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Hot Springs Date night![FPHS Drinking Contest Lumikki]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles had found this hot springs place not too long ago when he was trying to avoid being noticed by those in the streets when he was planning on causing some trouble for his old friends.  That was all besides the pint, the point was that he had found a place that had a hot spring and served them drinks. So who did he know who loved to drink and be relaxed? His hopeful bride-to-be, when he got the courage to ask her that is.

When they arrived to the large building made of wood Knuckles opened the door for Lumikki.  This is the place, my love."  Knuckles walked in after Lumikki and walked to the counter. "Hello, it is good to see you again I have made arrangements to secure a hot spring for the two of us, it should be under Knuckles Shi. "

The lady behind the counter checked her log book in front of her and then nodded. "This way, please." She led them to a room where they would be spending the night, it was something not really seen too much but there were bed rolls on the floor—a set of Robes for each of them with slippers as well.   "Rinse off in the shower before entering the spring, when you are ready to place an order pull the string near the water fall to ring the bell and we will be there to take your order shortly. Enjoy"

She then walked away leaving the couple to get themselves ready. Knuckles looked at the shower and then back at Lumikki. "You may go first, my beloved." He then closed the shutter door to their room and awaited her response.

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The sun was almost setting, fading into a beautiful twilight in a near cloudless sky. The subtle breezes flowing past the trees and shaking this leaves to make a lovely rustling sound. It had been some time since Lumikki got to visit a place with her beloved. Having him by her side as she took in the new sights was endearing and relaxing. This was also the first time they wandered somewhere for reasons other than work. Yet the strength he’d garnered in his travels had not been lost on her, and she’d lean into them and the implications while giddily walking toward their inn. Almost getting drunk from her passion, but she’d pull back to grounded reality as she amusingly adored finally having a nice date with the man she loved.

It was no surprise that Knuckles knew every turn, every path, and every beautiful spectacle on the way there. Lumikki held his hand tightly as she let him guide her blindly. Her eyes only on the new sights, buildings, and gardens. Her gaze shifting from him to the beauty around her, as she burned the memory into her mind forever.

Being in Hosenka for a few days meant that the Demoness took some time for shopping. Dressing for the occasion being one of her priories. And so the frost mage had dawned a dark blue yukata, with motifs an icy blue flowers and snowflakes dancing along her sleeves. Her hair was tied with hair sticks and raven feathers. She had some sandals for once, though it had been a while to wear annoying on her feet, and the soft clapping sound of them hitting the floor would amuse her. She’d take steps in melodic patterns, playing songs in her mind as she wandered to the inn.

Knuckles’ checked them into the room smooth enough and the couple entered their room. The mats for bed on the floor didn’t bother her, and she had extra blankets tucked into her void for extra fluff and comfort. ”Me first? I thought we were going in together?” Lumikki was sliding off her yukata then, her back facing Knuckles’ as he now shoulders. She’d hold the dress for a few more steps before letting it drop entirely so that she could enter the shower. Pulling out her hair sticks and rearranging her hair so that she could step in. The water was cold, but she’d adjust if it he joined her. For now, she’d the chill wash over her skin.

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#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles leaned against the wall as he watched Lumikki, her words teaseing him. "Hm, that is a tempting offer. I just wonder if I do will we ever make it to the hotsprings? He would look at her outfit on the floor and then back at her watching the water slide down her dark skin. Even though she was in her human form, it still caused a reaction out of him. "Very well my love, we shall see if we can fit in that small shower. " Unlike her he was wearing his armor. Holding his arms out everything poofed away in a red aura leaving him with a white shirt, black trousers, and black leather boots. Tying his bangs up with the longer sides of his hair, the half that was not shaved, he would work on the buttons of his shirt taking it off slowly. Once his pale bare chest was exposed to the climate of the room Knuckles felt a draft. He was unsure if it was coming from the loss of so many layers at once or the frost demon. He sat down removing his boots as he watched his beloved enjoy the shower. After a few seconds, he got both boots off, his focus was elsewhere and definitely was not on the removal of his own clothes. Soon enough however he was as free as a bird, a Raven to be exact.

Walking towards the shower he felt the chilling droplets touch his skin. "I might have your powers as the source of my own my love, but I did not grow up in the Arctic and train in Ice magic. This is having negative effects to my hammer." Knuckles would shiver slightly unsure how this woman would beable to handle such things. For once he wished to have fire magic to course through him and heat him up. Though he figured there were other ways to warm up too. Stepping behind her he would lean over and wrap his arms around her as he pressed into her body trying to drain the warmth from her.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Lumikki chuckled at his discomfort. It wasn’t malicious but teasing. ”Sorry that there’s not a lot of warmth I could offer ye till I’m fairly heated meself.” He pulled her in and she’d let him take her, enjoying the embrace for a minute or two before finally turning the knob for the water so that the heat could rise. Before the shift in temperature, she shimmied to fit behind him, now hiding from the water pouring out the head of the shower. It was now time for him to enjoy, but the hot water didn’t settle as kindly on her skin. It felt more molten to her and nearly as unbearable as the fridge shower had to him.

It only took five minutes for the water to steam, their vision getting hazy and obscured as he took his turn. Meanwhile, Lumikki pelted him with affectionate kisses along his back until she was ready to enter the cooler fresh air. As she stepped out, the water was already freezing along her skin but she wouldn’t be rid of the access water until she reached for her towel. ”We’ve had a long day, so take yer time inside there. I’ll be heading for the water, as I’ll need time to adjust. Hot springs prove to be a lot for me to tolerate, I don’t think as a human I could adjust to them….”

She’d tuck her towel so that it wore like a little dress and made it for the baths that was just down the hall to her room. Honestly she would have stayed to entertain him longer, but it was as she said. The hot water tend to weaken her more than she would like, in hardly any time at all; and though being in here earlier won’t help, she was kind of hoping that it could at least prepare her. But the hot steam rising was enough to make her light headed, as the Demoness brought herself down to the spring, kneeling and leaning over. It’s easy to go faint if she goes alone but usually she chooses to have company.

Lumikki would take a break and look back up to the open sky above, enjoying the last bits of dying light that painted heavens. Stars were now spreading along the canvas as they claimed their time was soon to come and in just a sliver, one could notice the crescent moon patiently waiting for her moment to shine. With a deep sigh, Lumikki shed the towel to dip inside slowly. And as a nice cool breeze blew passed her, she’d hear someone who she figured to be Knuckles finally approaching.

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#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles smiled as he felt her acts of affection towards him. The warming waters meeting his skin warmed him up but so did the increased blood flow when she kissed upon him. He watched her walk away until she put her clothing on and walked out the door, Knuckles would duck his head under and run his hands through his hair. Turning the water off Knuckle reached for the towel and dabbed himself off. The Daemon would walk over to his robe and dawn it on and slip his feet into the slippers. Drying his hair Knuckles gathered himself to go out and meet his Demoness.

Knuckles walked down to the spring and saw his beloved kneeling near the springs. Perhaps it was a mistake to take her here. Walking over towards her he removed his robe and folded it and put it down near the wall. Knuckles got into the water and turned to face her. Lifting his hands towards her face Knuckles rubbed her cheeks. "You doing okay my love? If this is too much for you we can do something else. "
He looked to see where the bell was and then looked back at her. [color=red' "Perhaps some drinks will help you hmm?"[/color]

Knuckles moved over to it and rang the bell waiting for the attendant to come. While he waited he moved back over to Lumikki offering whatever he could do to help her ease the suffering. When the woman came to take their order she looked at the pair and smiled as she closed her eyes. "Good evening, what will it be for you two tonight?" Knuckles looked up at the woman with a smile. "Please bring five bottles of iced sake please, and some Frozen drinks if you have them. " The woman waited for Lumikki to order if she did at all and then bowed. "I will get that and return shortly" The woman walked off and left the couple to themselves.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Lumikki was relieved to see him, a glowing smile wore on her face as she could hardly hold back her excitement. His hair was still damp from their shared shower, his body not yet fully dried. Not like there was a sense to, but he rushed over to the baths quicker than she expected. Lumi had hoped he’d take his time to enjoy them, at least to stave off the weariness of travel. Yet here he was in a hurry to join in. If the water didn’t already melt her with the steam, his gesture would.

Knuckles swiftly settled into the water, hands reaching for her face and caressing her cheeks. It was enough to warm her up internally in just an instant. But he would not linger, the thought of drinks had took his focus and she’d watch him ring the bell and summon the staff. Lumikki nodded along to his order, satisfied with the start of their choices. ”This suits me fine.” She’d muster and the lady gave a slight bow before briskly walking away.

”Sake is a fun drink, I’ve shared it sometimes with me brother Benimaru. Have ye met him yet? He’s become scarce ever since he regained his Oni form. Love him all the same but I miss him sometimes. He’s the reason I care for any of this, even entertaining this bath. Torturous for one like me, so deeply imbued with frost it’s almost inseparable. But it’s not something I can’t overcome. I’ve even managed it a few times, but I wonder how it’ll be with ye. Ya have a tendency of burning me up already~” She’d lean toward him to give him a quick kiss, before eventually sliding into the water as well and situating herself right next to him. Almost like the water was washing away her facade, Lumikki’s form would revert to her truer face. The color of her skin draining to shades of the night and her hair turning pale. Sitting in this water made it too hard for her to feign human. But she’d lean into him despite the hear accumulating, and nuzzling into his arm. Her wings slightly obscuring her face to anyone but him and her breath came out like a cold mist.

Lumikki pulled for his right hand and placed his pointer finger gently between her teeth. Mindlessly nibbling him as she got used to the new temperature. But soon then woman would be back with the cold bottles, stacking them onto a floating tray and placing them by the couple. She’d glance at Lumikki perplexed and startled but kept silent. Only bowing once more and dashing for the rest of the order.

Lumikki opened her wings, perking up for the sake that arrived. ”I’ve never done this before~ Admittedly, I’m also not good at holding back…”Lumikki would utter this just as she impulsively grabbed a bottle to pour the contents down her throat. A choice that would lead to interesting effects. One being the soothing cold drink would give her a second wind, but the tingle of the alcohol sparked a different fire within her. Despite the temporary cool off, she was growing more vulnerable with every passing second.

”Refreshing!~” She’d grab another bottle to pass it to Knuckles, fixing his arm to be around her so that now she sat within his embrace. Her body pressed and bobbed against him as she leaned forward to refresh the chill for the drinks. A lovely perk of her magic in a time like this. Keeping drinks chilled was valuable trick.

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#7Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

When the waitress went to wait for their order, Knuckles turned again to Lumikki, smiling when she spoke of her brother. "I haven't had the chance to meet Benimaru yet. but I sure would like to. One should indeed love their loved ones." . He didn't manage to come up with anything else before he had pulled her closer and his lips finally melded with hers in a passionate kiss. "And burning you up? Hell, that's a pleasure that I just can't resist." When Lumikki nestled into him, her true form beginning to manifest itself, Knuckles was filled with a surge of warm, tender affection. He admired her for who she was, both human and demoness. She nipped his finger playfully between his teasing). Not that it was a struggle to keep the smile off his face, but he chuckled and then said, "You are irresistible, do you know that?"

Sake. That in itself was enough to put a smile on his face. Watching her excitement, he grabbed it quickly, pouring the liquid into a small cup and holding it out to her. "To us," he said, clinking his cup with her before tipping the drink back. The cool liquid brushed down his throat refreshingly, a cool contrast to the temperatures in the springs. Knuckles wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close as they drank. Her magic kept their drinks cooled, only a minor relief in the steaming baths. "Refreshing indeed," he agreed, taking another sip before saying, "And with you by my side, everything is perfect." He bent down to capture her lips in a fierce kiss, savoring her taste, mixed now with the undertone of the sake, and the warmth that Lumikki always seemed to hold about her person.

When the stars began to twinkle in the dark sky, Knuckles felt utterly content. "Tonight, let's make it an unforgettable one, love, just you and I at the moment, and the magic we create with each other." Knuckles Shi leaned back in the hot spring, letting the heat sink through to his bones while he enjoyed sipping the sake with his beloved. The night air was cold, and it made a good contrast with the steam of the water. A glint of pure mischief caught in his eyes as he flipped a gaze to Lumikki, nestled against him, relaxed in form even though her eyes were wide and alert.

He took another sip of sake, savoring the taste before turning to her with a teasing grin. "You know, Lumikki, I was thinkin'. We've had quite the day of it, but I feel as if maybe it could get a little more interestin'. What with challenges?" Knuckles leaned in closer, his lips brushing her ear as he whispered, "How 'bout a little drinkin' contest, eh? You and me, bottle for bottle. The winner gets whatever he or she wants from the other."

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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”Yer the warm blood that pumps through me veins Gunnar, the blaze in me chest, the heat to me passion. Yer the hearth blood to me frost touched. But I like it, love it even. It’s like a dance. Despite the chill me power gives ye, ya crackle with that lightning of yers, its beautiful really. Even if I don’t understand how me chill don’t bother ye. I figured lover preferred the warmth.” She was enjoying her musings, not giving much thought, but his uttering yanked her back. The blue rushing to her face. What for, she could not say. You’d think she was used to his affections already, but it always washed over her as if it were the first time. ”Am I really?” She tried to be cheeky in her rebuttal, a soft pout on her face. Though perhaps she didn’t play it well. The fast shift of her emotions sent a tinge of pleasure, and ultimately she’d grin. ”I hope ye feel that way forever~”

Leaning back onto her man and floating in the water, Lumikki centered herself so that despite the heat, she was content. But the mention of his challenged rung hot through her again, a Demon like herself enjoyed playing along with games. ”Oy, ye want ta challenge a Demon raised by Dwarves in drink? Cheeky, cheeky Daemon, ye choose when I’m the most susceptible. Very well, I’ll accept this challenge of yers, only on the condition that I help ye drink yer fill~ Only fair love…” What she said was not all that clear, but she would make it understood soon enough. Grabbing one of the bottles of sake from the tray and turning around, Lumikki would rise just enough to be above him. Holding his face in her hand and squishing his cheeks. ”Say aaaah, me beloved…” Her voice was smooth like a siren, a soft seductive hum. She waited for him to comply to her demand, taking a swig from the bottle enough to fill mouth but not over flow as she wanted to maintain control.

She’d look down at him, eyes aglow and playful. Her fingers and talons lightly running down from his cheeks to his throat. She’d lean forward, and stick out her tongue. Carefully pouring the drink past her lips and into his mouth. The cool sake was even colder, like it sat on ice. Lumikki followed her gesture with a passionate kiss, tongue first, after she was sure he drank it all. ”Goooood boy~” She purred, her hand cupping his face again as an indication to do like before. Lumikki licked her lips as she watched, and would slowly pour the rest of the contexts into his mouth. Only stopping or slowing at moments it looked like it could overflow. She’d lick the stray drops that would streak his cheeks, her icy tongue enough to add chills if he allowed it. And when it was all done, she’d give him a quick kiss before pulling away and taking her bottle next.

With a wild demonic look, Lumikki glanced at him. Sticking out her tongue seductive and playfully to egg him on before throwing her head back and gulping down her bottle. Most of it went down her throat, but a bit fell down her neck and chest. From there, Lumikki would do her best to place the bottle back down gracefully and push herself back so that she could rest along the stone. The Demoness leaning far enough back that she could even rest her head for a bit. Admittedly, though she wouldn’t say it, the heat was taking its toll. It was getting faster for the drink to affect her but it wasn’t time to show that weakness now. So instead, she’d double down, taking deep breaths to pull herself back. It wasn’t perfect or smooth, but she was slinking back to a more human form. She’d keep going until her skin was also brown, but didn’t bother getting her hair to change as well so it remained pale atop her skin.

With a breathily sigh she’d look back at her lover and with a toothy grin enjoying the moment before she’d cheekily speak once more. ”Ready for the next bottle beloved? If I have to heat up, ye might as well overheat too~”

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#9Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Her words teased him her seductive tremble in her voice still beguiling Knuckles along with her playful spirit made his heart race faster. He watched her, shifting for the briefest moment, Knuckles glimpsed at her true form before settling back to the more human appearance that transition was fascinating to him, making him appreciate her beauty and strength.

Leaning over him, grabbing his face, and squeezing his cheeks, her wicked smile was playful as she made him laugh, her eyes locking with his. "Say ah, me beloved." His veins responded obediently to this song of the siren that was irresistible, and engaging. Knuckles docilely opened his mouth, not taking his eyes from hers even once.

The sensation of cold sake flowing from her mouth into his, her icy magic making the coolness more pronounced, sent a shiver down his spine as the contrast between hot spring and cold sake electrified his senses. The sake was followed by her tongue deepening the kiss, he drank it greedily, savoring that strange mingling of flavors.

"Good boy~" She purred, and Knuckles felt a jolt at her words along with the press of her hand, which seemed to stir something inside of him even more potently than he'd expected. He loved the way she dominated him, touched him, tested his limits. It made his need for her hotter.

When it was her turn, and she hugged her bottle with that feral, devilish glint in her eyes, he felt admiration and lust slosh around inside him. He watched her tilt her head back, the sake dripping down her neck and chest, his blood pounding at the picture. And when she slouched back against the stone, her body loose but her eyes still aglow with that glint of mischief, he knew he would not be able to forget that night for a long, long time to come.

"Ready for the next bottle, beloved? If I have to heat up, ye might as well overheat too~" Her mischievous smile and her combating tone only seemed to spur his lust onwards. Knuckles took a deep breath, allowing the warmth of the sake and the hot spring to mix with the coolness of her magic. He reached for another bottle, pouring them both up a fresh drink.

[color=red"To us,"[/color] he said again, his voice low and jerky with lust. " And to driving each other overheated." His cup clinked against hers. He downed the sake in one long swallow. It tasted even better now, laced with the fading sweetness of ice.

He set his cup down and leaned in close, his eyes seeming to burn into hers. [color=red"You know," [/color] he said, his voice low and husky. "You're not the only one who can play games." He pushed her back against the stone, running his hands over her body, following the sake's path down her neck and chest.

His head bent, his tongue running the tip of its way across her skin to catch the spill of sake. Its cold bite was making it that much more potent, the cold sake and warm body driving him mad. He slowly licked up the length of her neck, catching every drop, every shiver of her body beneath his mouth.

"Delicious," he whispered against her skin, his voice thick with desire. "The sake tastes even better off you." Still, his hands explored, firm and gentle, moving down the length of her, his lips and tongue tracing the path of sake down her skin. Every kiss, every lick was a mix of heat and chill, a teasing dance that left him begging for more.

He paused, looking up at her for a moment with a teasing grin. "How's that for a challenge, love?" he asked, his eyes gleaming with mischief. "Think you can handle it?" He knew the answer already. Lumikki was a force to be reckoned with, and he wouldn't have wanted her any other way. Then again, he couldn't push her buttons to see how far they went.

"Let's see who overheats first," he whispered and captured her lips in another fierce, passionate kiss, ready to continue their delicious intoxicating game for as long as they could. The effects of that first bottle he downed by the guiding hand on Lumikki had not yet hit him fully, yet with the hot spring opening up his pours and the image of Lumikki, even in her human form in front of him he was going. The thought turned within the walls of his mind.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Knuckles eyes wouldn’t dare linger from her, and she’d keep him within the corner of hers. Maintaining a hypnotic, almost mesmerizing gaze. He’d managed to pull away, pouring the two another cup. His voice unsteady unlike his usual noble tone, but this made Lumikki hunger more. ”To us~” Lumi purred with a low, soft but steady voice. She relished on seeing a new side of the terrifying warrior. And where Knuckles took his sake slow, she’d drink her’s fast. It was an ambitious choice, but she still struggled with control. Her demonic nature always dragging her to the depths of her limits, trying to maintain a “normal”, a “tame” facade took all her focus.

Lumi set down her cup, her hand loosely on the next bottle that she planed to feed to her man. Knuckles would set his down soon after but whatever timidness he had was gone, washed over with this flame or impulse to take over their little game. He’d push her into the stone and the gesture took her by surprise. She’d gasp from the feeling of the hard rock meeting her back, but Knuckles would just as quickly ravish her with his hands. Playing with vulnerabilities he already studied all too closely. ”What happened love? Why so hungry?~” His hulking frame towered over her and so he’d bear into her doe eyes before plunging to her neck and chest to clean her clumsy mess. ”How kind…” she’d pant through her words, ”me precious Daemon…is so attentive. Wanna wash me like this….always?” She’d giggle so mischievously, it was clear that Lumikki was having fun. The heat breaking more down than just her form, but her grace.

”Tastier?” her voice fracturing like a winter storm. ”I can drown ye in the sweetness if ye like? Make everything taste better for all eternity…” her soft moaning overlapping every touch and kiss. But his statement toward her braving the challenged woke her once more to dangers she wanted to be. ”Switching games aren’t we? Ye already made yer choice and this one was mine…” A smirk parted her lips while her eyes glowed more wild than ever before.

With a tilt of her head, black tendrils made from the night dispersed around them seized his limbs and wrapped around him. Their cold touch pulsing profusely, rapidly draining the strength from him further and pulling Knuckles back to piece of wall he sat beside. Meanwhile, the steam of the water mixed rapidly with the Demoness’ rising chill, blurring the night further. ”Let’s play, if ye could survive me first Knuckles~” She’d saunter over to him slowly, her piercing demonic eyes burning into him with all her wild fervor. The water was slightly freezing as she passed by, but would melt just as rapidly when she left and she was sure to snatch the bottle selected earlier into her left hand. With the other hand she’d caress her body seductively, mirroring how he felt her before while showing her tongue playfully.

When she was before him once more, another tendril would form much larger then the rest and wrap around her waist. Hoisting her high enough in the air to tower just above him. Her wet, loose locks dripping above his face and she kept her eye on his. ”I love ye,” she purred more seductive than she ever did before. Her siren voice like chains ready to drag him into the depths and drown him. Her demonic face like the calm of the storm as it revealed her genuine sincerity. But it would melt away as it was time to enjoy her game. And with the shift, came a more feral expression to emerge.  ”A night to never forget~”

With a bit of adjusting, Lumikki positioned herself to sit atop his shoulders. Her legs wrapped around his neck but not tightly. Her tendril unraveled and provided support to lean on instead. ”Stick yer tongue out.” Her voice was stern but pleasing. It was a demand she sought to be complied. When he entertained her desire, she’d coo once more with pleased satisfaction. ”Absolutely delicious…” her eyes almost glossed over from the pleasure of her game and she’d pull his head toward her belly to press his tongue to her skin. Through their bond, she’d flood him with the bulk of her animalistic desire, and so with as intense as she felt it, so would he. ”Lick it all up to win this round Knuckles~ Heh.” And she’d pour the sake slowly from her chest letting it slide down her abdomen in a small, steady, cool stream. As she watched with fangs piercing her lip, and a succubus’ gaze. Just before the last of it was done, Lumi stole the last sip and played with it in her mouth before adjusting herself with her tendrils to sit away from Knuckles and feed the last of it in a kiss.

The other tendrils began to loosen as well, save for one that still clung as his throat. Beyond that he was free to move but Lumi would sit back and let her bottle be passed to her hand by magic. ”This is the most fun I’ve had with another….most men were easy to break even as a Daemon. I only met one who could heal through me claws and not mind the chill. Then me last love was sweet, but too sadly to soft and inexperienced….he loved me dearly, but could not choose me over his prior obligations. I tried not to let it get to me, but I worried in time, I’d fall to madness. Not to mention, he’d be short lived, it would be perpetual heart break….” Her wild gaze soften with a tinge of sadness, but not enough to shift her mood. She put the sake to her lips and drink from her second bottle. Her sips long and careful so she drank it all. And as she did, she’d be slowly returned to the water.

When she was done, she’d lean over to put the bottle on the tray, her hand less steady than before but still true enough. ”But yer the first person I existed to…..As is the first to see me, feel me, know me, and accept me.” her gaze shifted back to him as blazing as before but mostly of desire. ”Me strong warrior, the one I’ve merged me soul to…the one who pleasures me so deliciously….” Lumikki would dip into the water completely, submerging herself to the utter heat but moving toward him so that when she rose, she’d be before him. Eyes so wise and innocent, ye’d think she was switched for another; but she was coming sweetly. Hands grabbing his arms as she pressed herself into him. Her eyes still looking up to him, so coy, and she’d bring his hand to her lips so that she could nibble and lick his fingers. ”Ye don’t back down…I like ye. Ye hunger as much as I do. Ye love me just as hard. I always feel on the cusp of unraveling….like I’m coming undone to be the Demon I really am….but ye give me the desire to pour into ya instead. Hmmm, ready for the next round now?” She tilted her head so innocently.

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#11Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The sake was churning in Knuckles' belly, mixing with the fiery heat all about him and that of the hot springs and most important of all, the cold caress of Lumikki's magic. His head reeled, his cool sobriety replaced by a fog of lust. He was surrendering, embracing the beast that Lumikki always seemed to stir within him.

She held the sake bottle. He watched her, his breathing quickening as she poured the sake onto her body. He felt the power of her wrap around him, cold tendrils that sapped at his strength, and heightened his senses. His body tensed with mixed anticipation and raw desire.

"Stick yer tongue out." Her command cut through the mentally mossed night, and he complied without a second thought. Her skin brushed his tongue, her taste mixed with the cool sake an exciting contrast to the heat surrounding them. He licked her belly, his tongue playing around her skin, savoring every sake droplet that he could collect from her. Her moans of pleasure goaded him on further.

Her legs tightened around him, her body pressing closer. The primitive part of him roared to life, urging him to take, to dominate, but he reveled in the challenge she presented. His hands roamed up her body, fingers exploring every curve, every inch of her that he could reach. He rubbed against her hidden pebble. She shuddered at his touch. The sound of her gasp, her whispered moans, drove him wild.

They slid up, searching over her hungrily as had his eyes. The feel of her, her soft skin, and the way she responded to his touch was a rush. He lost himself in the moment as his control fell away to let the daemon out.

When she drew back, he felt a pang of loss but again shifted focus as, once more, she was in control. Her tendrils loosened their fierce grip on him enough to give him a little play and he watched her with absolutely feral eyes as she moved symphony, each line of her body a sensual grace.

Her words about her past lovers struck a chord within him, but he refused to dwell on it long. He was here, now, with her, and this was all that mattered. He reached for the next bottle, pouring another drink, his hands shaking with the anticipation and sake.

"Yer the first person I existed for. the first to see me, feel me, know me, and accept me," she replied, her eyes boring past the mist in his brain. He was joined to her then, on a level deeper than flesh, deeper than physical limits.

He whispered, lifting his goblet. "To our bond, to our hunger, to the flames that we create in each other's hearts" He tossed his drink back the sting of the liquor and bite of her powers mixed and worked through him as if ice and fire were racing through veins pitched to a screaming excitement.

She dove into the water, and he followed, starving to feel her against him. As she stood before him, her body flushed, he could feel his last bit of control crumbling. He reached out grasped her about the waist, and pulled her to him, his lips met hers in a heated, desperate embrace.

"Ready for the next round now?" she asked, her voice sweet and innocent in complete contrast to the wildfire blazing through her eyes.

"Always." The word sounded low, growled, a little rougher with desire. His mouth dropped down to hers once more, his hands a little wilder in their race to map her curves. This game was far from finished, and he was going to take absolute advantage of every moment, every touch, every breath they shared

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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His hands betrayed the hunger bubbling inside of him as they wrapped all around her, feeling her soft skin with yearning and delight. Of course, it also coursed through her as well, but it was his actions that she relished in the most, as his attempts to temper his desires were delectable. Passionate kisses and tender grabs heated her more than the boiling water, but she’d pull away to prepare for the next round.

She had noted his shaky hands, they convulsed more and more as their engagement progressed. A byproduct of her cruel teasing perhaps, but it filled her with such yearning. Seeing her strong warrior crumble before her in any capacity, as a result of her, and her alone, was enough to send the Demoness into a lustful frenzy. It would seem that no matter how he presented, she’d derive pleasure from him all the same. As long as she got to see every sliver of him and claim his entirety, she found peace.

”I’ll do ye the kindness to let ya hold the bottle Gunnar and pour the drink at yer pace. Of course ye don’t have all the time in the world, and I’ll let ye part the bottle from the yer lips three times before I consider the round lost.” She reached over for the next bottle that posed as his new challenge and handed it over to Knuckles. Whenever he was ready to start would be when she sprung into action as well.

The moment the bottle touched his lips, so would she. Her hands mapping the Daemon much like he did for her. Until of course she found a mountain to explore, the rock was jagged and quite hardened from the time it rose and took its form; and in her curious fascination, she’d entertain polishing such a stone. Learning the shape from its resistance to her hand would take her focus, though her eyes never pulled away from him and the sake to observe him for their game. Admittedly, the stone proved more coarse than she would figure but over time it would smoothen greatly along her quickening repetition. All the while her Daemon’s body would jerk which ever way as he poured the sake down his gullet. For periods that he didn’t move much, she’d bite and lick him to instigate reactions. Anything to make him part from the bottle at least three times. But when her mountain revealed to be more akin to a volcano, its inferno fury proving to rise and spread its lava so it may expand. She’d stop her jest as her entertainment was done, and the magma no longer feeling the need to flow would continue to bubble under the surface instead.

With one finally bite, the hardest thus far. Lumikki sunk her fangs into his throat as to wound him enough to leave a mark, preferably a scar if she could help it but only time could reveal that to her now. And the Demoness would pull away with a malicious chuckle, reaching over for a bottle of her own. But unlike all those other times before, she’d hand hers over to Knuckles’ instead. ”That time I let ye hold yers, so I was thinking maybe this time ya could handle mine. Help me drink it how ye’d like. Ya know, to keep things entertaining, sides I’m curious of what ye’d do when I give ya a chance to.”

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#13Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles felt his daemon rise within him, a rush of power and hunger flared hotter as each moment passed. Reaching for that dark energy, he pulled it to him, letting it bolster him, making his resolve stronger, and his desire more intense. His gaze never left Lumikki as she moved, every sweep of her hands and whisper of her breath pushing waves of pleasure through him.

Her hand on his mountain, hardened further under her touch, pulsing with a deep, primal need. He groaned, the rumble of his voice echoing in the hot springs. The sensation overwhelmed him, and he had to break away from his sake bottle, his hand shaking as he set it aside, his focus entirely on her.

"You stir something fierce in me, Lumikki," he snarled, the sounds rasping into a growl as his voice grew rough with desire. "I draw on my daemon powers, and they make me crave you even more."

Her touch was unrelenting, and he could feel her magic around him, cool and teasing. When she bit into him, her fangs piercing his skin and bringing blood to the surface, he hissed at the pain and pleasure of it, the feeling pushing him to the edge. He pushed away from his sake bottle once more, watching her with piercing eyes as he chugged it, the liquid burning a path down his throat as it mingled with the heat and the chill in the air. Quickly he applied it back to his lips and finished the rest of the contents before she moved away from him.

When she handed him her bottle, he took it with untamed resolve. He towered over her then, bracing above her, his spear held ready. "Open wide, love," he snarled, low and imperative.

His Obscura would draw over him giving him his wings and coating his body in the darkness that came from her, a small chill of his own now coming from her, though it had hints of lighting that had developed from the long uses of both Mjolnirs. Slowly, he rose from the steaming water placing the raised hammer tip to her mouth its cool metal was a vibrant contrast to this heated moment. Slowly he poured the sake down it, the stream a waterfall into the pool of her mouth. Her sight, her feel, her taste, all of them intoxicated.

"Drink it all," he pressed her, never looking away, his gaze following every twitch, every quiver. His thirst for her was unquenchable, his will unshakeable. "Tonight, reforge each other."

His hands roamed over her, face as the chilling liquid ran down his mighty hammer cooling the threat of his explosion. Though the warmth of her mouth was mixed with the chilling effect of her own magic too, giving him an experience he never felt before. He could not lose himself in this moment, he needed to return the favor from earlier giving her only a taste to provoke her own raging fire burning within her. His hand that did not hold the bottle moved to her beautiful white locks taking a handful, he pressed her forward to inspect his hammer closer so she could check her handy work, it see if she had polished every bit that she tried to smooth out. He held her there robbing her of breath as she did him but only for a moment as the last drop ran down. "Don't waste a drop of that will be lost for you, my love."

He released her as he looked down into her demonic eyes, daring her to clean everything up or suffer defeat.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Lumikki swiped her thumb past her lips, playfully sticking out her tongue to his growl and begrudged desires. She was not entirely oblivious to the implications of her magic making Knuckles crave her more in moments like these, but sometimes she forgot. "What can I say Knuckles me love...ye bring out me true nature...I am still but a Demon after all~ Or would a warrior like ye prefer a Goddess instead?" She chuckled more at his swiftness to finish the drink, somewhat disappointed that beat the challenge. Lumikki sucked her teeth as she pulled away, pouty that there was enough self-control in him. "What a shame, and sooo close too."

Knuckles took the bottle with less grace than his noble background had afforded him. In truth, he was looking more animal than man. A snarl playing at the corner of his lips as he towered over her so imposingly. His height and posture almost swallowing her small frame whole. Lumikki complied with his demand. After all, it was what gave their game any fun at all. She'd tilt her head back with a smug expression on her face. The light dancing in her eyes gave a view of the fiery, passionate, and destructive nature of her soul. Her tongue, still blue because of the incomplete transformation, extended forward while her head tilted in a ploy to feign innocence. She almost looked sweet, if not for the feral urges that she pulled out of him, painting a view of her as otherwise.

"Reforge indeed beloved...And I'll be sure to do so every time I see fit. I'll glance at every aspect ye could muster." She spoke within his thoughts as she inspected the hilt. Her warrior was always so keen to prove the quality of his weapons in and out of battle, and with Lumikki's expertise, she didn't mind humoring him. Checking the length foremost, but his shaky and clumsy hands began to pour the drink, and she'd catch what she could with her tongue. Hoping that soon the mixture would settle and intensify in the hot bath. She'd lap it up the best she could, looking up at him with a little ire. Eyes aglow from his transgression, but her lips remained quite playful. Like her tongue dancing in her mouth.

And as his Obscura permeated his being, coating the Daemon's skin. Lumikki marveled at the extension of her magic. It suited him so well. Complimenting him so devilishly as he flexed his power before her. And like all dark things, she drank it in, consuming all that it was so that she could relish its taste and replenish her capacity. Slurping up the darkness as she usually would and enjoying its intricacies. A boon she enjoyed ever since God Slayer granted her that luxury. The electrifying shadows that coiled him only brought an electrifying feeling for her, mixed along with the frost she knew well to bring her a pleasing sensation. Quite a mouthful, as there was a lot of Obscura to sample, but his grasp on her hair deterred her from moving as she pleased. Knuckles abrasiveness didn't bother her all too much, though. She had planned on enjoying every bit of this quick meal. But his eagerness to let her taste was something that Lumikki found charming. Slurping the last bit of mana he had to spare her, she'd swirl the Obscura with her tongue, showing the magic stolen in her mouth before she swallowed her snack and rolled her eyes. "Sake and Obscura are hardly worth losing for, but the taste was pleasing enough. Yer cute when ye get so flustered, Gunnar, a pleasant contrast to the warrior I know." She'd wipe her lips with the back of her hand, leaning onto the rock as she rested. "I almost forgot the whole point of coming was to relax, but I got so caught up in the game that I completely forgot." Lumikki lazily turned her head, which was still resting on the stone. This time, her expression was only that adoration and love. Her cheeks flushed at the intimacy of his company and how he made her feel so alive.

And the mixing heat was wearing down at her again. "We really drank through those bottles pretty quickly, Love. I think we could manage enjoying those frozen ones a bit slowly. The bath is getting to me once more..." Ir indeed was, the heat and drink was loosening her resolved, the game only gave her a means to focus elsewhere. To push off the inevitable; but as it was now, she was dying down. It was even becoming apparent in her voice, softening to just above a whisper. Lumikki would reach for him, if the Daemon would take her, and rest against him for a moment as she caught her breath.

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