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My Friend [Word on the Street]

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#1Mistress Elvira 

My Friend [Word on the Street] Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 12:41 am

Mistress Elvira
Quest: My Friend

Rank: S

Type: -

  • You are not required to be S rank to do this.
  • Solo

Mistress Elvira: A Rich powerful woman who has no interest in politics. It is said she is from a different universe that she got bored of and now resides here. Her origins are truly unknown other than the info above. Her true interests are traveling, auctions and giving Earth Landers chances to become great with her gifts.

Summary: Mistress Elvira has been missing her friend. She heard that their friend went back to a village within a forest at Woodsea that is hidden from the rest of the world. Her dear friend is a half-elf that was raised by Woodelves. Surely they went back because duty calls or they went to find their childhood friend. Sadly, it has been awhile since she has last heard from him and wishes for you to adventure out and find out what happened.  

  • Deku Plants: They spit out nuts at their targets, but stay in place within the forest.
  • Dullahan: A giant headless creature that has a magical eye on their palm. Lasers come out of it. They may be blind, but their hearing is abnormally amazing.

Objective: Go through the forest and find Mistress's friend or at least find out what happened to them.

Reward(s): Quest rewards (Non-modified), Mysterious Pouch Gift (If you become one of the winners)

  • Create a topic in Woodsea
  • Go through the forest and examine the whole area.
  • You will realize it's a maze and be introduced to some fairies, a friendly masked by and some lost tourists.
  • As you go through the maze you will be encountered by some Deku plants that attack you at the sight of you.
  • Going further, you will now find yourself in an actual maze that has some water potholes that you must swim through occasionally.
  • Your enemy here are the Dullahan's you'll encounter at every corner as they guard the maze.
  • Once you defeat or escape by stealthy means, you will see stairs that lead up to a temple.
  • You'll meet a pretty girl with green hair playing an instrument, introducing herself as Sara.
  • She'll explain to you that the friend you are seeking came here already and did his job, leaving to his Princess and City in an unknown Country.


  • Please post an RP post in here of you returning to Mistress Elvira at the porch of her vacation house of this location and give the info to her for your reward alongside your link to your original thread where you did your mission.

  • Your RP post here will also count towards your WC towards the WC requirement.

  • This will be checked after a week for rewards to be handed out as this mission will only last a week. Anything handed afterwards will be invalid.

  • WCR Does not have any effects for this quest. And you are not required to sign up or Travel to the location. You may just start it.


My Friend [Word on the Street] Empty Fri Nov 04, 2022 7:55 pm


She went through the maze once again, and the entire forest as an entirety. Before she actually left though, she wanted to watch the masked person and the fairies play and dance to the music. Even for a death, God is like her. This was a little peaceful. Instrumental music was always peaceful to her. She finally went towards the house that Elvira was staying at. She heard that mistress Elvira was waiting at her porch at the vacation house. So she went over there and finally saw her drinking some tea on the porch. She was wearing her typical getup. Her hat had purple roses and most of her outfit was just black or velvet. "Well? What have you learned about my friend?" She wondered curiously. Mishiko started to explain to her the story that she was told. After she was done, she chuckled, "Sara? I see, so she was there. I trust her though," she sighed at the answer.

Her head turned a little as if she heard something.  She started to get up and snapped her fingers. It summoned her Butler, who then looked at her. "Go ahead and grab the gift for me. It's obvious that it's calling to her.", She told them, as she could hear some music or something, that Mishiko couldn't. "Here's your gift, my love, now go... use it well as he did..." she frowned as if she needed to mourn about something. Mishiko left with that as she didn't want to pry.


2500/2500+ [With Quest Link WC]
Quest Link: Claiming Reward with "Any"


My Friend [Word on the Street] Empty Sat Nov 05, 2022 4:21 am


Yuurei was in the air as he was following the direction of the flier he had. A bird eyes view was everything and finding the location where Mistress Elvira was staying wasn’t hard to find. He would swoop down to the ground as he landed gracefully. He was now in front of Elvira's porch and he would see that she was just hanging there. She would smile when she so the sudden appearance of this man and she would look at him.

“I guess you also took a flier. What did you find out about my friend?” She asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would explain to her everything that he had found about her friend, and she would nod as it would seem like something he would do.

“Thank you for the information. For your troubles pick something out of the gifts here. You won’t be displeased with what you obtain I’m sure of it.” She said to him as he would pick a random bag and would wave at her as he had done his job.  



Quest Link Claiming rewards S-Z Rank

#4Mistress Elvira 

My Friend [Word on the Street] Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 6:16 am

Mistress Elvira
Oh dear~ It doesn't look like many were able nor had the time to help out a Lady like myself. Perhaps another time, but I thank you to those who did help. As a token, you shall have the beautiful instrument my Dear friend gave me before disappearing.

Please link my lovely quest in your Statistics Sheet alongside where you want +10 stats..

@Mishiko & @Yuurei have claimed the Fairy Ocarina and received S rank Quest Rewards.

#5Mistress Elvira 

My Friend [Word on the Street] Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 6:40 am

Mistress Elvira
This Word on the Street Quest has ended.

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