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Deadliest Catch PT. 3 (Neutral)

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A beautiful day, the sun was out, and birds flew throughout the sky without a care in the world. It seemed like nothing was going to go wrong today. The light mage had gotten a new member to join Paradise dawn and now that it happen, he was taking them on a job today. While moving through the area with them, The Nephilim saw a poster for a job-hunting a sea monster. It was something he had been doing a lot lately, and it seemed like the waters of Luluhawa Island had a lot of them. Still, he didn’t mind the work because in the end money was involved.

The group was en route to their destination at this moment. Renji was on Yuurei’s shoulder and was just relaxing as he was walking next to Ianthe.

“Today is a good day to get jewels. I can feel it.” He said to Ianthe while they walked.

It wouldn’t take long, but the group would have gotten a visual of many ships docked next to each other. They had made it to the right area, but now it was all about looking for the ship they were supposed to get on board. It was a red ship, which he was hoping wouldn’t be too hard to find.

And he was right, there was only one red ship in the entire area, which brought him to walk to it without a problem. The people would look over at the two and they would wave toward Yuurei and a lot of the men would look at Ianthe up and down excited about the natural beauty.

When they got to the front of the ship a man was standing there, as if he was on guard duty.

“What are ya doing here?” He asked Yuurei and Ianthe.

Yuurei would smile at him as he would the sheet of paper out of his pocket.

“We’re here for the job.” He said to the man as he waited for a response and for him to take them to the deck of the ship.



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The sun was scorching today though the winds from the sea made it bearable enough to go out. Having found a new guild, a new friend within her guild master and his exceed, and a new lease on life, Ianthe found herself strolling alongside him. Dressed in a pink and white sun dress, with a pair of pink high heels on, and a floral pink and white ribbon around her waist, she looked as cute as a button though with all the sex appeal she usually carried with her. While the trio walked Ianthe's golden gaze spotted Yuurei going towards a poster. Ianthe could see the poster as she followed him and it was for a job that involved monster hunting.

In her mind, she didn't think he would take it considering she was not dressed to work let alone hunt some god damn monsters. It was, however, a funny twist of fate when her partner in fact did take that poster with him and he even made a statement that told her exactly what they would be doing today. Now she was lost in thought for she had a choice, would she ask to run back home and change or go out like the bad bitch she was and fight monsters in a skirt. The logical option would have just been to take her ass back to her place and change into something more practical, but the baddie in her wanted to flaunt her stuff and her combat abilities in a cute dress.

Every day is a good day to get jewels. Responding back to his comment with a very smug smile on her face.

As the three of them walked to their destination Ianthe pulled out a watermelon-flavored Lolipop from the pockets of her dress and placed it in her mouth to suck on. It didn't take long before the trio came up onto the docked ships. Walking past the many different ships she could feel the eyes of men and women on her, some in awe of her beauty and others seething in jealousy but she didn't mind it and ignored it as she walked closer to Yuurei.

Soon they were standing in front of a red-colored ship and soon a guard was speaking to them. Ianthe wanted to answer but Yuurei was the one to speak up. Rolling the lollipop around in her mouth. The guard would only nod before going up on the ship, probably to talk to the captain. After what seemed like a few minutes the guard came back and led the trio onto the ship and to the captain of the ship.

Aye, it's good to see young folk helping out with these monsters. But..Um..Miss do you think you are ready to fight a Mmo-

Ianthe raised her hand to stop the man from talking any further. Pulling out the Lolipop from her mouth with an audible " pop " she shook her head with an all too innocent smile. Don't worry about me. You need our help, right? So you'll take me as I am now. Now when do we set sail? Oh and any more questions will be directed towards my Guildmaster. Nodding her head over at Yuurei to show these men who were in charge of this rodeo, her voice was as sweet as the candy she sucked on and the fishermen on the boat whistled and howled once she was done. It seemed like her presence had gotten them on board with hunting this monster of theirs so that was good. Having cannon fodder would be good for taking out the problem at hand. Floor is all yours boss.


Deadliest Catch PT. 3 (Neutral) BSIEiBe

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Yuurei didn’t think about sending her back home to change. He had never had a woman dress the way she did around him. It was different than anything before and he couldn’t keep his eyes away from her for too long. Still, he did his best to be a gentleman, but he could only wonder how many times she caught him. While they were on the ship, he could feel her close to him. Of course, he didn’t mind, and he waited for someone to approach them.

He would come back and would comment on Ianthe being here. He would rub the back of his head because he was pretty sure she could handle herself. Still, she would cut the man off and she would be the one to speak to him. He stood quiet letting her talk and he had a smile when she was done. He would look over at her and she would nod to him, and he would smile at her.

He would nod toward her and the man that was cut off by Ianthe had nodded to her.

“As you say, miss. I won’t question it then. We will set sail right now.” He said out loud so everyone could hear him.

The crew would start preparing things and once everything was done, they would bring up the anchor. Once that happened, the ship started moving forward and toward its destination.

“I wonder what kind of sea monster it is.” He said out loud to both of them.

“I doubt it's anything amazing. If it is, it is not like we can eat it. They usually take these things so that way they can sell them later.” He said to Yuurei.

The ship was moving, and everything was smooth. The entire ship was heading toward the destination of where they were going. It was nice and the breeze was amazing. He would look over to Ianthe to see how she was doing.

While the ship was moving through the sea monster, they were hunting was hunting them. They didn’t notice, but the monster was behind them. It was moving quickly waiting for the moment to attack. Of course, right now was the best time, and it seemed to have known that. The creature would smack the back of the ship a bit to the left, which would cause the ship to rock so hard that a bunch of people on the deck would fall into the water.

They would scream and yell as they didn’t know what was going on. The captain was confused as they would hear a lot of men screaming as they fell overboard.

Then they would suddenly go silent. The people on the ship were confused at first and then they would see a huge shadow in the water moving quickly. It wouldn’t take long for one of them to voice their opinion about the situation.

“The monster is here!” They would scream this out loud as the people who were on the ship were getting ready to secure their ship and allow these two to go to work.



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Once Yuurei took over, Ianthe slipped away to find a place to sit. Even though she looked cute she wasn't about to hold the team back so when she did find a sort of chair to sit on she planted her ass in it and began to take her high-heeled shoes off. Her bare feet touching the cool and wet wood of the ship felt nice as the heat was still pretty bad today. Leaning back in her chair and enjoying the last remnants of her lollipop she would join the conversation when it came to the question of the monster. Ianthe, of course, didn't know what kind of monster it was but if she had to guess it was probably something from the sea, and in her experience with the sea she figured perhaps it was a giant octopus, maybe even a snapping turtle, worse come to worse its a shark or a jellyfish sort of monster, they'd be in real trouble with the jellyfish.

Let's hope that whatever it is, it'll be no trouble to take out, for all of our sake.

Her voice rang out over the lapping waves and soon the ship was moving away from the docks and into the deeper part of the waters. The choppy waters pulled the boat deeper and deeper into the ocean which was lulling Ianthe to sleep. Yea she was aware that they were hunting a ferocious monster but she just wanted to catch a quick nap. It was a good nap though very short-lived. The monster was on the hunt and they weren't even aware of it. The predator had become the prey through the prey they were supposed to be hunting was in actuality the predator all along. The first attack was struck upon the boat with a sudden thud, knocking Ianthe out of her sleep and her chair with just enough time to catch a man in her lap who had fallen due to the attack. There were screams and the sound of bodies hitting the water.

“The monster is here!”

The voice rang out over the commotion. The monster didn't need an introduction announcement, they could all clearly tell that the thing was here now. Water splashed up on the deck from how roughly the monster had pounded at it. Ianthe was practically soaked but she was happy now to have already taken her shoes off. Pushing the man who had fallen on her, she got up and made her way to the middle of the deck. It wasn't safe to be on the sides anymore as the risk of getting knocked overboard was too great, unfortunately like those men who had just lost their lives. She didn't have any spells but she knew there were harpoons and other things on the ship she could use to help take down the monster.

The people on the ship began to scramble. Some went below deck and some took to their stations above the deck. There were two harpoon guns mounted on the ship and Ianthe ran to one of them. As she got to it the ship got another hard bump, this time far more aggressive than the first time. The element of surprise was now gone and the monster was doing all it can to destroy the ship and get the people inside into the water. Ianthe remembered looking at the red ship before she boarded it and from that memory, she assumed the boat could take maybe one or two more hits from the monster before damage was done enough to where they would be sinking. Holding the harpoon gun for balance, Ianthe looked down at the sea for the shadow of the monster. She would only have one shot to catch it with the harpoon, if she missed she would need to run to the gun on the other side of the ship to start again and that would be taking up far too much time. The captain of the ship began to call out commands to his men, his voice firm as he knew he couldn't lose any more of his people to whatever this thing was.


Deadliest Catch PT. 3 (Neutral) BSIEiBe

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Yuurei would hear her smile and he was sure that would be the case. Still, when everything had happened, the light mage was getting ready. This monster seemed to have gotten victims from their surprise attacks, but he wasn’t going to let them do it again. The light mage would walk over to the edge of the ship. He moved in the direction of where the ship had been getting hit repeatedly. He would jump off the ship and he when did that, his wings would sprout from his back. He was moving quickly through the air and down toward the water. Before he reached the water, he would pick up all the men that were in the water right now.

He would move them through the air and drop them onto the ship. He was quick on his feet and even in the air. The Nephilim kept moving through the water and making sure that the sea monster wouldn’t be able to get another victim from the water. When the water was clear from the man’s crew, Yuurei figured that it was time to fight the monster now. He would see that it was still in the water, and the berserker figured he would get himself to be bait.

He would lower himself toward the water as he kept his eyes pierced to see where the monster would come from. The shadow wasn’t hard to keep up with, and soon enough the sea monster would find itself below him. He had a smirk on his face because was waiting for this to happen.

“Come at me you stupid monster.” He said this in a whisper.

Renji heard his words though and he would shake his head. He didn’t like being bait, but he trusted Yuurei. The two of them would wait for the monster to come out and soon enough a tentacle would come out. It was trying to snatch Yuurei from the water, and he could see it coming. He knew what to do and the light mage would move out of the way. The Kraken that attempted to snatch Yuurei had failed, but it was trying to have his tentacle go inside the water, while another one came out from the water.

When he saw this, he would keep moving to avoid being attacked by any of the tentacles that were coming at him. Still, what he did next would be something everyone should have seen it coming. The Nephilim would allow one of the tentacles to get close to him. He would dodge the attack and he would grab the tentacle. When he did, he would pull the monster out of the water and into the air. It would try to stop itself from being grabbed like that, but it was a failure.

Yuurei was too strong, and he would show the crew what had attacked them. A huge Kraken would show up as it would screech for everyone to hear it. This was good because it was going to be the last time it was alive. The half-elf would fly toward the sea monster, and when the sea monster saw its prey heading toward it, it would launch its tentacles straight toward Yuurei.

He would move around to avoid the attacks and it wouldn’t take long until Yuurei soared behind it. When he did, he would launch a quick jab on its back or whatever and it would send it flying straight into the water again. This time the sea monster wouldn’t be under the water but floating in it. He would look over to see that Ianthe was on a harpoon.

“Shoot it now, Ianthe. It should be on death’s door.” He said to Ianthe with a smile on his face.

Once this happened, they should be done with the job and they could get rewarded for their easy service.



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Things were getting rough but Yuurei was here to save the day. Her eyes watched for the monster but they immediately move towards Yuurei when she saw him go to the edge of the ship and jump, her eyes widened when she saw him sprout wings. Every move he made, from saving the men who fell over into the water, to snatching the monster out of the water and giving it a good beating right back into it. Everyone on the ship was in absolute awe. This was the first time she had ever seen Yuurei in action and she was absolutely and fully fascinated. She wanted power like that, she wanted to be strong like that, he was everything she wanted to be and more. Ianthe had seen powerful individuals in her life but this was something different, if she had power like that she could have everything she wanted.

Alrighty Boss~! Let's take this thing to it's after life~

Answering with full-on confidence as she watched the Kraken fall into the water, sinking for a moment before floating back up. Ianthe Aimed the harpoon gun right between the eyes of the beast and shot directly into its brain, instantly killing it. Its blood tainted the waters below as she began to reel it towards the boat, some of the men helping her as she did so. The harpoon was attached to a group of strong metal wires so it was easier with many hands pulling it along. When all was said and done the group made it back to the docks and they got their pay, it was a job well done.

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Deadliest Catch PT. 3 (Neutral) BSIEiBe

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Yuurei would watch Ianthe add the finishing touch to the sea monster. A shot of the harpoon would fly straight toward the Kraken's face as it would be caught by his partner for the day. Now that it was done, he would have a smile on his face as they were pulling the Kraken toward the ship. He would move toward the ship and as soon as he would get to the deck of the ship he would land safely. He would look around and he would smile at everyone as his wings would disperse from his back. He was done with fighting for the day, and he would look at the crew as they were making their way back to the shore.

Once they had gotten back to the shore, the captain of the ship would move their way toward the two mages that had gotten on their ship. He would smile at them, and he would hand them a large sum of money for their hard-working service. Now that they had gotten paid, they were basically done with work for today. It was a simple task for him, and he was glad that he had someone else by his side to help him out.

“Alright we got paid, now we can go do whatever we want for the day. These guys gave us more money than we should have gotten paid. A lot of my jobs go just like that because of the work I put into my training.” He said to Ianthe with a smile on his face.

Renji was glad that the money they were gaining would help out in the future. Still, now that they finished things, the Exceed wanted to get some food to eat because of all the work he did today, which was nothing.

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