radiating like the sun, casting light all around. It would be nice to make a friend here, everyone she had encountered in the building so far seemed to be focused on their own agenda, and although there was nothing inherently wrong with that, she preferred friendship over animosity.

"I was just heading over to the coin slot machines, the man who plays cards suggested I might have better luck there.. What do you think?" As she looked at him, he appeared to know what he was doing, or perhaps he simply blended in well with the surroundings in Lily's eyes.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 11:11 pm


Yuurei was glad to hear that she was fine with this offer. He didn’t expect her to say yes, but at the same time, he understood why. He didn’t take her jewels and he was keeping her company or entertained. She had said what she needed to say, and she introduced herself as Lily.

“Nice to meet you, Lily, I’m Yuurei, and I’m new around here too. I have only been to one place around this country.” He said to Lily as he shook her hand.

When that was done, he heard what the man had suggested and he thought about it for a few seconds. His chin had been rubbed by his right hand he moved towards it.

“I think you should have kept playing. If he suggested you played something else, he was either driving you away because his cards might have been in the player's favor. I don’t know much about all of this, but that could be it.” He said to her as he rubbed the back of his head.

With his left hand, he would drink more of what he had in his cup.

“Still, we can do slots if you’re fine with that. I will just watch for the time being.” He said to her as he was waiting for her to lead the way.

#9Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 5:27 am

Lily Knight
"Yuurei, that's a nice name. Have you played anything around here yet?"

Leading the way to the slot machines, she grabbed a drink from a passing platter before sitting down. Lily had more than enough jewels to stay for a while, but she only planned to play a little before moving on to the next game. The slot machine had three forms of payment, twenty jewels for a small prize, forty jewels for a medium prize, or eighty jewels for a large prize. Taking a sip of her drink and placing it on the personal table that each slot machine came with, she put in forty jewels and pulled the lever. She contained her excitement as she watched the images move quickly until they slowed to a stop. The first picture was cherries, and according to the prize guide, she was off to a good start. The next picture was also cherries, was her luck increasing? The third picture was a bomb. Her heart sank, but she didn't lose. she just didn't win the grand prize. Still, winning a little was still winning.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 9:11 am


Yuurei heard the question and he looked around; he wasn’t a gambler that was for sure. He did give an allowance to Renji for him to spend. He was here enjoying his time, and basically talking to a beautiful woman like he was doing right now.

“Thank you, your name fits you, like a beautiful lily flower.” He said to her as he moved on from there.

“As for playing anything here, I have not. My friend should be somewhere playing his jewels away as we speak. I was here to have a good time with people.” He said to her as looked at her.

It seemed like she decided on the slot machines. He was fine with that, and he’d follow behind her. It was then he watched her playing the game and the excitement from what she was doing was delightful. He had a smile on his face as he didn’t understand the pleasure of gambling. Still, this was something she seemed to enjoy, so he would leave it at that.

He looked over to the instructions real quick, and when he looked at what was going on his eyes widened when he saw what the first two slots landed on. He was surprised, and he thought was she going to win it on her first try? When he saw the bomb on the third slot, his eyes squinted as he couldn’t believe that he was hopeful for this.

“That was close, maybe you can get it this time?” He said wondering how many times she would do this.

#11Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 6:57 pm

Lily Knight
His compliment made her blush, a slight pink covering her face that soon faded as she started playing the slot machines. It was nice to find someone so pleasant, it put her in a good mood. Lily went on to play a few more rounds, and with each play, her little pouch of jewels grew lighter and lighter, with some small wins but mostly losses. Between sips of the sweet but strong drink, she made small talk to fill the silence between herself and Yuurei.

"Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?"

Yes, small talk, just to fill the air, and with these sorts of questions, she was bound to get to know him better as she gathered more information about him. The sweet drink caused a slight slur in her words,not enough to make them unintelligible, but enough to add a slight drag to some of them. Lily was not a strong drinker, so any alcohol would eventually have her quite drunk at some point.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 6:57 am


Yuurei could see that she had liked his comment about her name. that was good and he was happy that he didn’t make her run away. Still, he could see that she wasn’t having good luck with this machine. He scratched the back of his head as he didn’t like that.

Still, it was her jewels, and he wasn’t going to stop her. Instead, he sipped his drink and his ears twitched when she asked him a question.

“I’m from a city called Athalran, hidden away from the eyes of the people. I’m half-elf, well I was originally. So, I’m from Fiore and I guess Bosco.” He said to her as he didn’t go into details about his life unless she asked him.

He hoped her games were going to get better than this, and he would ask her about where she was from.

“What about you, where are you from?” He asked her wondering what she would say.

#13Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 1:32 pm

Lily Knight
With one last pull of the lever, she let luck spin. Lily had learned quite a bit from Yuurei from just one question, and from his answers, more questions arose. Taking another sip of her drink, she turned to Yuurei with a confused look in her eyes that he couldn't see.

"What do you mean you were a half-elf?"

It sounded kind of crazy, as if he had stopped being a half-elf. What was he now? A whole human or a whole elf? And how does a person lose the traits they were born with? It was very confusing. She couldn't even enjoy the fact that she had finally hit three cherries, which was the jackpot. The sound of the machine pulled her attention toward it, but she still wanted answers. The machine let out a ticket to be exchanged for her prize, and not even a whole minute after the machine went off, she was approached by a man who introduced himself as the owner. He congratulated her and even gave her access to the VIP section, something she would deny as she was happy with Yuurei in this area.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 1:41 pm


[b]Yuurei chuckled when he heard those words. It did sound funny when you think about it. He rubbed the back of his head with his free arm, embarrassed to explain this. Still, before he answered, he noticed that with the little bit of jewels she had left, she had finally hit the jackpot that the machine had offered everyone if they had won.

He saw the ticket, and soon enough the owner of this place would bring himself to Lily. He had given her access to the VIP section and had congratulated her for winning. He felt like he wanted her to go up there to spend jewels, but he would ignore it for now. His attention turned back to Lily.

“I mean I’m still a half-elf, but I was given the blessing and powers of a Nephilim. Then through some turn of events, I became a Seraphim. Do you want to see my wings?” He asked her wondering what she would say.

#15Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 7:22 pm

Lily Knight
Every word that came out of Yuurei's mouth after "half-elf" baffled the now-drunk Lily. She was beyond amazed, and she definitely wanted to see those wings. The owner, who still stood nearby, realized that Lily was not giving him the attention he wanted. He hoped she would cash out her winnings and use them at the casino so the house could win it all back. However, it was clear she was too entranced with the man next to her to pay any attention. With a frown, he walked off, leaving the two alone.

"Ooo, ooo, yes please, let's go!"

Grabbing Yuurei's arm, she led him to the winnings counter where she collected her prize. Her jewel pouch nearly tripled in size and weight, which was now annoying since she had to carry it. Once she had her jewels, she wrapped her arm around Yuurei's again and led them out into the moonlit night, with not a cloud in the sky.

"Wings! Wings!"

Letting go of his arm, Lily clapped her hands together in a little tune with her chant.


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 9:58 pm


Yuurei had looked at her as she was excited to see this transformation. The owner of the casino was not pleased that she had declined his offer but there was nothing he could do about it. The Starlight felt his arm being grabbed and he was now being tugged. He didn’t mind it as he looked at her and he moved with her. She had cashed out and the amount of jewels she had gotten was pretty good.

Once that was done, she took him outside, so that he could show her his wings. He looked back at the casino and he would rub the back of his head. He was pretty sure that Renji didn’t even know that he was missing. When they got to a nice area, she let go of his arm and looked at him waiting for him to show her.

How he Looks right now:

Yuurei cracked his neck and soon enough his disguise would be dispelled. His form changed, his hair whiter, his eyes bluer and shiny with light. Being himself, Yuurei would now have his two wings on his back as they moved slightly because he did that. He didn’t move them a lot, but he stretched them a lot when he didn’t have a lot of people around him.

“This is how I look. To other Nephilim and Seraphim, this is how they perceive me.” He said to her as he wondered how she’d comment on the way he looked now than before.

Base Formed Unleased:

#17Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 10:26 pm

Lily Knight
Before her very eyes, Yuurei's form began to change, and the more it changed, the more her jaw dropped open, leaving her looking like a gaping fish. She really didn't know what to expect, but this was, dare she say it... "Divine... Oh, so divine." Moving closer to Yuurei, she circled him, her eyes focused on his feathers as she approached his wings. His scent became ingrained in her memory so that she would always know when he was near in the future. This was such a special experience, what life was all about, meeting new people and learning new things about them and the world. "They are so pretty. I wish I had wings..." A little sigh fell from her lips as she wondered how it felt to fly with wings like that. Backing up and away from Yuurei's personal space, she gave a few more claps. "Thank you for sharing with me. You really are like an angel, huh."


Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 10:40 pm


Yuurei looked at her as she was inspecting him. It was actually quite pleasing to see someone do this. he hadn’t really seen this in a while. Still, when she had soaked it all in, she would look at him and give him space. When she did that, his wings would spread out to stretch a bit before he closed them on his back. They were still there, but he didn’t want it to be a hindrance to anybody.

“I’m pretty sure you could find a way to fly. With magic anything is possible. You never did tell me where you were from now Lily.” He said wondering if she would tell him now.

She had gotten so distracted with the fact that he had wings that she didn’t even tell him anything. The Seraphim stood in his form for now as it was nice to be like this. When he entered the Casino though, he would change his form to blend in.

#19Lily Knight 

Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 07, 2024 10:52 pm

Lily Knight
It did slip her mind, through all that gambling, drinking, and being blinded in awe by those wings, Lily had completely forgotten that she was also asked a question. "Oh, I'm from Fiore. Born in Astera. My ma and pa weren't born there, but they had me there since they move around a lot. I could have been born anywhere, according to Ma, but she popped near Astera while they were on the waters." Leading the way back to the casino, she would yawn as she entered the place. Exhaustion was wearing her down, and although she would have loved to spend more time with Yuurei, her body just couldn't handle it. "Oh boy, I've never been so worn out. Well, Yuurei, it was nice meeting you. Hopefully, we'll meet again in the future. For now, I've gotta go back to my room and get some rest." With a smile and wave, she vanished deeper into the casino, which just so happened to also be a hotel.



Lady Luck Loves Lilies [Tarot][Yuurei] Empty Sun Jun 09, 2024 1:12 pm


Yuurei heard that she was indeed from Fiore. It seemed like her parents were nomadic and that she could have been from anywhere on Earthland. It was interesting to hear how she came to be. Still, they were now heading back to the casino. The Warden didn’t forget about Renji, no he was always going to go back for him. When they entered it seemed like Lily wanted to go back into her room. He was fine with that, and he could only smile as he waved at her.

“It was nice spending time with you, Lily. I hope to see you again in the future, but for now, get to your room safe and sound.” he said this to her.

When she was gone from his sight, he would move from his primary location. The young man had made his way around the casino still. He was drinking and soon enough he would find Renji. The young Exceed was winning a lot, it seemed to the point they thought he was cheating.

Renji laughed at that thought and before they had done anything, Yuurei had approached the group. He smiled at them, but the smile had so much violence behind it. They stepped away from him and they were told to back off. The owner remembered the man this man from before. The way he presented himself and the fact that he had said he had wings made him worry that if they had attacked him things would become bad for them.

When Renji was fine, he took his winnings and the two of them would do what they needed to enjoy the rest of the night.

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