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Nova Kentaurus

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#1Nova Kentaurus 

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Nova Kentaurus


Name: Nova Kentaurus

Age: 25, December 25th X769

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Ethnicity, Father:Joya

Ethnicity, Mother:Seven


Race: Human

Rank: C

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Left Thigh

Face: Raiden Shogun-Genshin Impact


Height: 5'11"

Weight:165 lbs

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Purple

Overall: Nova is an adult woman, with long braided violet hair behind her back, and on the right side of her head is attached a hairpin with pale violet flowers resembling morning glories and a fan-shaped piece. Her eyes are purple and she has a beauty mark below her right eye. She wears a small crimson ribbon on her neck as a choker and a dark-colored bodysuit underneath her kimono. The sleeves of her bodysuit completely cover her arms and are looped over her middle fingers with golden rings to partly cover her palms and the top of her hands, and her nails are painted purple. Her kimono has an assortment of patterns in different shades of purple and crimson and a  pauldron on her left shoulder. On the back of her outfit, she wears a crimson bow with tassels. She wears dark purple thigh-high stockings with small diamond openings at the top and high-heeled sandals; the one on the right is adorned with two of the same violet flowers on her hairpin.

Extra: Electro Sigil tattoo on left arm


Personality: Nova is a workaholic and is subject to pressure even at her young age. One might attribute her to perfectionism when pertaining to work.  She has a strong sense of responsibility and tenaciousness inherited from her father. Nova is well known for her easy-going personality and her good judgment of character.  From time to time she does tend to not sugar coat things and speak bluntly. This honestly makes her well liked by fellow knights.  She treats her team with respect, who in turn are completely loyal to her.  . Still, Nova can be open-minded to others' opinions of the actions she has partaken in, appreciating their criticisms and learning from her mistakes. This usually applies to her respect of high rank officials in the knights ranks. She doesn't show it but she can be a bit lonely, reflecting on the fact that she has no close companions from her guild to confide his troubles to or talk with. Once you have gained her favor, Nova opens up her heart to someone as a friend, she is surprisingly gentle.

In the field, she is not the least bit afraid of lying to or provoking his combatants, using each and every trick he can think of to overcome the odds. She takes satisfaction from experimenting with her powers by measuring potential.  Everything Nova aims to do was to better herself, rack up accomplishments, and master new ways. Nova is very secretive about the information she may have gained, refusing to disclose anything unless it serves the Rune Knights interest. Since Nova prioritizes knowledge as utmost importance to her, she will go to any means necessary.  In other words, she wants to self-improve herself not only as a magic caster and forensic scientist  but as both a warrior and a soldier, seeking guidance from people who have experience on the job.

  • Her Job: Nova takes pride in her job as a medical examiner and  forensic scientist and a member of the rune knights. Both jobs blend what her parents taught her and make them proud.

  • Coffee:Working many late night shifts, Nova has grown to love varieties of coffee to help keep her awake. Coffee is king.

  • Spirits:Nova is obsessed with the supernatural and likes to read and research about spirits. She hopes one day she can find a mage that can communicate with them so she can see her brother.

  • Healing mages: Nova hates the fact that she was gifted with a destructive magic rather than one of healing like her mother. This makes her jealous of healing mages and she tends to be harsh on them if they can't save their patient.

  • Crime: Though she loves her job, she hates what causes it in the first place. People getting hurt by criminals and her having to investigate it. She hopes one day she can help eliminate it completely from the city.

  • Rise though Rune Knight ranks: Nova recently was moved to the Rune Knights so she hopes to use her skillset to prove herself to her father and her superior officers.

  • Master her magic: Nova was a bit of a late bloomer with her magic so she still is  learning to control it. She hopes to improve to where she can use it better in the field.

  • Medical skills: Though she doesn't have medical magic, she still studied it the old fashion way. Rune knights get hurt all the time so knowing how to patch them up will benefit the organization.


  • Bugs: She can handle the sight of dead bodies but when it comes to these little jerks she just can't help but freak out.  Bugs make her skin crawl.

  • Losing family: Losing her brother was hard enough so she would be devastated if she lost either of her parents as well.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 17

Speed: 11

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 61


Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense Price: 1,000,000J

Magic Description:Lightning Magic is a magic attribute that allows the user to generate and manipulate lightning and electricity. Lightning Magic possesses both high speed and strong attack power.


History: Nova was born in Seven to an Joya father and a Seven mother. She was the 2nd of two children with the first being her older brother. They lived together in Seven where her father was a captain of the police force that protected the city from Seven's monsters. Meanwhile, her mother was a doctor that specialized in healing magic. Once she was around 18, her brother discovered his magic power and went on to join the police force with her father.  Nova on the other hand learned basic medicine under her mother's guidance along with schooling. Though she didn't have magic, she excelled in all her classes and quickly rose through the ranks.  

Once she hit 20, her father noticed her skills and recruited her to the police force as a medical examiner. Through training with the police her skills also developed a sub career as a forensic scientist along with some self defense. Being a dangerous country, she quickly got a lot of field experience ranging from petty crimes to battlefields. One day, a body was brought to the station to her covered in a drape. To her horror when she removed the cover, she saw that it was her own brother underneath. They assumed he was dead but when she went to touch him she coughed up blood. Nova quickly tried everything she possible could to save him but it was to no avail.  Shaking, she felt a panic in her body before a wave of power burst from her, destroying the room. After the dust settled, the only things left in the surrounding area were the two of them. Though she had lost her brother, she had discovered her magic power. The irony of it was it was one of destruction rather than healing like her mother.

After this incident, her father and mother decided to get out of the country and move to Fiore. There Nova would enter the Rune Knights along with her father. It was a nice change of pace as Fiore was much more peaceful than Seven. Over time, the mages in the rank would teach her to hone her gift to perfect it. Soon enough, she was a jack of all trades recruit. She performed basic patrol duty routines taking down small criminals and was call upon for investigations. Using her skills in forensics, she was able to find connections with the detection of crime and bring the rate down. Though Nova wishes she had healing magic, over the years she has learned to hone her lightning gift and use it to protect the people of Fiore.

Reference: whoever gives me money

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Nova Kentaurus
stats and exp carrying from https://www.fairytailrp.com/u3660

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Hey there so your application looks stellar so far there's only one thing that's standing out. The current year is listed as your birth year, were you to be 25 it'd be 769 not 794. If you can make this minor adjustment and shoot me a DM on Discord I'll get your application and death coin handled.

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Nova Kentaurus
updated it

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
This character is approved for roleplay.

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