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Innkeeper for the Day (Good)

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Yuurei had decided to check out the easy and simple jobs within Luluhawa Island. It would seem like a local Inn needed extra hands. He would take that request and he would make his way toward the area. It wouldn’t take him long to arrive at the inn and when he got there, he would see a woman working extremely hard at the front desk. He would approach her hoping she was the person he was looking for.

“Hi, are you Kealoha? I’m here to help out with the Inn for the day.” He said with a smile on his face.

She would look up to Yuurei and when she noticed who he was, she would freeze for a second. It wouldn’t take her long to talk though as she needed the extra hand.

“I’m glad you’re here Yuurei. If you can, please go around the rooms. They will have a cart of sheets and cleaning supplies next to them. Clean up the rooms and come back here.” She said to him.



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Yuurei would hear this and he would bow slightly toward her and would get to work. He would move around the area as he was finding his way. Once he knew where the rooms were, he would look around to see, which rooms had carts next to them. He figured those rooms would be empty for the time being, which gave him time to clean up. When he found the first one, he would enter it and he would change the sheet while wearing gloves. It was a nice simple job, and he would continue on with cleaning up the room as well.

He would sweep the area and make sure that there wasn’t any mess left within the room. It seemed like they were expecting someone to take this room later today. Still, now that he was done with this room, Yuurei moved on to the next area. He took the cart with him so that the others knew this room was cleaned up.



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Yuurei continued to do this for a while, and once he was done with it he would return to the front desk. Once he got there it would seem like Kealoha looked even more stressed than we had gotten there.

“Is there something wrong?” He would ask her wondering what was going on.

She would look over at him and be happy he was here.

“Yes, I need to leave because delivery was messed up. I need you to make sure that everything is fine and that the customers here are doing okay. Anybody that comes in, just let them know that we are fully booked if they are trying to rent a room.” She said to Yuurei.

He would nod as the two would switch locations. Yuurei would stay there for the time being as there were people going in but never approaching him. Things were peaceful, so far and he hope it stood like this.



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It wouldn’t take long, but someone would enter the inn. They would go to Yuurei asking for a room. The light mage remembered what he was told, and he would tell the man that everything was taken. He would ask Yuurei if he could do him a solid and get someone out of their room for him. The Nephilim would shake his head when he heard this. Still, that was something far beyond his power, so he had to deny the man. It seemed like he was angry, but Renji would look at him with a death stare, which made him leave.

After an hour, Kealoha would come back, and she would see that everything was fine. Yuurei would work a bit more, but in the end, she would reward him for helping everyone out in the Inn. On top of that, she had given him some nice steaks. He was happy about this as he was going to cook this tonight for dinner.



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