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[Quest] Deface Property

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#1Ragnar Asgeir 

[Quest] Deface Property Empty Sat Apr 30, 2022 6:57 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar had finally entered back into a new area of the country he had never been too before. It didn't take him long to find a mission, not with his reputation, but he needed to start out at the bottom as he talked to some guy named Maxwell Buscon. Apparently he has some beef with a guy and wanted to get revenge but claimed he was too busy.

Ragnar was about to leave if it wasn't for the money being offered for such an easy job. The job was to apparently go break down the man's door while he was at work before spray painting his house with a message and then leaving after trashing the place.

Well this was easy enough as Ragnar left with the paint can and walked over to the man's apartment building, this was the middle of the day so it was wasn't like Ragnar wasn't going to get seen but I think that was kinda the point of this as he walked to the mans door and without any real effort kicked in completely into the apartment, off the hinges.

[Quest] Deface Property Dsafds10
#2Ragnar Asgeir 

[Quest] Deface Property Empty Sat Apr 30, 2022 6:57 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

It didn't take too long for Ragnar to start flipping stuff over, like the couch, the bed, the dressers anything really. He was told to totally wreck the place and he was going to do just that. This stuff was very normal stuff for people to have so it wasn't like it was designed to take an S rank hit at any point in time, but Ragnar did have to be careful not to throw something so hard it went into the apartment next door that was outside of the terms of the contract as a whole.

Ragnar eventually got the fridge and started to throw everything against the wall or onto the floor, including a dozen eggs the man had before flipping over the fridge as well and punching a hole into the back of it. He would have to replace that too. Ragnar was pretty much done with this mission as he took the spray can and sprayed the required message on the wall " Take it to the Max", before throwing the paint can against the wall and leaving a massive mark of paint on that as well.
Ragnar left the apartment without much fuss as he went back to Max and told him the job was done. Ragnar was happy enough with his payment.

[Quest] Deface Property Dsafds10

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