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Deadliest Catch PT. 2 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Zael had spent quite some time together. The light mage noticed that this man was like Khalfani indeed but didn’t hold back. It was scary how their ideal of combat was death, and it shook the light mage to the core. Still, he couldn’t judge him, and he never would because that was how he was as a person. He didn’t do anything horrible when they were relaxing, so Yuurei had nothing against him at all. The two of them would be walking through the sands of Luluhawa Island. There they would be enjoying the nice sun that was beaming down on the group.

Renji and Luci seemed to have been getting along just fine. That was a good thing and it seemed like they were similar yet different in a lot of ways.

They were walking through the sands and ahead of the direction they were walking in, they would see a ship. By the ship, there was a man with a sign. Written on the sign was asking for people who were strong enough to take out a sea creature that was worth a lot of jewels. The light mage kept walking in that direction as he figured they would be able to go check it out. Jewels were something that everybody needed in this world, and he figured Zael would need that as much as him.

“Let’s go check it out Za.” He said to him with a smile on his face.



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Another day, perhaps another dollar. Z'Aleel had been spending the last few days with Yuurei, enjoying all that the Island had to offer. His body for the first time in a while hadn't ached, his head hadn't been pounding and he felt good overall. The sand slipped between his toes, almost scorching to the touch but was relaxing nonetheless. Luci and Renji had been getting along it seemed, but you just never knew what the demon. One moment he seemed to be nice and the next he was plotting and orchestrating your downfall. To him the exceed was nothing more than a mortal creature, yet somehow he couldn't shake how intrigued he was with his existence. He just thought Renji was...odd and entertaining. The guild master of Paradise Dawn had been kind, treating Zael just as he would have done Khalfani. To the Summoner this was all just another day with a friend he hadn't seen in a long time.

The red haired Daemon looked up at the sun but quickly realized that they were approaching a man with a sign. It was a help wanted sign on an empty island. Za frowned. Obviously the man strategically set himself up in the path of the two towering mages just so they could see him. If anything, his bait worked. There was a ship not too far from the sign holding man and Yuurei was keen on checking it out. Of course he was, he just couldn't help himself sometimes. Z'Aleel, on the other hand, assumed that this would just be another boring case of fishing. "You wanna go fishing? Again?" He scoffed as his lips puckered to the side, he walked with his arms folded behind his head, before sighing. "Alright. These things usually end with action anyway I guess."



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Yuurei would laugh when he heard Zael’s words. He wished there was something different to do, but on this island that was all there was. He was fine with it though because it paid well, and he needed to rack up the jewels. He had spent money on equipment that he carried around in Renji’s bag. Now, he needed to get all that he spent and then more. They weren’t going to take long on this job and that much they both could agree on.

“Yea, I guess why not. It’s easy money, and honestly, I don’t think it will be hard at all. Like you said one action is enough.” He said to Zael.

They would get to the man with the sign and he would look at him with a smile on his face.

“We can help you with your sea creature problem.” He said to the man with the sign.

When he heard this, his eyes would sparkle and he would have a huge smile on his face.

“That’s good to hear, please follow me onto the ship.” He said to Yuurei Z’Aleel.

Yuurei would follow the man and it wouldn’t take long, but they would be in front of the ship. There were people moving around as if they were checking if the ship was fine and good for sailing. He walked onto the ship with the man leading the way. When they got there everybody would look at them.

“We got ourselves some pretty boys, who seem confident in handling the sea monster. With that being said, let’s get ready to set sail.” He said to everyone on the ship.

They would do that as they were preparing for their next adventure. The man would look over to Yuurei and Z’Aleel as he hoped they wouldn’t fail because it meant they would all die.

“You two got this right?” He asked ready for some reassurance.

“Yeah you don’t have to worry about it. Just make sure you pay us well at the end.” He said to him with a smile on his face.



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Zael looked away, only slightly annoyed that they were actually about to offer their services to humans, people who didn't deserve. Yuurei was a Nephilim was a unique type of grace, that much couldn't be denied. Before that, he was a half elf. Both forms are superior to humans, so why was he always so Keen on helping them? They were like cockroaches compared to him, at least that's how Z'Aleel saw it. After all, he felt the same way about himself. "Yeah sure." He said. A moment later and Yuurei had told the sign-holder that they'd help. Of course there was a ship waiting at the beach, anchored close bye. The Daemon walked alongside his friends until they finally reached the ship. When they boarded, the red headed mage could see that they were amongst a group of about fifteen men. The ship was large and tanky, perfect if you were hunting sea monsters.

The ship captain introduced the duo to the rest of the crew, Aleel still with his nonchalant bored expression because he could already see how this would turn out. It was simple, like a lot of fates that concerned humans. First, they would set sail, then a large creature would appear and then he and Yuu would kill it because the rest of the crew was useless, and then they'd get some lame amount of jewels and that would be the adventure. On the bright side, at least he got to kill something right? The ship captain wanted to reaffirm that the two men would actually be of use, but all that did was annoy the Daemon even more. After Yuurei assured him, Z'Aleel scoffed. "Of course we got it, 'cause you're all useless bags of skin and bones." He then turned to the men and smirked. "But maaaaybe, we can use you as bait for the creature. That'd be fun, heh." He said as he tapped his chin.

Luci looked at the man and smirked as well, his energy matching Za's perfectly and for a moment the two of them radiated obscura. "Yeah, and then maybe that'll teach you foolish Sailors to pay us better, heh." Luci said. The ship captain's eyes widened as they bounced between The Archfiend and the shadowy feline-creature. He wondered just who the hell he welcomed onto the ship. Luckily for him, no harm would come to them if Yuurei didn't want it too. So maybe they wouldn't be used as bait after all.

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While they were preparing the ship to move, Z’Aleel would comment on what the captain had said. The light mage would chuckle a bit because he could see why his friend felt annoyed. Still, he was teasing them too much and a lot of them had gotten scared. It slowed them down with their work and the Nephilim would just shake his head. Renji would just look around as he was waiting for the ship to set sail.

It would seem like Luci felt the same way and he brush his hair back as he shook his head. He wouldn’t let them be used as bait, but he was sure Zael knew that much.

“He’s joking guys. Now, let’s hurry up.” He said to the crew, so they could relax.

He was pretty sure that the guy next to him wasn’t joking, but to bring the crew at ease he had to lie. It wouldn’t take long but they would be able to move, and they would start moving through the sea. The ship navigated through it all and was moving the ship while the crew controlled the sail. Yuurei would walk over to the rail, and he would lean forward. His eyes pierced through the seat to see if there was something he could see before it appeared.

While they were moving through the water though, it started to rain. It wasn’t regular rain, but the amount of rain that dropped down had come out of nowhere. He didn’t understand what was going on, but it was affecting the ocean. It would rock the boat a lot, which would almost bring Yuurei to fall overboard. He would catch himself when this happened and braced himself, so he didn’t fall over again.

The crew was doing their best to minimize the rocking of the ship, and with their experience, they were able to make sure the ship didn’t tilt over. It was a rocky ride, and the duo would either have to hold on or just fight the rocking of the ship.

“Where the hell did this rain come from?” He would ask.

“I don’t know, but you better not fall into the water. I don’t want to get wetter than I already am. Besides salt water isn’t good for my fur.” He said to Yuurei.

He would make a note of that, and he would look over at his friend.

“I wonder how long it will take for us to reach the location of your sea monster.” He said to the captain.

“It won’t be long, but try not to fall overboard. This is some weird weather we got. It was just sunny with no clouds in sight.” He said to the two of them.

The captain was scared of Zael, so he was trying to make an excuse for the sudden appearance of the rain.



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Ideas flashed through the Daemon's brain. As he glared at the ship captain before him, both he and Luci had been thinking of the various ways that they could use the crew to their advantage in a fun and violent way. Bait was simple and interesting enough because it raised the question of; would they die? Or would they survive? Did the creature even eat humans? If you think about it was a valid scientific experiment and probably would help them kill the monster faster. Z'Aleel smirked, but soon his thoughts faded as Yuurei revealed to the man that the duo were only joking. They weren't, but of course Za understood that the white haired Berserker was only making sure their clients were comfortable. How cute, he thought. With a roll of his eyes he moved towards the edge of the boat, leaning over it to look out at the sea.

Renji wasn't too comfortable with the idea of water; another thing him and Luci had in common. The Demon chuckled at how bossy the exceed was, reminding him of himself. Luci walked over towards his companion and sat beside him, putting a cigar to his lips before lighting it. Meanwhile Yuurei spoke to the captain to gather more information, Luci was making sure that the Archfiend was alright. "Hey, you feeling okay?" He said to Za, making sure he wasn't too loud. "Yeah, I am. My body still aches, but no headaches or flashing memories right now." The dark skinned summoner responded. Luci nodded but before he could say anything else, he felt a drop land on the lit part of his cigarette, putting it out immediately. "Dammit." And then Zael found it. He snapped towards the sailor before storming over. The rain began to fall heavily, and just before Za could put a fist into the captains mouth he explained that the weather was weird.

"This is gonna cost ya an extra sixty percent, human. Now hurry up and get us to the destination, fool." He growled.

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The captain would hear the man with the red head speak to him. He would flinch when he heard those words, and he would step back a little before he remember he was controlling the ship. He would move back to the helm, and he would sigh. This guy was going to be the death of him, but he was happy that the white-haired man was there. The sailing continued for quite some time, but it would soon come to a stop.

“We’re at our destination. Drop the anchor people, and toss the bait, unless you want this guy to toss us.” He said to his crew.

They would hear their captain’s voice and would get the bait quickly. Once they did, they would toss it overboard. They would all look at the water and hope that the sea monster would show up. Yuurei would hold onto the rail as hard as he could as he was looking to. He knew what was going to happen, but he had to wait for the monster to show up. As he continued to wait everybody that was looking at the water would see a shadow slowly appearing.

This was it and before the sea creature actually showed up the crew would move away from the edge of the ship and get to safety. The Nephilim stood where he was as he was looking to see what it was. The sea creature would hop out of the water and it would swallow the bait in one swoop. When it did this, it would land on the surface of the water. It would move around the surface of the water now as it was looking for more food.

The sea monster would notice that there were people on the ship and figured that it would be its next meal. Yuurei would smile because he saw that it was some kind of shark of sorts. Still, they needed to make sure that it didn’t damage the ship they were in. The berserker would sprout his wings from his back, and he would move off the ship and toward the sea creature. The monster would see this, and it would leap out of the water to try and eat Yuurei.

The light mage was quick in the air as it would dodge the monster from taking a bite out of him. Still, at least he made sure the sea creature stopped advancing on the ship.



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Fear. It was like a drug to the Daemon. He could feel it, see it, smell it, and taste it. Boy was it great, like wine after a long day of working. Zael wasn't someone too keen on the idea of love, nor did he need it. Fear was what he thrived off of. To see someone tremble at the very thought of you spoke volumes about what true power was. It was for that reason that he enjoyed the art of murder so much. Imagine holding someone by the throat, slowly tightening your grip and watching them slowly fade out of existence and descend into the unknown. The fear they exuded, always mixed with hints of peace and excitement, it was like having an orgasm. So, Z'Aleel settled down. It seemed the crew was already afraid of him and really that was enough for him. He didn't want Yuurei to start judging him.

The Sailor commanded the rest of his crew to drop the anchor into the water, and he they did. The ship stopped for a while, the rain fell almost annoyingly and the clouds swam in the sky. Nobody knew what exactly was lurking in these waters but it wasn't anything that the duo of friends couldn't handle. Luci was much of a fighter, he usually just manipulated people to do the work for him so he wouldn't be joining in on the fun. Za imagined that Renji probably would fight if he needed to, but he didn't strike as much of a fighter either. As for the crew, like the Daemon said before; these men were useless. They were humans with hardly any mana after all. Perhaps it would be best if they just dropped dead, the Archfiend thought. Suddenly as the crew members watch the waters by leaning over the edge, a beast sprung up.

These men weren't at all as prepared as they probably initially thought. Yuurei was the first to act. While the crew members ran to the back of the ship in fear, Yuurei's wings sprouted before moving towards the giant fish creature. Za smirked before running forward, biting his thumb and drawing blood as a magic circle appeared at the front of the ship. Suddenly Eznalos emerged. Once Za reached the front of the ship he leaped onto the ledge before swinging his arm forward, causing the four meter summon to wildly leap towards the Sea creature just as Yuurei dodged it, causing Eznalos to land in the creatures mouth instead. The Crew men gasped, but this was only a small part of the plan. The creature closed its mouth so nobody could see Eznalos slide down its throat and into its belly. Then the creature opened its mouth again, aiming for Yuurei.

"H-hey, what just-" Za grabbed the face of one of the crew members before he could speak, squeezing and squeezing until his head was crushed, then threw him away. "Shut up." He scoffed, still watching the monsters fight. Luci chuckled in the back.

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Yuurei would watch as Zael’s summoning had moved toward the sea monster just to be eaten. He figured this was part of his friend’s plan. Still, he also noticed that the monster was trying to eat him right now. The light mage would dodge the attack once again. The Nephilim would chuckle with this monster as it was trying to eat him. Still, he figured that his friend’s magical demon was planning something. He would make sure that the monster would stop jumping around to give Z’Aleel’s summoning something to do.

The berserker would lower himself to the water but made sure he had enough time to react. The rain was crazy as he would move around. The sea monster was moving around in the water and when it got behind Yuurei it would leap into the air and toward Yuurei. The Nephilim had a smirk on his face as he would dodge the attack. The half-elf had a chance to attack at this point, and he would punch the sea monster on the side of its face, and it would fall to the ground. It had staggered from the attack as it stood still the attack, and he waited for something else to happen.

“That should do it.” He said as he was sure that the crew would pick it up after it was killed.

Yuurei would make his way to the ship, and he would land on it as his wings dispersed. The light mage would return back to normal as he was waiting for things to end.



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One thing that anyone should remember about Za, it was that he was ruthless, maniacal, and in a constant state of boredom. When he fought, it wasn't just to defeat his opponent, but it was to put on a spectacle for anyone to see and embrace. He found destruction to be satisfying, but only when it was intentionally constructed and resulted in undeniable beauty. Even murder could be artful. It didn't matter how strong his opponent was, it didn't matter who his opponent was, if it wasn't fun then there was no point in indulging in it. After all, the Daemon was convinced that he could not die. But more than that, he was convinced that even if he did die the place he went to next would be just as fun- at least for him. It was for this reason that he felt like he could do whatever he wanted.

On earthland there was not a single person in the world that he needed to answer to. Perhaps hell was different, because he was constructed by the very grace of the devils. It was the reason why he was alive today. Alas, amongst mortals he was a god. Even if they didn't see it right now, soon enough they would come to realize that the true king of this world was Z'Aleel. So, it didn't matter that he had just murdered a man in cold blood. Who would hold him accountable to an extent that actually mattered? Nobody. Nobody would slay him, not even Illumin himself. Za crouched on the ledge as he watched Yuurei go at the monster. There really was no denying how monstrously strong the Nephilim was. To think that all it took was an intense amount of training to get to that point was mind-blowing.

Too bad that Aleel wasn't like him. He didn't need to train to obtain the power he had been blessed with, not when he had undeniable talent to carry him. His eyes lowered as the Daemon suddenly raised his hand to the sky. The Mangler had already made it down to the beasts belly by now if his calculations were correct, so when he raised his hand the fiend popped out of the monster, ripping it open from its stomach with his bare hands. The monster roared in pain.

There wasn't much it could do now. Yuurei had delivered one more blow to the monster and just like that it was completely done for. With a nod towards the summon, Zale nodded and he vanished. The mission was over and Yuurei had returned to the boat where the Sailor would reward them. Of course he was hesitant to give the Daemon his money, but he understood that if he didn't then he'd simply suffer the same fate as his mater who now laid soulless on the floor.

Za turned to Yuurei as he walked off the boat, speaking to his friend should he have left as well. "No more fishing, at least for a week. Anyway, I opened a club on this island and I'm having an event tonight, I'll send over the details. You don't have a choice, alright so don't even bother with an excuse. Dress to impress. I wanna see that body of yours on the dance floor." He smirked.

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Yuurei had watched Z’Aleel finish off the beast. That was it and now the crew could pick up the sea monster and get a lot of money for it. Still, they needed to pay the two. When Yuurei looked around, he would see that someone had died. He looked around as he was confused about what happened on the ship. His eyes moved toward Zael. He would sigh with disappointment because his friend had killed someone around him. That wasn’t good, and now he felt like when it came to jobs they couldn’t work together. The light mage didn’t mind being around him, but death by his comrade with him around wasn’t called for.

Especially when the death was of someone of innocence. He would hear Zael speak to him, and it seemed like he was inviting him somewhere. The Nephilim would nod as he would go without a problem. He just wouldn’t drink, and it was because of how he felt right now. The berserker needed time to process what his friend had done. They would get paid though and they would be on their way.

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