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Siren's Call [Alisa]

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"In my name..."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

The constant sensation that reverberated throughout the carriage as the wheels trolled past the hard cobblestone streets broke the silence that she had so desperately sought out. A seemingly reasonable request; a modicum of peace that should neither been difficult to achieve, nor to offer towards, no less than for someone of her stature after all.

Yet it seemed her request had fallen upon deaf ears, with each turning of the spoke as much bringing forth the delight of knowing her venture was nearly concluded, the end result of a near three-day trek from the heart of Fiore in Crocus to the capital of the sea, Hargeon. But in their reprieve came too the dismay and agony that befell her, the most simple pleas of solace that she cast outwards having fallen upon a cacophony of unrequited silence.

A price to pay, her mind lamented as her eyes stared aimlessly outwards, the scenery lost as one part of the city became as uninspired and uneventful as the one before, and the one before that even. Her fingers extended, one hand rose towards her face, the softest of caresses as flesh ran against the side of her left eye, an almost paralyzing sensation echoing through her mind.

No issues, it seemed. No scar. Nothing. At least, nothing that would persist. Save for a faint sense of dysphoria and vertigo, otherwise she were healthy, more than what anyone ever could have hoped to imagine.

The eye, a trophy of sorts, a sentence otherwise held upon the scale of balance, she could not help but delight not in the process, certainly not that of the circumstances demanded of it, but rather of the potential. There was power, after all. A seductively warped one that could not help but leave her with bated breath, as much hoping to exercise it, to taste in the fear brought forth, as much as she relished in imaging the control she were to have. Nothing was out of reach.

Or at least, she had begun to pave the road that would lead to her absolute authority.

Hargeon was but a cog in that machine. An evil, necessary if not aroused in mixed sentiments. She hardly wished to have been here herself, yet even she could not deny that it were overdue. This city, despite her first time here, had been something close to her heart of late. Certainly to that of her attention, and her ire. The golden bubble that this city had for so long reaped the benefits of exclusively had finally burst, in no small manner not without her instrumental presence.

The crippling of a city masquerading as the illusion of equity provided to the disenfranchised. She could not help but glow at how it had happened, her first foray within the political theatre being that of a thing of beauty. Perhaps even, under much difference circumstances, perhaps even her father would have come to view it with a hint of pride. Alas, a road that could no longer be walked, despite its imagining being more welcome than that of the one currently on.

Another crack within the cobblestone as the carriage bulked slightly, her absentminded concentration broken as her hand scrapped against the side of her head, a ringing echoing out as she winced. It may not have been the worst feeling, not enough to make her seek proper rest before departing, but after enough times the feeling that significantly burrowed itself within her conscious.

Best she conclude her time here immediately, lest the inconveniences yet to be felt make themselves all too known, even more than what she could have tolerated.

“Should be there in just a few moments,” a faint voice echoing from the outside world and into the closed carriage, her eyes barely looking up to register the man ahead, the carriage driver having done enough of a satisfactory job up until this final stretch within the port city to spare him the woman’s slowly-expanding wrath. “Sorry if the ride ain’t been as calm as had been. City’s gone been having to figure their restorations. Typically ain’t be seein’ all that much of problems. Drew short straw it seems…”

Nothing shy of deliberate, no doubt. Petty as perhaps could – or should – have been expected out of the city, out of the local populace. Her mind wandered, the idea of an ambush playing out vividly before her eyes. The fall of the driver, the carriage left stranded, deep within a suddenly hostile environment, a loose gaggle of resistance having gathered, thinking themselves having left her surrounded. An entertaining proposition, but more, the look upon their face as they would open up the doors, thinking that they had cornered her like a trapped pup.

Her breathing paced as her imagination ran wild, thinking how drastically the confidence would seep out of them like that of water upon sand. How their spirits would crumble as their will left them, and just how far she could extend her new power. Just how far could she have pushed her control? Breaking people was nothing new, but until she could see for herself just what were possible, a wide grin appeared upon her face as the scenarios played over and over again, consuming the time outstanding.

In time, the movements of the cart, that which once provided her nothing save for discomfort and irritation, had become rhythmic even. With each scenario, new deviations, new interruptions, new ways in which the landscape changed. Her mind ever alert, the shift and adjustments moving as time seemed to slow down within the carriage.

She heard it before she realized it. The knocking of a hand against the door in which she had taken to leaning again for the greater past several hours. Her eyes opened in bewilderment, the briefest of moments making her believe that things were to actually play out as imagined time again. There were almost excitement in what was to come, only for the appearance of the driver through the window being as much a validation of her dreams being only dreams and of the next chapter of the story finally beginning.

Legs unsettled by hours of being at rest made contact with the hard cobblestone ground, the appearance of it seeming nothing that of the poor roads in which they had spent far too long traversing upon. A different quality for different sorts, it would appear. Disdain immediately came to mind, the area as much what she had expected it to be but never the less filling her with a sense of rage. Oak was nothing like this, not for lack of trying. Even in her efforts, for Oak to see this level of prosperity, years it would have taken.

Under the best of circumstances.

“May I ask, shall I wait ‘till you’re done?” The man’s voice was meek, the frustration that exhumed off of her as evident as the parity that their destination held in the company of everything nearby.

No response, at least not for a moment. The man stood there, waiting for a response, hopeful for a dismissal; confident more time improved his chances.

“I expect you here whenever I am finished.” Heartbreaking no doubt, but the man resigned himself, everything now outside of his control. She had not conveyed anything to him. Nothing of her purpose. Nothing of why, how long it may have taken. The only thing for sure known was that she was someone important, his boss stressing the need for him to obey her commands, no matter the demand.

“Of course, my lady,” he said weakly, his words trailing off as she had already proceeded forward, her mind filled with malice with each statue passed, with each symbol of wealth and acclaim that lined the road the doors that arched high, effectively sealing off the occupants from the rest of the world.

The wealth of a nation harbored within a lone guild building while cities like Oak struggle to keep their people with stomachs full and a place for them to lay their heads. The most basic of expectations, a struggle that with each passing day proved to be equally as difficult to realize. If Oak could have had even a fraction of the wealth believed contained here, just thinking of how much different things could be did nothing but further draw her ire.

There was no invitation granted, nor any reason for her presence to have been known. She was here. She knew she was supposed to be here. Others who may have been aware or not, that was far from her concern, nor something that she would have given thought to even then. Pushing through the heavyset doors, her eyes darted around, as much taking in the room for the first time, a feeling of rage further building at the sight before her. Wealth, luxury, people in glorious circumstances without a care, without even the most simple recognition for others, even her, someone in a position of power that rightly would expect people to grovel before.

“Who are you?” A voice called out, a hint of dismissiveness in it. Her head turned, struggling quite to find its source, though that was revealed quickly enough with the young woman, maybe little more than a few years younger than her. A child, by all rights, both as far as age and experience were concerned. Not even a word had come out of her mouth before the girl spoke again, frustration further resonating within her voice. “Well!? What do you want? You lost!?” A tilted head to the side as judging eyes stared deep at her, her eyes meanwhile fixated on the blue guild stamp placed upon the exposed shoulder.

A classless way of displaying a crest meant to convey respect, but perhaps she should not have been surprised.

She didn’t respond immediately, instead choosing to watch as the young girl’s attitude erode with each passing second, this departure from whatever it was she had been doing seeming to equate to a truly unreasonable accommodation. Whether out of a sense of loyalty, interest, or some other reason, suddenly there came another pair of what she assumed to be guildmates of this girl. Their behaviors were harder to read at first, but quickly it seemed that their contempt and impatience only seemed to mirror that of the girl whom had erased any trace of civility from her decorum.

“Well, weirdo!? What’re you doing here?” The girl barked out, emboldened by the two men flanking beside her.

“You… should probably leave,” one of the new additions, a tall man whose frame dwarfed over both her and the girl, spoke. His words lacked conviction, obviously to some degree subservient to the girl, or perhaps simply lacking any sort of spine of his own.

It was embarrassing really, enough that she could not help but put an end to things. She was here with a purpose; wasting time with insignificant pawns certainly was not it.

“Kneel,” she ordered. Her first words echoing throughout the guild hall as all eyes seemed to turn together with the grace of a trained chorus towards them, only to witness the towering man seemingly collapse under his own weight, a violent force compelling him to fall to his knees, all but groveling before the woman while the two guildmates of his watched in disbelief. “And you,” she lashed out, her focus completely and utterly fixated upon the girl whom had shown no respect only moments before, now having replaced her contemptuous face with that of growing fear, “You need to learn respect. Kneel. Beg for forgiveness.” She leaned forward, watching the woman squirm as her body began to surrender to the order given, “And don’t stop begging until I say stop.”

Like the man before, the girl quickly found herself to the floor, joining her guildmate in keeping her head lowered before the mysterious woman, surprising enough on its own, but nothing compared to the words that escaped her lips, repeating one after the other without any sort of slowing down or stopping, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”

Looking to the third figure, a nondescript person who more looked the part of someone simply caught up in the moment, she almost pitied him. A shame that he had made the unfortunate decision to join his friend in coming to this swine’s aid. Though, rather than force him suffer, an all too valuable moment of compassion shown instead, Astrid simply smiled at the man, dismissing him with a wave of her hand, “Fetch me your guild master please. Tell her that one of King Reign's High Court has come to speak with her.”


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Civil Servants all across the South had been complaining about a reduction of government funding, and this of course, meant Blue Pegasus had to fill in where the Government pulled back. What Astrid had achieved in the capital was exactly what she'd witnessed on her way to Blue Pegasus' Guild Hall: A hiccup.

Blue Pegasus always reinvested much of their earnings on the people and built up their savings for a rainy day. The South, North and East were mostly self sufficient regions, their respective Guilds accustomed to overseeing their home regions ever since the Great Change. Recent days had relieved some of the pressure on the Guilds to fill in where the government failed, but Alisa still remembered those days, for she became Guildmaster exactly in such precarious times, with her Guild on the cusp of extinction, struggling under the weight of governing an entire city. She wasn't keen on returning to them, but at the same time, she didn't expect this "revolution" of Astrid's to last long. Her opposition wasn't keen on seeing Government money vanishing into thin air, which would inevitably happen if one simply threw money at Oak without understanding or outright ignoring the city's underlying issues.

Rampant corruption, decapitated leadership, criminal proliferation...

Oak had been besieged by Dark Guilds for the majority of its recent history, even the bravest of Knights and Light mages failed in their attempts to do something about it... Alisa shook her head and sighed as she looked at the paperwork in front of her, idly ajusting her sleeveless sweater while twirling her pen with the other hand, running numbers in her head by the time one of her Guildmates swung open the door to her office without even a warning:


"For the millionth time, Carlo... Call me Alisa.", she reinforced, turning her gaze up to look into her guildmate with a soft smile on her face that soon faded once she caught the look of urgency on his face, "What is it? I haven't seen you this troubled in months."

Far from the boldest and bravest of the bunch, the tall male was more the type to look pretty for guests and posing for portraits, rather than fighting... Despite his imposing physique... But all the same, she'd never seen him this worried in years:

"That woman from the capital, the one who took out her own dad... She's here! And she's doing something to Bella?", with these words, Alisa pushed off her seat and sprung to her feet.

Bella was a bit of a stuck up brat... But at the same time she had her heart in the right place, and had even gone as far as to team up with some of the older members on some low level quests. Not a bad person by any stretch. Alisa stepped out of her office and headed for the lobby, running her hand under the edges of her sleeveless sweater, ajusting it around the fullness of her bust, and finally running a hand down her hair. Even for something that was the furthest from a friendly meeting... She still couldn't help but make herself presentable. No... Perhaps for one's enemies more so than their friends, one had to look their best, lest they show any weakness.

Especially when dealing with a politician of all people...

Alisa had a general distrust towards politicians. She'd seen countless battlefields, yet few were as dirty and underhanded as the political arena. She was especially wary at those that not only accepted this harsh reality, but thrived in it and made it their profession. And once again it seemed her concerns were well founded when she arrived at the lobby to find a child cowering before this woman:

"So I hear you have business with me? Unless you just came here to bully small children.", and thus she finally announced her presence as she climbed down her stairs, a suble, left and right sway to those denim clad hips, her homely, yet stylish attire making it quite clear Alisa wasn't really expecting any guests, but even then made it a point to always look her best no matter who would end up seeing her... And yet as she reached closer, her pure white left eye stood out from the natural wine red hue of her right eye, as Alisa arrived with her ocular power active.

The frightened man had warned her of something being done to the child now practically grovelling before a woman she'd never met or even seen before... Alisa didn't know exactly what magic it was, but thanks to her own left eye, she could clearly sense the influence of some strange compulsory magic making that brat act so hopelessly out of character. That spoiled girl had earned many a scolding in the past, and yet she wasn't so boorish as to outright insult a guest. Judging by the posture as she waited impatiently for Alisa, this woman had walked in here like she owned the place and was told to leave in some way shape or form, and now earned a glare from the guildmaster contrasting with that collected smile omn her face:

"And using such powerful magic to do so of all things...? My, people's champion in name only it seems.", now close enough to run her gaze down the monochrome woman's form, she might have been a little more appreciative of her beauty had she not walked in with such an inelegant introduction, but instead, the Wizard Saint simply stood by, hand sliding down to the flare of her hip, making it clear. If she wanted to talk, there wouldn't be any of it until she let go of the girl, "Perhaps King Reign ought to hear about someone from his court walking into Blue Pegasus, casually throwing this kind of magic at kids?"

As a general rule, she distrusted anybody and anything who bore a name so presumptuous as "The People's" something or another... All too often history had seen the most horrific acts of hate commited in the name of such parties, all the more so when two of them stand in opposition to one another.


Strength is also Beauty

"Mind over matter"
- Alisa Vollan

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Siren's Call [Alisa] CyhFjWA

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"In my name."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Tension filled the air, dense enough that doubtful even a saber could sufficiently cut through it all. She stood there, a gatekeeper of sorts, as much restricting any hope of those whom may have sought an escape, equally denying those from the outside looking in, hopeful to stand as a resolute voice in the wake of everything happening within the guild hall. How they longed for someone to arise to such an occasion, those members who bore witness to the events unfolding; the mysterious woman whom had come from nowhere, imposing such power, such authority, over even amongst those of the most independent and free-willed of their company.

It was a sight that as much could have come out of a horror story, the actors all themselves, the plot being that of an unknown entity where not a one could have imagined how things stood to play out. A fate like that of the woman lay upon the ground groveling and begging with the repetition and lifelessness that came not out of a woman pleading for forgiveness, but rather that of a mindless drone, stripped of their humanity in favor of a singular goal. Or perhaps worse.

This woman was an unknown. Her power, if what seen before them was of her control, inspired fear. A command given, and an order followed. Harmless, in a way, but the possibilities were terrifying. What more could she have inspired? What more would she demand if her own request were not fulfilled. Such that everyone watched with both baited threat and panic as the man proceeded up the stairs to the upper levels of the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall, seeking the immediate attention of the beloved guild leader.

A foolish endeavor, some thought to themselves, this woman wishing for a confrontation. In others, the belief of an uprising, that this woman – whomever she was, whatever her intentions were – that she could not overtake all of them. Blue Pegasus had hardly ever surrendered themselves to those who sought harm, and none were inclined to have this become an exception.

Suddenly, as quickly as the thoughts rushed into their minds and the man whom had escaped up the stairs disappeared out of view, a thought invaded into their own minds. Not that of their own, but an outside presence, one that seemed to originate, to sound like that of one source; the woman who stood there, a cruel smile on her face as her eyes surveyed the faces of those around, her lips never moving as the words nonetheless penetrated into the thoughts and consciousnesses of everyone present. “Do be on your best behavior when your guild master shows. I would hate for any of you to, act of character towards her or one another. Consider this the only warning you will receive.”

The tension remained, if not worse than before. A new emotion ripped over the people within the room. Not just confusion mixed with panic, but too now that of fear. The only feeling that anyone could have thought, now fearful of the safety too within their own heads, was who was this, so capable of controlling and usurping the bastion that were ones’ consciousness.

Her gaze looked over them all, finding it amusing to watch and see their reactions. It was apparent, her little message sending shivers throughout the spines of those in attendance, one or two even taking a step or two back out of fear. It was tempting, the idea of seeing how much further she could push them, but this was neither the time nor place for such endeavors. There were reasons for her being here, though if it were to take too long, perhaps then it would call for further enticing.

But the words of an unknown voice which rang like music upon the air drew her attention and interest, Astrid turning her head from the frightened crowd to that of the impressive woman descending down the stairs. No formal introductions, though even Astrid perhaps could not have been surprised. But she was a reasonable woman; no need to hold such an act of disrespect against her. After all, for as expected as this meeting may have been, she knew all too well the difficulty that came with managing such hectic schedules.

A smile, one neither decipherable as genuine or that of a mask, rendered upon her face. “Alisa Vollan, guild master of Blue Pegasus, I presume. It is an honor to meet you. My father always spoke very highly of you” Astrid remarked as she took an elegant bow, one arm stretched out along her waist as the other remained straight. Formal, if not old school. “My name is Astrid Venier,” she lifted her head if only slightly that her eyes may have caught the woman’s face within her view before her returning to an upright stance, “Senator of Fiore and dutiful member of King Reign’s Court.”

A brief moment of silence between the two, the sentiment between the two clear and abundant. A mother bird watching over her chicks from that of the serpent having stumbled within her nest, with both having the expressions that would come of the behaviors. They looked to one another, eyes filled with distrust staring against those filled with uncertainty and deception, neither seeming to look away from one another. At least not until Astrid broke it off, her focus instead towards the woman whom continued to grovel, her repetition being the only thing which broke the silence around them. “That’s enough. You can go now.”

Her words reeked of indifference, the contrast between how she spoke to the woman versus that of Alisa was apparent with just a few words. But as soon as the words escaped her lips, the interest in the woman had eroded to nothing, all of it instead fixated on the woman who stood before her, confident and dominant. Attributes that Astrid could not help but respect. “Simply teaching children discipline. After all, left unattended, who knows what they may become. Wouldn’t you agree?” Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the woman disappeared, no doubt to within the confines of the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall. At least one or two of her fellow members accompanied her, the rest choosing to see how this confrontation between her and their guild master were to play out.

Focus shifted back wholly when she heard Alisa speaking of Magic. As expected, she was bright, a clear cut above the guildmates whom had first had given her her impression of Blue Pegasus. Though more reassuring, she hardly would give that satisfaction of acknowledgment. “Magic!? I’m flattered, but you assume far too much of me. My affinity under the best of circumstances could just barely touches the Eldritch Arts. And even there, in theory and research. I could only wish to have control over Magic like one such as yourself.”

“No control!? What would you call that!? You walk into our Guild Hall and do whatever that was Bella… And then deny it!” An outcry escaped from one of those whom had chosen to remain and see what happened. Though many kept silent, Astrid’s words seemed to boil this man’s blood like that of venom.

“Pardon me,” Astrid remarked as she walked towards the man, people seeming to take a step back as she moved in their direction, even the man who committed the outburst, only stopping when Astrid shook her head in disappointment. He froze, standing there as Astrid came within less than a few feet between them, his eyes radiating terror as she looked on, almost basking in the fear. “Whatever lack of respect you hold towards me or King Reign, one would expect that one holds respect towards their own guild master. Why not have not a sound escape from that mouth of yours until I am gone. How does that sound?”

The man sought to say something, to protest, to spew his own contemptable venom towards Astrid, yet not a word, not a sound escaped his lips. Despite his best efforts, he could not echo out a word, a phrase, silence being the tone of his voice.

“Good boy,” she whispered coldly as she turned her attention back towards Alisa, the smile on her face contrasting the coldness to which she had just shown towards the now-silent guild member. “My apologies. I’m sure you have no lacking of experience in dealing with unruly members, but for them to so blatantly disrespect your presence, I apologize if I overstepped.”

“Now, to what I was saying just a moment before,” her words trailed off. For a brief moment, the confidence in which Astrid had carried herself seemed to disappear for a moment, what seemed like for a brief second being vulnerability shown, “Heh, you’ll have to forgive me, but it seems you have me at an disadvantage Ms. Vollan. I had expected this meeting, but I certainly did not expect you to be, if I may be so bold as to say, stunning. I would hope you do not hold such positions against me, yet to your suggestion… I am here on personal request from King Reign. I am under absolute right to see to that the matter is handled.” It was there, thinly veiled within the words, the power bestowed upon her that someone as wise as Alisa would no doubt understand. One that hardly called for further explanation, lest there be even greater panic.

“But that matter is best discussed between you and I, in private. Their sense of comradery and apparent trust in you aside, it is a matter of the Court that only you and I may be involved to discuss. There is also a another matter that I wish to discuss too, though we can save that for when our foremost business is concluded." A wicked smile appeared upon her face, her eyes every so often running down the length of Alisa's body as they were looking with intent focus at the woman's face, reading what she could of her reactions, her threat still lingering within the air. "Now, is there somewhere more appropriate where you and I may speak?”


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To an onlooker, it might have looked as though the Senator had changed her tune the moment she laid eyes on Alisa. But the sculptress knew better. Every smile a mask, each word a dagger... Alisa disliked this game, but she could play it well enough, simply returning the smile and a curt nod as she introduced herself in turn:

"I suppose it's long overdue we met? I'm Alisa Vollan, Wizard Saint and Guildmaster of Blue Pegasus.", she spoke, holding her gaze with a graceful smile. Alisa rarely stated her titles when she introduced herself, preferring to do away with formality... All the more reason why she rarely visited the capital. But right now, the capital had come to her in the form of a woman sharing her initials, and in a sense felt almost like a dark reflection of herself. Powerful, confident... Traits she respected, and might have even admired had she not decided to turn them against her guildmates, "The pleasure is mine~"

The views among her guildmates might differ... But Alisa for one never took kindly to rude guests. How striking... Her words, at least to her, were polite to a fault, a stark contrast to the indifference aimed at everybody else. But Alisa could see the magic at play. Subtle though it may be, she could sense whatever influenced everyone, and arched her brow when she all but dismissed it as educating children:

"Is that so? Did you bother announcing yourself? Or even greeting anybody? Why, did you even state what your purpose was before throwing that magic around?", Alisa may not have known what happened before she arrived, but she knew her Guildmates. Each and everyone of them would have shown hospitality to a guest, even Bella... But not to somebody who walked in essentially demanding it, "Even Bella knows that courtesy is a two way street~"

Alisa brimmed with confidence, and no word from Astrid's lips instilled even the slightest sliver of doubt. She knew her people, knew what she'd just sensed and simply flipped her hair behind her shoulder as her her hand came to rest on the flare of her hip:

"Fufu~... Spare me the innocent act, Ms Vernier.", Alisa couldn't help but laugh, not really feeling a need to dwell on this matter, after all, whatever power Astrid commanded relied on people not knowing it existed. She'd never admit to it even under duress, and the crystal woman knew it pointless to persuade her otherwise, "Unless... Don't tell me you came all the way down here just to excuse yourself~? Here I thought you had important business to discuss."

She could only wish she'd be reckless enough to try and use it on herself. Alisa had ways to at least shatter that illusion of control for a few moments at a time... But likewise she refrained from doing so. She doubted the purity of Astrid's intentions, so that was a card she'd rather keep close to her chest until she needed to reveal it. At the same time... She didn't need anybody speaking for her. To think she'd have the gall of using that magic once again in front of her. A provocation. Alisa's brow twitched, and she responded in kind:


"Hey. That's enough."

With a simple snap of her fingers close to woman's ear, she pulled her attention back to her, interrupting whatever she had to say to her guildmate... Really, politicians were shady enough without mind controlling abilities:

"However kind of you to offer, it's not your place to discipline them, or anybody really.", and likewise, when another one of her bolder Guildmates spoke up, Alisa simply rose one hand over her shoulder, and the accusing man fell quiet, a single commanding gesture enough to silence him protests.

Each and every one of them had their own battles to fight. If they needed to call on one another, those who listened would surely answer. But this battle would not be fought with steel and magic, and it was Alisa's to fight:

"And flattery won't get you anywhere, even someone as dreadfully charming as you~...", she replied, that captivating smile drawing on her plush pink lips, her arms folding under the fullness of her bust

She was beautiful, ravishing even, Alisa could at least give her that much credit... Still, she'd be much prettier without throwing that magic around with every step. And while that strange compelling magic wouldn't work on Alisa, it didn't need to: Astrid dropped King's name and the seemingly pressing business she'd been entusted by him, and that way drove home a far more dangerous power in her arsenal. Between the Master of a Light Guild and a Senator in the King's Court, Alisa would be foolish to oppose her openly and she knew it too well, those wine red hues washing over the woman's frame, brow arched, as though she could discern her intention from her posture alike:

"Hmm... Can't imagine what could be so urgent for you to need to come here personally, but I agree... Whatever it is, it would be best discussed in private...", and with these words Alisa turned around. A wordless statement far bolder than any words ever could as she strode back up the stairwell, hand gliding along the handrail as she guided the woman upstairs, "Follow me."

The confidence of someone who didn't fear an attack from behind, or simply knew it could never come... If Astrid wished to launch one, she'd be jeopardizing the very power she'd taken so long to nurture. True, Alisa Vollan couldn't raise her hand against a Senator from King Reign's own court... But neither could Astrid Vernier do the same against a Wizard Saint from the Magic Council.

Thus she guided the woman somewhere more suitable for their discussion, their path tastefully adorned, stylishly decorated, but never ostentatious. Blue Pegasus were known as patrons of the arts, and many of the pieces here had been masterfully crafted by up and coming artists, many of whom went on to make a name for themselves. Perhaps on the way out Astrid might have a better chance to look them over, but for now Alisa simply guided her into her office, opening the door and letting her in first:

"Here we are. Some place more appropriate.", she spoke, before following her inside and taking a seat at one of the cushy armchairs, motioning for the senator to take the other as Alisa sat and crossed those shapely, denim clad legs in a smooth, flowing motion, "Now, let me ask again... What urgent business brings you all the way down here, so far from home?"


Strength is also Beauty

"Mind over matter"
- Alisa Vollan

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"In my name..."

STR: 1 | SPD: 146 | CON: 251 | END: 251 | INT: 1001 | MANA: 11,650

"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

It was nothing shy of impressive how much an individual could learn by simply being perceptive. The duo stood there, each facing one another exchanging remarks of flattery that were as much seeped in probing inquiry. Just who were each other to one another, Alisa and Astrid. Two contrasts that were as similar as to believe that cut from the same cloth, nurture, perhaps nature being the divergence between the two. So too, their circumstances, their purpose here; Astrid, the Senator having ascended to some of the highest graces within Fiore, under what can be argued an untenable course of events while Alisa had earned her status through adoration, respect, and merit.

The aspirations of any guild member long achieved standing off against the personification of the corrupt political system, both of them delicately balancing along the tightrope of formal engagement.

For however little she thought of the members of Blue Pegasus, them more background actors to the main star of the performance in their guild leader, she struggled to quite make out what to think of the woman. Immediate impressions were that of a beautiful woman, immediate thoughts of depravity as much alluring her to entertain the fullest capacity of her Magical eye, the extents to which she could take it. But such a delusion would have been nothing short of a mistake, a disaster even. She may have been able to exert control to some degree, to maintain such measures against a crowd of this size alongside the woman whom in all likelihood would have trounced her in any sort of direct confrontation, Astrid knew far too well than to haphazardly engage in such foolish endeavors.

The allure of the woman was just one piece of the puzzle however.

She saw how they reacted to her presence, the air suddenly clearing itself, everyone whom stood in panic now finding the resolve to breath freely. They trusted her, so much so that even while the opportunity presented itself to inform Alisa of Astrid’s behavior, they did not. Prompted by fear? It was possible, but not likely. Or perhaps more they had come to believe that she bore witness to what they had seen. To that, if she had seen it, how would she have reacted? Her scolding of Astrid’s behavior had admittedly taken the woman by surprise. She would have assumed that someone of Alisa’s stature would appreciate someone who honored the hierarchy.

“Your guild. Your rules,” Astrid remarked as she rose her hands lightly in surrender, a hint of hubris in her voice, but the point was well made. There was a threshold that she could push, and she had reached that limit.

Though too, Alisa’s next remark seemed to derive much more of a complex picture for Astrid. In what were barely a breathe or two ago that she had accosted her for taking too great of a liberty with her treatment of her members, so too was she complimenting her. Flirting even? Not quite, but reciprocated flattery was always a good sign, if nothing else. If not for her own romantic ventures, then at least as far as their meeting ahead would lead towards.

Her eyes had been at first fixed upon the area around; the entrance to the Guild Hall, one of which she expected the deeper dwellings to paint a more complete canvas than that of what was around. It did not help with the guild members, all of whom still watched with a level of trepidation, fearful of what the woman may have been capable of, even despite the presence of Alisa whose decision to turn her back to the woman caused at least a few of them to usher out a silent gasp, the realization dawning upon their faces too late as they peered to see Astrid seeing their response firsthand. To some degree, she wished that they could have spent more time there; it was a goldmine of information in words never spoken but behaviors and actions that as much betrayed whatever sense of confidence and silence the members of Blue Pegasus may have had. “With pleasure,” a smile on her face as she followed the woman, her curiosity admittedly growing with each passing moment.

It was a curiosity almost immediately sated, the tour that Alisa had led her on being one that featured a who’s who of notable works of art. Portraits, sculptures, painstakingly crafted paintings that captured moments in history, both precious to Fiore and Blue Pegasus alike. One could have spent an entire evening along this corridor alone, admiring each piece for the precious detail that each of them rightfully deserved.

But there would be time for that later. Astrid had a foremost reason to be here and she had doubts that Alisa would have much tolerated her wasting time simply admiring works of art. The circumstances of what had happened just before did not give her much room to maneuver that political web though. Not yet at least.

Only a short distance yet a lifetime’s worth of priceless art along and Alisa had led Astrid to a large, spacious room; an incredible office that Astrid could not help but admire, if not find herself envious of. She had only been in a Senator within the King’s Court for a relatively short time, and despite what she conscripted from her father’s possessions, even in its splendor would it have been dwarfed by the glamour present. Her eyes darted throughout the room, curiosity melding with the desire to know what she could of the woman, what information she could deduce maybe being something that may have been to her advantage.

Trinkets, papers, bottles of vintage wine laid about. An almost appearance of controlled chaos to an onlooker, but Astrid could as much relate. Even within her own office in Crocus, sealed crates of Minstrel brandy, smuggled contraband that had found their way into her possession littered throughout. Personal luxuries, she justified to herself. A quick glance at some of the vintages, some of which Astrid had even had herself, one in particular that she had had once before, described to her as the ‘heart and soul’ of Stellan’s wine country. “You have delectable tastes,” Astrid said offhand, having lifted the bottle from Alisa’s desk to see the year, her eyes briefly gazing upon a framed picture, that of a young woman, blue-haired, a pair of reddish goat horns present, a wide smile upon her face. She kept her eyes on the picture for a moment later before putting the bottle down back upon the desk.

“Onto business then,” she remarked as the confidence beamed back within her, any sort of false vulnerability that she may have shown a moment before in the presence of Alisa’s guild members now having faded. Settling into the cushy armchair just opposite of Alisa, her hand deftly entered behind the overcoat, pulling out a small instrument. A rogue’s notepad, a Magical item designed to store and covertly transport documents without detection. Entire libraries worth of torn pages, ripped out and stored within the near-infinite catalogs of an item barely larger than an old drunkard’s flask.

Hardly an item that a Senator would ever be caught in possession of, let alone seeming to have use for.

“My my… Here I was for a moment expecting you to entertain even just a little foreplay,” a fiendish smile along her face as the Senator gracefully unsealed the notepad, her handiwork as much indicative of an expert than a fumbling novice. From the unlocked device she pulled out document upon document, each of them having the pristine quality of lettering not meant to be disturbed, the seal of the King’s Court planted upon each and every one of them. “Your presence has been missed within the Court,” Astrid began, handing one of the documents to Alisa.

A record stolen right out from within Crocus, a keeping of an old vote within the Senate pre-dating when Astrid had become a Senator, those in attendance accounted for, along with their position. There, present within were that of the vote in absentia, were that of a vote for “Blue Pegasus, in Representation of Hargeon”, nothing further provided. “My father was quite the admirer, spoke about you plenty. Oh how he spoke of wishing that you would have become a Senator, that there would have been so much more that could have been achieved.” She shook her head, a hint of frustration, even jealousy apparent upon her face, “The way he spoke, one would have thought you to be his daughter… Or at least the daughter he always wanted.”

“Oh well, unfortunate how things turn out.” The dismay disappeared with a shrug of indifference, almost a cruel look present if just for the briefest of moments as she returned her attention to the notepad, retrieving more of the documents. “If you would please.”

From her hand to Alisa’s, another document, followed by another. More records of votes cast, a notable addition in the form of Astrid Venier included written within the ink.

Any reference of Blue Pegasus or Hargeon representation missing entirely.

Missing on the first page. And absent upon the second. And the third.

Document upon document, votes cast on legislature affecting all of Fiore, with not a single vote, for or against, cast in the interest of Blue Pegasus or Hargeon.

“People tend to wonder, why it is that a city has suddenly lost its advocate. Its champion. They tend to develop dark thoughts, get the wrong idea.” Astrid leaned forward, a heavy stack of documents, all of records taken from Crocus, all undoubtedly communicating the same thing, “And some… rats within the Senate, have decided that the best way to earn the ear of our trusted King, is to assume the worst behind such an abrupt absence.”

Her eyes focused onto Alisa, a seriousness to her voice that up to this point had been lacking lent to the grave nature of her presence here, “There are those assuming you seek to usurp against the King. Some have even gone as far as to try to tie it to my own father’s betrayal as a part of some coordinated conspiracy. I won’t condone the actions of my father; but I won’t by and have his actions used to propel their careers while destroying everything that you've made for yourself.”

"And so I'm here, to offer my aid."


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"And you too, it seems.", Alisa smiled as she returned those words of praise, after all, only a woman of culture could well and truly appreciate the treasure before her eyes, and why the Guildmaster kept the half empty bottle there for special occasions, "You're welcome to have a glass if you'd like?"

However crudely she might have chosen to announce herself, Astrid was still here as an emissary of the King's Court, and thus entitled to her hospitality. Next to the bottle she'd find two impeccably clean, crystal clear glasses that Alisa kept for visitors, after all, she didn't make a habit out of drinking by herself in her own office, where she tended to the seemingly infinite piles of paperwork that came with her position. Her wine red gaze followed Astrid with more curiosity than anything, watching as she sat down in front of her and pulled out a fascinating piece of Magical Craftsmanship. Alisa knew it of course, its function scarcely different from the pocket dimension ring on her finger:

"Naturally~... You're here in the King's name, wasting your time would be wasting his. And besides...", and all too quickly Astrid was speaking her language... Those plush pink lips widened into a knowing smile, confident, without a single shred of hesitation in her words. Either this woman knew all the right lines to say or they had more in common than she thought, "Seems to me like we've had enough of that back at the lobby."

Putting aside the question of why she had that item, the documents the woman presented drew her attention quickly. Her brow furrowed, but still, Alisa found nothing surprising there, after all, she hadn't set foot in Crocus since the end of the war... The Great Change all but chained her to the South when it became clear the Guild needed to rule the region, and Alisa ended up taking the reins of the Guild. Far more interesting still, was whatever point Astrid wanted to drive home. Sitting silently, she listened, pitching in only at the mention of her father:

"Likewise, I admired the work he did for this country.", but she had read the news as well, and caught wind of the horrifying scandals involving him. Alisa sighed, her chest rising and falling as she shook her head...

Where Astrid felt frustration, Alisa felt only... Disappointment.

She rarely found politicians worthy of her trust, and fewer still managed to hold it throughout their careers. Alisa wasn't quite so sure what to believe on these events... But she hadn't actively looked into them either, so any objection to the established truth amounted to mere theories and conjectures. Perhaps a little far fetched for a man like Senator Vernier to stoop so low, but she knew better than to judge a book by its cover:

"Terrible shame what happened with your father. I suppose it only goes to show you never really know people."

Whether true or false, it validated what she knew about politicians. Whether even the best of them can't be trusted, or that some would even betray their own kin. A generalization for sure, Alisa knew that much... But it made her careful. Alisa took the documents, placing them on the coffee table between them, leaning over and brushing her hair behind her head:

"What you see there is a relic of the Great Change. If you'll remember, the Crown actively relinquished control of the Regions to the Guilds of Fiore.", Alisa noted, pointing out to the fact that she'd been named as the city's representative even though she owed her loyalty not solely to the Kingdom, but to the Magic Council. Many could have equally regarded her presence as undue interference by the Council in the Kingdom's internal affairs, "A temporary solution, never meant to be permanent. Certainly, even after the Crown retook control of the South, I could have sought to become a Senator myself, as your father might have wanted. But I'm not cut out to be a politician."

If something needed to be done... She'd do it. And if she lacked any ability to push that necessary change, she'd resign. Simple options. What third choice would she have? She lacked any ambition or desire to be Queen even if she had the power to overthrow the King. And she wouldn't sign her name on policies she didn't believe in. The most gifted politicians compromised wherever needed to keep the country running, but Alisa had hard lines. Still, it came as no surprise that some would try to twist her absense into political clout for themselves:

"Oho~...? It's far from the first time someone has dragged my name through the mud.", Alisa smiled, not the slightest bit alarmed by this, not even particularly shocked, just amused, if mildly annoyed. Her nose twitching with a hint of scorn towards... Whoever these spineless bottom feeders might be. Gods know the Capital has plenty of them. Her elbow rested on the arms of her chair, and her brow arched, "Usually they spread such lies to throw sand in people's eyes, but nobody has yet been foolish enough to go beyond rumours."

And she didn't feel a need to elaborate. She was the leader of a Light Guild, and a Wizard Saint of all things. A legitimate accusation of her involvement in a coup would warrant the Magic Council's involvement... And conspiracy theories alone won't decieve the Council. Far from saying the Council can't be compromised... But once they extracted the truth from Alisa herself, the entire plot wound unravel as such:

"I have no interest in the throne, and King Reign knows it too well. Fiore has seen enough changes in leaders and regimes in the past few years to last several lifetimes. So while your offer intrigues me, I have to wonder... Why...?"

Indeed, Alisa didn't trust politicians. Deception and betrayal were as much part of the game as eloquence and rethoric. But like seasoned politicians knew this and dealt with one another, she too could deal with them if the benefits outweighed the potential costs:

"It sounds to me like you're one of those who've most benefited from my absense?", Alisa crossed her shapely legs once more as her inquisitive gaze fixed on Astrid, eyes narrowing. She may not go to Crocus, but she still caught wind of news... And she knew for a fact the Senator before had been funneling more and more funds onto Oak, Championing the City when its real problem was never a shortage of public investment. If Alisa had been a part of the King's Court, the two would have been fierce adversaries, "The way I see it... You'd stand to gain plenty if some conspiracy successfully stripped away what power I have."

What exactly did Astrid hope to gain from assisting somebody who'd ultimately oppose her? Would Alisa even trust whatever she concluded? Or would the woman simply make her an offer she couldn't refuse?


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"In my name..."

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"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

With the documents laid out, all of her cards set on the proverbial – and in this case, literal – table, Astrid took the Blue Pegasus Guild Master up on her offer just presented. Lifting from the absolute delight that was the lounge chair that Alisa has set up within the room, every second she sat in there more and more making Astrid envious and determined to know where Alisa had acquired them from. A pair of sterling crystal glasses present near the bottle of wine left upon the desk, her attention having been focused upon the vintage and the small portrait as to blur everything else around them. Just who was that girl, to be so important to Alisa? Likely worth asking about later on; information like that would no doubt be valuable.

The faint aroma that permeated as she unsealed the cork was nothing short of delightful, the subtle scent of oak a welcome departure from the air of the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall, seemingly so heavily been exposed to perfumes, colognes, and other exotic fragrances that ‘normal’ was so far gone, forever replaced by this lightly-scented odor. Holding the bottle over the glasses with the indifference of someone holding a scrap of food before a child starving, she watched with hyper precision as the red liquid poured, splashing against the inner rim of the glasses, careful neither to overpour nor allow any wine stain the contents of the desk beside the crystal.

With the elegance and precision like that of an artist, she tilted the bottle upwards, capping off the liquid just as the remaining wine fell within the second glass, both poured to a near perfect balance. As much the pleasure and disadvantage afforded to them both, if one were to interpret the toasty warmth of fine wine from a more tactical sense. The timing could not have been more perfect either, as Astrid returned from her vulnerable position, her back no longer exposed to Alisa, instead the woman looking upon the tall dark-haired woman as her vision seemed to gloss over the documents provided, her expression largely tame. She said nothing, delicately placing one of the glasses before Alisa as she returned to her seat herself, not a word spoken but silently a feeling of minor frustrating building within her.

She kept a solid face, admittedly caught in light enthrallment as she listened to Alisa speak. She was impressed, to say the least. Before she arrived, she were not entirely sure what to have thought of Alisa, save for how her father regarded her to be. But his praise, much like his assessment of many things – and people for that matter – only carried so much weight. Listening though, it was impressive how in tune the Blue Pegasus Guild Master were aware of matters, even those that Astrid admittedly knew little or even nothing towards. The circumstances surrounding the South seldom ever mattered to her, the events having been recent enough to where any relationship that may have existed between she and her father – and thus, her access to his knowledge of the Senate or its dealings – having come to an end.

Astrid had figured she would be engaging with someone out of touch; a reflection of her members, so disassociated with everyone else as to be ignorant.

Between sips of wine, she was quickly learning that she was wrong in her assessment, at least towards her.

“So it would seem,” she lamented, the way Alisa described past attempts at scorning her reputation as if an imaginary dagger being plunged directly through the ribs of Astrid. “I suppose then you will have to forgive me for being overly cautious. Deception and betrayal have seem to become commonplace practice now amongst my fellow Senators. I cannot say if emboldened by my father’s action or a symptom of something much worse having lay dormant within the Senate.”

An olive branch extended, and seemingly for naught. Especially as Alisa remarked, whatever suspicion or insidious feelings that the woman may have privately harbored towards Astrid being presented now, a questioning probe that all centered around one singular idea: Why.

Her gaze softened, the passing of every second like that of whom controlled whom seeming to shift, Alisa having long played this game seeming to unnerve the novice in Astrid, her time and ascent to the Senate being ones that dwarfed immature minds, but now she stood face to face with a person that could be proclaimed her equal, if not, her superior.

It helped little that she wore a visage hardly her own.

“Benefit? Your presence or lackthereof has hardly benefited me. I’m left wondering just what exactly would inspire you into thinking that I would celebrate your…” She stopped short, giving pause to consider precisely Alisa’s words, the reasoning becoming apparent. “I see now… No… No, I would understand why you may come to think that I would relish seeing whatever influence you had stripped from the Court, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

The ramifications of her own actions were made apparent enough, the funds that Hargeon would have utilized, that Alisa likely would have campaigned for for the improvement of the city, instead diverted to Oak Town. Not once, not twice, but multiple times. It neither left Hargeon crippled, nor in desperate state, but Astrid could understand why Alisa may have thought otherwise, may have felt that there were opposing sides in a sort of war between the pair.

“There’s something almost ironic about the situation, wouldn’t you agree? You and I, sitting here, this meeting and what it likely would cost." Her fingers gently caressed against the arm of the seat, the wine weakly splashing as Astrid’s other hand gave her glass the faintest of shakes, if only to simply gift movement to the stagnant wine within. “How much do you suppose cost to have these chairs crafted? More likely than what many artisans hope to earn in any extended period. And this wine? A man looking to drink this would likely find himself starving his family for weeks, if not longer, to do so.”

Astrid spoke in sweeping generalizations, but ones that were not entirely inaccurate. To the common man of Hargeon, likely such tradeoffs that would have been impossible for people to consider were less of a concern. But throughout Fiore, the luxuries of having to not fear such considerations were seldom gifted. “The people here have managed well enough. I can’t say that I encountered anyone begging, no starving souls as I arrived here. The same cannot be said everywhere. Despite my efforts, Oak still struggles, and as far as either of us should be concerned, that attention should remain.”

How she regarded Oak was at best considered to be polarizing. Villified in parts, Hargeon being no exception, some had regarded her aid to the people as a bastardized version of her father’s policies, both insulting enough to her own legitimacy as enough reason to have her further dig her heels in her position. More though, the criticisms fell not with the reasoning behind her legislature, but the execution of it. Funds siphoned intended to other cities and diverted to Oak, only to be distributed by the local legislature there, a government as much corrupt as any that existed within Earthland; one that had as well been instrumental in helping Astrid get to the where she was now. Documentation was scarcely kept, seldom verified, and the mission statement of aiding the desperate people of Oak Town were enough to continue to secure votes needed to pass her proposals.

“But why strip away what is not necessary. I’ve done what I can for the people of Oak, more than satisfied any expectations that my benefactors may have had towards me, a gratitude that I inevitably will reap. But to your point, I am loathed to see you gone. Most of the Court, they’re disposable, if we strip everything to its most basic level. I need you though, and, hmm,” She paused, trying best to figure out how best to convey what she were looking to say next.

“Alisa, I will ask of you this, that whatever happens next, that you withhold judgment of me. Frankly, I do not believe that there is any hope that I can convey this without showing you firsthand. I hope you understand…”

With that, it resonated outwards, an overwhelming sundering upon Alisa; a cacophony of a thousand voices, all in unison, every single one of them thundering with the conviction of an unseen god, OBEY, BOW, SERVE, WORSHIP. One by one, silence a forgotten concept as order upon order of service descended down upon Alisa’s thoughts, an unyielding force demanding one thing and one thing alone.


Whether or not Alisa submitted to it, who was to say. Astrid knew it was a gamble, but one required, one to not only know the extent of what she could achieve, but to also set the stage for what could be. It was an exercise, not of power, but of consequence. Consequence of dismissal, of ignorance refusal, and of underestimating one’s motive.

Her eye continued to protrude Magical energies out, her ignorantly sipping upon the delightful wine as she assumed Alisa to be have her mind all but crippled under the layer upon layer of control. She almost wondered what the sensation may have been like, to endure that, to resist even. Could she? Her guildmates could not, but she had already underestimated her before. Until she saw the finished product, she could not know for sure.

“Let’s see how things went, shall we?” She leaned forward, just enough out of her seat to comfortably place down the glass of wine atop several of the documents, effectively serving as a paperweight while a faint red half-circle stained upon the uppermost sheet. “Look upon me Alisa. Recognize me as your everything. Your life’s meaning, your heart’s desire, your soul’s ambition. Strip away everything else that existed within you that gave pause towards me, and show me exactly what you would commit to me.”

Astrid's Reputation: 40,800
Alisa's Reputation: 31,350
Difference: 9,450 = +9 Roll Modifier.

Alisa may either submit or roll higher than 59 [Base: 50 + 9]

Name: Submission
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Makima's Controlling Eye
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: -
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: By gazing upon a chosen the target, the user can force others into submission and obedience as long as they have seen the user's eye. To use the effect, the user must issue an order, while the target may either submit to the user and obey, or attempt to resist the spell. Should the enemy attempt to resist, they must roll a D100 and roll higher than 50 in order to resist successfully; if they fail, they will take 1S rank damage directly to the head, while their Speed, Intelligence and damage dealt will be considered one rank lower for that turn. Additionally, the difference between the user's and their enemy's reputation will affect the threshold needed to successfully resist. Every 1000 points of difference in reputation between user and target will increase or reduce the dice success threshold by 1 depending on who has the higher reputation: The user or the target respectively. The threshold cannot increase above 75 or decrease below 25. In subsequent turns that the target attempts to resist, they may roll again to break free of the spell while taking only A-rank damage if they fail. Each success or failure in resisting will decrease or increase the threshold by 5 respectively. A target cannot be asked to commit actions such as the taking of their own life, committing explicit actions upon others, or other actions that would be considered taboo according to site rules. Attempting to have these actions carried out will result in the spell failing upon the target for the remainder of the topic. Though the user may look at multiple targets, they may only issue a single command per turn.

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Kanna Kusanagi

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Alisa wasn't particularly worried about Hargeon, after all, the South had thrived for years without the government lifting a single finger to help them. Currently, the South and East contributed more taxes than the rest of the country, and they still thrived. But using Hargeon to justify such a haphazard policy... This woman was severely underestimating both the people of Hargeon, and the depth of Oak's issues:

"A fallacious argument... All you see here are luxury goods. That man will not worry about the cost of fine wine or handmade furniture until he has food on his table, a roof over his head, and the hope of not losing either.", and likewise, the people who live off their own artistry could only thrive so long as cultured patrons could properly appreciate the quality of their craftsmanship... Hargeon in particularly stood out as a beacon of fine art in all of Fiore, where the people with means spent generously rather than greedily hoarding their wealth, without fear of being robbed or ripped off. The Social contract was firmly in place, and people of all walks of life trusted it, "These luxuries exist as an expression of those who create them, the love of those who acquire them, and the culture that binds them."

Life was a lot different in Oak... Now, people there weren't really starving, not even in Oak. Lodgings were equally easy enough to come by due to how many people had fled the city in recent years... But the fact remained that many citizens had since left the city, or perished as yet another statistic, another victim of the city's rampant corruption and criminality. Corruption Astrid was now carelessly fueling, as if on purpose:

"But that man will continue to struggle regardless of how much money you throw at the city. After all, not a single Jewel of the funds you're sending there will every reach their pockets.", Alisa's eyes narrowed as she reached her conclusion, her tone cold and matter of factly. Throughout all her career, Oak had always been chosen by Dark Guilds, it's Nobility frequently targeted and beheaded by those Guilds whenever they wished to make a statement, and thus left with no choice but complicity to the corruption in order to survive, "The more you fatten up the corruption in Oak without keeping it in check, the more they'll be devour in the future, and more thoroughly extort their people."

The city's ancient history and dark allure drew these people to it like bugs to streetlights on a hot Summer night. Odin claimed to care for the city, but at the same time he allowed his Guildmates to run wild and do as they pleased with it. Both iterations of Phantom Lord were no different. No, the issue was far graver than just Hargeon. Far more troubling was the gratuitous feeding of a beast they'd have to tame sooner or later. The people of Oak were blameless, but they were trapped, held hostage by the Dark Guilds and criminals who had their teeth sunk deep into the city. Prying them out would take finesse and political accumen, rather than brute force.

Unless Astrid had something to gain from this? It wouldn't be the first time a politician had artificially created an enemy, so they may reap the political benefits from opposing them.

"Hmmm~...? Need me how exactly?", which is exactly what made her next question so puzzling. Alisa rose her brow, leaning in further as her hand came to rest on her lap... Tilting her head as she watched the otherwise eloquent woman fumbling over her words, until she finally proposed to show rather than tell, "Mmm, by all means go ahead... What is it that you wish to show me?"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and quite frankly, Alisa expected her to fish out more documents. Instead, her eyes flared with a surprised look as the politician once again revealed that power with which she'd entranced her Guildmates. At that moment, the sculptress shuddered head to toe as the woman's command permeating through her very being... And through her white eye, she could sense it clearly:

"Ghh...! So this is what you did to my guildmates? ...Don't forget that I can see... Exactly what you're doing.", as her left eye turned white and Alisa revealed her own Mystic Eye, gaze narrowing into a glare, those perfectly manicured nails clawing at the leather of her chair, practically tearing at it. Gritting her teeth... And finally chuckling, "Fufufu~... I sure hope you didn't think you could control me so easily? I'm almost insulted~..."

Though she could sense the powering coming from Astrid, she could hear the order screaming at her from within... To Surrender... To give in... But Alisa never did, and simply looked back at Astrid through the loose strands of black hair draped down over her eye, a defiant smile drawing on those plush lips.

Resisting it hurt her, physically, even with her high pain treshold and natural resistance to magic... A vein bulging visibly over her eyes of mixed strain and anger. The longer she refused, the more it ached, like someone had stuffed her head full of nails and was shaking it around... But she didn't scream or cry out, and neither did she surrender as she powered through the pain and kept her composure:

"I will say... That is quite the interesting little trick you have up your sleeve. Capital Politicians never cease to surprise me.", her full bust heaved with a deep breath as Alisa relaxed her body and cleared her mind as much as she possibly could. The voices were still there... The pain almost deafening... But she'd experienced worse. Feeling something warm running down her nose, she calmly lifted her rear off her chair and fished and a white handkerchief from her pocket, dabbed it under her nose, barely glancing at the blood trail she just wiped, "Still, try that one more time... And our conversation is concluded. Do I make myself clear?"

By now, Alisa was beginning to understand what this was... A proposition. This same power had been used to carelessly bloat Phantom Lord. And a part of her felt tempted to use it to reverse the damage Astrid had caused. But this was a dangerous power to play with, especially in the hands of a menacing beauty she scarcely even knew:

"Now, at the risk of sounding repetitive, why? Why exactly do you need me?", resisting that order left her with a rather painful headache... But at first glance, the diamond woman looked no worse for wear as she simply reclined, "With this kind of power, it feels to me you could get quite far on your own, so long as you avoid a relatively small number people."

She had a few ideas as to the answer of her question... But now, both women stood on equal footing, fully understanding the power at play here. And she wanted to hear from Astrid, word for word.



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"In my name..."

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"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Before she had arrived within Hargeon, there was a part of Astrid that found herself significantly contemplating even venturing to the port city. She had doubts that any sort of meeting with Alisa would have yielded anything, whether it be results, or even interest for that matter. There was plenty of reason to be wary; anyone so much as loosely familiar with the political situation within Fiore of late - at least some of which her own doing – could have perceived any sort of dialogue as being for naught.

But though she may have thought the same at first, with each passing minute she came to more and more appreciate being so wrong.

Alisa had been everything that the Senator had expected her to be, and so much more.

Bright, insightful, a hint of smugness perfectly meshed alongside confidence. In a way, they truly were the same person, where their destinies diverted undoubtedly any number of steps along the distant road that their futures may have once travelled together. It was fitting then, that their paths return together in their first encounter, one that not even fate could have properly envisioned.

A smug grin upon her face, one that Astrid hardly made any effort to hide. Alisa’s words were harsh, a condemnation of her presence as much as it were a verbal execution of her politics. And to think that she had doubted the political aptitude of the Blue Pegasus Guild Master. Astrid was impressed, even – to her great surprise – a little vulnerable.

But that would not matter for much longer. She sat there, the faintest relief rushing through her backside as she relaxed herself, absolute comfort washing over her as she enjoyed the sight before her. How someone like Alisa, not only that of strong will but also of incredible Magical expertise, would respond to the power of her eye was a mystery. A necessary one. And even an entertaining one. After all, her guildmates had shown that even those of Magical talent were not immune, not a soul within the guild hall being capable of resisting her; not even a struggle.

What would it be like to see someone break? To resist as much as they possibly could, only to fail?

Astrid couldn’t help but wonder, the most minor of movements made as she gently took hold of the wine glass set down only moments before, a wicked smile upon her face as she watched on. It was hard to tell quite she enjoyed more, the prospect of breaking someone like Alisa or having an opportunity to more explore her soon-to-be buxom plaything.

A flash brought her out of her loose daydream, her eyes squinting to make out the hue of it, the realization coming forth as the smug smile eroded away for the briefest of moments, only to return again as she watched on more. She may have been able to resist, but it was clear not free. It was evident on Alisa’s face; the veins bulging, the woman’s posture easing from that of comfort into silent agony, but more than anything else the silence as Alisa focused intently.

“Control you?” She chuckled, “Well, I won’t pretend that I was not hopeful that it would work. Figured it could have gone either way, the flip of a coin really.” Astrid sighed, almost mockingly, “A shame… I was looking forward to seeing just how… primal… you would have been. Would have been fun to tame you…”

As if the moment passed without a second thought, Astrid lifted her hands in a gesture that almost resembled that of someone standing down, not quite a look of surrender but perhaps more that of indifference perhaps. Within one hand, the crystal glass perfectly balanced the faint remainder of wine still left within. The terrible price of such a delicious vintage; one could get so quickly lost within the taste that all of a sudden the glass is empty just as quickly as it were full.

With grace, she put down the glass upon the table again, the red ring staining upon the parchment again, another circle seeping in just barely over the first stained ring, an image almost like that of a red chain-link lingering. “But, not to say we can’t revisit such indulgences once our business is concluded. And to that, I give you my word, what you experienced, I did not relish in having to force you to endure that. Nor shall I force you upon that again while I am your guest. It was as much to illustrate a point as it was research for me.”

An almost-cruel smile formed upon her face, “And I appreciate you still keeping an open mind. As I said, some things are more needed to be seen than just believed. I’m sure in your time you’ve seen plenty that hold true to that. Once our business is concluded, we can indulge in all sorts, stories, conquests, secrets alike.”

It was nice, the chance to escape away, to entertain prospects that for as much as she may have found exciting, likely were not to happen for no shortage of reasons. Though, she were hopeful. Alisa’s response to being subjected to her eye were stern, but controlled. Astrid would have figured her to react in a far more visceral manner, so the calm response was unexpected, but welcome.

But these were all distractions from the reality of the situation that loomed over her; the entire reason for Astrid’s arrival here. “But you ask why? I would expect that you would understand better than anyone at this point. Your world things are largely static. They stay the same, the rare circumstances those that which shatter that veil. The death of a loved one, the actions of a Wizard Lord, without such encounters, little changes for wizards like you.”

“But your world’s rarities are the commonplace in mine. Loyalties shifting constantly, betrayal and backstabbing as likely to occur amongst my fellows as cordial invitations to meet are gifted,” Astrid remarked, the irony of her very meeting with Alisa one such example not lost upon her. “My father’s downfall came not without such accords, without the mutual benefit to many, myself certainly included. Yet now those whom hailed me as an ally now seek to oust me.”

An anger built within Astrid, as much the circumstances of her plight as much the naivety of her situation illustrating the tragedy that was her rapid ascent. The upstart politician who disposed her veteran father, now looking down the barrel of the same political weapon that she had once wielded herself. “Jealousy, contempt, the shades of my father still linger, their own concept coalescing with those whom see me within his role like that of a traitor, it’s left me with precious few whom stand alongside me.” They were a minority within the King’s Court now, Astrid still holding some weight, but the inevitable path being even those closest forced to make an impossible decision.

Then, she would be alone.

“And Iblis has made his intentions no secret either. I gifted him with more benefit to his city than anyone deserved to have, yet he assumes himself a master to my soul, to my seat nearest the throne. I have long out paid whatever debt he may have assumed himself to assert over me, yet I do not doubt that it is only a matter of time before one of the many upstarts finds themselves the benefactor to his sphere of influence.”

“Thus, I am here. Your support, it is no mere boon you see. Arguably the most influential guild master in Fiore backing me, with the political mind that you clearly have, the influence you no doubt command, the ripple effect will be immediate. What threats there are will fade away to the shadows, fighting amongst themselves again. They will self-cannibalize, a multiple-pronged war that they will wage with me safely watching from above. And the King, however much the naïve fool he may be at times… Well, let’s just say that to earn your support, that which even my father could not, it will be impossible for the King to not recognize.”

A gambit.

As much her own survival within the cruel political world, the woman whose ascent was marred in corruption and assumed backstabbing now seeking to escape the same world in which she came up through. She was not proud to be put in such a situation, but Astrid had hardly been one to simply allow it to occur. Her Eye was proof of that; a preventative measure. A first course in the feast of power.

She could not hope to continue dining whilst needing to watch her back for the inevitable dagger.

It was not absolute, but Alisa’s aid would be instrumental in her being able to ultimately secure her seat at the table.

“My request is not one-sided, as it may seem. For starters, I will ease the fiscal burdens put upon Hargeon. I will not go as far as to a full reversal in a day’s time, but you will see circumstances reversed and fortune returned here. If not more than before.” It was shrewd, the simultaneous offering of value returned to Alisa while scorning Iblis. From the hand that giveth, the hand taketh away; only fitting for one who would betray Astrid.

“But even more than that, I will give you my word to this. So long as we stand as allies. So long as you and I mutually benefit from our, I would partnership but that seems so cold. Relationship, that is it. So long as our relationship sees both of us as an supporters of, allies to one another, you need not worry about what I may do with my little gift.” Her words were cold, the seriousness of what she was saying, and what she was threatening, evident. “Your guildmates, without a second thought. What do you think of the people out there?” She pointed to the large window within the office room, the implication clear. “What is the greatest threat that one could imagine themselves faced against? Wizards? The King? Each other? All of them? Can you imagine what may happen?”

From within her coat pocket, Astrid pulled out another device, rarer than that of the notepad that she had displayed earlier, its purpose no doubt more insidious or at the least, the ramifications of its use more outstanding. “We may not ever find the need to answer that question though,” Astrid meticulously toyed with the winder, each gesture carefully done with precious, lest any motion fail and force her to attempt once again. With a click, the mechanism within it unlocked, a heavy glow emerging from that of the watch as the face became that of pure Magical energy, enormous concentrations of Magic filling the room as a small shadowbox, ornate and humming with Magical energies materialized upon the table between the two women.

A meticulous lock within the front of it, identical to that of the pocket watch in Astrid’s possession began to rotate about, the order identical to that of the careful arrangement performed only a short moment ago by the Senator. With a loud click, the lock unsealed itself, the box opened, each side dissolving away, leaving nothing remaining save for a single piece of paper, ancient in its appearance, utterly drenched in Magical energies.

“I know not where my father came into possession of such an ancient scroll. He said once that it was a gift on behalf of King Arthurias, a sort of insurance policy, one that he had never intended to use, but one he wanted to have, just in case. Heh, a pity. Who knows how much the world would have been different had he acted upon this.” Astrid shrugged, “Well, his loss is our gain.”

“A contract written upon the scroll is binding, is absolute beyond any sort of Magic or human element that may come to pass. Only through mutual rescinding by all parties can the agreement written be undone, and so to its power.” Astrid looked at Alisa as she pulled off one of the gloves worn, revealing the blackened skin, the necrosis that once plagued her as a ghoul forever scarred upon her, the blackness ascending up her arm as she drew her sleeve upwards, closer and closer to the point of passing her elbow, her natural skin color now having been realized. “And as you can imagine,” with no announcement, she reached for a pen upon the table and stabbed it right into her arm. Not deep enough to draw concern to her survival, but enough to sufficiently drench the tip in the deep crimson. “It is not through simple ink that such a deal is transcribed in.”

Plucking the pen from her skin, she looked upon the ancient scroll, the conditions of the deal to be orchestrated between the two having materialized on its own. Within it were the terms of the deal; Alisa’s support of Astrid in her endeavors while Astrid rescinded her restrictions upon Hargeon and would refrain from the reckless use of her Eye whilst they remained allies. A quick read-over was sufficient enough for Astrid, who promptly signed the page, drips of blood that spilt upon the paper dissolving away as the faintest Magic flames consumed everything save for the signature now freshly written.

“And now you,” Astrid said coolly, turning what was left of the shadowbox around, the agreement in its entirety, along with the signature in blood, right before Alisa.


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"Fufu~... I'd warn you against biting off more than you can chew... But somehow I doubt you'd listen.", Alisa retorted, defiant, a smirk drawing on her lips

Another long, deep breath as the tension seeped from her body... Alisa broke out of the spell easily enough. But she knew it could have gone either way. Sure, she could have broken out of it eventually, and her magic resistance mitigated some of the damage. But it would have hurt, and more importantly, weakened her until she did. Had Astrid tried surprising her with that magic, she'd have retaliated and simply dealt with the consequences, whatever they might be. Instead, Astrid used it as a demonstration. And as Alisa brushed those loose black locks away from her eyes, she slowly started to understand why she came all the way down here:

"Mmmm, I know an ability like this may help you get your way... But it won't earn you a lot of friends. Not any that you'd trust, I'd imagine.", she nodded, following the white haired woman's train of thought, and nodding as she imagined the cutthroat environment of the Capital, "Indeed, find yourself with too many enemies and not enough allies, and you'll be eaten alive, just like he was."

Her eye, however powerful, wouldn't protect her from a blade in the back. Those who had fallen under her spell but either resisted or broken out of it would surely share its weaknesses with Astrid's enemies...

The Crystal Mage's eyes flared, however, at what she said next. It wasn't that she doubted this scenario, quite the opposite, she'd pondered on it countless times, and even wondering if it could actually amount to something beyond her own cynicism and conspiracy theories... The fact that Iblis had actually been sponsoring a freshly elected Senator in the King's court, however, paled with the shock she felt that Astrid would likely admit it:

"Iblis... I always saw your policies towards Oak as shortsighted, reckless even considering who truly holds power the city. For someone shrewd enough to reach the King's Court to not see that... Would have been the height of arrogance, unless they knew it and proceeded anyway. Quite frankly, I considered the possibility that he might have been lining your pockets in return for your assistance.", and she, one other hand returned that candor in kind. By all accounts, she should have been furious to hear this...

The fact that she took it in stride spoke volumes of how little expectations she had for the integrity of politicians. Instead, Alisa simply shrugged, and shook her head... They both knew there was no way she could prove this. And she couldn't pull strings in the magic council with only a simple suspicion behind her. For better or worse, what words they both said in this room couldn't easily be turned against either of them:

"Still, to think you'd admit this to me... Hard to imagine that as your first option.", and now here she was, all but offering herself as a part of a deal.

Alisa's support brought with it the guarantee of survival, but it also meant turning to to the enemy of her previous benefactor. Behind that confidence and poorly veiled threats, Alisa could catch a whiff of something else... Desperation. Astrid had been making enemies left and right and one by one found herself running out of allies. Her father may not have seen it coming, but she did. If Alisa turned her away here, she'd need to look for that guarantee elsewhere, and who knows what unsavoury conditions they'd ask of her. The will to fight back against grueling odds, the tenacity to not roll over and die, and the power to realize that will...

Astrid was an asset, and the way she spoke made it clear. She would be Alisa's asset, or someone else's. And a Wizard Saint's terms should be more palatable than those of less trustworthy sorts, and after just having an unpleasant experience with one... Alisa could imagine the Senator's reluctance in repeating the adventure:

"As I told you before, the South will thrive regardless of what you do.", Alisa frowned, dissatisfied with those terms. She doubted Astrid could do any real damage to Hargeon, with its stable, self sufficient economy. The threat she posed, however, was far more insidious than the direct menace Iblis and his phantoms represented, "If you want my help, I'll need more from you than that."

Indeed, the city had its weaknesses... Instability in the entire country, or Gods forbid, a Guild War. That was the nightmare scenario Alisa wanted to avoid, and one Astrid had contributed to during the past few months. By feeding Phantom Lord, she'd emboldened the Dark Guild:

"Regardless of your feelings towards Oak and its people... Make sure the money you funnelled there gets used to fight the corruption in the city. Contain it.", Alisa stated her terms, crossing her legs as her hands came to rest over her lap, her eyes narrowing as she wondered whether Astrid would still accept a binding agreement with terms, "Start undoing the damage you did, and you'll have my support."

Instead, this would delay the Phantom's inevitable growth, and weaken it's ability to fight. It required a significantly greater investment on Astrid's part, and risk further angering her original patron. She could do it though, if she wanted to... She'd already proved that much. Alisa's lips curled into a knowing smile, a reassuring wave of her hand:

"Don't worry, it won't even be seen as a swerve from your previous policies. If anything, others will see that you care about the success for your investment, and wish for it to reach those who actually need it."

The actions of a responsible politician... After all, any fool can throw money at a problem and pray it disappears. With real skill and political acumen, however... They can make sure those resources are used exactly as supposed to. Whether Astrid actually cared about Oak was inconsequential. Alisa, however, needed her peers to believe she did:

"Hmmm... You seem to have gotten your hands on quite an impressive collection of magical artifacts. Knowing your father, I can imagine he'd never felt a need to use it.", if Astrid accepted Alisa's addendum, however, the Wizard Saint had no qualms in signing it.

She took but a single moment watching as she opened her veins, brow arching as she noticed the necrosis ravaging her flesh. Ordinarily she might have offered the assistance of a healer... But she doubted whatever curse plagued could be solved that easily. Alisa looked at the scroll, carefully reading through the terms stated there. She'd seen scrolls like that before, similar to those Demons used. Her white eye recognized the magic behind it too. Neither of them could violate these terms. So once she was satisfied by what she read, Alisa leaned in, sharpened her index finger into a crystalline scalpel, barely wincing as she cut open the inside of her forearm, and clenched her fist, letting a trickle of red drip down onto the Scroll, with which she signed... Alisa Faye Vollan:

"Very well then, you can rest assured. So long as you're on the same side... You'll have my support.", she replied, looking up into the woman's eyes as she sealed her wound back up with a thin sheet of crystal, cleaning up the blood before it trickled down onto the wooden table.


Strength is also Beauty

"Mind over matter"
- Alisa Vollan

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"In my name..."

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"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

Her eyes were focused, like a predator stalking its prey.

The red irises within her eyes radiated with an intensity, never once did her gaze even in the slightest break from the woman before her; the buxom beauty focused upon the parchment, an artifact of power not likely having been seen in many a year, let alone in such a manner, open to both of their commands. For Astrid, its potency was second. A vessel to achieve what she had originally come here for.

The signature of the woman before her upon the page. Her alliance. Her loyalty.

There was power in that, more than the woman realized. Much like there were power in the signature that she too had put upon the parchment, on the surface like that of a mutually-destructive alliance, a political grenade that Astrid had inevitably constructed and was about to thrust upon the people of Fiore. And she knew it all too well too. Though there had been desperation in her decision making, it was still worth it all.

She could feel her heart skip a beat as Alisa made her demands. It amused Astrid, admittedly, that the Blue Pegasus Guild Master felt herself in a position to make demands of her. Sure, the circumstances had first appeared like that of Astrid conceding and begging for aid, but she was as much seeking aid as she offering her own protection.

Her blessing, of sorts.

Within her head, the scenarios had run through, how she may have turned the people of Hargeon, of her own guild, against Alisa. It honestly would not have taken much, perhaps a rally to sway the people, a false gathering to apologize to the Blue Pegasus members whom felt the effect of her Magic once already. To see them go from groveling pawns to bloodthirsty maniacs. Astrid could not help but wonder in that scenario what would have happened first; Alisa forced to respond to her guild mates with lethal force or her begging on her knees for Astrid to reverse what she had done.

It was almost a disappointment, one that she would not look to admit, but could not help but feel, as Alisa justified her stance. She expected Astrid to undo what she had done; a chance to make things right. But she was no fool. Astrid knew it was as much for her own benefit. To sign such an agreement, to be able to justify it with a shifting of fortunes to the people of Oak Town would allow her to adequately save face.

“You needn’t worry,” she casually remarked as she pulled from her regalia a silken handkerchief, pressing it nonchalantly to the open wound opened only moments before. She had gone a little deeper than first thought. A breath taken, the Magical energies that radiated within the immediate area that lingered from the artifacts she had used throughout their little meeting, dissolving away into nothingness, a subtle display of her Eldritch Dragon Slaying abilities. Nothing blatant, nothing too obvious, but enough to hasten the healing of a superficial wound. “Oak Town’s plight will be remedied.”

There wasn’t more to say than that. Astrid had given her word and she would deliver upon it. “Sometimes, you have to sacrifice a few pawns in order to secure a queen.” Astrid aside, much of the political power in Oak Town were that of Iblis’s influence. Where Astrid had been the link between them and the King’s Court, it was in her role that their power could be held and controlled. Upstarts ceased and put down before they could become a threat. Without her though, it was inevitable the lesser heads at the table would horde food for themselves, to the point where starvation would inevitably set in.

In their starvation, Alisa would get her wish and the damage done – and the threat and opposition to Astrid – would be taken care all at once.

She lifted her fingers from the silken cloth, what had been of the wound having faded, not a trace of any injury taken to Astrid save for the crimson elegantly scrawled atop the parchment in Alisa’s possession. Within her garments it went again, rejoining the pocket watch that housed the ancient scroll, “Yes, and look where that got my father,” she said with an almost viciously-sarcastic tone. There was little reason to doubt that Astrid were not among a new generation of politicians - the manipulative, cunning, savant that were as far from the honest politician that her father had prided himself as being. To flaunt such a reality, it was driving a dagger through the ribs of those who still held hope for the good of people.

The coldness persisted for just a moment, the cruel visage upon her face as quickly fading into nothingness as elation took center stage. Each moment perfectly captured, seared within her memory like precious artifacts of lived history.

Her eyes fixated upon Alisa’s hand, the Magic cast, the incision made, the crimson line that ran in stark contrast against flawless skin, and the signing itself.

“Perfect,” she whispered aloud, unable to hide her absolute delight.

She kept her focus cast upon the parchment, reaching forth and turning it around only after Alisa had leaned back in her sheet, just managing to catch a glimpse of the shiny coating of whatever substance it may have been, applied to the her skin. An interesting little trick.

She looked for a moment at the scroll, their arrangement, the deal orchestrated before the Primordial Powers seared in finality. It was a brilliant arrangement, one where in both benefited from. But despite the sense of brilliance that she took in rereading her deal, even more she found delight within the signatures themselves.

Astrid Venier

Alisa Faye Vollan

Time seemed to slow down to the point of nothingness, satisfaction present all upon her face. Finally, time resumed and Astrid leaned back within her seat, legs crossed as she exhibited the most calm nature that perhaps she had throughout their entire encounter. Not surprising. She had come to Hargeon for this explicit purpose and now she had it.

“Haha, ahaha” she could not help but break out in a fit of laughter. It was a weight lifted off her shoulders, the beginning of a truly magical time, at least as how her mind envisioned it being. “Forgive me, but you have done a wonderful service, not just to me, but to the world.” Extending forward, she reached and grabbed her glass, holding it up to Alisa, “And what better way to usher in a new era than with a glass of wine between friends, wouldn’t you agree?”

Even the wine tasted better.


Time moved along and so too did the wine.

She almost felt disheartened knowing that it was coming to an end. A pained look as she pulled the glass from away, seeing the last few drops of red wine coalescing at its base, hardly enough to warrant a sip. Putting the glass down, her eyes beaming with excitement as they glimpsed over the scroll, she looked upon Alisa with eyes as much driven by the wine and driven by her own appetite. Whatever discretion she may have once held had been abandoned by the wine as her eyes trailed Alisa’s figure, a smug smile upon her face all the while.

“So, my friend. It has been nothing short of a delight, hic..., but I recognize that I occupied much of your time, more perhaps even than I had envisioned. I certainly enjoyed myself and I don’t doubt that you enjoyed my company too?” Getting up from the chair that she had long made her comfortable within, Astrid could feel the blood rushing to her head, a rush of vertigo striking her as she stood there for a moment collecting herself, her eyes shifting from the stunned expression back to that of the woman before her. Each step taken was slow, deliberate, focused. Whether the alcohol or the vertigo, Astrid took little urgency in moving behind the other woman, still seated. Leaning down, her arms outstretched loosely wrapped around the Blue Pegasus Guild Master, a poor attempt at seduction, as much driven by hubris as it were by alcohol.

“What do you say, hic… There anything else you wish to do before I take my leave?” She leaned closer, her lips just a few inches from Alisa now, her fingers like that of a spider, scurrying up the arm of the chair onto her body, “Anything?”

It was bold. Foolish even. But for Astrid, there was the foolish sense of invulnerability included. The scroll was signed, there was no turning back. At worst, Alisa could say no. But who was to say that she did not feel the same?

It didn’t much matter to Astrid in the end; she had gotten this far taking risks. Why not take another?


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Even with Astrid's acceptance of her terms, this was a deal with the devil... Alisa knew that all too well, but at the same time... A desperate, cornered devil would have proved infinitely more dangerous than one who believed herself on top of the world. Astrid had been careful to tread lightly and not put herself in a position where Alisa had no choice but to actively oppose her. At least not without great deteriment to herself and her own. Alisa thought little if her threats, after all... There was a ruthlessness to Alisa that could simply lose sight of collateral damage until she'd killed a dangerous enemy; it wasn't a side of herself she liked or one that had seen the light of day in so long, few people even knew it existed anymore... The very reason why Alisa became powerful in the first place...

Unlike Astrid, she took no joy or excitement at the thought of such open conflict, but anybody who pushed her that far wouldn't either.

They'd die, with little more than a few moments to admire their handiwork. Others would probably die in the crossfire too, a saddening sacrifice, but one Alisa would make if her resolve was tested. Afterwards she'd simply deal with the consequences, whatever they may be. At the same time, there was a part of her that found that...


Alisa was no politician. She wouldn't be able to reverse the damage Astrid did without wallowing in the filth, during which time she'd need to neglect her Guild... The South... Her family. She had other priorities. A woman as talented and willful as Astrid appeared only rarely, and would be far more useful as an ally than a foe:

"How good a service that will be remains to be seen. I suppose you can call it an investment?", Alisa chimed back, accepting the freshly filled glass of her own wine, stirring it, watching the fragrant red ambrosia swirling around the glass before giving it a long, delighted sip, "Though I certainly hope you won't disappoint me, Senator."

Far from thinking she'd properly disarmed her, Alisa had nonetheless placed Astrid in a position where she wouldn't need to depend on Iblis or other bad actors. The true nature of her character would reveal itself now that she'd lost any negative influences forcing her hand. For now though... She was content with simply crossing her legs and enjoying this wine with her, and the triumph both achieved in their respective goals. For Astrid, the backing of someone she didn't need to sell her soul to, and for Alisa, the peaceful removal of a powerful enemy, and who knows, potentially even two.


The hours went by as the two enjoyed their drink... The conversation casual compared to the knifepoint negotiations that preceded it... And a rather delectable revelation how Astrid had a surprisingly low tolerance for alcohol. An interesting weakness to have in her line of work, but an amusing one nonetheless. Alisa may have shown the flushness in her cheeks, but she looked very much composed, after all... She came from a family of heavy drinkers:

"Likewise, can't imagine you'd be keen on staying away from the capital too long hm?", Alisa nodded and chimed back, those plush pink lips widening into a knewing smirk as she knew all too well how those dusty old fossils worked, and how absense seems to bring all the conspirators crawiling out of the woodwork, "Defenitely, was most interesting to hear a... First hand account... Of what in the world goes on up there."

Alise placed her glass down... She meant to stand up and walk Astrid back to her carriage. Especially when she seemed so... Wobbly on her feet. Alisa uncrossed her legs... Arching her brow... Letting her gather her bearings... But instead, the white haired beauty walked over to Alisa, bearing a tempting offer that had her lips curl, those hands wandering up her arm in a way that sent a tingle of sensation across her pale, smooth skin:

"Mmmm, maybe~... I can think of something...?"

Indeed, she admired this woman's grit and determination. What a shame they had to find themselves on opposite sides, but even if she reviled the poor choices Astrid had made thus far... Who's to say what the future held? She didn't really expect a change of heart or anything of the sort, she was more... Curious than anything else... Still, it was defeniteky bold of her to make a move on Alisa while utterly intoxicated. In vino veritas, as they say.

Alisa leaned in, that silky soft touch brushing the woman's hand... Tiptoeing up her arm... She leaned in, that subtle lavander scent close than ever as she held that hungry gaze, her plush pink lips glossy and inviting... Drawing ever closer to the the enticing ones in front of her... But instead of the kiss she might have hoped for, Alisa moved past them entirely to whisper in her hear, that silky soft black hair brushing Astrid's cheek:

"But... Not yet~...", she teased between her teeth, for they were busy driving her point home with a nibble of Astrid's earlobe...

Reminding her that no matter how much fun she'd been having at the capital, down here, she wouldn't simply going to get everything she wanted on a silver platter. No matter how attractive she was... And Alisa, on the other hand, was no stranger to using her sexuality as such:

"Perhaps a little too soon for that... And you, Astrid, too drunk~", she elaborated once she finally pulled herself back to her feet, holding her gaze, leaving that alluring short distance between the two of them as a captivating smile drew on her lips, "For now... Seems to me you need to walk it off before thinking of... Other adventures."

Granted, whether or not they got that far would just as well depend on her behavior from here on out... Just how well would Astrid stay true to the deal they'd just made? The conditions themselves were inviolable, but indeed they only stated loyalty to one another, and Astrid's restraint from the haphazard use of her eye. But she was now a free woman, for the first time in a while, if her own words were any indication. What exactly did Astrid plan to do with this newfound freedom?


Strength is also Beauty

"Mind over matter"
- Alisa Vollan

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"In my name..."

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"Bow before your queen"
- Astrid Venier

What a glory…

She stood there, time freezing in place seemingly as her eyes gazed witness before her, seeing the tall beauty arise from her seat just before her; steps taken, motions made that more appeared to her like that of the prophet seeing the prophecy realized with every passing moment.

And all for her.

Astrid’s heart raced, her eyes widened in as much mired excitement as disbelief. Enthralling disbelief, impossible to overstate the delight to come, but disbelief within it nonetheless. Everything had gone exactly as she had wanted and then some. Sure, it may have taken a bit more finesse than she would have liked to have Alisa see her vision, but one could not help but applaud the young Senator for her persistence. Never mind the threat that prefaced such agreement, there was no disputing the reality of its effectiveness, the value that existed for not just her or Alisa, but to everyone.

Whether she had come to accept that fact or not, there was no doubt that the deal she had brokered with Astrid would be of great benefit to Alisa Vollan. Inevitably so.

That perhaps stood why now was so precious… So exciting… It was in this that the two of them were as much honest to themselves, to their own respective desires driving them to this inevitable bonding of flesh. It almost made everything that preceded it, uninspired even.

For Astrid, she already had what she demanded. There were obligation in fulfilling the signatures upon the ancient scroll. This though? This were a reward, and a glorious one at that.

Her eyes fixated upon those of Alisa, the muscles within her face moving with the elegance and minimalistic nature as to best mirror the movements of the woman. Her eyes closed, her lips pursed, as she lifted upwards, one stiletto escaping from the secure ground as it propelled her body even just a mere inch or two higher to perfectly meet and exchange beautifications with her newest ally.

What delights that that first kiss would inevitably lead to, a sense of excitement rushed through her as her imagination ran wild, the tantalizing opportunities and ways of exploring just how deprived the two of them could venture within sending the faintest of shivers down upon her spine.

And yet…

And yet the kiss did not come.

The pair of lips that she first sought to taste never meeting with her own.

Astrid could not help but think it were to come, hope remaining stalwart.

Until she heard the words, as much cherry and beautiful while at the same time cruel and heartbreaking. Words that left her speechless, broken, hurt even. Her eyes erupted open as she heard the woman’s honeyed words masquerade within her ear, a ringing that seemingly played over and over again, a grim reminder of the reality of things, a humbling cruelty being played before her mind.

For however much she may have thought of herself superior to the woman before her, Alisa had turned the game on its head. The cards that Astrid thought were all within her hand had been thrown upon the table and now it was Alisa whom was the dealer to Astrid’s gambler’s fallacy.

And despite it, the thinking of disappointment muddled with a dash of shattered pride, her mind did not wander away from the depths of her imagination. Alisa may not have wanted to seal their bond in such a physical manner quite yet, but it did not deter at all Astrid’s own desire.

If anything, as she caught a glimpse of Alisa’s face as she pulled back, the coy look, one that as much weaved seduction maligned with that of the predator watching over her prey, it only seemed to harden Astrid in her resolve. Perhaps it were not for today. Perhaps the wine had been too much, or simply never in the cards for a carnal sendoff on this their first encounter.

But it had as much left Astrid convinced that at some point, perhaps sooner than later, perhaps down the road, the two of them would wholly get to enjoy one another in their full delicious capacity. The touch of each other’s skin upon them, the taste of them sending blissful eruptions of ecstasy through one another, passion made manifest and utterly enveloping them whole.

That was the future inevitable for the two of them. It was the one that Alisa would set forth in her rejection, one that made all the more sense as the mental gymnastics within her mind rewrote the story.

No, why celebrate with their bodies now? For such a menial occasion such as this? It was unbecoming.

Like that of a torch illuminating a darkened room, it suddenly had made such sense to Astrid, the look of confusion giving way to that of a more understanding one. Disappointment still apparent upon her face, of course. But within her mind, she played through the image again and again, her and Alisa, intertwined flesh embracing pure blissful delight.

Soon, she reasoned.

“Oh… Of course…” Astrid stammered, as much choking on just what to say as she were trying to know just what to say even. “I, uh, yes. Yes, I should, perhaps I should be going.” She chuckled very slightly, less than that of a cough, but one thrown out to give some illusion of reestablished decorum, “I should not further keep you from your duties, Ms. Vollan. You truly, have been a most gracious hostess.”

“As I’m sure you can understand though, I feel it would perhaps be best that now I take my leave. The road to Crocus is a long one, and haste will be required if I am to see reparations for the people of Oak Town to be addressed in as timely of a fashion as possible.” Whether out of awkwardness, defeated by her being met by rejection, Astrid gave a faux departure, one that seemed like her as much trying to still convey the same confidence and dominance that she once carried, albeit with that of a hurt ego.

Too, with each step there as much read the movements of someone determined to hide their drunken stupor, it being nothing if not impressive that the white-haired woman did as well of a job maintaining her posture and balance, in stiletto heels no less. As she opened the door and began to step out, fading out from view for but a moment before peering her head back to give a final look upon the woman. “Oh, Alisa, one last thing,” her words spoke with that confidence a moment ago lost, now seeming to return to her like that of water absorbed by the soil, “I’m very much looking forward to when we should next meet. I certainly hope, whether back under your hospitality or of mine, that we resume that last conversation in proper.”

“There’s so much that you and I have to… talk about… I’m sure you’d agree,” focused eyes peered a final glimpse upon the woman within her natural environment; a tigress in her lair that Astrid looked forward to taming, be her the lion or the hunter and how such romanticized moments go. Her fingers gently traversing down the side of the door, the same motions danced upon Alisa’s skin only a short time ago. “Until then, my dear…”

The messaging was clear, of sorts. If nothing else, the anticipation gave one another something to potentially look forward to if, or when, their paths would cross again.


By the time she had ventured outside to the parked carriage, the driver having patiently stood there waiting for her return, Astrid found herself in a far more sour mood than that of how she had left Alisa’s office. Her breathing was somewhat haggard, Alisa’s teasing having left a number on Astrid whilst the alcohol had turned what should have been a routine trip back into one of utter focus and concentration, all made more difficult by the pent up ambitions that resided within. Complicating too were the matter of the agreed upon safety that Astrid had promised Alisa; the thought of using her eye on an attractive enough Blue Pegasus member, if only to serve as a poor replacement to the touch and tongue of Alisa, though it certainly were present enough, Astrid knew of the risk that that posed.

To violate the agreement of the scroll simply to sate Astrid’s unsatisfied desires, if ever there were a foolish decision she could made, none came to mind.

Yet that temptation was resisted, and as she marched towards the carriage driver, all on Astrid’s mind was to simply be gone from this place. Alisa aside, there were no reason to remain, nor any reason to think that a second meeting would be occurring on this trip. Certainly within the future, but only after Astrid made good on her deal.

“Ready to go, my lady?” The driver posed the question, innocently enough, fully mindful of the demeanor of Astrid, as much looking for the reaffirmation than actually posing a question. He received no answer, but instead the dismissive waving of a hand as the white-haired beauty proceeded towards the door of the carriage’s private quarter, the driver somehow managing to react and swing open the door without either hitting Astrid or otherwise causing her to stop in her place. “My lady?”

Some concern etched upon his face, he peered in, fearful that the meeting had not gone accordingly, that Astrid’s demeanor was indicative of how the rest of the trip were to go, how the ramifications may trickle down upon him. Peering just a bit within the cabin, his eyes caught glimpse of the unexpected sight of Astrid hastily removing her belt, tossing it to the side where her heels had already been discarded. Trailing, his eyes suddenly met those of her, staring holes within him as a look of cruelty was etched upon her face. “Take us back to Crocus. Focus upon the road and Hell’s forbid that your immature mind get the better of that you look back and try to “see what’s going on”, I promise you that you will end your tour of duty by slitting your own throat from ear to ear. Do you understand me?”

The driver nodded in utter panic, knowing how truthful Astrid was in her threat. He had heard the stories, but seeing firsthand now, he said not a word as he rushed to his position, the carriage setting off back to the heart of Fiore. He said not a word, made not a sound, keeping his eyes fixated upon what was before him, not once being tempted to turn and spy on Astrid, despite the sounds that escaped from her private quarters.

No, there were more important things than trying to validate whatever naughty scenarios may have been going through his head. His life for one. And after their encounter only a moment ago, fair to say that there would be flexibility granted to him.

The only thing at all he should have been concerned towards was seeing the Senator back safely.



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There wasn't any real, deeper meaning to it. While Astrid wracked her brain over why Alisa might have felt the urge to peel away. She was a whimsical woman, through and through. And now, however enticing the sight before her... The timing felt woefully inappropriate... And even though her pulse quickened at the thought, she knew better than to give in to her urges at the first basal impulse.

While she admired Astrid's willpower, that unyielding drive to get what she wanted... Though she had no doubt that had they been on the same side, they might have become lovers. A night with her wasn't something she could expect to have handed to her on a silver platter... No, the debauchery she craved... She'd have to earn it~... And by the time Alisa peeled away, she that wandering hand resting on her arm, that heat radiating off her cheeks, that sultry whisper in her ear... All of it drove home the point that it would be everything she imagined, and then more:

"Likewise, the honor was mine to be graced with your presence, Senator Vernier.", she all but chuckled at how the proud, confident senator had been let utterly at a loss for words with such a simple denial, but like her, Alisa recovered that same graceful poise with which she'd welcomed her so far. The tall sculptress simply uncrossed her legs and stood back upright, brushing those loose raven locks behind her ear, shaking her head as she rose her hand in front of her, "And it's no trouble at all. Quite the opposite, I feel as though I've already taken far too much of your time."

Of course, Alisa saw through that awkwardness, but wasn't nearly so boorish as to point it out, and simply nodded as she accepted those words at face value without question, a captivating, understanding smile drawing on her face. She didn't need to be told to understand exactly what the white haired beauty was thinking. That said, they both had gained something valuable from this exchange, even without that sweet cherry on top. The sculptress nodded as she mentioned the long journey back home, and the longer one still to undo some of the damage that had been dealt to Oak:

"I'm glad to hear it. You should at least find it a bit easier to move around now... Without having to look over your shoulder. I'll look forward to see what you'll do with that newfound freedom.", she replied, curious as what would Astrid do with it. The woman had so far thrived on dubious connections to climb up the political ladder, and now she'd no longer need any of them. Her real nature would only reveal itself now that she could act freely, and Alisa made it clear she'd be paying attention.

Idly running her hand down the side of her hourglass frame as she smoothed out the kinks and creases in the fabric of her sweater, before resting it gently an Astrid's shoulder as she escorted her to the door of her office at the very least. She'd have accompanied her to the entrance at the very least but... It would be unbecoming of Astrid to be seen as though the Guildmaster was walking her out. In the end, it brought her no small measure of satisfaction to find her having recovered that same confidence once more, and Alisa

"Fufu... Something to revisit next time, I'm sure~... Another time where we can better... Talk at length~?", she replied, those plush pink lips curling that bit wider, cocking her wide, womanly hip to the side as her hand came to rest there, adjusting the helm of her jeans, giving her one final wave before the Senator disappeared from view.

Musing to herself, for just how much longer would that near kiss lingering in the woman's thoughts. Even though there wasn't any real meaning behind that devilish deed, if one looked long and hard for a statement behind it... Alisa didn't really need any supernatural abilities to get under people's skin:

"Still~... Such a waste.", If Alisa had gotten to this woman first before these other unsavoury patrons... Their relationship would have certainly started a lot less... Tense than this.

Stepping out of her room with a sway to her hips, her hands came to rest on the railing overlooking the entrance, catching one last glimpse of their guest as she walked out of the Guild Hall. Alisa didn't think she'd breach the very contract she crafted so early in the game, but she could understand if her head had been left preoccupied with... Lurid thoughts. Alas... She wasn't the only one... As Alisa turned around, her brow arched as she caught sight of one of her guildmates lingering awfully close to her office:

"Fufufu~... Why I sure hope you haven't been listening in at the door?", she teased, catching sight of the bewitching blonde... Awaiting her turn to see her, patiently sitting by door, and finally gasping, standing at attention when Alisa teased her
"N-No, far be it from me, Master.", she interjected, all but jolting in a way that made her cheeks flush with colour

She was telling the truth, Alisa could tell that much... But after seeing Alisa step out of that room with a woman that beautiful. The girl could hardly let keep her imagination from getting carried away now, could she? The sculptress could see it in the way she leered at her almost shamefully, not knowing where to look as her eyes washed over the tall woman's curvaceous visage...

"My~... How many times do I have to tell you?", sashaying over to the girl as she bit her lip, the sculptress wasn't usually the type to so readily give people what they wanted without making them work for it... Buuut... In this case, she supposed she could make an exception, and... Indulge her own cravings a bit~ As her hand glided up the girl's exposed arm, brushing the strap of her top in a way that brought goosebumps to her skin, feeling her soon to be lover growing short of breath as the taller woman leaned in, her breath warm against as her cheeks as she finally brushed that supple, succulent pout with her own for a slow, sizzling kiss, feeling her shudder head to toe as she gave her plush bottom lip a luscious little nibble, "Call me Alisa~"

She couldn't do anything about Astrid but... She could at least give this girl a little taste. Of one of the two women she'd been fantasizing about~



Strength is also Beauty

"Mind over matter"
- Alisa Vollan

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