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Deadliest Catch PT. 7 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were both on Kahu Rock together. Their destination was the docks that were around the area. They had gone to it several times, and every time it was a different ship they worked for. The Nephilim had gotten another job to do for them within the quest board. It seemed like they were taking out more sea creatures today. The two of them were walking through the area as they were heading to the location. The paper and everything they needed to know to find their clients. It wouldn’t take long for them to be surrounded by a bunch of ships. They were all docked in a place and now the two of them were walking around waiting to find the one ship that they were going to be getting on.

“We take out a fish today and then after I guess we can grab something to eat after.” He said to Renji.



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Renji would look at Yuurei when he heard what they were going to do. The Exceed was fine with this only if he was the one choosing what they were going to be eating.

“I get to choose what we eat though.” He said to Yuurei as they continue to walk.

It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would come to a stop. He would see that the ship that he was looking for was right in front of him. That was quick with what they were looking for and now it was time to shout like before.

“Is anybody on the ship? We’re here to take on the job request that was on the job board!” He shouted out loud as he waited for someone to show their face.

It would take a minute, but someone would appear at the edge of the ship. They were rubbing their eyes as if they were waking up.

“Get on board man, we don’t have all day.” He said to Yuurei and Renji.



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Yuurei and Renji would hear the person telling them what to do. They would both shrug and they would start walking up and onto the ship. When they got there, they would see everybody working hard right now. They were preparing the sails and even pulling the anchor. He walked over to the person who told them to get on board. He figured that they were the captain of the ship. When he got close enough to the person, Yuurei would stop and he would look at him with a smile on his face.

“Here you go proof that I came because of the job board. It seems like you’re fine with me being here.” He said to the man next to him.

He would look at Yuurei with a smile on his face as he looked the man up and down.

“Yes, I am. When I saw that it was a man with a cat by his side, I knew it was you Yuurei. I’m glad that you are the one that took this job.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would chuckle when he heard his words. It would seem like they were starting to know who he was. That was good because it meant that he didn’t have to prove his worth to anybody here. The Nephilim would nod as he would watch as the anchor was put up and the man next to him grabbed the helm as the ship started moving forward. The berserker wondered what was going to happen today. It was different every time, so honestly, he never knew what to expect when he took on this job. Still, he was preparing for it all and he would move away from his client. He figured he would let him do his job, and he would do his own job.

He would move to the starboard of the ship as he was looking out for the sea monster. The way they moved, made him sure that they knew the location of what they were going to hunt. Still, it seemed like the men here were nervous to see whatever they were hunting.



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They were sailing through the sea and Yuurei’s focus was something else. He kept looking, making sure that he wouldn’t miss out on anything. Still, while looking out in the sea, Yuurei wouldn’t see anything. There was no sight of the sea monster from where he was looking for in. It was interesting, but that meant they were going to have to bait the monster out. He was sure this crew knew what they were doing, so he didn’t have to say anything about it.

Renji was in the middle of the ship, and it was because of all their experience fighting these monsters. There was a time when the ship was rocked so hard people fell off the ship and to their demise. He wasn’t going to be that person, so he waited there. The crew kept sailing, but none knew where the sea monster was. It wouldn’t take long, but they would come to a stop. The captain would shout at everyone trying to figure out where the sea creature was located.



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They were lost with what was happening, and they thought that someone had captured the sea creature before them. The creature was known to be around here without a care in the world. Still, they would learn the hard way. The sea monster had been following them the entire time. It had known that it was being hunted, and so it followed the first ship it spotted at sea. Now that they stopped, the creature would start its surprise attack. It would move to the back of the ship, and it would smack the ship as hard as it could. This would cause the entire ship to rock, and a lot of people on board lost their balance and fell overboard.

They would scream as they fell into the water and then silence would occur to those that fell in the water. Yuurei would shake his head as he had also fallen overboard but be transformed to make sure that he didn’t fall to his death.



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Yuurei would move around the area to where the blood had shown in the water. He would see the sea creature moving through the water and he would lower himself to fly right above through the water. The sea monster would see someone doing that and it would lunge out of the water and straight toward Yuurei. He would dodge the monster’s attack as he kept moving. The sea monster was frustrated that its prey was quick. Still, it didn’t give up as it was moving through the water waiting for an opportunity to strike. The people who were still on the ship would look over to see the man flying, which impressed them.

The Nephilim would look at the water and he could see the huge shadow. He wasn’t going to lose to this, and he kept moving as he turned around and moved toward the ship this time. The creature would come out of the water again to try and take a bite out of Yuurei once again, but it would fail like before.



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Yuurei was enjoying himself, but he figured that it was time to get serious. This thing ate a lot of people just by doing what it did. He was going to make sure that it would pay for everything it just did. While he was moving, he would wait for it to appear again. The sea creature had one target in its sight, and it was Yuurei. When the sea creature felt like it would be able to get Yuurei, it would jump up into the air and Yuurei would see this. The light mage would dodge the attack with ease, and he would land a simple counterattack after he dodged.

The monster would fall to the water when it was hit as it didn’t enjoy the pain that came from Yuurei hitting him. It would roar from it and now it was angered by the Nephilim. He didn’t care though because it was what he wanted.



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Yuurei would see that the sea monster was gathering itself and it would move into the water again. It would move around the area, but it wouldn’t show up for a bit. He wondered if this thing was out here trying to waste time. The Nephilim would just lower himself close to the water as he was no longer running away. It would seem like this creature waiting for an opportunity, so the berserker would give him what he wanted.

He would wait as he was paying attention and alert to where the creature was. He was, however, pretending like he didn’t know where the creature was. It would take a few minutes more, but it would soon come. The sea monster would move out of the water and toward Yuurei from beneath him. It would hope to swallow the man whole, but Yuurei would quickly move out of the way. He would punch the sea creature once again as it would fall into the water.



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Yuurei would look at the sea creature and he would see that it was not moving this time. It was just floating in the water, which brought him to smile because it meant that he had taken it out. That was good, which meant that his job was basically done. The light mage would move down and toward the sea creature. When he checked to see if it was knocked out or not, he would confirm its death. He would drag the body of the large creature to the ship. People were impressed with what one man could do and how he could pull such a large creature.

When Yuurei got to close enough to the ship, he would fly upward and onto the ship. His transformation dispersed as he had a smile on his face. The crew would get things to pick up the sea creature from the water. When everything was ready, they would start pulling the dead creature up. They would feel just how heavy this thing truly was.



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Once the crew had everything set with the sea creature, the captain would turn the ship around and he would start sailing back to the ship. They were not pirates, so they weren’t going to try and screw Yuurei over. Even then they didn’t think they could do such a thing. It would take a while, but they would all make it to the docks without a problem. There wasn’t a second creature coming for them or anything like that. When the ship got to the docks, the crew had put the sails away and when it got too close, they would drop the anchor to stop it from colliding with anything. When that was done Yuurei would see his client moving toward him.

The two would look at each other, and they would get a bunch of jewels. This was good and Renji was also glad to see that they were getting paid well. Once it was over the two of them would get off the ship and on their way to grab something to eat.

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