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The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private] Empty Sat Dec 02, 2023 4:27 pm

Knuckles Shi

As soon as word spread about the way Lumikki and I had successfully resolved a previous dispute, a new assignment landed on our doorstep. A summons from none other than the villages nestled in the Worth Woodsea. The two typically belligerent settlements were now tiptoeing around the possibility of a trade deal, and they wanted a neutral party to mediate a role which Lumikki and Knuckles were ready to take up.
Traveling alongside Lumikki, the demoness with a knack for diplomacy,  they arrived at the first village. The duo were welcomed by the village leader, a stern but fair man, eager to outline his people's needs and expectations from this proposed trade agreement.

No sooner had they set their course for the second village, the Demonic pair were met with an intriguing proposal. One of the council members sought them out, dangling the prospect of a hefty bonus if we could tilt the trade deal in their favor. It was a tempting offer, Knuckles looked over to Lumikki is hopes that she too was of the same mind.
They were a Daemon man and a Demon woman after all, chaos was their nature, however, Knuckles also sensed a chance for them to use their charm and power to make a deal that benefitted them more than either village in the short term.  WIth a flirtaous grin he looked at the woman than turned his head back towards the elder council member.

"We will discuss it tonight, and get back to you before we set out, we still had two days before the meeting of the elders."
Knuckles was garbed in attire reminiscent of traditional Norse fashion. His robust form was adorned with a tunic of coarse wool, dyed in a deep shade of earthy brown, cinched at the waist with a broad leather belt embossed with intricate geometric designs. A pair of rugged, woolen trousers, tucked into high, fur-lined boots completed the ensemble. His broad shoulders were draped with a thick fur cloak, a symbol of status and virility in Norse culture. His fiery red locks, usually wild and unrestrained, were skillfully braided into a series of intricate plaits, each one interwoven with tiny beads of bone and metal. The braids gave off a stark contrast against his dark skin, an unmistakable signature of his individuality. His striking aesthetic was a deliberate blend of his demonic heritage and Norse tradition, a bold statement of his uniqueness and authority. On his finger he wore the golden Draupnir ring, said to have been worn by the Allfather himself, on his hips both versions of Thor's chosen weapon the Mijolnir and Shatter Mijolnir, this weapon was said to have all the powers of Thor's hammer but with a twist.

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Lumikki was hardly surprised when she caught word that the villages of Worth Woodsea wanted her presence to mediate a dispute. It has been a responsibility that she had taken for a while now as most of the guild cared not to do it. However, as of late, she tasked Tenevi her harpy to handle the matters. Between her and the flock of ravens tasked to help her, they were able to deliver word and handle simple matters in the Revna's stead. Passing along any reports needed when the quest seemed too difficult to handle alone. And that was how she liked it, too tired to be bothered with petty disputes over pitiful matters. It was only protecting the territories sworn under her that she cared for. And she would often see to those in person.

Yet today seemed to be an interesting twist from the norm. And it would be through Knucles that she'd be informed. Another cry for mediation isn't anything of note, but the request of her and the Daemon to do it proved fascinating.

And so the Demoness had gotten dressed to meet her guildmate. Wearing a long black slit dress and her locks in braids twisted into buns. Raven feathers were tucked into her hair and darkness would paint her eyes and lips. She would present in human form, skin brown like caramel and hair a shade of periwinkle. Her eyes were the shade of the sky and golden sun. Her pointed ears were adorned with earrings, only looking like the coiling of wings. Her hands and feet looked as though it was stained with black, while the shadows of her thighs would shift around like a living shadow.

Lumikki accompanied her friend to the village, the pair riding her massive serpent named Asger to the destination. The meeting was as she expected, the bribery was a given. These villages weren't her own. They didn't swear submission to her or pass offerings to her ravens. So she cared not of the mischief to be had when things inevitably fell apart.

" I've worked on quests like these for a long time and it often feels like people think they could get too familiar with me. I've probably been too kind, so I don't mind if we cast a trick or two when we settle this." She looked up to Knuckles with a playful grin. It would have seemed sweet if he had not known of her. Lonu, one of her ravens would glide down and perch on her shoulder. Gunvald, a more brazen raven of hers, who took a liking to Knuckles, would do the same but on his shoulder instead.

" What is it exactly that these idiots wish to achieve?" Lumi would ask as she stroked her raven's head.

" It would seem the bribery was a ploy set up by the other village of Begonia to prove this one could not be trusted. They were hoping to catch Clematis in the act and use it for leverage to take control of the trade road between them." Lonu would report back with the information he's gathered from her flock's observations. Trygve, another raven of hers would be doing the same in Begonia to make the task easier.

" So if you ask me, we should make those no-good idiots suffer for it. They cried for you to come and tried to use you in their favor anyway. They probably thought that a Demon would be always eager for more jewels." Gunvald would chime in, his annoyance clear in his voice. The ravens of hers would speak in words only she could make sense of, but she would pass on the news to Knuckles as well.

" Annoying indeed, but it only means they'll have to pay more for it. We should take their offer, but let's have more fun with it. I'm sure we could haggle more pay if we offer them back their lives. What do ye think of it, Gunnar? what shall we do to the idiots wasting our time?"

The village of Begonia was not very far from the first. The two would walk along and inspect the coveted route as they did. It was only recently made after the neighboring villages cleared the trees to make use of it. With the wood so thick, and the constant fighting. The task took a long time. Now that the matter was over, there was a new need to establish a deal so they could use it civically. The dispute came from the desire to prioritize their villages' needs and the fees they wished to collect from those using the path. All problems that she cared very little for.

And so the two would sit on a fallen log while they settled the punishment they would issue. Meanwhile, Lumikki pulled out snacks from her void and passed them to Knuckles. Sugar cookies and tiny cakes were what she offered if he were to take it. Her birds already flew to the next town to collect more information in their stead. Sparing them more point conversation for the moment.

" I know why I would take such a task. It had been a recurring mission I took on. But ye being new to the North and all, I am curious why ya choose to join me for such a tedious task. I have eyes everywhere, it's not a surprise I could find out a lot if I so wanted. But learning about another is the most entertaining when ye hear it from themselves. Tell me Gunnar, who are ye? And for what ya give, I will match in return."


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#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles found himself adrift in a sea of trepidation and doubt. His mind, a stormy whirlpool of thoughts and emotions, struggled to make sense of Lumikki's revelation. Trust had always been a prized commodity in Knuckles' world, and this newfound knowledge felt like a fissure in his carefully guarded defenses. His joviality had evaporated, replaced by a grim mask of contemplation. Beneath his hardened exterior, he was awash with uncertainty, his jovial spirit dimmed by the potential repercussions of this setup. His mental landscape was akin to a dark, chaotic canvas, splattered with shades of betrayal and intrigue.
"Well, then if that is how they wish to play it so be it, if I may Lady Lumikki I say we just assume control over these villages. It would make a good first claim to these lands for you. Until the villages and make a temple in your name.  "  

A grin only a demon or daemon could have would curl upon his lips. "Of course this means that the villages must know the power you possess. If I were to be so bold, I would suggest we wipe out half the population of each village.  This way they know your word is law, and they also know what happens when you play with a Demoness and her Daemon  companion.
Knuckles then took the time to pop a cookie into his mouth,  as the cookie met his tongue, a warming rush of sweetness enveloped Knuckles' senses. The harmonious blend of vanilla and butter instantly awakened his palate, a culinary symphony that danced delightfully on his taste buds. The impeccably baked sugar crystals crunched lightly under pressure, releasing an intoxicating burst of sugary goodness. The soft, tender interior of the cookie, infused with a hint of almond, was a testament to the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Each bite was a comforting embrace, a momentary distraction from the turbulent thoughts swirling in his mind.
Knuckles, with his eyes still twinkling from the sweet bliss of the cookie, turned his gaze towards Lady Lumikki. His expression softened the harsh planes of his face softened by the warm glow emanating from within. His stark demeanor, usually reserved for combat and strategy, transformed into one of charm and gentle allure. "Lady Lumikki," he began, his voice like melted chocolate, smooth and alluring. "We've spoken much about power and control. Yet, in all our plotting and planning, there remains an unexplored dynamic between us." His gaze held hers, a silent invitation lingering in his eyes, daring her to consider the possibility. The familiar grin curled on his lips again, this time, not of a demon or daemon, but of a man attempting to charm a lady, a testament to his capability to slip effortlessly between roles when needed.

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Lumikki would take a cookie herself and bite into just half, breaking off a piece as she left her words time to settle in Knuckle’s mind. She was used to the petty squabbles of the villages and the word tired her. Usually she wouldn’t entertain it anymore but his company would make it feel less tedious and tiresome.

And bored she still was as the prospect of playing this little game presented before them. Yet Knuckles would take her news and turn it around on her, reminding her of some work she’s yet to do for sometime.

Further grow her following

She didn’t hate the suggestion, and that was somewhat the problem. Before as she worked as a Daemon to win others over into her jurisdiction, it was through mindful and meaningful acts easily worth the veneration. Now he was suggesting to her that the best way would be to decimate half the populations of both and she could hardly hold herself back from the desire. As she gave it though, a malicious smile would creep on her face and she had to hold back well to now crush the remainder of the cookies in hand.

Lumikki knew for quite sometime that the presence of another dark race had the ill tendency of swaying her to her worst tendencies. As if she hardly had a tolerance or will against it. It was easy to present kind and gentle enough when none of her kind were around to tempt her easily to the darkness. But once she gets a taste, she can’t pull back, or perhaps it was more than she would not want to. And so she entertained his idea figuring it was about time to end the petty none sense indeed.

” It has been ages since I won folk over to me favor….yer suggestion is one hard to ignore indeed.” she tried. To feign a calm now that she felt the brunt of her desires, but whether her emotions were properly contained, she did not know. ” It is not me preference to cull the helpless, meaning the woman and children and those who do not hold well. But the weak I see to be fair game. The ones that pretend the little power they hold makes them of value? They are the ones fun to crush and the one’s I prefer to savor.” She licked her lips before biting into the rest of her cookie. Lost in her thoughts of destruction and subjugation. Things she was sure she could hold off on, but now it was becoming clear that it’ll be a battle she’ll face often. Especially in this Daemon’s company. But did she really mind that? Would she cast his company to maintain a decency? No….she would much rather see where this leads than ever cut it so short. ” Why do me this kindness though Gunnar? Why care for me influence that is?

She sighed at her own weakness, but it gets so tiresome denying desires built into one by their nature…

His words would wake her from her thoughts, she never actually considered different dynamics before. But it was not odd a Daemon of all kinds would want something from her…in her youth she was really far too naive.

” Dynamic Gunnar? She tilted her head as he eyes trailed back to meet him. Yet his demeanor was not as it was before, the brash eagerness was washed down into a more gentle and calming one. Making her wonder if he truly did find so much comfort in her that he could soften to this degree. Another sigh would leave her lips but not of frustration but soft defeat. She only wanted the best for those that stood beside her and so she entertained his mention of a new dynamic. ” Now me curiosity gets to me, what was it ya wanted to explore? Though I suppose a Demon as company alone tends to lead to much curiosity. It still something I have to get used to, aye.”


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#5Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles was a bit taken aback by Lumikki's confusion. He had always been an ambitious Daemon, and he knew the importance of having powerful allies. Lumikki, being a demoness, was a formidable force and gaining her favor would likely prove beneficial. However, Lumikki seemed perplexed as to why he would offer his assistance to help her gain influence. "Is it so strange, Lumikki?" he asked, his tone sincere. "We are alike in many ways, both born of chaos and power. I see potential in you, and I believe together we could achieve great things. It's not just about ambition, it's about mutual respect and understanding. I offer my help not out of some misguided sense of duty, but because I genuinely believe in what you could become." It was a simple truth, yet he couldn't help but feel a bit disoriented by her bafflement.

Furthermore, it seemed he had been too coy and not direct enough. Did she wish to test him? This had to be a test or did she not understand what it was he had meant truly? He would have to show her. Knuckles would walk upon her until he was inches from her. He would attempt to take her hand into his own as he looked into her eyes with his own pink ones. "To put in Bluntly Lady Lumikki I was asking if you would allow me to dive into your essence and drink from you until I have my feel. Simply put  My Lady, I wish to have my way with you. " He would smile as he connected eyes with her.

Knuckles felt a shiver of fear run down his spine as he confessed his desires to Lumikki. It wasn't the fear of rejection that made his heart pound in his chest, it was the fear of vulnerability. He was exposing a part of himself that he so often kept hidden. He was baring his soul, laying bare his desires and ambitions. His pink eyes, a mirror to his inner turmoil, held an intense gaze with Lumikki's, trying to gauge her reaction. He wondered, if would she see his confession as a sign of strength or weakness. His fear wasn't about how she would respond, but rather, how she would perceive him after this confession. His smile was forced, a feeble attempt to mask the dread coursing through his veins. It was a stark contrast to the confident, ambitious daemon he had always portrayed himself to be.

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Lumikki took the time to take in his words. His earnest explanation moved her. It was not that she distrusted the man, especially as a former Daemon herself. It was just a curious thing to her to be aided in such a plight. She would have responded but she took too long in formulating her words. And as she listened further the Demoness would bite into her cookies one after the other. He poured more sincerity and surprising honesty in the next plea. Lumikki’s mind was so anchored on the desire for power that she never once considered he’d desire her as well.

And so Lumikki would drop the few remainders of her snack into the void as a mischievous smile would spread along her lips. The pair was alone within the wood, a stray path not often taken but it was a short means to their next destination. Tall, nearly overbearing trees would surround them. Their thick foliage was already shielding them from so much of the sun light pouring from above. Yet in the conclusion of the man’s confession, the darkness would thicken.

Whether it appeared menacingly or threatening. The Demoness was simply playful on all her body language. His presence and suggestions were already guiding her to the darker habits she possessed but his proposition was an entertaining twist she did not expect and one she didn’t bother holding restraint for. The two were submerged in her element. Anyone outside of them could no longer enter. It was a stasis now for her to play within peacefully as she contemplated her actions.

“ Have yer way, Knuckles? And what is it ya have in mind?” Lumi already rose from her seat at this point to approach him. Her glowing eyes holding his pink ones in place. She drank what felt like fear and apprehension from him. He now sat before her in a way she never thought she’d get to witness. And what more, a Daemon showing such vulnerability to another Demon. It made her hunger claim her to think of such implications.

Her hand was on his cheek now as she leaned into him.” Do ye not fear me….? Does yer patron not stir every time ya entertain me? Or would ye rather be under me wings and darkness? Should I pour all of it into ya?~” With ever word spoken softy as it escaped her lips, a smirk would grow. She tried to hold back the cold of her hands, knowing it was still too frigid than most would like. But the frost was as much her as it was her magic now.

But with his vulnerability, she’d have to break a chink on her own armor. She wanted to match his display and show her mutual respect. Pulling back her Demonic tendencies for chaos, she took a moment to close her eyes and take a deep breath. She pulled away from his cheek, letting the excess dark and shadows to warp toward her and melt into her skin. When it peeled away, her skin was like the night and her hair was white as snow. Her human farce was no longer needed in that moment. Though she kept her hands and feet from becoming talons, her white wings among her hair was tucked away. Her blue simmering tattoos were now exposed as her dress was shifting in form as well. She would often take to wearing shadows as it was the most comfortable to her now. Her body ever shifting meant she needed things that could do the same. And so her long dress would fall away to a shorter one so that she may move freely once more.

Lumikki leaned back over toward him. Her face void of all her mischief, instead it was quite soft with a hint of shyness. She held her finger to his chest as she channeled her own darkness at the tip of her nail and ran it through him. Ever curious of the effects as she began to feed him her power.

When she was pleased observing how he’d take her magic, she grabbed for his hand, placing it on her cheek for a moment while she looked into his eyes. Slowly sliding it down to her throat as she beckoned him to take his fill. Her eyes, though full of curiosity, would pierce through him still. Observing his every move in the moment.


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#7Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles watched in silent awe as Lumikki unveiled her true form. His eyes widened slightly, captivated by the transition from human to shadow a veritable dance of dark and light. The transformation of her dress, the appearance of her white wings, and the shimmer of blue tattoos on her skin were nothing short of mesmerizing. As she leaned towards him, her finger laced with her own darkness touched his chest and he felt an unfamiliar but not unpleasant surge of power coursing through him.

When she guided his hand to her cheek, then her throat, he felt an unexpected tenderness. Her eyes, curiously bright yet piercing, held his gaze, inviting him to partake in her power. Knuckles' own eyes mirrored her curiosity, mixed with a hint of cautious excitement. He was entranced with the entire spectacle, yet his fingers on her skin were steady, filled with an unspoken understanding of the trust she was bestowing upon him. This was a moment of transformation not just for her, but for him as well.

"Fear? Of course, I fear you. How could I not?
Knuckles spoke with a deliberate, measured pace, his words resonating with an undercurrent of respect and a tinge of awe. His voice was deep and steady, each syllable articulated clearly, yet there was an unmistakable softness to his tone, a testament to the intensity of the moment. His natural cadence was unhurried, carrying the weight of his newfound understanding and appreciation for Lumikki's power. His pauses intermittently punctuated the silence, creating a rhythm that underscored the gravity of his words, while his tone fluctuated subtly, reflecting the mixture of fear, respect, and fascination he harbored for Lumikki.

As her power flowed into him, his eyes glowed red and the voice within his mind screeched. "HOW DARE YOU BOY, WE HAD A DEAL! I CAN FETCH WORLDS OF POWER FOR YOU, THIS VILE WITCH HAS ONLY JUST BEEN BORN AND I HAVE EXISTED A MILLENIUM "

The merging of two demonic energies within his body was both a whirlwind and a paradox of sensations. It was as though the very fabric of his being was being torn and re-stitched again, the power of both Lumikki and the voice in his mind engaging in a fierce tug of war. His senses were heightened, every nerve in his body humming with terrifying yet exhilarating energy. He could feel the distinct flavor of each entity. Lumikki's power was wild and free, like an untamed storm, while the voice in his mind was ancient and commanding, a relentless force that demanded submission. As these energies swirled within him, a symbiosis was formed, they coexisted yet clashed, a symbiotic antagonism that was as intense as it was enigmatic. His body became a crucible for this unique coalescence, a spectacle of transformation that was as terrifying as it was awe-inspiring. It would not last however, he would have to pick whom he would serve. To whom he would be bound to.

Feeling her hand on his body awoken him, he found his hand around her throat and he started to apply pressure, though he had to be careful. He had strength that could hold even her Uncle Brone in place.   He had been permitted to take his fill, and so he did as his lips pressed against her neck. He took in her scent, his lips playing along her neck, his teeth nibbling at the skin and his tongue brushing her skin with each kiss, each bite.  

"To the hells with Beelzebub, to hell with his gifts.  I have witnessed your power, I have seen you before me.  I have not witnessed the power of my patron outside of his manipulation of my growth. "

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Lumikki whimpered in his grasp and grip, letting his advances weaken her even further. As fun, as it was often portraying a raging storm, there was an appeal to feeling akin to helpless once more. A feeling she was not entirely sure she wanted to forget, as doing so would, from what she figured, open her to bigger weaknesses in the future. And from his fight with her Uncle, she knew the man was far from weak himself. She saw it in him the moment he plunged into Brone's spears on his own accord. To hand her throat away, she told Knuckles that she trusted him with her life. To return his moment of weakness with one of her own, and by doing so, hopefully, would strengthen the bond they were growing. A simple ebb and flow to entertain as she found another one to teether her into this world. She was a newborn Demon, yes, but between her erosive nature and the fleeting moments of man, even she could feel her grasp waning at times.

As Knuckles would hold her in place, pressing his lips to her neck, she would split into two sensations herself. One of the physical, from feeling the warmth of his breath and skin against her own. And one energetically. Her magic never flowed in another before, and even so, she would never imagine the feeling of it. It was like her darkness surged to spread along every corner of his capacity to bear it. She could feel every boundary and every point of potential and synergy. But what more, was that she could feel something beyond ancient from within as it coiled around her influence. Trying to tear apart her magic like shreds of cloth, should she allow it. Yet for how strong this being was, and he was, his influence came from far to a distance away. The seed he planted was immovable, but it lacked a proper defense for her and it made her all the more insatiable.

With Knuckles's new pledge, something in the Demoness would click at that moment. Something that came almost naturally to her, despite her lack of experience in all that it entailed. She'd tilt her head back, exposing her neck to him even further, a gift for his declaration. And as she did her lips curled back into a fearsome smile with fangs exposed entirely at the mention of his prior patron's name. Beelzebub would be the one doing the honors? She would think to herself. Readying herself to begin her feast.

Her magic would plunge further into the Daemon as his choice was accepted, the Demoness would indeed agree to take the place of his patron. And though the power of Beelzebub was quite strong, it lost to her proximity and budding potential. Her darkness would begin to cannibalize his and retract it into herself. She used the power he had embedded into Knuckles against him as she now made it her own. And she savored every bit of it in pure ecstasy as she melded it into her magic. She hadn't felt this since she did the same to her father, and now with her second taste, she longed to devour more Demons on her quest to be more powerful.

" This will not be forgotten... She could hear an echo in her mind, it was almost nostalgic hearing the words of a Demon within her thoughts once more. " Ye know better than I that ye'd gleefully do the same...but I thank thee for the meal...One day I shall stand as high as ye do Bodach, may ye be more welcoming by then..." She would return her thoughts to him as his last big of influence snuff out. A giggle left her lips with a gasp as the surge was complete. And with every ounce of power she filled into him before, she charged it further with her newfound boon. The merging of the Demons only strengthened the Daemon further, and with the magic so fresh from the source, the mana was pure and unruly like the pairs combining storms.

A lavender magical circle not quite like the mage's usual casts, would etch itself beneath them. This was personal to Lumi and her alone, but now she shared it with her Daemon in the formation of their pact. Lumi would pull a hand to her mouth, biting deep into her flesh so that her blood would pour. Blue would pour out of her wound and drip down her neck and chest, her wings would manifest and wrap around them both. Runes more linked to the Demoness and her power would etch on Knuckles' skin. It ends with Isa being added to his chest. When the channeling was near complete, Lumikki would finally utter her words, she loosened the bite she had on her hand and its wounds would heal almost instantly. With fingers now tangled in his hair she would begin.

" I take ye as me own Knuckles Shi. The pact has been made and me magic has been properly sealed within ya. Ye can call upon me for strength as I in turn swear ta make ye stronger, as that is yer deepest desire.....but in turn, I now hold claim to all that ye are." She pulled him back to get a clear view of his eyes. " As I am of this realm, it would not be so simple for ye to sever me connection, not without me blessings first. But worry not, I always take good care of me own. Ye and I are now connected, and so even if ya become a Demon of yer one, the line between us would still last for as long as I deem it so." A smug smile was on her face, but the connection between the two would tell him of her sincerity. It was now clearer more than ever that they both didn't mean the other any harm. Only push the other forward for the sake of them, and themselves.

Lumikki would begin to lap up the excess blood still clinging to her palm as she waited to see what the Daemon would do now in the spurr of all his fancies.


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#9Knuckles Shi 

The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private] Empty Tue Dec 12, 2023 1:58 am

Knuckles Shi

As Lumikki continued her ritual, Knuckles Obscura felt a peculiar sensation, like a force was being pushed out of him. It was a jarring experience, almost like having one's soul exorcised. His old patron, a once dominant and burdensome presence, was forced to recede. A sense of freedom encompassed him, a lightness he had never known before, he was momentarily his own master.
Yet, this emancipation was fleeting. Soon, he was swearing himself to the demoness. Although this might have seemed like a mere exchange of shackles, it felt different. Lumikki's power didn't command and control it merged and intertwined with his own. It was a gift, a transfer of power, and Knuckles accepted it with eagerness.

As the demoness's power seeped into him, the bond between them grew. It was not a bond of servitude, but a bond of shared power and mutual respect. Knuckles could feel the connection strengthening with each passing moment, his Daemon powers intensifying under the influence of Lumikki.

It wasn't merely a bond between a Daemon and a Demoness, but a connection of shared desire, shared passion. As their powers entwined, Knuckles could feel a surge of strength, the sensation of truly owning his powers. He felt an excitement, a thrill of what was to come, under this newfound pact with Lumikki.
The fleeting voice of his old Patron, Beelzebub echoed in his head.   "I have other Knuckles Shi, one does not renege on a deal with me and live to tell the tale. You forget I know everything, I shall hunt you till the ends of the earth and kill this Demon you have bonded to.
Knuckles took a break from sucking and kissing upon Lumikki's neck, blood was pouring down  her neck.  Licking it up he hungrily devoured it, feeling it empower him as he took her life blood into his body.   She gave him more access to not only her neck but her power he could feel the bond taking a physical form on his body, if there was any pain he did not seem to mind it.   Her whimpers only drove him to consume her in full, she held one hand that was on her throat, but the other wrapped around her and pulled her into his embrace.    

Sneering, Knuckles disentangled from Lumikki, his eyes burning with newfound power and defiance. His voice, once meek under the tyrannical rule of Beelzebub, rang out with a resonant taunt. "You're losing your grip, old man," he scoffed, a wicked smile playing on his lips. Knuckles reveled in the pungent sensation of his bond with Beelzebub dissolving, dissipating like smoke in the wind. His laughter echoed in the void, a chilling testament to his liberation and a blatant dismissal of the old demon's threats. "Savor the taste of your own fear, Beelzebub," he jested, his demeanor as cold as the void around him. " The hunt is on, but it's you who's the prey now." His derisive laughter echoed again, a triumphant sound in the chilling silence.
As the Demoness' words sank into his consciousness, a ripple of emotion washed over Knuckles. His heightened senses, teeming with raw power, seemed to absorb every syllable, every intonation with a newfound clarity. A blend of shock, elation, and grim determination painted his features. His crimson eyes, aflame with the energy coursing through him, fixed on the face of the Demoness, reflecting a tumultuous storm of feeling.    

Knuckles stood tall, his eyes never leaving Lumikki's as he spoke, his voice filled with an ominous determination. "Lumikki," he began, his voice reverberating through the void. "I offer you my strength, my defiance, my unwavering spirit. I pledge my loyalty to you, and in return, I ask for your power to help me vanquish Beelzebub." His tone remained steady, even as the gravity of his words settled around them. A tangible anticipation hung in the air as Knuckles extended his hand towards Lumikki, his eyes glowing with a fierceness that underscored his resolve. "Together, we will dethrone the old demon. The age of Beelzebub is over. This is our time now. "

As she took them into her own veil, private to them alone, Knuckles pulled his head from his neck as he looked into her eyes, he then sealed their pact with a kiss.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private] Empty Tue Dec 12, 2023 6:42 am


The Daemon before her was born anew much how she was a time ago. The introduction of her power seemed to suit him fine, and it settled within him as if he was fated to bond with her all along. Perhaps they were always fated to meet, or maybe it was all lovely coincidences the befell them. Too many details in their favor, to many things they had alike, an alignment that was eerily perfect. What would create them both in this likeness and send them forth but the cosmos themselves demanding a shift from so much stagnation that prevailed now.

He rose before her, settled in his new power. The runes of her bonding were now fading away into his skin for him to summon with his magic in time. As Lumikki looked up to him, he seemed resolute. In his choice to pact with her, there were many things he also decided. And at last, such things he decided for himself. She could feel the confidence in him, the mix of emotions. Feeling this kind of connection was new to her….was this always what a Demon felt in their end. Could they feel the fear and uncertainty? The joys and ecstasy? Did they feed off such things as they pushed their will on those unfortunate to pact with them? She would sink further from all such thoughts and the intensity of his emotions, but the one she felt stronger than all, was his sincerity and loyalty.

And so as he would speak the completion of his pledge and his desires, the Demoness would smile. Sweetly as first but it grew more and more mischievous as he went on. Her desire to see his request through filled her with a hunger she truly wanted sated. Before she would speak her answer, he would reach out his hand. Lumikki titled her head as she received it, looking at his palm and then back to him, another sweet smile planted on her lips.

” Yer desire is me desires, yer hunger is me hunger.” She grabbed his hand and allowed him to hoist her up while reaching into her void and pulling out a key.” If that is yer request then as a Demon of honor, I shall see it done. Let us pull Demons, Seraphim, and Gods alike from their thrones~” The Demoness would chime in happily. He leaned in for a kiss and she would let him. Sealing the agreement between the two as intimately as it started.

She surrender herself to him, barely managing to turn the key into the air behind her. As the key would twist, a door would slowly fade into existence. By the time he would pull away from her, the lodge she summoned would be here in full. A small log cabin with a blue roof would present themself, cozy and inviting. It was yet to be broken in by her as the key only recently found its way into her hand.

“ I never knew making a pact could feel so…..intimate.” She begun as took his hand and lead him inside. The living area was right beside the entry and just across was a homely kitchen. She took him deeper within where she figured the room to be. ” I say, but yer the first to ever pact with me. I didn’t figure to have a Daemon of me own for a while. Yet something about this all…feels so right?” She took him into a room that was fairly large. The furniture were all of wood with flower decor, the bed a comfortable queens size. There was a large window just across the bed, letting the light in if Lumikki would let it.

So let go of his hand as she entered first, walking toward the window. And as she tapped the glass, the darkness she conjured prior would dissipate and allow the sun to leak through the foliage once more. The sun light would touch her skin and reflect of her hair, giving it a near iridescent shine, and she would turn over back to the man in her company.

She slowly walked over to the bed and crawled across to the other side, only to sit on top of her legs with her head tilted and a cheeky smile on her face. ” Wanna play some more?~” She asked playfully. Curious of what he would do next. The darkness that would make up her dress would very slowly fall away like black petals blowing in a breeze.

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The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private] Empty Thu Dec 14, 2023 1:50 am

Knuckles Shi

When he pulled back a portal of sorts appeared, it seemed they were training one place for another, one where Lumikki chose. He had been shocked that she had allowed him to kiss her, though today was all about surprises. He might not have rid himself of the Daemon powers he had as Ittindi wished. He had done something better, he had found a new pact one stronger, and more honest. One Patron who would give him all that he needed and would nurture his ascendance.

"You never seem to run out of surprises M'Lady. "
Looking around the room, he couldn't help but feel at ease with Lumikki. She was always full of surprises and her powers only added to her mysterious allure. As she sat there on the bed, hair shining in the sunlight, he found himself drawn to her once more.

He chuckled at her playful question, knowing that Lumikki always loved a good challenge.  Knuckles walked over to meet her at the edge of the bed, unlike her he wore real clothing, but as an adventurer, he had learned one very pleasing trick when it came to equipping and unequipping his gear. A red glow covered his body before everything vanished from his body.  
"I very much would like nothing more than the pleasure of pleasing my new Patron and my Demoness. "  

Knuckles meet her at the edge of the bed, he pressed his lips onto hers again. Breaking away he looked down as a grin curled upon his lips. His hand found its way back around her neck as he pulled her into him, his other wrapping her up and lifting her till they were eye to eye, his pink hues looking into her glowing ones.   He ran his hand up the side of her face, "I am looking forward to many more surprises with you. But for now, let us continue our pact." As they continued their intimate encounter, Knuckles couldn't help but think that this was the start of something great. With Lumikki by his side as his Patron and Demoness, he would achieve his goals and hers.  Now with her in his arms, Knuckles laid down in the bed ready to give Lumikki exactly what she would want, now they they shared this bond they could feel each other in ways she could never have felt anyone else.  

As Knuckles held Lumikki in his embrace, the sensation of his touch sent a shiver through her. His knuckles were calloused from years of adventuring, rough yet strangely comforting against her delicate skin. His hands, strong and firm, moved with a surprising gentleness over her form, tracing the contours of her body with an intimate familiarity. Each touch was a promise, a silent communication of the bond they now shared. The warmth of his skin against hers felt like a balm, soothing and invigorating at the same time. The connection between them was palpable, a magnetic pull that they were both helpless to resist. His touch, so tender and intense, made her feel cherished, desired, and most importantly, understood in a way she'd never felt before.

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"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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” A raven tends to find some nice treasures, I’m hardly any different.” She would retort back with a smirk as she let him take it all in. Even she had to let her new expense settle in, never figuring she’d use it like this so soon.

He would finally meet her at the bed, and the Demoness would let her body topple over. Resting in an inviting pose, but only for a short moment as his shift sent her back to hands and knees. Astonished by his trick, though simple. It was not one she expected of him. She knew he was an adventurer but figured that he’d harbor no magics. As she reached out to touch his chest, testing if he really did shed his clothes in an instant. While she ran her hands down to his stomach, he’d utter words that would make her blush. It annoyed her to have such a sensation, hoping that she would be rid of such flustered behavior, but it seems it was not yet beneath her. And even if it was, she was for too tangled with him now to be able to pull away. Feeling his desire would cast her in a drunken state. Almost dazed from the intense emotion rushing into her, she could hardly move.

By the time he leaned in for another kiss, she would relax her darkness entirely, her dress was now only hints of shadows dissipating in the wind. And unlike the kiss before that she would answer back so tender, this one she would pour all of herself into it. Meeting him with passion and fervor as her mind was melting away. The holding of her neck only further tipped her over but the other arm around her hoisting the Demoness into the air sent her entirely. The Demoness was lost with no desire to be found. Only to coil around her new source of pleasure and intrigue. She would drink him in as she properly felt his skin on hers. Lumikki usually quite cool and sometimes frigid, was uncharacteristically warm and pleasing to the touch. The heat of passions would overwhelm her, make her feel aggravatingly too hot for her liking, but the reasons would keep her frustrations at bay as her distaste for such a sensation was far removed from her mind.

Knuckles would tenderly caress her face, sending a shiver down her neck and spine. Her skin was dark, but a bluish hue would bunch around her cheeks as Lumikki blushed once more. She as annoyed to be seen as such, more so since she was suppose to be the domineering Demoness. But ther would be no such peace for her, and she’d begrudgingly accept that. Still her face would scrunch as she look back at him, her eyes shining less from her Demonic nature, but more her curious desires giving way. ” I-I didn’t…” She would begin to muster. Speaking out felt difficult with her head so light. ” Didn’t figure making a pact would feel like this….Didn’t figure it would get me so intricately tangled with….ye. Such an odd sensation…being the Demon here..” She was nearly panting as she spoke, as if forming her words and her thoughts were taking much of her capacities. Meanwhile her fingers would lightly claw as his neck and shoulders, her more aggressive tendencies showing, but the sheer overwhelming sensation she was having was also keeping them at bay. It was hard for her to take back the control in the situation to playfully toy with him in peace. Instead it would seem the Daemon would be the one to ravage and dominate their Demon, if for but a moment. One would wonder what that would mean for the beginning of a pact, but perhaps this kind of intimacy would only serve them well.

After all, a man could only push so far when shackled to endless despair. But when given their fill, when their power has been returned, when they feel once more in control of their path? It is somewhat terrifying to get in their way. As one doesn’t like to lose such things twice.

Knuckles would lay her in bed and gently caress her more and more. And with each pass of her hand, her comfort would grow more and more. Like a beast appeased of all its killing intent now laying pacified and docile. ” It’s not fair….” She’d whisper to herself. She hated the lack of power she felt in the moment. Her hands were reaching out for him too, feeling his hair, face, and skin on her finger tips. Her eyes were almost innocent, and her face on the cusp of a pout.

” Have ye ever felt such things before?” She’d ask as grabbed his hand and lightly bit his fingers. Gnawing on them gently enough before licking them and biting elsewhere. Her energy was returning to her now as she got to enjoy such urges. Leaning forward to bite softly at his lips and hold his face in her hands. She kissed her way down to his neck and continued her nibbling there, leaving only on hand on his face while the other would pass her talons on his chest. She did not break skin, but she wanted to. She was sure he’d pacify her again all the same. But for now she would enjoy a moment to go at him before he claimed her once more in his whims.

” Can ye feel what I feel?” She asked while softly whispering in his ear. She was not quite sure how much of the bond he received. ” Can ye feel me? Sense me? Hear me? What does it feel like Gunnar? What does it feel like being mine instead?” She couldn’t hold back after her burst, going back to kiss him once more as get got on top of him. She would pull back to look down on him for a moment, her playful, mischievous, and cat like eyes were now gazing down on him. She relished the feeling as she wondered how fleeting it was. Her hand now was finally reaching for his throat, while the other would tangle with one of his own before bringing it up to her neck. All the while playfully moving her waist in a gesture to tease and licking her lips to expose her fangs.

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#13Knuckles Shi 

The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private] Empty Sat Dec 16, 2023 9:22 am

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles could not help but smirk at the remarks regarding their pact.   "This is not how my last pact went, but I am not complaining MY Demoness." Make sure to put the word my into a realm of its own.  While it was her claiming him as her Daemon, he was her first and only pact. Thus, she was his Demoness, sure he would probably not be the last but he would make sure he set the standard for what it would take for someone else to gain this honor.  From this day forth he would be protective of his Demoness, not that she needed his protection. It was still his duty, it was his honor-bound pact to do so.  

"I did not foresee this happening, I had not dared approach a demoness such as yourself with such selfish desires, but I could not fathom the torture of now at least asking.  That was more fearsome than the death I might have been given for even acting on my thoughts"
Knuckles could hardly contain his jubilation, a feeling so profound and intense that it threatened to consume him whole. Lumikki had accepted his pact, yes, but she had also accepted his raw, uninhibited desires for her an act that filled him with an overwhelming sense of joy and validation. His normally stoic features were replaced with a boyish grin, his eyes twinkling with unadulterated happiness. He found himself cherishing this moment, relishing the ecstasy that came with this dual acceptance. His heart pounded in his chest like a wild drum, echoing the rhythm of his newfound delight. This joy was a beacon, illuminating his very being with a radiance that spoke of fulfilled desires, accepted wants, and a pact that held the promise of a connection deeper than any he had ever experienced before.

She had asked if he had ever felt this before, as she kissed and nibbled at him. With his face resting in her hand as she moved to kissing his neck and nibbling elsewhere, Knuckles closed his eyes allowing the stimulation to take over. "Not even close..." He admitted. There was no want or even a need to lie, she could now see him like no one else, his needs, wants, thoughts if she wanted.  Feeling her talons dig into him, he would grunt but not in pain, no he enjoyed it.  He had taken blades of all sorts before, but this was different this excited him in a way being cut in battle did not.

As the bond between Lumikki and Knuckles strengthened, an incredible phenomenon began to unfold. Whenever Lumikki chose to lower the walls around her emotions, Knuckles could feel them as intensely as if they were his own. This intimate connection was akin to hearing a symphony playing within his soul, each note resonating with the orchestration of her emotions. It was an experience that was both jarring and exhilarating, filling him with a sense of unity and understanding that surpassed everything he had ever known.

And then, there was the sensation of touch. The bond enabled him to feel their physical contact from both perspectives simultaneously. When they touched, it was as if two worlds collapsed into one. Each brush of their fingers, each shared embrace, granted him a dual perception of the sensation. He could feel the warmth of her skin against his, the softness, the pressure. But he could also sense his own touch from her perspective, experiencing the strength and warmth of his grasp, the tender caress of his fingertips. This unique connection brought an extraordinary depth to their intimacy, a sensation that was bewilderingly intricate and unprecedentedly profound. It was like living in two bodies at once, each touch a shared symphony of sensation.

"I can feel everything you allow me to feel, you are the owner of me. I belong to you in all aspects. I can feel everything, sense your wants, your feelings.  Being yours feels freeing, unbound, able to do as I please."

Feeling her hips wiggle on him, Knuckles bit his lip as he looked down as he now lay with his back on the bed.  Feeling her tease him only ignited his passion for her further. The desire to take her all consumed his every thought.  She led his hand to her throat again as she had his own in hers.  Applying the same pressure that he would when wielding the Mjilnor hammers, he pulled her down by her throat leading her neck to his lips where he would part them, allowing his sharp  teeth to dig into the flesh of her neck.  Pushing himself into her he would not take what was not offered, but he would consume everything given to him.  With a hand still free it traced down her back until it met her curves, he would grip and push down onto him.

Feeling both sides of the exchange was a blissful experience, it was enough to drive a man mad, he wondered if she too would have this feeling.  He broke his lips away from her neck, once again pulling her by her throat until their lips met, his mouth would open as he danced his tongue with her own.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Two creatures were lost in their plunge into the darkness. Lonely and isolated for as long as the tendrils had their grip. The people that appeared around them were always removed from the internal turbulence that the Abyss would conjure. Unaware of the pain and constant danger of being on the brink of madness, as was such the fate of one touched by the corruption in which they truly held. Their capacities and beings were slowly eroding until there was nothing left but the husks that the Abyss wanted. And yet now they intricately intertwine with the other as they blend into a "One". The will and the desires of both merge and blur as her very being and magic pour within him, and in return, he eagerly matches all of her gifts with some on his own. As she could fill his boundaries and boast his potential, he flooded her with his passion and pulled her toward him. Claiming her very being as his while anchoring her deeply. He locked her into place with his hunger and resolved. Gluttonous of what felt like the first bit of connection that he felt in far too long. And the naive and newly appointed Demoness would crash into him, only fueling his motivations and desires to claim her. It was rare for any Daemon to garner any sway over a Demon, let alone the opportunity to exercise such a relation. And so he would ravenously consume her, taking care to plunge her into himself entirely as he cradled the light he found his dark road with brazen conviction and renewed resolve to preserve such peace.

The warrior would not take such things for granted. He would not surrender such luxuries again.

He knew now what he would not sacrifice once more for his plight for power.

And what more? She would aid him on such trials ahead.

If they were fated, it would be hard to say. But they were tangled within the other now, for perhaps would be until the end of time.

The pair, so lost in their intimate moment would not notice the thick darkness that would coil around them. The Demoness was rapidly unraveling. The pleasure would echo all around Lumikki's body as the sensations overwhelmed her. No matter how often she tried to resurface from the depths of her mind, he would send another jolt of pleasure within her. Breaking down all her walls and capacities that tried to keep him away, to keep him at bay. And the eager man would happily tear down each remaining shard of her frigid fortress until he was fully nuzzled in.

And his words would indeed settle deep." Mine? Yer all mine? Ahhhh yes, ye are..." She would speak almost breathlessly as the act of uttering words would become difficult to maintain.

" Figures me Daemon would be as ravenous as I am." She sighed meekly. But she would soon be pulled toward him once more, causing a startled gasp to pass through her lips. And the feeling of his fangs touching her throat caused her to whimper. Weakening what was left of her entirely as physical strength was never her strongest attribute. And with his hand sliding down her back and locking her in, she would entirely surrender.

" If ye desire it so, I shall let ya feel all there is to me.... Lumikki would pass on such sentiments within his thoughts directly as their tongues would passionately slither around the other. " But it would not be a burden I can resend...as I fear it'll simply become ya. Nor would I be able to pull away once I've plunged so deep." And as each thought passed through his mind, she would slowly unfurl more and more. Letting the man just beneath her feel the brunt of what she tried to pull away. And he would soon see just how much she too desired him. In all her unsatiable essence, she too was just as, if not, more hungry than he. Or perhaps, it would be her hunger all along that sent him prior. Lumikki always held the desire and urge to consume all the moment the Obscura passed through veins. But such a sensation only grew more boundless, and now he too became an object of her endless hunger. Someone she could drink away from forever. " It's done. Eat yer fill...But it is all the more important now Knuckles....that ye become me shield..." Her words would softly echo in his head and her body pulled away from his kiss, panting heavily as her eyes glowed brighter than they ever had before. She was gone. Her mind spread across the boundless reservoir of the two beings combined. She was but a primal creature now who was eager to get her fill.

Small wings were slid from her back while tiny and soft feathers would begin to poke out of her hair. It was becoming more and more difficult to maintain a semblance of a human form. And so whatever remained of her capacities would be funneled there. " Eat yer fill me Daemon. Consume me till there's nothing left..." Lumikki would beckon him as she licked her lips and fangs. " Let me feel more of yer strength Knuckles as ye drive me back to the Abyss..." She teased, but she knew there was little need for words now. Her pleasure became his and they would pulse together in all such sensations. The man drunk on his power would grow more lost as well amid his strength and control as the two storms would collide with devastating force and raw energy.

" But of course... I welcome ya to enter the Abyss..." She would utter as she raised her hand to her chest in a boasting fashion. Her invitation for him to touch her further than he ever dreamed was properly extended as the man below would eat the forbidden fruit he longed for. He would claim a Demoness that before this moment he hardly felt the right to look at, let alone approach and confess his lust. And she would hungrily accept him. " Let us entertain the first order, and the first act, if ye pleasing yer Demoness...."

The darkness would hand so heavily around her, almost looking like a veil and sheer cloth wrapping around her. She would almost appear like an angel of death mounting a man she would want to beckon to his untimely death.

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#15Knuckles Shi 

The Pact [Lumikki/Knuckles][Private] Empty Sun Dec 17, 2023 6:48 am

Knuckles Shi

"Your invitation to the Abyss, I accept with all my being, Lumikki," Knuckles would answer, his voice a mixture of desire and reverence. His hands would move along the contours of her body, exploring the unknown, relishing in the intoxicating sensation of the forbidden. "I will feast on this intoxicating power, sate my lust on your darkness, and let my strength meld with yours in a dance destined for the ages... There's no turning back, no regrets, no fear. Let this act entertain not just us, but the very essence of our beings." His eyes would gleam with a newfound resolve, the man, once lost, now found in the uncharted territories of his desires, ready to embrace the turbulent storm that was Lumikki, the Demoness he had come to desire beyond comprehension.

As Knuckles trailed his hands along Lumikki's form, an overwhelming surge of pleasure rippled through his being. It was a sensation so raw, so pure, that it threatened to shatter the confines of his consciousness. The velvet softness of her skin, the intoxicating aroma that clung to her, the electric charge that sparked each time their bodies connected — it was all a euphoric symphony of pleasure that left him feeling intoxicated and on the brink of delirium. Each touch, each caress was like a drop of ambrosia that sent waves of desire coursing through his veins. The pleasure was so intense, it was almost painful, yet Knuckles found himself yearning for more. He was caught in a whirlpool of passion and desire, a prisoner to the intoxicating pleasure that Lumikki, the Demoness, had bestowed upon him.

As Knuckles watched, Lumikki's demonic form began to emerge, splitting from her back and hair in a spectacle that was both terrifying and awe-inspiring. His heart pounded in his chest like a wild drum, the rhythm echoing in his ears as he bit down hard on his lower lip. The taste of iron filled his mouth, a sharp contrast to the sweet anticipation that had moments ago filled his senses.  She was offering herself to him in full, she had not only conveyed this message from her own voice, but in thought as well as they shared their kiss. What an experience it was to be had, if she wished him to eat the forbidden fruit he would do just that. If it was his strength she wished to feel, he would obey. It was her demand and so it shall be done.  

A grin, predatory and sensual, spread across Knuckles' face, illuminating his features with a fierce determination. His eyes glowed with the resolute promise of his unspoken vow - to be her shield, to guard her from the harsh reality and dangers lurking in the shadows. He would stand tall and unwavering, a fortress against the world. He was prepared to become her sword, cutting through the obstacles that obstructed her path. His resolve was unwavering, a steadfast commitment to her wellbeing. He would be the sanctuary she sought, a home where she could shed her invulnerability and reveal her raw, genuine self, secure in the knowledge of his unwavering loyalty. As she stood before him, vulnerable and exposed, he found a new purpose in his existence: to be her foundation, to offer unyielding support and strength, as she had so often done for him. His grin was a silent pledge, a testament to his willingness to become whatever she needed him to be.

Talking back through their link Knuckles would voice it. "I will shield you from anything, I will join you in the abyss, and we shall concur it all.  I shall give you my strength."
As much as he did not wish to untether from her as she readied herself to be that mounting angel, both hands would move to her hips, lifting her up and resting her back down so she could mount, but it was not so that he jousts with the mounted Demoness, but so that he may have that forbidden fruit.  His face moved side to side and up and down as he used his silver tongue to stab and clear the path pushing to what he wanted. That is after all what she had told him to do, the exchange of control swaying back and forth like a vessel in a storm at sea.   Still, he had reached what he wanted as he drank from her, his lips opening the gates that housed the fruit he sought.  His Tongue danced around the stem of the fruit, as the juices flowed onto his lips and face.  It was a chilled fruit, plump and ripe ready for him to harvest.

His head was secured between the bed and her as he had the perfect view to watch the darkness wrap around her, unable to resist each hand moving up trailing her body until he reached the higher-handing fruit.  Like the gentleman he was he gave them a tight and controlled squeeze checking the firmness. His fingers wrapped around the stem of this fruit, no doubt the rugged hands giving her the feeling of being in hands that could withstand battling a dragon.  The link between them mirrored the feeling back to him, forcing his mind to revert as he merged with her physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Although his mouth was bust feasting upon her, within the link of their minds, he would speak. "It tastes better than I ever could have imagined. There is nothing in this world nor in the nine hells of the abyss that would quench my hunger like this. Yet, as filling as it is I can not tear myself from it as it beckons to me to feast until my heart is filled, but the fruit is plentiful and does not flee from my grasp. "

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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The look in his eyes would say it all if he were not already flooding her with his devotion. Lumikki drowned in his exhilaration, gasping for air while seeking a respite within the waves of his crashing intensities. The smile that played along his lips would send a shiver throughout her body as it was like he was sinking his talons into her core and locking her down. " Aye, there's no return for me... I need ye now...and ye can never leave me...." She'd sigh as her body would slump forward in utter weakness. Her arms held her up but hardly for a moment as he grasped her hips and set her down in a swift motion. A soft moan escaped her lips as she took in the sight of him towering over her. It was a new perspective that she was not yet used to, and on his face was the look of a lion pawing over his prey playfully as the hunger hit its peak.

Her hands reached out to cup his face, and though he lingered for a slight moment, he pulled away. Gorging himself on her gentle stream as she unraveled further. Her mind was blank but in her daze, she would push all the pleasure given toward him. Vengefully clawing into him so that he'd plunge further down with her. But soon enough, even that would be too much for her as his hands slid up her sides. His callous hands would gently hold her before resuming his unrelenting tease. And the Demoness, so new to such sensations, would arc her back quake. Her fingers would tangle themselves in his crimson mane before pulling him further in. All while whimpering and gasping profusely as he charted the waters. The adventurer, already versed in the act of exploration, was reading to every slight movement. Abusing every reaction she surrendered to him until even her voice would be too weak to chim any longer. But even though she hushed, her panting would still hand in the air, and her grasped chest would still rise and fall drastically with every breath and release.

His voice would reverberate from within her thoughts. And though she was used to the presence of another in the echos of her mind, she never felt this intimately intertwined with the being interjecting in her head. It melted her further, as her pride would swell and overflow. His praise would carve away at her reclusive desire to maintain her own.

As the river would flood, drenching all that touches its free, flowing path. Her body would feel a shock coursing all around it as if the man enchanted her with one of his spells. She'd grit her teeth and pull at his hair while she tried to brave the storm he summoned into her." Ceaceless..." She would try to push back into his mind. Speaking in the last way she could. " I'm ceaseless...." Her body would continue to jerk and lock over and over as she felt like she would burst, yet even with the pleasure, she felt like she needed more. Something that would crumble the last bit of her away. " Break me...." She would meekly plead, her voice was so soft in his head that she would not be surprised if he overlooked it. " I want ye to break me....I.....need........more." She fell away again to the lightning storm that was surging. The rain that crashed down would stir the rivers again and again as the waters would nourish the fruit that the Daemon had come to love.

Lumikki found her body overwhelmingly hot as if she was set ablaze. Her arms were wrapped around her eyes so that she could cut into an excess stimulation, blocking any light that would bother her from the bliss.

What is this?......Why does it feel like this?....Who is he, and why has he come? All these thoughts would prick at her mind as she couldn't process the moment. And though they were not pushed onto him, the link would let him observe them all the same as he was already a guess in her realm.

A piece of herself quite vulnerable, and begrudgingly fearful would hanker in a corner of her mind. To scared to merge with the stranger on a whim and lose all that was left of themselves. It could sense the warrior's desire to carve for it a home, but what use was a home if nothing remained? Would she remain? She was too ignorant to truly know. And the fear would swell in the remaining sliver of her as it clung to dear life amidst the crashing of two beings.

How did I let ya claim so much of me?....What Demon am I?.....

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#17Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles, the warrior, felt her fear and confusion through the connection that had grown between them. He felt her question - What Demon am I? - reverberating in his soul. It stirred him, sparking a resolution that formed as a solid knot in his being. "Lumikki," he began, his voice resonating within her, as if he was speaking from the very core of her. His communication was a soothing balm amidst the chaos in her mind, a sturdy rock in the stormy sea of their blended consciousness. "No matter how far down this path we go, no matter how much of yourself you offer to me, I will never abandon you. I am here, and I am staying." His resolve was like iron, unyielding and steadfast, offering her the stability she was desperately seeking in the maelstrom of their being. He acknowledged her words, her confession that she saw no return for herself in this. "I understand, Lumikki. But I promise, you will not vanish in this union. I will protect your essence, your being, your 'self'. Even if it means fighting against the chaos itself."

Knuckles felt the tremors of Lumikki's request - Break me - ensnaring him. It was bold and raw, her desire, an echoing pulse that reverberated through their shared consciousness. He perceived it not as a demand, but as a plea, a desperate call for him to take control and guide their joint destiny. He responded, his voice a soothing murmur within their psychic landscape, "As long as you wish for it, Lumikki, as long as you need it, I will do as you ask."

His strategy was simple; he would consume her offering, her 'fruit', with the same reverent dedication as he had done before, allowing the essence of her being to flood over him like a life-giving river. He would absorb her, envelop her, break and reshape her, but always with the promise of preservation at its core. He would navigate the tumultuous tides of their existence, steering their shared vessel with a steadfast determination and an unyielding resolve, all the while safeguarding the precious kernel of her individuality. His pledge was a beacon in the darkness, a bulwark against the engulfing storm, embodying his resolute commitment to their shared journey, no matter where it may lead.

Knuckles felt the tantalizing precipice approaching, a precipitous edge that Lumikki teetered on. He felt it through their connection, a palpable sensation of anticipation that was as much his as it was hers. The pleasure - simmering, intensifying - was building within him, an exquisite tension borne from their shared consciousness. It was as if he could sense every tremor that raced through her, every rapid beat of her heart in her chest, every shallow, gasping breath that she drew. Her desire to be broken was mirrored by his yearning to break her, a craving that echoed deep within his own being. The sensation was a siren's call inciting him, threatening to drown him in a sea of delirious pleasure. An exquisite ache of longing swelled within him, a potent force that surged through their shared conduit, resonating like a drumbeat in the depths of his soul. The promise of release, of shared euphoria, beckoned, and he stood poised, ready to shatter the barriers that held them both, ready to surrender to the torrent of sensation that was building within them.

Knuckles could hear Lumikki's voice echo with questions, her curiosity and confusion intermingling with the raw intensity of their connection. "What is this?" she asked, a quiver in her voice. Knuckles responded, his voice a gentle whisper in their shared consciousness. "This is our connection," he explained, "an intertwining of our essence that transcends the physical realm."

Her next question came quickly, laced with a hint of bewilderment and apprehension. "Why does this feel like this?" Knuckles could sense the uncertainty in her mind. "This is the nature of our bond," he replied. "It is unyielding, intense, and profound, a sea of emotions that can be overwhelming but also fulfilling. It's a reflection of our shared existence, and it carries the weight of our shared desires and aspirations."

Finally, she asked, her voice barely a whisper, "Who is he, and why has he come?" Knuckles took a moment before responding, welcoming the depth of her question. "I am a part of you, as you are a part of me," he declared. "Our paths crossed not by chance but by design. I came because we are destined to journey together, to weather the storms and bask in the sunlight. We are two halves of the same whole, bound by an indissoluble bond that transcends time and space."

Knuckles could feel Lumikki's slender frame quivering within the firm grasp of his hands. His fingers gently traced the contours of her body, memorizing each curve and hollow with an attentiveness that left her breathless. His mouth  kissed and worked her over, exploring her with an intensity that echoed his unquenchable thirst for her. He savored the taste of her lips, the heat of her garden that bore the fruit he ate, and the whispered words that escaped her in frantic gasps. Each strangled breath, each whispered word, stoked a flame within him, driving him to the brink of madness. His insatiable thirst for her was a wild, untamed thing, constantly clawing at his restraint. The sweet scent of her 'garden', a tantalizing promise of the unexplored, was an irresistible lure. His restraint teetered on the edge, ready to succumb to the raging storm of desire within him. Unable to resist any longer, he plunged into her welcoming warmth, surrendering to the tempest of passion that roared between them.

While he did not wish to break from his current position and could lay where he was till the years of his extended life faded, she had asked something of him and he needed to answer it. It was going to be a fun time, a good time, and a lasting time. Within her realm, under her veil time moved as she wished it.  She was not only a Demoness, but in here she was a Goddess as well, the ultimate combination of beauty and power, control and freedom, and he dared say love and lust. He had never been with a woman in such a manner, had never desired such a thing or even explored it until now.  Even before the pact, before the bond, she had already influenced his life and journey, she had sunk a talon into his soul and pulled it out of the abyss for her enjoyment. He had to repay that by all means.

Knuckles gathered himself allowing his Obscura to flow out of him, Obscura that was now flavored with Frost and Darkness, a testament to his source of power, Her.  It began to cover his bare skin, the energy he knew now was something she had always wanted to taste, and now she would but perhaps in a way she did not expect.  As it stretched over him it empowered him and allowed him to become his true self.  

Using his hand on her throat, he shoved her back with his overwhelming and powerful strength, his grip gone from her throat.  It was a shove that would be enough to topple her over to the side of him as he rolled over onto her, both hands grabbed a thigh as he pushed them upwards and tried to stop the flood by plugging the source of the leak with his mouth once more, draping her legs over his shoulders allowed his hands to explore.  The left would reach once more for the top fruit, the plump apples that hung from her while the right placed a digit into the leak as his mouth focused only on the stem of the problem.   His finger explored for the source of the leak, moved in come here motion as if what he sought was just out of a finger's reach.  It moved up, scraping against the groove of the river bed as if he were trying to smooth out the surface.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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The ice fortress would crack, inching along toward all the other weaker points like a serpent revealing themselves from the depths up to the water’s surface. The brittle frost shards would fall over. Small at first until the structure would simply collapse. In her mental scape, the night sky with glimmering aurora lights would turn red. Crimson would push through the last remnants of her failing walls until it would claim her. Wrapping around her disheveled core and soothing its woes. Its presence grew to be a comfort as the pain of her worries faded. She would never be alone….

It was a fear of hers to be destined for isolation, the choice of being a Demon was an ostracizing one. The sin of her race would pervade her, and she would not have it any other way. One should never simply trust those of the Abyss, but she had intended to be more. More than the carnage and destruction that resided in her kin. For ceaseless destruction was boring and the memories of her mortality had not yet left her. But one would do best never to confuse this deviation as compassion. It was not kindness that held back her bloodthirst and cataclysmic desires. No, it was simply her curiosity. Her desire to observe more and consume the rewards for letting things simply take their course. Until it was time to return all things to Ginnungagap, from which all had come.

And it would be this curiosity that led her here. Entertaining a stray Daemon who happened to wander to her guild. And in his moment of boldness, her intrigue grew and she was swept by the chaotic possibility. Now she was the one to be consumed in the merging of two storms, her being, thoughts, emotions, and desires were now being imprinted onto him. And what's more, the curse that was her boundless hunger would be inherited as well. It bloomed and blossomed instantaneously as he clung to her ravenously and unsatiable. His hunger now turning into starvation as eagerly took the moment to consume her. Drink of her all she had to offer and reveal in his victory.

The warrior once dimmed and bogged down by his prior plight to power was now, too reborn anew. He was dripping in vitality and vigor now that the boon has had its time to set in. And in their merged state, the waves of pleasure would erode him as well. Casting him into a state near like madness.

It was like being broken in the Abyss once more, but unlike the prior, it was pleasure and desire that would tear away at her capacities so that she would be reshaped. A challenge surpassing the one she managed to triumph over as this one would hook into her far too deeply.

Yer mine…. Would be the thought that echoes constantly. As if she was demanding it to be so. And it would mix with the other thoughts to push forward. And I’m yers…. It would call out in a whimper. Her spite would lash out at such a bond, but her desire would clash in interest. Hoping that he would receive her.

The hand on her throat would wake her of the daze but not enough to know what happened. It all would pass by so fast as he would adjust her. His act of strength at the moment would send chills throughout her body, and a tinge of fear would creep in at the thought of what he could do. She sunk in that thought as she mulled over the man quenching his thirst once more. A warrior that fell many with a storm to back him and power to lock even her Uncle in place. What could he do to her? She wondered greatly. A curious thought that hinted at her surrender toward him and the charm of being weak within his gentle and calloused grasp. It was the tenderness of his actions and movements that would melt her further. His darkness mixed with hers as the shadows that hung in the air would drap and move around him like incense burning. Even in the heat of the moment, she managed to maintain a chill in the air so that the two would not burn alive in their frenzy.

” I can barely take it anymore…” She whimpers in her thoughts toward him. Her body would yet cease convulsing as he abused every advantage offered. With the connection made, he would know the moment something shook her. There was no solace in braving the tides until they ran quiet as he would simply summon the waves once more. Each time became quicker and more precise as he refined his skills. Looping her reactions over and over until there were times she could hardly breathe. Yet he would insist that the river would not only flow, but flood. While he rendered the feel of her skin that was once numb to become hypersensitive. His hands ran down her features like searing heat on her cool skin, while he also worked to burn her alive from the inside-out.

All the while letting his Obscura flow freely. The wisps of his darkness, though only the extensions of her own, would look so beautiful. ” Me darkness suits ya so well…” She’d manage to think, in a moment between convulses. But in the heat of the frenzy, she would break. The cycle of pooling and pouring all she had would wear her away. ” More…I want ye so much more…” She’d finally utter in a voice akin to a siren. It was seductive and soft in its allure. Her mind was wiped of all she could think, leaving only him and the moment.

For all the times she clawed her partners to shreds for her pleasure, and the times before where the love she had for her person would melt her. This was something all on its own. It transcended all that that she ever felt before. And for how much her pact and magic turned him, he would shape her in return by his desire and with his own hands.

The Demon, so weakened and tired, would lay upon the four wings she failed to contain. They curled around the pair as if she too still had a grasp on them both. Her hunger was waning as she could hardly keep going. The Daemon was eating her alive and she was helpless to stop it. Her eyes could barely stay open, only widening again in times it would be too much to bear as they nearly rolled to oblivion. Yet she yearned for him with a feeling she could not name. Craved him with an intensity she did not know was possible.

And her hand would gently play with his hair with the little bit of energy she had left. A small gesture of her affection returned to him. ” Come love….let me taste as well.” She’d beckon him to come and kiss her. She missed his lips and the sensation of his tongue on hers.

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Knuckles Shi

As she beckoned him closer, Knuckles would heed her siren call, drawn in by the intoxicating allure of her voice. The pleasure he derived from her was like a refreshing nectar, giving him a newfound essence of life and vigor. He was enlivened by the ebb and flow of her desire, a never-ending supply that he savored with every molecule of his being. He reveled in her taste, each moment lending him the strength to continue, his every action focused on pleasing her until her energy flagged. Yet, in this dance of passion, he found a rhythm that was more than just physical  it was a symphony of their souls intertwined, a testament to their unspoken bond.

Her calls to him over their shared link did not go unnoticed. Instead, they only served to fuel his desire, his need, to ensure that she was satiated, fulfilled with pleasure and excitement. He could feel her energy dwindling as he drew it from her very essence, but rather than draining him, it was as if it was building him up, charging him with a potent energy of his own. It was a symbiotic exchange, a cycle of give-and-take that bound them even closer together. As he absorbed her waning energy, he couldn't help but feel a surge of invigoration. The experience was profound and intoxicating, a testament to their deep, unspoken connection.

In the silent space between their heartbeats, he whispered to her, "Yes, your darkness is the perfect match for my nature. Cool, collected, and ever-present." His voice, a soft echo in the stillness, reverberated with the sincerity of his words. It was their shared darkness, their mutual understanding of the deep abyss within, that made their bond so unique and unbreakable.

With a firm yet gentle grasp, Knuckles' hands found their place on her thighs, compelling them to grant him the access he sought. He withdrew from the enticingly icy flow of her essence staining his skin, creating an ephemeral artwork of their shared passion. In response to her plea for more, the steady rhythm of their dance grew more insistent, each movement a testament to their mutual desire. It was a dance of darkness and desire, a shared rhythm that bound them in a symphony of passion.

"Lumi," he breathed her name like a sacred incantation. The hunger in her gaze was all the permission he needed. With a swift yet calculated ease, he mounted her, his form pressing into hers in a show of raw, unrestrained desire. His lips sought hers in a kiss that was as fierce as it was passionate. His tongue knocked lightly against her lips, a gentle request for access. If granted, he would swirl his tongue with hers, their flavors mingling in a tantalizing dance. This act was a symbolic gesture, their fates now swirled together just as their tongues did. Forever one, forever destined to remain. So shall their pact be, a promise woven into the very fabric of their beings. Their souls were forever bound, intertwined in a dance as old as time itself.

His spear, a symbol of his masculine prowess, lay ready for use. Admittedly, he had only indulged in the delights from her side of their connection till now. The sensation was as if it was happening to him, despite the fact that he was not armed in the same manner as her. Where she bore a set of shields to guard her chest and a sheath for a sword, he was armed only with a spear. He assumed a mounted position, responding to her unspoken desires. This was about to be the most blissful experience a man could ever dream of - being privy to the innermost thoughts of the woman he was entwined with. It was an intimacy that transcended the physical, a connection deeper than the deepest ocean, and more vast than the infinite cosmos.

Knuckles, pressing his lips to hers, sought entry, his tongue gently knocking against the soft whimper of her lips. If granted access, their tongues would swirl and twine, mirroring the inextricable intertwining of their destinies. They had become entities incapable of existing independently; their separation would ensue a tear so cataclysmic, it would echo through the very fabric of reality. They were fused into a singular existence, an eternal pact stretching into perpetuity. His yearning for this moment was infinite, akin to his desire to remain in this sacred chamber of hers. This intimate cocoon, pulsating with the rhythm of their shared heartbeat, could have been his haven for an eternity.

Within the shared labyrinth of their minds, Knuckles found himself awash in a sea of admiration for Lumikki. Her spirit, like a beacon, radiated a brilliance that outshone even the brightest stars in the cosmos. She bore a strength that was at once formidable and gentle, a resilience that was as charming as it was inspiring. In the silent symphony of their minds, he praised her for the warrior she was, for her courage that rivaled the mightiest of armies. Her wisdom, vast as the universe itself, filled him with a sense of awe. To him, Lumikki was a poetic paradox; a beautiful tempest, a serene chaos. He reveled in her complexities, adored her for her imperfections for they made her the perfect counterpoint to his existence. Within this sacred space of shared consciousness, his praises for her echoed, a constant symphony of admiration, respect, and indefatigable love.

As his hand cupped her face in a gentle caress, his other hand moved to the gateway of their shared intimacy, ready to embark on the sacred journey of their unified existence. A warrior poised to conquer, he pushed apart the gates with the reverence of a devotee entering a sacred monument. His spear, an embodiment of his love, stood ready to wage this passionate battle.

Upon crossing the threshold, he encountered resistance. The walls of her fortress were weaved closely, encasing him in a labyrinth of love. But the impediments did his spirit no harm; he was a warrior set on his mission, a fighter resolved to accomplish his task. As he navigated the intricate network of her fortitude, the walls slowly began to respond to his respectful siege.

In a tale as old as time, the defenses of her fortress adjusted to his presence, loosening their ranks and mirroring the dimensions of his spear. Yet, they did not abandon their strength entirely, but rather conformed to his shape, creating a perfect harmony between them. The dance had begun, the warrior and his beloved locked in an intimate ballet of love and respect.


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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And with the sound of him uttering her name, a shiver ran through her body. Lumi would jerk back, astonished at her reaction. Yet her faraway mind would not think much of it, only move through the motions as he indulged her. Knuckles had wasted no time to answer her call. His movement was so fluid that she could hardly notice the shift until after he took his rightful place atop her. And without skipping a beat, his lips would be brought to hers with an eager tongue requesting entry. Lumi playfully licked him back, teasing the hungry lion above until his strong tongue would roughly pry his way through. She purred to his abrasiveness, falling only that much weaker from his passion. And as they melted together from their intimacy, he would feel her elation from becoming his. Whether it be simply his Demoness or his love, she would incline. Though it would be some time, once her senses had caught up to her before Lumi would bring herself to accept it.

" Aaaaah" Lumikki whimpered, she did not figure him sheathing the sword to grant her this much pleasure. It was not her first dance, but locking talons in love had never brought her to these sensations. It was as though the height of her elation was reaching the stars and she transcended all she was used to. Each ebb and flow was making her short of breath once more and it echoed throughout her body, causing her to feel like she was vibrating. The link with him was becoming far too overwhelming, but now Lumi was growing to feel that without him she'd be incomplete. And so she embraced him through their dance, her talons lightly moving along his back.

" Ho-how do ye.......feel?" She thought out to him. Lumi knew to an extent from their ties, but she wanted to hear it from him. How did such an exchange affect the warrior above her? What was it like feeling beyond one's limitations?

And between his movements, she turned to his arms so that she could peck them with her kisses and affections. Her arms were far removed from his back but holding onto his own, bracing herself for the motion while holding her hips in the perfect place to feel the most.

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