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Deadliest Catch PT. 15 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were wondering what they could do today. It would seem like there was something scary roaming around the water. How did they know this? Well, the two of them had seen a job request on the job board. It would seem like somebody was trying to hunt a specific creature within the sea. It would seem like it was scarier than the other monsters that they had hunted within the ocean. It was interesting, and Yuurei was wondering what he would go through when he fought this creature. He decided that it was best to go and fight this monster. He had taken the job before anybody else would and he would be on his way to the docks. He wondered what brave people wanted to hunt this monster. He hoped that everything would go well today and that nobody would get hurt on their trip to get their prize.



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The two of them would move through the sand as their feet would feel the heat from the ground. It was a nice feeling as they would continue moving. Their destination was the docks and making it there was an easy feat. The people there were large as it seemed like it was a popular place today. There were people communicating with each other. It would seem like they were trying to figure out what they could trade for. Yuurei and Renji kept moving around as they would wave to certain people.

While they were doing that, the two of them would look at the ships around them. They were looking for a specific ship here. They were on the lookout for the right ship. While they were doing that, it wouldn’t take long for them to find it. When he saw the ship he was looking for, he could see how big this thing was.



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He wondered how crazy the sea creature they were hunting would be. He would clear his throat while he looked at the ship. When he was ready, he would have a smirk on his face.

“Is anybody on board? We’re here to take on the job you put on the boards. It’s just two of us, but I can make it three of us.” He said as he could summon Galatea at any moment.

Yuurei would stay standing as he was waiting for someone to show up. It wouldn’t take long, but an old bulky man would show himself at the edge of the ship. He had a smirk on his face when he saw who it was asking to come on board.

“Sure Yuurei, come on board. I know you’re good for it.” He said to him as he would move around the ship and tell everyone to get ready to set sail in a few minutes.



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Yuurei was surprised that this guy knew who he was, but to be honest who didn’t know who he was? He would look over to Renji and the two of them would make their way to the deck of the ship. They would see that people were setting cannonballs, and others had already set the mast for them to leave. There were others who were moving the anchor up, so the ship could start moving.

While he was doing that, Yuurei would walk over to the man not doing anything. He figured that this guy was the captain of the ship and his client. When he got to him, he would have a smirk on his face.

“I see you going for a big sea creature. It even seems like your ship is prepared for it.” He said to his client.

The client would smile when he heard this because he felt as if it were a compliment from Yuurei.



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“I’m glad to hear that from you, Yuurei. Still, we are going to provide you with support and then hope that you can take it out with your pet.” He said to Yuurei as the ship would start moving.

The group would move away from the docks, and he would just look at the sea from where he was.

“That’s fine, just don’t shoot me is all I got to say.” He said to his client.

He would hear this and he would nod as he would make sure that he wouldn’t do such a thing. The ship would move through the water without anybody bothering them. This was good and he figured that nobody would try to capture this creature. Renji would move to the edge of the ship, and Yuurei would follow behind him. They were looking around the water so that the sea creature didn’t make a surprise appearance on them.



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Yuurei was prepared for anything that would come their way. Still, throughout the travel in the ocean, there wouldn’t be any surprise attack from the sea creature. Instead, Yuurei would see the monster off in the distance. It seemed like the sea monster was confident about being out in the open, which surprised him. Renji would also see this, and he would open his bag as Yuurei’s equipment would appear on his body. He knew it was going to be that time when they were going to have to get a bit closer. He would climb on the edge of the ship, and Renji would climb his shoulder before that.

The scout of the ship would tell his client the direction they were supposed to go to. The ship would move closer to the ship, and when Yuurei saw that they were getting close, he decided that it was time to make his way to the sea monster.



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Yuurei would sprout his wings on his back, and he would move away from the ship and toward the monster. It would notice that Yuurei was getting closer to him. It would roar when it took notice, and it would shoot a beam of water straight toward Yuurei.

The light mage would see this, and his eyes widen when the attack came his way. He didn’t think the creature would be able to use water magic or just magic in general. He would dodge the incoming attack without a problem, and he would shake his head. The creature would move toward Yuurei and it would try to swipe at him with its tail.

The Nephilim would dodge the attack again, but a huge wave would come straight for him, and it would push him into the water. The ship had gotten close, and it would rock from the wave as well. There were people falling into the sea from this.



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Yuurei would see this and he would look at his cape and figure that he could help the people that went into the water.

“Save everyone that fell into the water. Bring them onto the ship and then come back once you’ve done that.” He said to his cape. His cape didn’t want to go, but it would listen and be on its way.

Yuurei would get out of the water as the sea creature was making its way to him. He would chuckle as it would seem like it was confident after all. He would move to the creature, and before he could get close, the monster would attack him again. He would dodge the attack and it would see another attack coming straight for him.

He would block the attack and he would be pushed back as the sea creature would shoot out another magic at Yuurei.

This one is different from the last one. A bunch of water droplets would fall from the sky heavy enough to crush those it hit.



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Yuurei would be smacked by one of the droplets as it would hurt as it would lower him down from the air. When he saw that there were more coming down, Yuurei would dodge them as he didn’t want to get hit by them again. While he was moving through the place, it would seem like the sea creature would take advantage of that. He noticed that, and when he was about to be attacked, he would punch the tail that was coming toward him.

The sea creature would feel the attack from Yuurei and it would put its tail down as it roar from the pain. When it felt that, the sea creature would shoot out a bunch of beams of water straight at him. He would see this, and he would dodge the attack. While this was happening Renji would look around to make sure that there wouldn’t be another surprise attack happening.



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Yuurei’s cape would move around as it would pick up all the people who fell into the water. When they were safe, the others would start shooting cannonballs toward the sea monster. They made sure to not hit Yuurei while this was happening. Renji kept looking around while Yuurei was moving toward the sea monster right now.

While this was happening, Renji would notice something. There was something coming from below them.

“Yuu, below you, dodge it.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would dodge the attack without a problem when he saw this, and he would smile at his friend as he was glad that he was with him.

Yuurei would move at full speed toward the sea monster. While he did that, the beast would continue to shoot magic beams at him. The cannonballs would hit several times on the sea creature. The berserker would land a hit straight on the monster as it would fall and hit the water.



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Yuurei wondered if it could only take one hit. It wasn’t moving from what he could tell, but then his cape would notice something. A bunch of needles made of ice would come from above him. His eyes widen when he saw this, but his cape would cover him as it would take the damage from the attack. Another attack would come from the sea monster and this time it was from behind him. Its tail was used to attack again, but this time from his blindside. Of course, Renji was there to see it though.

“Yuu, behind you.” He said to his friend, and he would dodge that attack as well.

A third attack, however, was coming from him in the direction he moved into. He would feel the impact of the attack, and he would fall into the water again. The sea monster would move its way toward Yuurei as it was going to try and eat him.



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Yuurei would notice that the damn thing was moving straight toward him, and when the cannonballs were trying to land a hit, they would miss. The Nephilim would see this, and he would shake his head as it was getting desperate. He would fly straight out of the water, and the monster would lunge straight toward Yuurei. It would attempt to munch down on the mage, but would it really be able to do this? The berserker would use his magic and a magic circle would appear in front of him. He would step in it, and he would dash straight to where he needed to go.
He would avoid the attack, and now he figured that it was time for him to enjoy a counterattack. He had made sure that he was not too far from the sea creature. It seemed like it was quick and that it knew what it was doing against Yuurei, but to be honest that wouldn’t be enough. 



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Yuurei would stretch his right arm straight toward the sea creature without hesitating. He would hit it with everything he had to offer. The sea monster would feel the hit and it would fall to the water once again. The Nephilim would move straight toward the creature while it was falling, and he would punch the creature with his left hand as well. It would squeal once last time, and this time it wouldn’t move from where it was. The cape was waiting for something to happen, and Renji was also looking to see if a second attack would happen.

Nothing would ever come their way, which meant that they had taken the creature out. Yuurei would sigh with relief as he would move toward the sea creature, and he would grab it. He would drag it through the water and toward the ship. Once he had done that he would land on the deck, and he dispersed his transformation.



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Yuurei would hear everyone cheering for his victory and they were happy. They didn’t think he could do it at one point, but when they saw what had happened, they would move to the edge of the ship. They would prepare the nets as they would wrap the sea creature and place it on the side of the ship. When everything was secure the ship would turn around and they would make it back to the docks that they had left.

The captain was happy Yuurei had arrived to take on this job. He didn’t lose anybody today and it was because Yuurei had made sure of that. The crew was truly jolly on their way back to the docks. When they docked at the pier, they would all cheer Yuurei again. He would smile at everyone because he was glad to have helped them. The captain would pay Yuurei the jewels that he had earned from this. Yuurei would take the reward, and then the duo would leave the ship to enjoy the rest of the day.

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