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Here we come SL [Akuko]

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Mishiko looks at Joya as it is getting closer. Her eyes set the docks that are in tip top shape. She wondered if this was going to go all down to hell or what, but for now it was finally time to go. She saw, or assumed to see Akuko join her to the edge of the boat to finally go down the plank. "We will stay on the boat and keep it safe and non-suspicious, or try to," Ayako suggested. She nodded in agreement as they were now getting off the ship. She felt the wind as it had a crisp feeling to it. Was Ayame close? She had the powers and abilities of ice and darkness. Wherever she went a crisp of snowflakes fell and a chill could be felt.

The four of them went away from the City and into Chishi. This place had so many memories, one being the war Quillareine and Akuko fought in. The other was thousands of years ago, the one her, Ayako and Akio were in. This place held so much death. Once they left the City, far from it, they were approached by a large field of lands. On top of the cliff they could see the mini islands of plot surrounding each other in a beautiful pattern. The place was fresh green as if it was never stepped on. Some other spots had broken down ships, graves, nature and plots of water. The wind felt amazing against her face as her medium length hair swayed with it. Finally, they start going down the path...



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There was something about arriving here and Akuko starting to realize where she was looking upon it. She seemed to not show interest in leaving the situation now. It was viewed too far to go back at this point. But Akuko was going to join her only because she wanted to know what was the ending of the figurative chapter. Akuko or even if you called her Hisako in this situation did not seemed to express much emotion even if Mishiko had a feeling she had a feeling of resentment, It would only be made worst if things could be shown to her that brother. After all she did not rule out gods or deities being of sound enough mind to either bring Akuko's parents out somewhere here or to show Akuko what should have been her burial site. If her parents even did that anyway.

But she seemed to reserve not straight judging thoughts about it at this time. Akuko let out a sigh upon the path they needed to take."At least, I am here with the one I would have faith in the most to help me through this."Akuko said. This most likely the most serious one could have seen Akuko at this time. Her normal humour and jokes seemed to have started to become more drier and blunt of later rather than playful."I guess I don't need to joke or lie to myself to forget this place anymore."Maturity and self reflection was different but as well shown by her right now.


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Mishiko went on through the path to help her little Ohta. She felt like if it wasn't for Ohta, she would have been lonely while Akuko was off doing her own things. It was what she needed and right at the right time. Something felt comforting about being with Ohta, more than it should. What story did Ohta hold from her? Through the path she listened to Akuko's words and huffed a smile and chuckle. It was nice to hear that after all things considered. She saw Ohta floating around and every so often she'd catch them looking at her. It made her even more curious as her heart felt like wanting to reach out to them, but why would it?

She felt lost, but their Journey was not over. No, they weren't even half way done. Continuing on, she looked around at the beauty and could see this whole area becoming maybe a place she could turn into a Sancturary, festival place for many years to come. She will not build a lot as she did not want to ruin the nature of the area and importance. This one last war that was coming will hopefully be their last. Her head tilted up as the mountain was still a little far off and that was when she reached from her bag and looked for a place to settle for a little bit. "Well, this will be a good enough spot if any," she muttered and looked at Akuko. "Let's take a break here. I'm sure our little floaters would like a snack," she jested with a small smile and sat down on the beautiful green grass.

She took out some Sweet Bento box for Miko, savory bento for her and Ohta and then Akuko's Bento to hand it over to her. Even a Goddess needs a break.



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They would seeming at least still be having a nice casual scroll. It seemed over all nothing remarkable was happening at this time, Miko was not as much as a guide as just there since it was trying to do various other things while Akuko was generally roaming about, But it was better. It was why eventually Akuko would go back to being around Mishiko and Ohta.
It would be a few moments after Akuko and Ohta would see Miko just coming towards everyone to keep up with them since Miko seemed far more interested in other things around them at the time.

But it seemed it would be break time and Akuko did not mind at all since if anything it was bonding moment between Akuko, Mishiko and their tiny beings.But Akuko in some manner could not help but ask."Do...you think they paid their respects to me after they heard I was gone?"It was the only thing that even if she dreaded things here if her family did that for her. But give what they did to prepare. Miko seemingly was already trying to get into the box of sweets, Not even really waiting for some one to open it,settling into resting where they where Akuko would take her time to open the box for Miko only for Miko just trying to dive face first into it only for Akuko to try and pull away Akuko from it only because she was trying to teach Miko to wait more.



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"Of course, they loved you," she replied quickly so she couldn't reveal her jealousy. Her human parent didn't love her truly, they acted like it and sold her off to the highest bidder. At least her parents wanted to keep her. Even if the man was her adopted father. She still wasn't sure if her God parents loved and cherished her truthfully. Her memory of the happiness was taken from Ayame and the resurrection. As they were eating, she heard gallops of horses going towards them. "Ohta, prepare," she quickly spoke and summoned her scythe and armor. As she got her scythe and armor on, she stood up slowly and heard the horses stop. Turning around she saw Samurais of ten close to their little picnic.

"Hold, who are you to be on the Lord's land?", the guy in front asked while pointing his spear at her. If only they knew she was the God of War and Death, among other things. She pointed her scythe at them which the tentacles wiggled excitedly. "No one important, just traveling with my lovely sister around these parts," she smirked tiredly. They started to get off their horses who decided to run off. The Samurais started to curse them, but paid attention to Mishiko. "Sit for this one... this won't take so long," she told Akuko.




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It was assuring in some manner but Akuko did have many thoughts."I do have to ponder many things about them...What did they know of the things that happen with us....Would they have wanted to help you if they knew?..."Akuko was just kind of getting lost in her conversation only because it seemed to be things she had to ponder about at times, after all life could be so different for both of them in some manner. Then she just kind of went quiet and attempted to eat her food, seemingly a bit slower than any other time some one witnessed Akuko eat before.

Miko on the other hand seemed curious and interested for a moment even floating above Akuko to see what was going on. Then when it told to stay there Miko went and just darted back to hiding some where behind Akuko. Where watching, waiting to see what was to come. not feeling sorry for pity for them either. Over all Akuko was just kind of standing by as in some manner she was use to doing. It would not be long that she could agree upon, Over all it was just a shame because they did not need to do this at all.



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She hasn't really searched into it since she felt like it will bring more attention towards them and suspicions than closure. Maybe after all of this she can go see them, "They probably tried to cover it all up and claimed us both dead in the war. After my assassination as Quillareine, they absolutely think I'm dead," she shrugged off a little bit. In the current situation she was going forward with her scythe as she fought one with her scythe. They clashed once before their weapon broke. As it shattered, they ran off. The others ran off as well besides three. "What cowards," one of them spoke. Their sword was glowing a little bit. The tentacles were wiggling, getting excited. The Samurai was looking at it, looking a little grimmish. The wiggling made them squirm as it was an oddity that was not normal.

Going forward at them she swung her scythe from the right and up, then downward at them. Her face was calm and collected as she showed no emotion. Was it because she was shown no blood or was it because they were not worthy of the Goddess's wraith. The blade was able to slice the person up and the other two looked at each other in fear. Running off, she watched as they got far and disappeared. "Well, alright then..." she ghostly spoke and turned to look at Akuko. "I suppose we can finish up and then continue our walk," she plopped down and began to eat her bento. Every so often she took a drink of her water. This felt nice, but her anxiety and paranoia will always be high. Was it because of the Shogun still being out there? Watching for her? Is that where those guys came from?

"We should hurry to the Mountain, I think she finally knows I'm here," she instructed as Ohta helped clean up the place with their pocket dimension. Once it was all cleaned up, they started their travel to the Mountain.



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It almost seemed to be different to see things way, Akuko seemed to be numb to it all when came down to that thought of it. But in the end she did say that it better for them to think she was dead, Even if she had for so long carried some kind of hope that in fact they could alter things in a positive way."I will...fine my answer to that ponder another time on my own then." Akuko seemed to say about it almost like she was more dismissing herself about than anyone else, Most likely to avoid thinking of if her parents thought so much different than now.

But watching two people flee quickly equally as they arrived. She seemed to quietly feed Miko who seemed to come back out to just being themselves while it all ended quickly. Akuko wanted to think different of people it was just kind of normal to see this." I expected them to be a bit braver."Akuko did not seem to judgement but only did mention it because it was what she thought it would be for them.

It was logically to want to pack up a bit sooner to continue their walk. But Miko seemed interesting to just between Akuko and Mishiko at this time. Seemingly okay and happy with the situation Miko seemed to stop bugging for sweets.

When they wrapped it up and finished up what they where doing. They cleaned up quickly. "If she knows then it is too far to go back."But it sounded like backing down was not her interest to start with it they where close to hopeful victory.




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She shrugged as she didn't want to think about the samurai that decided to just run off after slicing one of their friends. They got all cleaned up and began to walk towards the Mountain. Her head tilted as they were getting closer to it. The Mountain was going to be just as a long trail upwards as it was from the City to here. Her eyes closed for a moment and yawned as she looked at Ohta once they opened once more. Ohta looked over and flew over to snuggle against her. Softly they yawned right after and smiled brightly. The snuggle was comforting and she had to try not to think about it since it will make her want to fall asleep. As they were walking she looked up to see Ohta come back witha paper. "Mmm? What do you have?", she asked calmly and tiredly. She grabbed it and realized it was the stamp of the Shogun, with Quilla's name on it. "Heh...",.



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