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Frozen Mountains (Lumikki)

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In a flourish a feathers, Lumikki would shift into a raven. Stalking in the night on the mountain to find them a decent meal. She rarely kept food in her portal as darkness was always abundant. And though her friend could consume the frost, it would hardly make for a impactful meal.

So now she would wander with eyes as sharp as an owl in the night, waiting for whatever stirs first. It would take some time before she saw something poking in the snow. Disturbing the mound of frost as they shuffled through. Lumi would wait, watching a little longer to see what was potentially below before plunging herself into the snow for it. And when she pulled back, there would be a rabbit dead in her talons.

The glide back was triumphant but she kept an eye out for more. With some luck, she noticed something darting through. With a quick shift back, she snatched with with a spell and brought two rabbits to the camp.

“We are sure to eat well tonight.”

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