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The Origin of the Giants (Mercenary Work)

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The Origin of the Giants (Mercenary Work)  Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:17 pm


Yuurei had been working hard with Renji by his side. There was a place with Earthland that they didn’t visit yet. Well, there were a few, but he was getting close to being able to visit them all. Still, their destination had brought them to Seven. They wanted to see what crazy things they would bump into in this country. It seemed like it had things you wouldn’t normally see in Fiore or the other countries. It would seem like this might be the place where the giants had come from as well. The duo had made their way to one of the city-states of Seven. They had invited him over as it seemed like they wanted him to do something for them.

He was fine with that because he knew he would get paid for this anyways. While they walked through the city after flying to get here, they would see so many different people acknowledging their presence.



The Origin of the Giants (Mercenary Work)  Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:17 pm


It would seem like they knew that Yuurei and Renji weren’t from here, and he couldn’t blame them. It also seems like they knew who they were or at least the people who invited them had announced their arrival. He kept moving through the place as he was heading toward his destination. He didn’t know the place, but he figured the big one in the center would be where he needed to go. He would get there, and he would see a couple of guards patrolling the place. When they saw Yuurei approaching him, one of the guards would stop them.

“You must be the man that was asked to come here from Fiore. You’ve come a long way from home to help.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would look at him and he would smile at him as if he was indeed here to help.

“Yeah I’m here to help you guys out with your problem whatever that is.” He said as he didn’t know what he would be taking care of.



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The guard was surprised that he had come to this place, and his superiors didn’t tell him the details. Still, if he had traveled here without knowing, then he was either crazy or confident in his strength. He would clear his throat as he figured he would tell him what he needed to do.

“Well since you’re here that means you’re brave to face anything thrown at you. Well, they asked you to come here because they need you to take care of a giant. This giant has been terrorizing our locals, and they can’t travel anywhere. If you can take it down we will appreciate it; we have a bounty on its head, but it might not be alone, so be careful.” He said to Yuurei as he would give him the location of where he would be located.

Yuurei would take the map and it would show where he was located, and where he had to go. It was an interesting map, and he was glad that it would take him exactly where he needed to go.



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Yuurei would look at Renji and the Exceed would move onto his shoulder. When he had done that, he knew they were ready to go. Yuurei would sprout wings from his back and the guards there would be surprised to see this. He would levitate from the ground, and he would start flying toward his destination. He would move through the air quickly and he was gone just like that. The guard hoped that this man would be able to stop the giant’s rampage.

The Nephilim moved through the place as he wondered if this giant had anything to do with the attack in the North. He figured he would find out soon enough. His travels would get him toward his destination and soon enough he would be in the location where the guard had sent him. The thing is there were no giants around. It confused Yuurei because he would figure they were giants, so he thought he would spot them without a problem.



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“Did someone else clear the giants before we could get to them?” He asked Yuurei wondering what he thought.

“I could be that, or they are hiding somewhere. Still, how could a giant hide?” He asked as he was trying to figure it out.

Yuurei would look around as he was in the air. He was trying to figure it out, but then it would happen. A giant would appear out of nowhere, and it would come from his left. He would be swatted like he was a bug into the ground. He would crash to the ground, but he was safe because his cape had taken the damage. The Nephilim would stand up from the crater he had created.

“They can appear out of nowhere it seems.” He said to Renji as he would make his way back into the sky.

The giant was surprised that Yuurei was still alive after that. Renji would open his bag and Yuurei’s items will appear on him.



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The giant would run toward Yuurei, and he would shake his head because that move wasn’t going to work again. He would dodge the attack that belonged to the giant, and he would find himself close enough to swing an attack on the creature. He would do that, and the giant would find its head taken off by that one attack. It was done with one hit, and he wondered what was going on here. This was a weak giant, but then lightning would strike in several places and the giants would appear in several areas.

This was interesting and Yuurei would see several giants running toward him.

“Is that how the other one appeared?” He asked as they were swinging at him.

Yuurei would dodge their attacks as they were terrifying right now. It wouldn’t take long, but he would have to block one of their attacks and he would be sent flying to the ground again. These giants were huge, but they all looked the same.



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He would fly back into the air, but while he had done that, he would bring out two magic circles in his hand and stars would enter his body. He would move faster, and he would be stronger than he was now. It was time to enjoy the game of killing giants right now. They all looked like the giants that he had fought in the North that day. The giants would run toward him again, but things would be different. The Nephilim would be the ones to go on the offense. He would make his way to the closest giant, and he would take the things head right off. The other giants kept moving without a care in the world.

That was fine with Yuurei as he would take them out just as fast. The giant’s heads would come off one after the other as Yuurei knew that there was something going on. They had to have had a leader right, so where the hell was the leader of these giants?



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Yuurei would see that there would be three of them that would lunge at him at the same time. They were faster than the others. Still, they weren’t faster than Yuurei and he would dodge their attacks as they would all collide with each other. He would shake his head and Renji would see how scary all of this was. He would look over at his friend and he would pat him on the head. This fight was far from over, and that much he knew. The berserker would move to one of the three that had attacked him, and he would take its head off with one punch. He wanted to summon Galatea, but she would be to do anything in this fight.

The two that attacked him earlier would run and would hide through the trees that were around them. There were more giants that had come at him though, so they would be the distraction it seemed.



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Yuurei would shake his head when he saw this because they were all coming for him at once. They would try their best to get to him, but he was too quick. He would take out the closest of the giants each time they would attack him. They would fall to the ground as he was aiming for their head the entire time. The Nephilim had experience fighting them and he wondered if the people of Seven knew that. He would give them the information when he saw the guard again.

Still, right now he had to focus on what was in front of him. He would continue to dodge the attacks of the monsters that were after him. It wouldn’t take long, but he would clear out the giants that had tried to eat him. He would sigh when he saw their numbers were gone, and then the two giants from before would come from above and toward Yuurei.



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Yuurei would look at them and he would dodge their attacks with ease. They had come from out of nowhere, but he used his helmet’s ability to avoid their attack. This was interesting and they were indeed the smart ones in the group. The light mage would move toward one of them and he would swing his fist straight through the monster’s neck. The head would be sent flying from the hit and the last giant would screech as loud as they could. Yuurei would cover his ears as he wondered what that was for.

That was when another lightning bolt would hit the ground and a huge giant covered in fur would appear not too far from them.

“It seems like he called their leader.” He said to Renji.

“I see, but why does that one look scarier than the rest?” He said to Yuurei.

“It’s because he is, so careful.” He said to Renji as the hairy giant would pick up something.

He would crush it and he would throw it toward Yuurei. The light mage’s eyes widen when he saw a bunch of rocks would be sent flying toward them.



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Yuurei would move around the area as there were a lot. He was making sure to dodge them as best as he could, but something would hit him. This would push him back and then onto the ground. He would crash to the ground and that was when the other giant would run toward him. It would seem like it was trying to take advantage of the fact that he was on the ground. He would see it coming and he would shake his head. He couldn’t allow Renji to get hit, so he wanted to do his best to protect his friend.

It would try to eat Yuurei, but the berserker was quick to stretch his hands out to grab the giant’s mouth. He would keep his mouth open, so he wouldn’t be eaten. The other giant was heading toward them, and he figured it was time to kill this one, so they could fight one versus one. He would rip the giant’s head off in this instant and he would fly back into the air as he would shake his head as he had his focus on the only giant here now.



The Origin of the Giants (Mercenary Work)  Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:22 pm


“Interesting, you’re the one who killed the other giants in the North.” He said to Yuurei.

He was surprised that the giants could talk. He didn’t think that would be the case, but that was what happened.

“Yeah I did along with my guild. Who sent you to the North and why did you attack us?” He asked waiting for an answer.

“I guess I can tell you before I kill you. A dark guild had asked us to do it. They figured and still think the North is the weakest part of Fiore. If we can crush the North we can make way into the other regions.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would chuckle as he didn’t like the way these guys thought.

“Sorry, but you aren’t going to be able to do anything like that to the North.” He said this as he would grow more wings on his back and he would become stronger than he was before.



The Origin of the Giants (Mercenary Work)  Empty Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:22 pm


The giant would hear this and he would laugh a bit as he would pick up something else and he would crush it in his hands before throwing it toward Yuurei. The Nephilim would see this, and he would be on the move. He would soar through the sky at full speed as he was moving toward the hairy giant. He would dodge the rocks that were being thrown at him. He would get hit by a few of them, but his armor and helmet would take the brunt of the attacks.

He kept pushing through and he would make his way to the face of the monster.

“I protect the North that is why. Too bad you won’t be able to tell them that.” He said as he would punch the giant right in the face.

The hairy beast would feel the power behind the attack, and he understood why this guy had said that to him. His head would fold back, and his neck would crack before it would come off.



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Yuurei would sigh as he would look around and it would seem like the giants that were around here weren’t going to be bothering the people in that city anymore. The Nephilim would soar through the sky as he would make it back to the city. Once he got there, he would move through the area in the sky until he would get to the guards from earlier. When he got close enough, he would land on the ground as he would look at the guards. They were surprised that he was wearing armor and that he was even back from his hunt.

“The giants around there have been taken care of. Your people should be able to travel without giants being the ones to annoy them.” He said to the guard that spoke to him.

He would look at Yuurei and he was glad that he had been able to do that for their city. He would move over to him with the jewels his superiors had given him and he would hand it over to Yuurei.

The light mage would take the jewels and he would be on his way back to Fiore.

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