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The Triumph Between Allies [Ragnar:Green]

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She sighed softly as she gazed at the sky. She made this event in hopes that people would join and perhaps get to know each other. No one, and she means no one, decided to do it - so far it has been that way. "Ungrateful beings, aren't they, Bai..." she coldly spoke. The horse huffed as they made their way to the Arena. She had an agreement with someone that she became well acquainted with, someone who became a friend or even close enough to be a brother. If she didn't trust him, she wouldn't have given him a blind date with Akuko.

She flipped her pink hair and dusted the side of her shoulders. "Perhaps I should have worn something that wasn't my armor." Her face was still doll-like as it showed no expression. It was rather odd to some people, but to her it was a normal safety bystander. Her crown was in perfect place as her hair were in two long pigtails that waterfalled towards the back. Her shoes were short, heeled shoes with X bronze ribbons against her ankles and upper foot. "Mmmm, looks like we're here at this dusty place, but..." the scythe spoke in their songful tune that sounded like it came from a beautiful woman. "I can smell the death that has been here from over the past century..." Quilla could hear Nu smell the area from the scythe's skull's nose. The tentacles that resemble cthulu were wiggling wildly as they could smell it too.

"Yes... perhaps our little dance will parch your thirst..." Quilla hummed in her soft raspy tone. Once they went inside, she saw how big it was. The arena was 100 meters perfectly, or in other words. 50m from the middle, 100m from one end to the other. The arena was empty for now as something was telling her it won't be for long. On the other end she expects her friend to arrive, but for now he wasn't here yet. Not yet... "Once they get here that is..." She lastly spoke as she deadly gazed towards the entry way.

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Out of the darkness of the enterence of the darkness came something that Quilla had seen many many times before. Towering at nearly seven feet tall, it seemed to wear heavy plate armor that was colored blood red. This color went from the bottom of his armored boots that appeared to have an animals horn placed at the front of the toe all the way up to the helmet that was flat at the top, and looked very much like a skull. Across the armor was highlights of brass and gold colors. On the man's back appeared to be a cloak made of some kind of large beast, what it was before couldn't be told at this point in time due to how tattered and worn it was, but that wasn't the first thing that came to mind. Instead of a normal clip holding this cloak onto this monstrous being's back, it was spikes that appear to be tips of spears facing outwards and pierced onto those spears were human skulls.

Walking into the cave behind was a beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like short swords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. As the beast laid down next to it's master, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.

What Quilla most likely had not seen is the weapon that was in Ragnar's hands, a massive axe with teeth on the end of it rather then a blade. Almost like it had a mind of it's own, and with no reaction from Ragnar that Quilla could see, the teeth vanished on the blade and the sound of an angry beast started to come out of the weapon.  " Vrrroom! Vrroom! Ra-ta-ta-ta! Crrraaa!" This came in waves of sound as it was reved up and down. The teeth could be seen briefly during the times when it was more quiet before vanishing during the loud parts.

" You look different Quilla, it is good to see that you have lost the Unknown X rank moniker. Now most of the known world knows who you are" As Ragnar was saying this he moved forward, the axe still making noise but the teeth on it were still now. It seemed to just be waiting at this point. Ragnar knew this fight wasn't going to be fun for him, as even though she was still a fucking mage, she was stronger and faster then he was. To be fair, she had always been stronger and faster then him.


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She waited patiently for her friend as she stood there during the sunny day, almost afternoon as the sun was about to hide from this fight. She could hear what seemed to be an earthquake, "I see he brought his companion too..." she coldly spoke. His 'thing' was not a companion though in terms of overall, it was a mount. Simply only used to ride with the wind. "Bai... do what you wish..." she didn't instruct him, that would be pointless. She wanted to have him use their full potential, but it was futile. He did not like listening to her. Her eyes watched him approach the arena with something in his hand as it roared like some saw blade.

She instantly took out her scythe, tentacles of Cthulhu wiggled from the ends above. "Is it time, mistress?", hummed a beautiful voice from the scythe. "I see you have a new weapon, but so do I...", she tilted her head, gazing at Ragnar with full attention. She ignored Nu for once as she used her free hand to grab her mask. "If you come closer, we'd have to start... pretty early...or no, perhaps you should come closer", her eyes flickered a pink from her normal topaz. Her voice slowly formed into her more seductive demonic tone as the mask came closer to her face. Bai stood away as Ragnar was still at least meters. Finally, the mask has sunk into her face as they became one. The scythe's tentacles wiggled wildly as if they knew what time it was.

Laughter came from her empty hole of the mouth as the eye sockets glowed red, pink. Her voice was now different, "Ragnaaaaaaaaar... let's play now," she swung her scythe playfully while he was still not at the 50-meter mark. Her mind was different now as she gulped, not in fear, but in thirst for the blood of those in front of her. With the hand that didn't have her scythe, she lifted her hand up, ready to start the game as soon as he triggered the distance peak.


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Ragnar watched and listened as apparently Quill had a new weapon. A massive Scythe with what appears to be tentacles around along the end and that let Ragnar know that she was already more dangerous then she was back then. No real surpise there honestly, he always knew that she would out pace it, she also started at a much higher point then him. That didn't stop Ragnar as he started to walk towards Quillareine.

In his hand his axe was reving, as if it knew that this was where blood was going to be spilled. It didn't really care who's blood was spilled, Ragnar or his opponents as long as it was spilled. He had the same mentality as his Lord, but that was a matter for another time entirely. Quilla clearly got ahold of some demonic equipment and the person who he once knew was effectively gone as far as he could tell which made this better and worse. Better because he knew it would be a more interesting fight, worse because his friend was clearly gone at this point.

Ragnar wasn't really phased or interested in the tone change of her voice as he walked towards the fifty meter distance from Quilla. If an attack hadn't come by then he would walk to the twenty-five meter area and then stop. There he would stand his axe held out infront of him in a defensive stance as he watched Quillareine through the slits on his helmet. Quill was stronger then him, most likely, so his best bet was to try and have her make a mistake and him punish her for that mistake and hope he didn't make one of his own that would cost him everything.

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Ragnar was getting closer, he didn't take her softer side's warning as it was too late for Ragnar to take back anything now. She wasn't going to bother with her trump cards as she had a few of them. Quilla was taught something in her war encounters. Be patient, many people didn't have that and that is what she can use against him. Even if her inner self wanted to splatter the blood against the arena, she had to wait. Right? Not really, so once he decided to get into her danger zone, she grinned. "Oh Ragnar..."

She whispered as a taunt. That twenty-five-meter mark wasn't going to save him. She quickly lifted her free hand up and snapped her fingers as she ran towards him, warning herself to stop if she needed to. Under Ragnar and herself, a large summoning circle formed and turned into a pink lotus. It zoomed and exploded with a speed of 50m/s. Her mind was gone, she had no time to think. Her scythe was ready, but her armor was not. Still not destroyed, she ignored the damage in-take of her spell and lifted up her scythe to block or attack, depending on the movements Ragnar did. If he decided to do anything different, then she will retrack her movements if they didn't seem to fit. Bai stood back, away in his own direction.



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Ragnar simply stood there as a massive circle appeared below both combatants as lotus expanded under them. Ragnar knew that Quilla was taking this damage as well, and luckily for Ragnar his armor could easily take it along with all of his gear, at least for now. His axe even took it without much issue but he knew he had a lot of work left to do. She was going to be stronger then him, she was many times stronger then he was while they were still questing together and her strength must have only grown sense then.

So Ragnar did the only thing he could, he waited until he saw her move her arm for an attack, and that is when he attacked. Her Scythe was around two meters long from top to bottom, and while that is long the issue with a Scythe is simple. It doesn't work well if someone gets in close. Ragnar himself was more then six feet tall, and all he had to do is take a step, going within the swinging arc of the Scythe but past the ten centimeter blade.

As Ragnar took his step, he let his axe fall from his grip slightly, falling until his hand hit the poll of the axe. This basically turned his massive one or two handed axe into a punching chainsaw. This also eliminated his issue of trying to swing his weapon in close quarters, as it was now effectively a punching weapon and wasn't subject to the same limitations as a scythe.

All of this took less then a half of a second as Ragnar made his second step forward, covering the distance that would now separate Quilla and him in that moment, he threw a straight punch aiming for Quilla's chest with his axe hand. With the forward movement of the step forward along with Ragnar's reach, easily over three feet, not including the depth and length of the chainsaw spinning, it would take an even shorter amount of time before the axe hit it's target.

If this attack makes contact, three things would happen, One. This weapon would rip and tear past any armor that Quilla might have on her body, as if it didn't seem to care about whatever protection might be there. Two, she would take 3A worth of damage and finally she would be left with a bleeding wound for another A rank of damage a round as the axe blow would turn her chest into a bloody mess of sinew and bone.


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It didn't take long for the spell to hit them all. The only difference was that everything was fine on her side. She personally didn't take the damage; her companion was still up and running as he was too far away to get hit. As she was still in the twelve meters from where she stood, she had time to prepare anything as she then noticed him move as soon as she hit the ten to five meters. Seeing that him and her had the same height, the footing did not matter. The tall mistress began to swipe before he could engage as her experience did not betray her. She only had to have him two to three meters from her to swipe her scythe, slashing anything from her left to right, in front. If he dared to use his companion weapon as a block then it'd break, with the remaining damage hitting his armor, or at least what was left of it.

Of course, sadly, her weapon also took some damage. She knew that if her weapon took another hit, it'd be destroyed. Not matter. After the clash of the weapons and his armor, she dashed back at full and grinned. She watched for a quick movement and if he dared to get in front of her with his fist as his dash forward, she'd retaliate and use her scythe as a spear and stab him from the front and into his body forwardly instead of left and right. If he didn't, she then positioned her scythe upward and pointed it to the sky. "Let us see what she has in store for us today..." she whispered softly in Joyan.

The sky became dark, the light no longer existed. Clouds swirled all around them from above till it was almost pitch dark. Eyes of red glared down at Ragnar as if judging them for doom or mercy. She was unsure that they had in store for them, but she knew she wanted to show Ragnar her new ability at least once. This will be enough... right? Enough to defeat the nobles that trapped her. Enslaved her? If she could not defeat Ragnar, then she will definitely not defeat her true enemies.

She will not be defeated, even if she must keep trying... over and over again. Every Lifetime she will rise and gain more enemies, more power and more she will lose her sanity forever.






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Ragnar knew that this was a desperate move for a desperate man who only really wanted to do some damage to his opponent before he lost, but he never really understood how bad it was going to be until it happened. Ragnar took the hit to his shoulder from the shaft of his opponent's weapon and he felt his armor crack and his other arm almost give and snap in half as it made contact. The armor on his shoulder shattered like glass under the weight and strength of the blow, but he figured something like that was going to happen. What he didn't expect was how fast his opponent was going to be as with a jump backwards she ran. She dodged completely out of the way of the blow, though it was very close and apart of him felt like that hit should have taken place but nothing really mattered right now as his opponent jumped back thirty feet.

Ragnar's armor and helmet at this point were beyond destroyed and worthless to him, he was lucky that his weapon was still functioning as it should, otherwise this would have been even worse. Atleast with his weapon he had a chance to keep fighting, even a small one. As he lifted the arm without the axe in it up, he started to rip off the rest of his armor that was simply getting in the way at this point. He managed to get the breastplate and arms off when he looked up to see the sky grow dark and a pair of eyes stared down at him. Ragnar wasn't fully sure what was going to happen but he knew that he didn't really stand a chance if this was an S Rank or above spell, but he had to try atleast.

Then something very odd happened, as out of the darkness came two large orbs pressed together and they started to fall towards Ragnar. Ragnar wasn't sure what was happening until something appeared in his mind. Is that Akuko's butt? It kinda looks like it, and while he thought about this it was too late as it crashed into him. He felt his axe snap in his grip and his body give way just as well.

Left in the butt crater, where the cress of the butt would be, was a now armor and weaponless Ragnar staring up into the darkened sky. Ragnar was still breathing, but there was no way in hell that he was going to fight any more, he knew he could most likely barely stand and his shoulder and arm were broken this time without a doubt. As he laid down in this big ass crater, he realized that he hadn't seen Akuko in a bit. Maybe he should go locate her again and that is when he remember, and it was enough for him to snap straight up without his arms. He needed to go and get his date with Akuko ready! He needed to go make sure that location was atleast safe! Crap, what if a bear moved in or something. Well, Akuko is a mage, so a single bear shouldn't be a real issue but still. Wait, why was Ragnar concerned about Akuko? Akuko was a competent shadow mage and didn't need his protection!

Well either way, Ragnar slowly started to raise to his knees, groaning as his bones felt like they were made of sharp glass and his muscles yelled at him for even moving. It took him several seconds to slowly get out of crater he was in, his non-reving axe in his right hand. At the very least it could be used as a walking stick, a very scary and sharp walking stick but a walking stick non the less. As Ragnar crested the lip of the crater, he waved Quilla off. He wasn't sure if she was going to keep attacking or not, but either way Ragnar was literally in no shape to defend himself. His body basically didn't want to work at all and walking was the best he was going to get his body to do right now, let alone dodge or block.

" You won, no surprise Quilla. You could have most likely beat my ass back when we first starting questing, and this just proved it even more. Couldn't even get a hit on you. Well either way, I didn't have the chance to say this anyway congratulations on starting your own guild. Big step for you. " Ragnar said, he was talking to Quilla as if they were old friends, though in all reality, Quilla most likely couldn't be more different from when they last meet and much much stronger.

Either way, Ragnar started to make his very slow way towards the exit, hobbling his way the entire way. Ragnar was moving so slow that if Quilla's walk was most likely double his current speed. He took a metric ton of damage and he wasn't looking forward to the recovery part of this event. One day Ragnar would have to figure out how to stop getting his ass kicked in every fight he was in, but that day was clearly not today.


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It seemed to be the end and what was with Ragnar's attitude? She looked at him confused as she let her guard down in hopes that it wasn't a trick. She couldn't believe that her scythe summoned someone's butt and it was at most hilarious. She brought her scythe to her eyes to gaze at the small amount of liquid that slowly dripped from her weapon. She sighed and gave a small smile, "At least you tried your best, that's something, right? and your weapon? What is it?", she put her scythe behind her as she then jogged up to Ragnar to catch up. "So how have you and Akuko been?", she asked curiously like some nosey sister. Maybe she should have not used her scythe in combat as she was a little aggressive with it.

Her pink hair flowed behind her as she tried to walk with him. After they got to a certain point, they went on their separate ways.


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