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Aftercare of the daemon. (Lumikki)

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Aftercare of the daemon. (Lumikki) - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 09, 2023 10:30 am


"Ahhhh I think I remember the game now. It never caught me fancy before when the old brutes were playing it but I think I got the rules and gist down. Ahh but a game like that should never be played fairly if I remember correctly~" She gave a mischievous grin. Most card games as far as she figured, were not meant to be played fair. And with their eyes, marking cards wouldn't be all that hard. Though it wasn't like she particularly wanted to play strip poker with Vex, simply that this was a means of entertainment for her to consider enjoying later. Hoping to find an idiot down the line to make suffer.

As the two walked over to the popular beach spot, Lumi would sip on the juice she chilled. She forgot how hot it was outside cause it was easier to keep the room cool, but she did enjoy the sights and sounds.

By the time they were making it toward the shore, a lot of voices and laughter could be heard. Friends and families all in through groups enjoying the beach for what it had to offer. Some would look their way but Lumi didn't really care, paying them no mind. She didn't even notice just how much attention they got. Only that there was a free spot all the way on the far right, so she ran for it. She enjoyed how the sand would fight every step she took as it made it harder to move around. It was a sensation she rarely got to play with. When she got to the spot, it took her a while to get a footing into the sand with her magic. All the displacement and the heat were taking a lot out of her to manage. But finally, she made a decent ice block to seat the parasol with, and two chairs for the two girls.

From there she waited for Vex as she looked on to the waters ahead.

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Vex was kind of surprised this woman knew more of it, maybe this woman was more that she had first appeared as there seemed to have been some things the daemon in front of her had seen and done that Vex had not thought was going to be the case but she guessed now a days most younger people might also suffer from the vices of the older generation that had come before them. "I see so you already have a grasp on how it was played that is a bit of a surprise." Vex kind of wondered what else might be in this girls head and if there was something she might want to share and talk about beside how hot it was and that she is lucky that Lumikki probably went soft on Vex as Vex was not really a fighter.

Vex followed close behind the other woman as she ran for the open spot and Vex was smiling as she was happy to be around someone with such vigor and happiness as most of the people she is around on a daily basis are more gloomy or worried about the rune knights finding them after so long and after them not really being bad guys any more but she knows that she has a pretty dark history and that ill not really help her in the long run. She gets to Lumikki and she looks out to the waters and she speaks. "You seem ready wanna race to the water?"

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