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Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel]

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#1Professor Braun 

Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Tue Apr 25, 2023 11:24 pm

Professor Braun

Things had been quite hectic back home... Professor Braun had little direct control over the Third Movement, but he knew he was the main influence in its foundation. Though he took pride in his compatriots and their wisdom in supporting his ideals, he couldn't let himself get distracted by his success. Especially when his last endeavor to find candidates had turned out so poorly:

"Welcome everyone, and I'm pleased you'd join me on such a momentous occasion. Up until now, only humans, elves and dwarves have been able to transcend their prison of flesh. Transformation into Machias had remained hopelessly out of reach of any race with supernatural power."

Supernatural races had always been a challenge... Perhaps due to the unique, unnatural magic permeating their very bodies. But no longer. The professor smiled, adjusting his glasses, before motioning towards the machines at his side:

"But not anymore. I proudly present to you our new and improved procedure.", though less efficient and able to convert as many people as massively as he'd been doing thus far, there were also far less people who met this criteria.

Event Conditions

  • Up to three candidates may be selected by Professor Braun in Minstrel.

  • Professor Braun will prioritize candidates of Minstreli ethnicity.

  • After five candidates have been successfully uploaded into Temporary Machias bodies, he'll move his team elsewhere to seek out new candidates.

  • People not selected by Professor Braun may be selected in a different country.

  • All candidates may apply regardless of their race.

  • Candidates may also apply if they already posess a race modification. In this case, the modification will be marked as "(Inactive)" for the duration of the event: The character will retain their old race modification, but lose access to its perks so long as they have temporary machias.


Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Wed Apr 26, 2023 3:29 pm


Interesting interesting interesting. The different movements of Talaz Laagaar were most certainly causing little tremble of noises within the different nations of Fiore. Hungry ears and watchful piercing eyes at their shifts and movement. So when Professor Braun cane to Minwtrel it was heavily noted. And one set of curious eyes and ears was happy to take a look.

Light footsteps slithered through the rarely empty streets. No no. They were already where they wanted to be. Homes perking in, cafes, craft stores, magical factories, and labor plants. Working and working, the illusion of such. While many were working like the busy bees of the nest that was Minstrl. There was always a person able to watch for news. A maid looking out the window. A foreman out rolling a cart of used metal pieces, a delivery driver dropping off a package. Even nosy children allowed to be out with their parents. Many different types or people where waiting to see who would step up. And who would take part, who this man was and his game.

Jikan herself. Was one interested. Not in giving up her mortal form, even if temporary. But she would sit on a ledge far up above. Her legs hanging on the cliff as she waited to see who would become warriors of this test. "And so. The dice rolls into our world...".

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#3Kanji Lionhart 

Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Mon Jul 17, 2023 1:05 am

Kanji Lionhart
With a long lanky walk another form appeared within the bustling town of sophistication. Dark skinned like that of the richest chocolate. Hair black as the darkest night. A walk with a bounce that matched the positive energy mask on his face. The persona he wished to display. A display to play a role in his ambition and hopes for the future.

The world's stage was shifting after all. And the continuing growing tension of the world was all but inches away from changing. The world's nations were destoryed and hindered by the chaos of the dark universe's attack. Talaaz Laagar, an ancient nation and people with unimaginable knowledge and technology once locked away was now opening their doors! Showing the sickness, division, and slow decay of the proud and isolated people. Would they let the robots be their equals; brothers and sisters of a nationality? Would they be separated as tools, slaves, weapons? Or would they become combined in an union. A desparate attempt towards immortality and defense against the mortal weaknesses.

Oh the possibilities of chaos and ruin!!!

And one group had such a delicious potential for it; the Third Movement. And by no means the string puller, the professor was a head piece. And to get in the ear of such, he needed to be a part of some things.

"Hello hello. I ah...hope to be of use if you will let me?", he mused with a light hearted kind voice as he bowed.

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#4Professor Braun 

Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Sat Jul 22, 2023 9:32 am

Professor Braun
@Kanji Lionhart has been selected and granted temporary Machias.


Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Thu Aug 24, 2023 10:11 pm


"Look, don't fuck this up. The last thing I need is to wake up as some monstrosity." Zariya said to the doctors and scientists in the room. The Thunder Cat was prepared to give away a fraction of her humanity if it meant becoming stronger, so long as nothing happened to her beautiful face. The workers assured her that this new procedure was going to work. Apparently there was about an 85% chance of this working. "Good. I didn't come all the way to Minstrel for nothin'." They had the means to transform even a demon into an android, they exclaimed. Professor Braun's research had been progressing at an alarming rate, but apparently she would be amongst the first of elves to put the research to the test. All the Stormbringer could do now was pray for Braun, because if she had awakened as anything other than how she remembered herself, he would face the wrath of a thousand storms. Her face was the breadwinner after all. Slowly she brought her body onto the surface of the bed, a blank stare gazing into the white ceiling. "Let's get this over with."

Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Lightning_bolt_simple

Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Sat Aug 26, 2023 12:00 pm

@Zariya has been selected and granted temporary Machias.


Man into Machine [Event/Minstrel] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2023 8:53 pm

Finally arrived after a journey of one locale to the next.

The views along the way having shifted and melded across borders as travel carried onward. Into the city did a particular almost fluorescent toned figure step. One vibrant green paw pacing aside the other in a steady lackadaisical fashion. Their movement guiding a creature of unusual appearance along open pathways towards their questionable goal. The likes of which they pursued with equally questionable intent.

But to each their own, right?

Passing people and buildings alike along the way. Lightly brushing past a few by mere centimeters in part to a lack of purposeful awareness. Half cracked hues of violently neon blue flicked to and from each side of the streets they walked. Haphazardly taking note of a few notable finds from a shop here or a restaurant there but in reality looking for the location they had been directed to go to.

Which with enough of a search revealed itself in due time.

With no time like the present. The reptilian loner turned a corner finally resting at the entrance to their destination. Stop just shy of the door for the briefest of seconds. Vision drifting from the signage attached to the building down towards the ground. Their thoughts following suit. Sifting through the chaos of what they were about to do. "Here we go, about to do something stupid again you would say..." There was venom in each word that dripped from their forked tongue. Directed at an unknown entity that was clearly absent in the moment.

"Tsh, this better be worth it."

With their sentiments left to the wind they allowed themselves in. The only declaration of their arrival being an apathetic expression and a "I'm here for an upgrade, so let's do this thing." as they leaned against the support of the first nearby surface they could find. A lengthy tail curling around their form to rest at knee level.

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