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Cousin! [Private][Yuurei]

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† Aleja
Cousin! [Private][Yuurei] 9CM6Ez9

"Man! I love this place!" Happy exclaimed. The exceed walked alongside Alejandro with a his eyes widened as he looked around the area. The blue cat was having the time of his life. Alejandro was just happy to be here. The young Stellan elf smiled at their new friend. They loved it here too, but they weren't at all as excited as happy was. The Rune Knight apprentice wore the same thing they had worn the day prior; swimming trunks and a classic island-styled shirt flowing in the wind beside them. There was nothing in particular that the duo had been looking for, Alejandro just insisted they take a walk through the island's town. Suddenly, up ahead they heard screams- not of fear or terror, but of joy. The Stellan squinted their eyes to see what had caused it, but quickly seemingly everyone in the town began to run over to the area.

"It's Yuurei Starlight!" one person shouted. "No way!! The Commander of Paradise?!" another asked. Women and men alike crowded the area up ahead. Alejandro's eyes widened. They knew who Yuurei was, who didn't? He was the most famous mage in the entire country. "Who the heck is Yuurei Starshine?" Happy asked. "Dang. Everyone's itching to see him." Happy twisted his face. He couldn't wrap his head around humans obsession with celebrities. "You don't know who Yuurei Starlight is? He's the leader of a famous Northern guild. Some even say he's the Northern King." Alejandro said. They were excited too, but they weren't about to swoon over another man. "So many kings and queens, it's hard to keep up." Alejandro chuckled.

"He's not an official King, of course. People just call him that. Reign would never let that happen...but he sure is hot. My dad's fond of him since he basically protects the North and honestly? I am too." Alejandro got closer towards the crowd, struggling to push through as Happy released his wings and flew up to get a better view.


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Yuurei and Renji had been spending quite a lot of time on Luluhawa island. The place they were walking around today was indeed Halawai Town. They figured they would go look around the place and possibly find some stuff to buy. The clouds in the sky were clear from the island as the sun would do its best to keep everyone from cooling down outside. Renji moved through the streets right by his friend’s side as he figured it would be a normal day today.

The Nephilim didn’t think anybody would bother him today, but it would seem like there would be a few who were overly excited about him being here today. He would see a few people move toward him, and they would be excited to see him. Renji would shake his head as he didn’t like people who did this, but he couldn’t blame them. He would climb on Yuurei’s shoulder as he would make sure to be on the lookout.

It wasn’t just that, but his cloak would move around as it didn’t like being in Renji’s bag and it didn’t like being left behind.

He would wave at them as they seemed to have wanted to ask him questions. He didn’t know what it would be, but he would move at a slower pace, so he didn’t push anybody.

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† Aleja
Cousin! [Private][Yuurei] 9CM6Ez9

"Yuurei, can I can an autograph!?" One woman said with a paper out for him to sign. Another man asked the same thing, and then there were a few others who were extending their arms for him to sign. One girl even pulled down her shirt, "Sign my boobs!~" she shouted. The girls nearly exploded with lust and the men- most of them- exploded with admiration. Alejandro shook their head. "Oh my god, look!! It's his cute little pet!!". Some people turned their attention to the exceed who had accompanied Yuurei. Alejandro continued to push forward but to no avail. Quickly they glanced up to see happy in the air gazing down at the most famous duo in the world, when suddenly his eyes widened. After a certain amount of time the Stellan just couldn't take it anymore. This was becoming a hassle, not to mention all the noise flooding the atmosphere. What made this moment even worse was that Alejandro wanted to meet Yuurei too!

Then it hit them. "Oh shit, I'm a Seated Knight." they thought. Annoyed, they pushed through the crowd, splitting it directly down the middle like the fabled man who once parted the seas. Once they were in front of Yuurei they turned to face the crowd and snatched their Rune Knights Badge from out of their pocket. "Alright, this is getting outta hand." They said calmly  as they revealed their badge to the crowd, running their unoccupied hand through their hair. "It's a safety hazard at this point. Let the man breath and go enjoy the rest of the island." Alejandro said with a sigh and a charming smile. They were naturally kind and warm, but obviously the crowd didn't respect that. "NOW." the elf emphasized with a frown. Just like that the crowd slowly began to walk away. Happy began to descend from the sky.


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Yuurei would look at everyone that was moving toward him. It would seem like today was a lively day. He would take a few people’s papers and he would sign them. He would hand it back to them, and it would seem like more people wanted the same thing. He would do this a few times, and then a girl would show her breast. He would look at them and he would nod as if they were nice. Still, he wasn’t going to touch them even though everybody heard what she wanted from him.

Renji would just look at them as he would start scratching if they touched him. It wouldn’t take long, but someone would approach them, but then turned his back on him and then started flashing a badge at everyone. It wouldn’t take long, but he would get the people who were hounding him to leave the area.

He would sigh with relief because he felt like he was going to have to fly away from this place if it continued. When the coast was clear he would smile at the man in front of him.

“Ah thank you for the assist. I see you’re a Rune Knight, how’s that going for you?” He asked curious to hear what he had to say.

He would forget his manner, which would make him feel embarrassed.

“How rude of me. The name is Yuurei Starlight and this guy here is Renji.” He said introducing himself to the guy.

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† Aleja
Cousin! [Private][Yuurei] 9CM6Ez9

For a moment the wood-elven seated knight forgot where they were. After the people had finally dispersed, it was almost as if they expected Yuurei and their exceed to leave as well. It wasn't until Alejandro heard Yuurei speak from behind them that their eyes widened in surprised. Star struck perhaps? If the legends were true, not only was he revered as a king, or the most famous mage in Fiore, but he was also the amongst the kindest. Alejandro turned to face the towering commander with a small yet warm and gentle smile. They rubbed the back of their head embarrassingly as Yuurei introduced himself. "It's...going." they shrugged with a charming smirk- almost mischievous in nature. Now that they looked at him they could practically feel power radiating off of him. Happy finally landed beside the Elf, eyes innocently staring at the exceed that was with Yuurei. "Oh, we know you. Who doesn't know the King of the North? Or is it commander?" The elf extended their hand towards Yuurei, then extended a hand towards the Extalian individual. "It's an honor to meet you. I'm Alejandro Celdrua and this is happy." the exceed waved. "Hey! Nice to meet you!" He said.


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Yuurei would hear their answer, and it would seem like he was still new to the job possibly. In the end, it was nice to see someone from the Rune Knights enjoying themselves outside of their duty. Renji would look over to the Exceed that had wings as he looked at him. Their eyes met each other as he was not from Santa’s home. He would chuckle, embarrassed at both names because those were names that he tended to ignore.

The Nephilim would shake Alejandro's hand as he introduced himself to the two of them. Once he had shaken his hand, it would seem like Renji would do the same thing. Renji would wave at Happy after as it was nice to meet a new Exceed.

“I usually tell my guild mates to call me Boss. Still, you can just call me Commander. I feel like someone would try and shoot me if they heard someone calling me King of the North outside of the North.” He laughed at the last part of what he had said.

“It’s nice to meet you, Alejandro and Happy. Like I said thank you for the save.” He paused for a second as he looked at the two of them and then his eyes moved back to Alejandro.

“What brings you out to Halawai Town? You on vacation?” He asked him wondering what he would say.

“Nice to meet you too. You would be the first Exceed I met in a long time.” He said to him interested in where he had come from.

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† Aleja
Cousin! [Private][Yuurei] 9CM6Ez9

Alejandro chuckled. Yuurei was absolutely right. Even though Luluhawa island wasn't apart of Fiore there were still a a lot of Fiorian tourists here. If Alejandro was too loud someone may have reported a potential uprising. The elf was merely poking anyway. "Commander has a nice ring to it, suits you." Alejandro smirked. They weren't much of an ambitious person to say the least, but imagine being called a commander? Honestly, standing in front of Yuurei felt like they were standing in front of the pinnacle of success. It was a tiny bit overwhelming for the Stellan. It was even odder because the young elf expected Yuurei to be...meaner?"Oh yeah, it's no problem. Don't sweat it." Alejandro replied.

Happy had been surveying the exceed in front of him. At first he scrunched his eyes because he had a tendency of knowing most of the Exceeds on earth, but this exceed was a complete stranger. In a matter of seconds his entire demeanor changed. His eyes widened as he realized he was standing in front of a potential cousin that he had never met before. Just like this little stranger, Happy hadn't seen another exceed...well...for about a year now. "Same! My name's Happy! What's yours?" The exceed extended his paw with a bright and warming smile.

"Yeah. I try to take as much time to myself as I can. Knight is a lot of fuckin' work." Alejandro shrugged. "What about you?" The elf asked. Little did they know that this conversation, this one meeting would spark a new relationship. One that they would cherish forever...

- Fade -

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