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Nightly Cruise [Ragnar&Akuko][SL]

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Nightly Cruise [Ragnar&Akuko][SL] Empty Sun Feb 19, 2023 2:11 pm


Mishiko yawned as she waited for Akuko and Ragnar. Her eyes of black and red looked at the door as the port was thankfully close by with a secret path that was created. The ship was on the water, down the path to the right of where she stood. Her white snow hair covered half of her face as it tickled her shoulder. She wore a black tank top with a large trench coat. Her pants were baggy and black, but fit perfectly against her waist. Ohta floated near her as they watched for their new friend, Miku. She wondered how long these two love birds were going to take. Before this she took a shower and packed a suitcase of clothes, giving them to Ohta to hold in their pocket.

Their journey was somewhat long she had a lot to do. Her eyes closed for a moment as she hummed a haunting tune. Now to wait for them.



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Akuko would pop out of shadowy corner eventually. letting out a yawn while she was seemingly getting carried away with a nap while she was waiting.

Then she would just stretch out like she was just stiff around the joints. Then she just simply looked at Mishiko, Ohta and Miko. pondering how long they had been waiting there."Well some one look a little less impressed."Akuko had to start it off with cracking a casual sarcastic remark. It sounded less witty and more blunt if anything.

Then reaching into shadow behind her she pulled out a bottle of water. Offering it to Mishiko and then looked over to Miko. Taking Miko both of of her hands. Then reaching into the shadow void like she normally did Akuko pulled out a piece of dried fruit and fed the tiny being. Then seemed if anything happy with it."We're you waiting for me?"She asked because she was curious


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In the distance walking towards both of them, they would see the last person that needed to continue on this mission. A tall tanned man, still wearing no shirt with a large falcon tattoo on his left arm that wraps around the back onto his right arm. His long black hair went down to the nap of his neck, with the sides shaved short. With his right hand he was holding a massive traveling chest, held closed by multiple belts and a large chain wrapped around it which was what the man was holding onto. The chest clearly was meant for a family or something to travel long distances with multiple sets of clothing and everything else. It was almost as tall as the man was and even wider then he was.

As the man closed the distance he looked over to see Akuko and with a smile he said " Hopefully I am not too late. It took me a bit to find a trunk big enough to hold all my stuff. I assume we are trying to be quiet, and in my full gear being quiet isn't exactly my strong suit. " Both of them were aware that Ragnar in his full suit wore a set of blood red full plate and used a very loud axe that seemed to have metal teeth on it that spun around at high speed. Ragnar wasn't exactly the pinnacle of subtly.

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Mahā felt a little bit shocked when he saw his guild master Mishiko and two other guild members gathering at the port. One of them brings a very big chest with him and Mahā can’t help but wonder what are they doing and where are they going. Mahā has never really met his guildmates but he knows some information about them, and of course he knows Mishiko as his guild master. Mahā walks towards them casually, he wants to know what they're up to. As he gets closer, the chest and the man who is holding it seems even bigger compared to what he saw from the distance. He seems really strong. Mahā followed by Goldrache who flew behind him arrives at where those three standing. “Looks like I finally get the chance to meet my guildmates, what are you up to?” Ask Mahā to the three of his guildmates.

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She yawns once more as she then sees Akuko poke out of nowhere, but to no surprise to Mishiko. Her eyes gazed at the water and closed her eyes for a moment. "Mmm, sure," she ghostly spoke as her hand grabbed onto the bottled water. As she opened it, she responded back, "Both you and Ragnar,". "Speaking of which..." she could hear someone with a trunk of some kind. She stood up straight and started to walk towards the ship down the path. "You're fine, let's get on the boat. We have a long road ahead of us," she says and goes towards a wall. She stood there for a moment till she whispered some unknown language. The wall opened into a door as she went through. Before she went, she heard someone arriving and turned around. Her eyes finally met a new arrival, Mahā. She hasn't seen much of him, but assumed they had things to do on their own. "Join us on the ship and I'll explain," she told him. Assuming they followed, it revealed a large ship. The details were incomparable, but so many things made it cool and amazing that it would take all day to describe.

She went to the boat and waited for them to get on. There was a whole crew here, her crew from the past Joyan trips, including Akio and Ayako. "So these are your three members?", Ayako asked as he eyes Akuko. "Ah, good to see you again," he gave a genuine smile and then went to the wheel. Akio took out his map and walked towards the table in the middle as Ayako was ordering everyone else in getting the boat prepared for sail.

"Alright, let's go to the table and I will explain the plan and on why you're both here," Mishiko explained as she walked to the table in the middle of the ship.




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And now it seems everyone was joining the party. Plus another one over all an interesting change between the normal two others and herself.Given there was most likely a few things to do over Akuko just simply took her little fuzz ball and considered that they had to move on to the next thing at hand. Then again she took time to just scratching the tiny fuzz ball on the top of it's head and continued on her way. Putting Miko on her shoulder she looked around the room to seeing what all was going to come.

The new one to join had a good question, What where they up too. But she felt it was better that Mishiko explain it."Is your version of quiet to look at people and tell them you don't see me Ragnar?"It was a bit of a teasing statement yes but she also assume chains and a large chest would make some kind of nose as well but most likely a plan would come quick and they would figure out things quickly. It also would not be Akuko with some kind of joking comment to some people over all for the moment one would be spared from it."Indeed it is nice to see you."Akuko had nothing against Ayako so she would return the same greeting to him.

They went to the table and then put Miko on the table so they had room to look around, Miko seemed to be slowly making it's way to Ragnar only because due to it's attachment Akuko it seemed to think that Ragnar was friendly to it and it seemed to quietly look upon him like it almost expected something Akuko seemed to not be paying attention at the time as she was prepared too listen to the meet at the time. So far it was just Ragnar whom the tiny black ball of fluffiness seemed to interested in trying to interact with. But for now it just waited not assuming Ragnar was friendly enough yet or almost like it wanted something sweet like the sugar fiend it was always.



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Ragnar was surpised when someone else showed up, someone that he didn't recognize at all and more importantly they seemed to know the rest of the guild. They were a guildmate that he had never meet before. Which honestly made sense, a guild can't really be three people. It has to have atleast four people in it right? The next thing he noticed was a golden dragon with some kind of crown on it's head, behind the person. The dragon was about a half a meter tall, so it wasn't big enough to be a threat unless it was packing some serious heat that Ragnar couldn't tell, though it was a dragon of some kind so maybe it had a transformation or something. Either way, Ragnar gave the man a look up and down before paying him no more mind. He got his once over and that was all he was going to need atleast for a bit.

Once they all walked onto the ship, Ragnar still holding onto his chest looked around and tried to figure out what the hell they were doing. Ragnar had never been on a ship before, but how bad could it be right? Well either way, they made their way over to the table in the middle of the ship. This would hopefully be moved before they left port otherwise it would slide all over the place right? Ragnar placed his chest down next to the table, before kicking it over onto it's side with a loud thud. Ragnar then sat down on the chest like a long bench at this point and would have waited for the rest but then noticed a small black flying ball of fluff flying towards him. Ragnar had never seen this thing before but he saw it moving closer to him and Ragnar couldn't help but wonder what the hell this thing wanted. Ragnar wasn't exactly the favorite of animals, most animals around him were afraid of him. Though now that Ragnar thinks about it, all the times he has meet animals before he was wearing his armor and had his weapon with him, so maybe that had something to do with it.

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As Mishiko invites him to join them on their trip, a large ship is revealed. It looks really cool, beyond his imagination. Mahā then follows the three of them to the ship, and get a look from the top of the ship, everything gets even cooler. Mishiko seems to be greeted by the crew member, and it seems like they already knew each other.

Besides the cool ship, Mahā can help but keep looking at the three of them, especially Mishiko, a Demigod. Mahā can’t imagine what power she has with her, the potency of a Demigod must be really amazing to be seen firsthand. After Mishiko was greeted by the crew, she invited her guild members to the table in the middle of that ship. As Mahā walks behind Mishiko, a loud thud can be heard, created by Ragnar who kicks his big chest.

Mahā sees this trip as an interesting opportunity to learn more about the behavior of beings on earthland, as he is always happy to learn more about them. This also a good chance for him to know more of his guildmates and see some strong people in action, maybe they will need to do some action. But Mahā still doesn't know what this trip is about and is waiting for Mishiko to explain the plan.

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She looked at the map of Joya as she grabbed a chess piece. "We will start at the docks at the port, together we will have to be silent as it'll be night there by the time we get there. Samurai's will be scattered, but not too many since after my 'death', the Shogun has lowered her guard," she started to explain and then moved their chess piece to the admin building. "We need to get to the building and find the scrolls with the Daimyo's names and that's when we either split or go after each one together," she then gets out a piece for each of them and each Daimyo. There are a total of four to five.

"Each of you will get each one or we will go after each one together. Simple enough, we need to not alarm their Commanders and Samurai guards as there will be about twenty to forty, depending on what the Daimyo ordered for them to do. We need to get information about the Shogun's whereabouts and schedule. As well as the army and the amount. The other Daimyo will have information on the markets and proof of corruption that they all agreed to,"
she knocks over the chess pieces, "Any questions? Seems simple," she looks at them.



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It was an simple and interesting meeting at least. They had a fourth new into the plan, he seemed rather willing and helpful. It would make a few things easier depending on how it will all god. But Ragnar and him were both pretty quiet that that Akuko minded either they where unsure or had no idea yet was would be fully helpful.

But first she looked at her tiny friend who was staring at Ragnar, she was floating a tiny bit. Then just as the black ball of fluff went close enough to touch Ragnar."Miko."Akuko said the tiny floating orb seemed to turn around and look at Akuko."He has no sweets for you come back here."Akuko seemed to say that oddly nicely. Then well Miko almost seemed disappointed for a moment then start flying away slowly. if anything Ragnar had plenty time to either touch, pet, or some how if he had sweets offer some to Miko that she could take. But it was almost like the tiny thing was intentionally dragging it on.

If not stopped with sweet or candy at any point Miko would just land on Akuko and settle to sitting on the top of her head, Then Akuko would take Miko and place her on her shoulder, seemingly the tiny fuzzy thing seems to just settle down for now."One question."Akuko wanted to pose this at least.

"What person is doing what?"Rather then just going with the flow Akuko wanted to know anyone had actual ideas for this matter. That way she could come up with her own once she knew who had a plan at of where to go.



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Ragnar eventually came out of his internal monologue about animals to see his Guild Master bring out several chess pieces. Atleast Ragnar thinks that they are chess pieces. Ragnar then heard what Akuko had said to the flying furball, and she was right. Ragnar didn't have any sweets on him, he didn't care that kind of stuff on him. And the floating ball went back to Akuko, and Ragnar was listening to what his guild master was saying but was watching the furball. Was this like the guild tattoo and Ragnar had missed it or was this a new development. This must be a new development right? There is no way that Ragnar is that obvious that he missed a literal floating ball of black fur.

Eventually topic of who is doing what came up and Ragnar instantly said " I know what I am not doing. Anything involving stealth. I mean look at me, it isn't like I am really capable of being stealthy and I have zero training in it. My version of stealth is simply to kill everyone so no one can raise the alarm but I doubt that will be useful in this place. So if you all got an idea for something I can do please let me know. "

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When Mishiko explains the plan to everyone, Mahā pays attention to every detail possible, but Mishiko’s explanation seems like it wasn’t the whole plan, more like the first step of the whole plan. It sounds simple, being stealth was never a problem for Mahā, plus with his human disguise, Joya is the best place for him to blend in. After Mishiko finishes with her explanation, she asks if anyone has any questions and Akuko asks directly about who is doing what in this part of the plan.

Ragnar then explains how he is not really good with being stealth, or at least he has his own “way” and “mean” of stealth. ”It makes sense, I mean look how big this guy is, and his appearance will easily be the center of attention.” thinks Mahā.

”I personally think the best way to keep being stealth is to blend in, hide in the crowd. I don’t think I have any problem with that, and my look fits perfectly in Joya. But about splitting up or moving together, I choose the second option. If we hide in the crowd, it might be wise to move together, not in a group of four walking next to each other, but maybe give a small distance but move to the same direction. Just don’t lose each other.”

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Mishiko was thinking as she listened to all of their opinions or complaints. Akuko was wondering on the plan itself for each person, Ragnar was complaining about how loud he may be and Maha agreed with Ragnar and put their own input in it. Her head tilted and spawned four pawns that went on the board. "Ragnar, the most you could do is have Akuko sneak and assassinate a Samurai, you take their armor and put it on. You can be our spy and get along with whomever comes our way and distract them. Akuko, myself and Maha will sneak in and do the rest. If Akuko or Maha want to join Ragnar, that's fine," she explains as she then takes the pieces.

She stood up and yawned before looking over to one of her crewmates, "Bring out the Sake and Booze with the food," she waved her hand. They all cheered and Mishiko looked at her three members. "Enjoy your meal and drinks while you can since we're almost there," she walked towards the edge after grabbing some fresh water.



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They was a good plan to start happening here and in some manner Akuko could see all of it working in some manner. But she had something that she needed to inquire about since well it could be flawless."Are you expecting me to branch out and away from Ragnar or not? I could see his ruse being revealed when they try and talk to him."But that was just Akuko thinking, If they wanted this to go off with out worry maybe Akuko just needed to see if that was being accounted for.

Then the suggestion of some one joining him was brought up in which leaned Akuko into thinking maybe that was a better option. But she would say this in a joking way."It is fine, I'll just shadow Ragnar."Akuko laughed because she just made a corny pun that was fitting for the moment. Anyone who told her other wise was wrong or a poor sport.

Then it was time for food and drinks. Perfect she would get to right to pouring herself and Ragnar a drink. Then she simply walked over to her partner and offered Ragnar the first glass. Shame to say this was a trap as if he would attempt to take it Akuko would drink it on him. Then head over the other one in her hand."Yes let's get the need to drink and eat out of the way first."It seemed if anything Akuko was ready for the risks she needed to take even if she had the easiest outs, she was more than likely to take take into account and use it maybe for other means that she could. But first she needed to stop being a bit of a pain in the butt to people here.



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Ragnar sat and listened to what everyone else had to say about the mission at hand. The new person said that they should be totally fine with stealth and said he would fit in just fine. Then Ragnar heard what Mishiko suggested and figured that would work more then likely, it would have to be a big fucking Samurai but hey. Outside of that Akuko brought up another issue that Ragnar didn't speak the language, something Ragnar hadn't really considered until now. Well good news is that Akuko could just become a shadow and there should be room in his armor for her to just chill with him if need be.

" Yea. I think that would be best Akuko. Just shadow form into my 'new' armor with me and we will go from there. You can translate for me as well if need be. We will see how all of that works out as time goes on at the very least. " Ragnar reached out to take his drink from his lover only to have her, before he could grab it, slam it down and leave Ragnar with an empty cup. Akuko then changed her hand and handed Ragnar the cup in her other hand and gave Ragnar that one. After taking the drink Ragnar just sighed, but he smiled at it. Akuko was always keeping him on his toes at the very least.

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Mahā listened to Mishiko’s plan very carefully. He tries to get every detail from the plan, all part of it as clear as possible. This is the first time for Mahā to work with others, since the time he came to earthland he always ended up working alone. Mahā doesn’t want to miss any detail to avoid making mistakes during this trip, that wouldn’t be a good impression. Mishiko comes up with a good plan for Ragnar, taking advantage of their targets' armor for him to blend in and kinda be a spy for the group. Mahā expected more details for the plan but it seems like this trip is one of those “go show” type of trips where they only have the main goal, a few first steps to do and then go with the flow to reach their goal. Akuko and Ragnar agreed to the plan and it seems like they decided that Akuko will stick with Ragnar as his shadow during his spying task. Mahā can’t help but to wonder what is Akuko capable of and how would she do something like that, as always Mahā get too focused on other people’s unique ability and always get amazed when he is able to see those amazingly unique perks from people around him, giving him more actual knowledge and imagination of what other unique ability he might see in the future.

After explaining the plan, Mishiko calls one of her crewmates to bring the food and drinks for them to enjoy during this ship trip. Mishiko told them to enjoy the feast while they can, because they are not that far from their destination. After grabbing some fresh water, she walks toward the edges of the ship. Mahā still feels like a stranger to all his guild mates and all Mishiko’s crewmates, but he likes to observe people's behaviors before he can really interact with them. This is some kind of his habits since he is not from earthland, so learning people’s behavior is something he likes to do to learn and understand people around him. So, after Mishiko walks away, Mahā decides to walk in a different direction, towards the other side of the ship. He first stands facing the sea, looking at the wide pile of water in front of him and the sky to the point where he can’t see the separation line between those two. After a while, he turns his body around, towards Ragnar and Akuko. While looking at what they're doing, he tries to observe their behavior and guess the relation between those two. It’s interesting how they act with each other, the kind of things which make Mahā like to observe people.

One of Mishiko’s crewmates then approaches him while bringing a big glass of some kind of booze, which he doesn’t really know about. He offers Mahā the drinks but Mahā politely rejects it. This is something he has never seen before, somehow it seems like people on earthland throwing a party before they even finish their mission. But maybe not all of the people, maybe this group just like to enjoy their time since they don’t really know what’s coming in the future. Not that Mahā knows the future or something, but in his opinion he should be in his best condition for the mission and taking some booze or getting too full before it might affect his performance.

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The two seem to be disccussing on what they wanted to do for the mission. She will assume that they will stick together and her and Maha will stick together till it is time to get back to each other towards the end. Once she got to the edge her eyes gazed towards the way that Joya will be seen. Joya will be the Phoenix, it is her Phoenix. She felt a snug and realized Ohta was right next to her. They looked up at her with the beady eyes and then looked towards The people that were going around. That was when she saw Ayako and Akio walk towards Mishiko.

"We'll keep the ship from being destroyed, but we can't reveal ourselves too much within Joya," Ayako spoke with strictness, but warmness towards Mishiko. She gave a small smile, "I understand. Now that you both have received your status', I assumed you'll stay hidden more," Mishiko told them.

She turned around and finally saw it, Joya. "Go warn the others in case they don't see anything," she then walked towards Ragnar and Akuko. Once she was a few meters away, she spoke, "You two be safe... We'll meet up once we get the information while you two distract," she waved her hand and then went to Maha. Once she went to them on the other side of the boat, "It seems we will be partnering up for this mission since those two love birds are teaming up," she huffed a chuckle. "We will be sneaking in to get all the information while those two watch our backs," she explains simply and then looked towards Joya as it was now minutes away.


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It seemed in the end all things where in order. They just needed to land ashore and start their plan. Over all it was just perfect and interesting that way. But even if she had continue to try and leave Ragnar on his toe, the mission to come might be the true test of how well he will manage to be kept on his toes. But before really she settled down to wait."I do wonder if I could pass my voice as male?"Akuko laughed about it because it would just be the case of she could almost have to just speak normally.

Nonetheless it would not takk too long for Akuko to be ready for this mission after all she had some food and drink and they travelled there, they just needed to go into the action. It would most likely be strange to ragnar to have Akuko linger around and not try to toy with anything for once.


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Ragnar sat there as he got his new drink, luckily it appeared that his part of the mission planning was over and that they had a plan. He still had no idea who this new person was but to be fair, that was something that could be figured out later. If his guild leader sponsored this person then who was he to say otherwise. Mishiko seemed to have a good head on her shoulders all things considered, being some kind of goddess of death or some such. Ragnar downed his drink before waving and saying simply " I am going to bed. While some Icebergians are great on the water, I am not one of them, so I am going to go lay down. I will see you all when we get to solid land."

Ragnar walked straight under the deck to look for a place to sleep, now maybe he was totally fine and he just wanted to go to bed to be well rested or maybe he was sea sick. Who's to say.



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Mahā sees the moment Mishiko talked to her crewmate, but he can’t quite hear the topic that they’re talking about. One thing he notices is that the ship is getting closer and closer to Joya, the time for them to finally work out their plan will come soon. Mishiko then walks toward Akuko and Ragnar and once again they are talking with each other and Mahā can’t hear what they were talking about. After that, Mishiko walks towards him, she tells him that Akuko will team up with Ragnar as the distract team while Mishiko and Mahā will team up to sneak in and gather the information they need for this mission. So many things are filling up Mahā’s head right now, and this is a very exciting moment for Mahā. The excitement that he feels makes his brain can’t stop thinking and imagining some scenario that might happen during this mission. His brain is working like a machine right now, trying to get all the possibilities and trying to solve those unwanted situations they might face soon.

For the first time, Mahā will work with others, and not just random people but his guild mates and his guild master. What a great experience for him as he can get the opportunity to closely see and observe the ability of his guild master. Not just their ability during the fight, but also their ability to blend it or to sneak around. What is more exciting for him is the opportunity to see his guild master way of thinking. From the moment Mishiko comes up with the plan, to the point where this mission finally ends, Mahā gets the chance to see how Mishiko will deal with every situation and that will be a great chance for him to learn more about strategy and decision making during the time of crisis.

But on the other side, Mahā is considering how their other guildmates feel about him, and how much they trust him. This bonding between all of them might one day become the obstacle for him to reach his main goals. But he won’t miss this opportunity because based on the bond they created today, the use of that bonding might bend and might be useful in the future. If he never tries to trust someone or make someone trust him, he will never get a friend that will help him reach his goal and that is the worst outcome he can imagine. Especially with all three of them here, they all seem really strong and powerful, Mahā can sense that all of them have their specialty and their own strong point, and it’s better for him if he can get them on his side instead of facing them as an enemy in the future. Mahā just hopes that one day, the people that he trusts and the people that end up being close with him will understand his main goal and decide to support him.

Mahā gets his head back to reality and looks back at Mishiko. He never really imagined that he would get the chance to go on a mission with his guild master, especially for her to invite him randomly just because they accidentally met with each other.

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Mishiko cornered her eyes to look at what she could and then approached Maha slowly. Her head tilted as her tired, doll-like eyes gazed at him. Once she was about two meters from him she wondered the tiny details about them. Sure she knew everything someone would know by documents from Fiore, but they don't really tell you anything about what a person likes and so forth, or she didn't care enough to search that deep. Mishiko prefers to look through a person's actions and brain than some paper from another person.

"So," she started and itched the side of her right neck, "Tell me your goal,". Will this person lie or tell her honestly? As she was curious, Joya was getting even closer to them. Ohta now floated next to Mishiko and gazed at Maha with their beady beautiful eyes. Their white fluff was like pure flakes of snow. She listened to Maha and once they answered, they were now at the docks. She hoped that Ragnar and Akuko won't mess up and secretly, they'll be okay.




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Mahā gets a little shock when Mishiko ask him about his goals. It feels like she can simply read his mind, or maybe hear his thoughts? But Mahā doesn't have any reason to lie or to hide his goals to Mishiko, plus this is what he has in mind so far, and not like perfectly fabricated goals anyway, and since he doesn't know if his goals might change in the future, he tells her the truth.

“It’s nothing special. It's not something like bringing peace to the world, or starting a war against another kingdom. I just want to create a neutral point, something in the form of a library-like place, where anyone can come and seek any information they're looking for. Well of course I need that place to be quiet most of the time and make sure no one has the guts to fight inside or near that place and put all information in it in danger. Sounds ridiculous, but knowledge is the most powerful weapon, and I like to see what people do when they have the information. When the time comes I might get to enjoy something entertaining from the knowledge people gathered at my place.”

Mahā then laugh a little since he always get excited when trying to imagine what people will do with the knowledge they have. They might build a better village, build a better construction, or they might create a deadly weapon, or start a war. No one will ever know until the time comes.

As Mahā is done telling his goals, they finally reach the dock at Joya. This is finally starting, the first mission where Mahā gets to work with others. Hope he can give his best performance so Mishiko and the others might put some trust in him. He will make sure to observe every single moments possible to get the best information out of this mission, not just about the mission, but also information about his teammates and guild master.


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