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Never Again or.... [SL]

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She wanted to ask Ayako about his feelings as well as Akio, but before she could she heard the irritation forming in. Everyone's cups of liquid were boiling as she then moved away. If he had the same powers as her past lover Ayako, then she knew what may happen. He grabbed his cup and threw it toward her in anger. "She's never coming back!", Everyone started to scram out of the bar. Akio just stood there yet backed away from him. Mishiko's X-shaped eyes gazed at the white-haired man, tint of the blue like the clear water. Did he truly feel for her? She slowly backed away while realizing she didn't have her weapon on her. She had no spells anymore so all she could do was dash about. Mishiko regretted not grabbing her weapon with her now. Maybe if she could get to the scythe outside... She could possibly get away.



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She started to dodge his hits easily. Maybe he didn't have the same speed that he did as a demigod. He was probably his normal human self still. Her heart pounded nervously as she went left and right, dodging their hits till he started to heavy breathe from the large amounts of drinking. Maybe she didn't need her scythe after all. He kept rambling on about how it was his fault. How he should've went and stayed by her side that day. He was the last one to see her, to see her go inside her house and he left thinking she was going to be fine. In the end, she wasn't. After he left with that, he slid against the wall with his back and sat on the ground. Mishiko sighed and wanted to say something, but Akio held his high ground and hand up, "We'll take you... just meet up at the dock.", he insisted.



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She agreed to meet them at the dock, so she left the bar. She yawned and stretched as that was a tiresome event. Back down to the docks, she had to start walking. Shouldn't remember what her boat looked like due to the fuzzy memory she had. Perhaps all the blood loss made her memory go. She could hear the rocking of the boats from the water, motioning back and forth. She really missed that sound as she didn't know how long it has been since her actual death to her rebirth. She sat down on one of the benches made of old plank wood and leaned back. She crossed her arms behind her head and started to rest. The wind felt terrific against her face as she started to hum a tune. She felt bored and tired. It was already getting dark. See. Her eyes started to flutter clothes, but as soon as they started to rest, she heard footsteps.



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She was getting pretty tired. Her eyes shifted to look over and saw Ayako with Akio as they went to the boat. Ayako gave her a side glance before going towards the boat and finally in it. She hurried up and followed behind to see if this was actually the right boat. Was it the same one? Turning around and saw that a lot of the same crewmates were still there. She stood by the plank to get on and off. They're still all here after this whole time. Candles were lit at specific locations as they started to move all the drinks and food. The crates were perfectly stacked even. It was cleaner and more organized than she was used to. She hurried up and followed Ayako, who stood it towards the wheel and looked at all the crewmates. Let's see the new captain now. Everyone started to gather up towards the middle of the ship to look up at Ayako.



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He started to explain that he has brought someone new onto the ship and they were going to Joya. As soon as he brought up the country's name, everyone started to argue and be against the whole idea. With the same name over and over again within their arguments. What's her name? It was Quillareine, her name. He started to explain that it wasn't exactly in the country, it was near it. He explained that it was an island. It took perhaps an hour before they finally agreed as they looked at Mishiko. They dither, huff and puffs before they hurried up and got ready to sail. She wanted to tear up as she looked at all of her crewmates. She hasn't seen them for so long, or so it felt. She wondered if they did the roundabouts of how their life has been or even day every so often. That was when they started to gather in a little circle around the fire. Like they used to.



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She looked up at Ayako, who was already turning away to go gaze at the sea. You have yet to really prep dinner before they met ends. She knew before they could have a bonfire that they needed to make the meal and the drinks all set up before they could do any more. She yawned softly and decided to sit in the Nook. Her eyes gazed forward and then started to close as she took a nap before it was time for dinner. She was woken up by the smell of the food as she already knew who was cooking. Curiously, she went ahead as she wanted to see what the food was. Ever since she has been on this boat, everyone kept staring at her as if they were wondering who she really was. Her negative thoughts even took her to the point where she thought they probably killed her own self.

She heard the Ding of the bell being rang ash that was the cue of it was time to get food and some drinks. Stairs and then towards the corridor where all the tables were. She couldn't stop yawning, and the more she yawned, she started to tear up.


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