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Forced Invitation [SL][Akuko]

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Mishiko was out with Akuko, bottle of sake in her hand and frowning at the fact that she doesn't even remember what happened that night with Jin. She hasn't seen him since then. Her Crew friends were off doing something else as she hasn't heard from Akio, Ayako or the rest in a while - since Halloween. Suza was next to them as she drank her little box of juice in between the two women.

The three just got done at a split bar where one half is for kids, the other for adults. Just kidding, they could never as they just bought some wine and juice from a store. "I wonder what we shall do," she ghostly speaks and Suza hugs the side of her. "It'll be okay, Mama, we can go to the park with the pretty 'feeshes' and garden," she yawned cutely and snuggles into her leg as they stand still for a moment.



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There was nothing she carried on her mind at this time she was fair more uneasy only because they where in Joya and she hated this place with a personal passion. Akuko was not hiding her dislike of this place."Or...we can just go on the next boat back to Fiore and be done with this place forever."Akuko mentioned, not spoiling the fun intentionally but Akuko had not gotten over the hate for Joyan she felt in her systems.

She was not even saying sorry for it, She was only here because of the two people she was with now."Very good Suza, your are on your way to saying fishes. You just need to practice a bit more."At least she was willing to put aside her disliking of the nation that they stood in now, to focus on the how the speaking of another was working.


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"Oh calm down, Akuko. No one knows it's us,~" she coldly cooed sarcastically. "Joya has its own beauty. Just because some of the -- most of the people are shit, doesn't mean the culture fully is,". Her eyes lowered to look at Suza, "Of course we can," she patted her head as the woman confidently walked past the people. Oddly enough, people stayed away from them for some reason. Maybe it was her appearance since it was unique. She had doubts she was in history books since Ayame would ban it.

Within a blink, everyone on the street was gone. All besides the three of them. Her eyes lit up as she saw a portal appear of a golden gate that opens up. A sudden suction pulls them in. All they see now is light as they are pulled upward till they land on a floating platform of marble that leads up to a gate and two guards.



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This was the only thing that ever annoyed Akuko, one's dismissal of feeling towards a place she hated. Over all this entirely bother her no matter what even remarking."I do not know how you keep talking me into these things, But I am starting to hate the more you keep asking me come help you do these adventures as we end up here."Akuko was not seeing the good at a place looking nice it reminded her of things she died over and she still kind of just still had her problems she was not working on getting over it.

This would not help either. When everyone was just gone it left Akuko uncomfortable. After all not everyone just disappeared for no reason at all. It was going to be quick and Akuko was picking up on it, Even if she did not say anything right away. With the portal and the golden gate. Akuko was going to resist because well she did not trust it in the slightest at all.

As was achieving the goal of getting them in the portal but Akuko was going to struggle and resist as much as she could grabbing on to anything she could that might delay it, Then considering for a moment digging her pointy finger accessories into the ground to to see if it would slow her being let in. Then well realize the other two where not getting away at all, Akuko gave up trying to flee because she would be damned if she would leave them behind.



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"Ugh, it's sickeningly bright up here..." she muttered in disgust. As soon as they'd open their eyes to see the door and halls, further away the palace itself, they were then immediately introduced to some two guards running at them. Her first reaction was grabbing her tool, but then she realized where she weas.

"Shit... ----" she started to cuss in Joyan as they came closer. She stood up straight and cocked her head towards Akuko, "You're... not going to like this," she muttered hesitantly and felt Suza hug her leg. Two men appeared from the gate and walked towards them. One had white long hair up in a pony, headband around his forehead that had a gemstone in the middle. He wore armor that had symbols resembling the different moons. His color pallet were blues, whites/silvers and black. The other one had a sedge hat, long black hair, and facial hair of a goatee and mustache. His attire was a half worn blue kimono with golden designs. Other half was just his packed chest. For bottoms he wore his hakamas that were grey like the skies on a bad day. The designs on him were clouds in an art style.

"So lovely you could make it!", The white haired one opened their arms and walked towards Mishiko.



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Something that at least she could be thankful for, When being told she is not going to enjoy this. It was true Akuko was now hating all of this entirely. But it just continued to annoy her more and more because none of the stuff going on was anything she had planned to do today. She was better off staying in bed at this point because it was just becoming a bit much to her at this time."Everyone just had to keep it eye bleeding bright?"She mentioned annoyed because who would have guessed the daemon of shadow would hate light it was completely a shock she was right?

but when mentioned that she was not going to enjoy it she would just have to say."Oh really? Which part lead you to think that...the going to joya part, the bright light or being brought to another place, THAT I DON"T EVEN KNOW?!"Akuko said in return because she was not having a good time, She did not even know why she was here or what entirely the point of it was.

Thus she looked the best she could in this bright land and area."Oh...so you know them. Magical..."Whatever else they would get this being about she had to guess would be to come. But as this progresses on Akuko was really unhappy here.



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She itched the back of her head and glared at the two, "I can't say the same after last time...", she clicked her tongue and looked at both of them while arms crossed against her chest, hip out. "What do you two want now?", she wondered curiously as the two wouldn't have summoned her for no reason, beings of the human realm no less. Suza gazed up at both of them nervously as she wondered who they were and if they were dangerous. "Didn't expect for myself to tell you like this," she turned her head to look at Akuko, ignoring her childish ramblings of annoyance.

"Greetings, I am happily able to introduce myself to the one who has been by my sister's side all this time," the one with the white hair spoke and bowed his head. "Hmph, whatever, can we just explain why we summoned them?", the one with the black hair spoke, but snuck in a smile as he tipped his hat to his sister. "I'm glad to still see you're in one piece, sister," he snuck in the truth in his sentence.

"Akuko, you wondered what happened...", she walked towards them and lifted up her arm and pointed at them. "These two are my brothers, Tsukuyomi and Susano-o - Half-brothers," she huffed a chuckle and Suza slowly came up to them. "Any questions?", she wondered and spoke before she felt like throwing up out of an overfill of emotions.



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Not matter how it could be it seemed Akuko was not really happy with the situation because well you could shift some one form another area entirely and forcefully was never going to leave some one happy."Clearly some one else will have to just be delighted to tell me rather then just being ripped from reality...you know one feel less...what is the word im looking for...yes violating."She was using harsher words but then again when you Akuko no one tells you things and you just go places you wonder what else could just make her happy at this point.

In some manner Akuko was okay seeing her family."Oh step brothers? wonderful, at least some one seems to have family that like them."She could laugh about it, Akuko was going to try and calm herself down after all she was left with over all no real choice in the matter."But it is nice to meet both of you."She said casually at this point to keep herself kind of settled.

The magic of any questions."What happen then? Why am I here? Why is Suza here? Is what so important that you had to drag me entirely to another plane of reality to talk to us?"Akuko could really go on since she had no problem going. But she would leave it at this point."Better yet, Why is everything so bright? almost like you wanted me to be blind."She then stopped.



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"Half-brothers, Half... Step is when you're not related at all..." she sighed annoyed at Akuko's attitude. She was being salty, but it was probably because she still didn't want to see her own family. When Akuko asked about why they were there, Mishiko wondered the same thing. "You're here for a Trial of course. You four will be tested as she wants to see what you choose to do and pick to have when the time comes," Tsukuyomi proceeds to explain, "It's bright because Heaven is bright," he chuckled happily with a gentle smile.

"If you want darkness, you'd have to visit our mother," Susano-o replied. "Ah, Suza! Quite a name, sister. After the Guardian!", Susano-o for once gave a beary laugh. He patted Mishiko's back and then replied, "Suza is here because we couldn't leave her in the street without you two. We will of course take care of her while you both are there to do the trials," Tsukuyomi told them and then looked over towards his right. Mishiko was curious as to what they could be looking at or for, but so far it was no one.

She looked back at Akuko and chairs appeared out of thin air as everyone started to sit. "A lot of history, but to simplify it, I did die in Hosenka's street. Apparently, I was going through a trial to live a hard life due to a punishment for killing demigods and humans many era's ago. So before being human, I was a demigod, and now am one. My parents? The Goddess and Queen of the Underworld as I am the Demigod - goddess of death, madness and Beauty," she boredly spoke as she felt odd talking about beauty. She didn't feel like she was, but she had the most unique beauty to her. Gifts from her brothers and sisters.




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It seemed she just let out an annoyed sigh. in some manner she was unsure what to think of being on trial."On trial, am I guilty of something?"She asked because she had to know what to expect during this and well she needed to ask."I doubt if anything, I will get a lawyer for this trial or any right to council either?" She did not seem any less annoyed just kind of. It was Akuko this was something out of her control and she was really not happy about.

"And what is the results of this trial anyway?"She was not done any time soon but she had more serious reasons to keep at it. But she was finally told her friend died and became a demi god."Oh new family and new life? how,reckless things get now huh?"Akuko some what sounded like she was trying to control herself and keep herself settled but she was a bit bitter still. But Akuko viewed it a bit more different then most people."Let me pose this to you then, Do they care and like you more than your previous family?"Akuko asked her closest friend for a reason, After all Akuko was a single child and parents that most likely had different thoughts of her now.

After all there was some things even if her rants could be ignored, was more about how little she had when Misihko seemed to have these improvements that she wished she had in the past."Alright Tsukuyomi and Susano-o, Who all is taking part in this trial? Are you leaving Suza out of it at least? after all she is a merely harmless child."It was one of the few things you could give Akuko, she was different but had things she believed, one of them being Children were truly innocent and should be subjected to harsh reality's of life.



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Mishiko wasn't sure how to really let this go on. She seemed to be unsure how to explain to Akuko the larger details of her past and feels like she should not correct her. Did she not understand that this was Heaven of Joya? The wind here was stale, calm even as not even a hair was misplaced. Her eyes were studying the group as she was wondering what her brothers will say. Nonetheless, she had questions for them again, "So where is Amaterasu and the others? Busy as always?", she wondered. Her head turned to Tsukuyomi, "You're married to her, so I assume you know," she frowned as she looked at her brother.

Sasano-o wanted to laugh but held their tongue. "She is - as always she sent a letter instead of coming here herself," he spoke and bowed his head. "Not to disrespect you of course," he then looked over to Akuko who asked a question earlier. "Suza will not be participating and instead will enjoy her time playing with the other children here," he clapped whistled soothingly and summoned a few servants in lovely clothing. They bowed their heads, "How care we help you?", they asked in sync. He told them to take good care of Suza while they were busy.

Suza looked up at Mishiko and Akuko, feeling nervous. Mishiko bent her knees to give her eye contact. "Don't worry, they'll take care of you," she petted her head and then glared at the caretakers. They gulped and bowed their heads more, "Yes, yes, we have snacks, a petting zoo and activities for the young children to enjoy their childhood lives," they offered a hand to her and Mishiko's heart felt pain as she saw her move towards them.

It'll be alright...





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Nothing seemed to be answer with in her questions it almost annoyed her stronger then most things because for once in her life she had actual serious questions and everyone seemed to just kind of leave it at that. It was just a game of catch up and she was just watching it. normally not one to get annoyed she was just starting to feel it for once in her life. Because they were things she could just jokingly shrug off or look past in some manner, This entire new family was sure a like that was becoming apparent to her right now.

"The three of you are truly family look how all of you just go about your own matters and ignore most of the questions placed before you."She had to say that at least because well it was just her way no one really cared to answer her questions.

But at least Suza was going safe."As long as Suza trust you as well."Akuko said.Yes she was not the shining example of motherhood because she still had the power to care about other people even if rare."For once in my life, I hope they spoil her."it was a strange thing to say but might be for good reasons of keeping Suza distracted from whatever they would be doing, After all she could not assume it was a good and safe thing for children to see.

This was not entirely ideal, Too many unknowns and Akuko just had to play along and if anything as Mishiko would know, Akuko will not be happy about this situation. But she did stop talking everyone would have a break from it, She wasn't happy still.




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